What is the best way to spend life?

According to me, one can spend their life in the best way when they start living for them. Some people live for others. They always take decisions for others satisfaction not for them . They bother more about society, relations and public, and

What is the best area to live in NYC?

That's a VERY vague question.  I think it's impossible to give a useful answer without just turning around and asking you a whole list of questions instead:1)  Why do you want to live in NYC in the first place?  Do you have to for some reason?2)  Are you sure you want

How can one live a nomadic lifestyle in the 21st century?

I am thinking of living a Nomadic lifestyle. But I am not so sure about it. But I am sure, it is possible. Yes if some tribe can live that lifestyle, why can not we ?Here is my idea of living nomadic lifestyle.End my job contract, insurance and cut my roots that fixes to one place.

How to start enjoying traveling

Here's the thing: you don't need to enjoy visiting museums and sightseeing. Traveling is not necessarily about these things. It can be simply about spontaneity, about freedom.You are shy and afraid to talk to people? Talk to a whole bunch of them. Nobody knows you. You

As a traveler what do you wish you knew when you were young?

Reading maps to understand locations and routes.

What was your most life changing travel experience?

I was a student in Pune. My family is settled in Saudi Arabia. So my Papa Mama says they're traveling to Kerala(my hometown) for a week, and they want me to go visit them. They asked me to book a flight and travel down to Kerala. But I

If you had to pick one place in your town to bring a tourist, where would you go?

To the road leading out of town. Tourists are a persistent and reocurring pain in the ass.

How to live OK with the idea that I'll never be able to travel to another countries

Mau thanks for the A2A.I first travelled abroad in 2001 some 25 years after I was born. Until then I never did think about foreign travel because I simply never had the financial ability.I know many folk around me who haven't left the city they were born

Where should I travel after college?

I agree with your urge to travel.  Here in the US it is all too easy to miss the perspective of that 95% of the world that isn't in the US, and all too easy to dismiss them as "the other."  That said, I don't have specific recommendations on how to use that budget.  The important thing

What life-changing lesson did you learn from your first international trip?

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

If one had only one chance, which Asian country is the best choice to visit?

India because it has many different languages & cultures, places of natural beauty, mountains, beaches, deserts, historical monuments, wildlife you have it all here.However you need to explore - because many places worth visiting are not well marketed as tourist destination.

How did traveling change your life?

There would not be many things in the world that would impact you as much as traveling. Traveling changes the way you think. Traveling changes you. Traveling changed me.You learn. Life never stops teaching, and you never stop learning, but when you travel, the

What is the best travel time pass? (travel time is more than 10 hours or more)

Do mentioning some ideas. But don't kill me for giving you some obvious answers :P1. SleepThe best pastime ever is to sleep.2. ReadIf not sleeping, read a good book. Try finishing a novel in your journey. It can be

Does travelling change your attitude of life?

Yes, I could give many examples but I have decided to write about one incident. Many years ago when I was in my 20's my husband and I went to Puerto Rico for a vacation. We stayed at a fairly nice hotel and one day we noticed a sign

How can travelling the world change a person for the better?

Travelling is always fun.You enjoy the journey and thats most important.It makes you learn about more things, cultures, people, places, and at some point of time you get to know about yourself too.It makes you see how life

Does she want me to visit?

It's delicate. The best thing is to keep the professionalism of the visit by using a public school event to connect again. Even teachers find it really hard to touch base and catch up on a personal level with other teachers IN THE SAME STAFFROOM. Her response was typical of that constant bloody time pressure.

Can traveling solo be a life changing experience? Can it change your outlook on life?

Absolutely. It probably impacted me more than for most people in my entire life.Majority of my life I suffered from catastrophic depression, loss, loneliness and suffering. I nearly took my own life several times even at a very young age. Shortly after this trauma of nearly killing myself I received a message from an old penpal ( online friend)

How important has traveling to other countries been part of your life?

Travelling is one of the passions that I intend to keep up with for a long time. Even if I get married in the near future !I first left home and travelled a foreign country at 18. Went to India where I knew

India: What are some things to know before visiting India, alone? (Please read below)

Plan your trip in advance as you want, if you have train tickets book them and schedule them in advance because most of the time you won't get tickets easily. if you use taxi serivec get authorized services for long late hours trips. it's always

Is it wrong that I don't want to visit my family this winter?

No, I don't think so. It's entirely up to you whether you visit family or not, and everyone has their own reasons either for or against such situations. If you have decent reasons for not wanting to, whether it's personal, financial or you just plain don't want to, you deserve to keep yourself happy first. If

Long time Vietnamese-expatriate here. Just moved back to the country. Any advice?

Welcome back home! brotherA foreigner is one of your advantages when you are in Vietnam! You are confused with the current situation in Vietnam, you just live there! Do not care much!You will feel that, it's hard to put into words ...! If you are

Should I move to Denmark?

After college I moved from the US to Sweden for three years.  The fact that my parents were from Sweden, I had a passport and spoke the language fluently helped.  Overall, it was a great experience.  However, I realized how hard it was to break into the society.  People seemed

Should I move to New York City?

Only if you want to live in a shoebox , be tense, angry and a robot like veryone else in NY.... There is a big world out there, don't go to the hornets nest.

Should I move to Thailand?

We don't recommend moving to Thailand anymore for long term plans because of the burdensome immigration regulations that have increased over the years. Malaysia, Thailand's southern neighbor has the very attractive Malaysia My Second Home MM2H program that offer a 10 year renewable visa. I would

What cities do you want to visit before you die?

I have finished my own list of must-visit cities and really want to share it with all of you.South East AsiaHanoi - 1000-year-old capital (Vietnam)

What countries will you most likely not visit?

North Korea... not that easy to get a visa, unless you fancy an over-priced and regimented group tour.Iran: similar issues.Saudi Arabia: does not give tourist visas, so the only way in is pretend to be a Muslim coming for Hajj and risk getting stoned to death.Yemen: a war zone and disaster area, a chance to see

What should I know before going in Bodrum, Turkey?

Resorts that are not located in downtown Bodrum have many tourists ,downtown Bodrum is mostly populated with turkish tourists (mostly istanbulites)since Bodrum has tons of summerhouses unlike Antalya. Although, the most famous night clubs of Bodrum such as Halikarnas will have many tourists, the best night clubs are not hot spots for tourists. My suggestion for you is

What things should I know before going to Denmark?

Depending where u are from, expect higher prices on pretty much anything, the general wages are higher in Denmark compared to the rest of the world. If u are going to Copenhagen rent a bike Instead of a taxi, taxis are quite expensive in dk (expect about twice

Where have you always wanted to travel but haven't yet?

Paris and Greece.These 2 places are there in my Bucket List since last 3 years but haven't ticked them off yet.Being a fashion enthusiast, Paris has always had my heat. And Greece ignites my travel soul.Check out my Bali pictures here- BSoChill - Home (Search for Sophia Brown)

Where should I take my next vacation?

Here are some places that Americans voted as their favorite places to visit and why.

Would you like to spend the rest of your life in another country?

Sure, that's a good way to enjoy my life and i can get the different culture between my life country and the travel country. As a student , now i am study in Poland,I think I should spend rest on traveling to all

Would you rather live in Ireland or Scotland?

I've been living in Ireland for 2 years and i really love the country and (especially) the people.However, due to services, opportunities, transport connections etc. I wanted to move to Scotland. With Scotland i meant Glasgow-Edinburgh area. I think i would have preferred to live there.This was before the referendum on Brexit. Now, if i had the chance,