What is the best way to spend life?

According to me, one can spend their life in the best way when they start living for them. Some people live for others. They always take decisions for others satisfaction not for them . They bother more about society, relations and public, and

How would you compare Amsterdam vs. Copenhagen?

In a number of ways in a number of ways Amsterdam and Copenhagen or Netherlands and Denmark are very similar. One is openness to social interfaces. False modesty over nudity is missing. Prostitution is a business not a crime. Marijuana is legal. 2 too, language. Once I sat in

What are the pros/cons and experiences of a nomadic lifestyle?

After 16 years of nomadic travel in 40+ countries, I learned to live on less money - $35/day (plus $8/day for CSU = car/storage/utilities).Picked up skills helpful for FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire early), homeless, recently jobless (conserving their savings), retired, poor, occasional travelers, and people

What was your most life changing travel experience?

I was a student in Pune. My family is settled in Saudi Arabia. So my Papa Mama says they're traveling to Kerala(my hometown) for a week, and they want me to go visit them. They asked me to book a flight and travel down to Kerala. But I

What is the biggest culture shock you have faced in your own country?

I am originally from Ohio and went to college in upstate New York, meaning my original cultural leanings are somewhere between East Coast and Midwest. I moved to Kansas after graduating college and everything was very comfortable and just like home until I realized a

What is the biggest culture shock you have faced in your own country?

I was born and raised in China and went to America for college when I was 18, and before that I constantly travelled to the US for various reasons.  I go back to China approximately once a year, and every

If you had to pick one place in your town to bring a tourist, where would you go?

To the road leading out of town. Tourists are a persistent and reocurring pain in the ass.

What are some of the cultural shocks that you have experienced in your travels?

The world is huge with so many different ways of living standards. Yes, people across the world live according to their own set of methodology which their specific traditions and culture have necessitated them. They have their unique life style regarding what they

What is the coolest vacation you have ever taken?

A trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan.On Thursday, December 22nd, 2016, I took a Zipcar from 44 Quint Avenue in Allston, MA to Red Carpet Inn in Syracuse, NY. We went down Quint Avenue and made a right turn at Brighton Avenue. After that, I turned left at Harvard Avenue,

What is it like to live in Honolulu? What do people (i.e. non-tourists) do for fun?

Honolulu is a small, fantastic, beautiful city filled with a lot of variety and culture. As a white male, it was both refreshing and at times intimidating to be the minority in Honolulu, but on a personal level and professional level I was

What is the travel experience that completely changed your life?

The trek to Beas Kund.It was September 2015, I guess the second week, so we(my group of friends) decided to go for a trip to Beas Kund(near solang valley, manali). It was my first ever trek. We started the trek around 10 in the morning, being a 2 day trek, we reached the base camp around 6

What is the most depressing place you've ever visited?

One of the most depressing (and adventurous) places I've ever been to is the infamous Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan. Things were fine at the place during the daytime but as it began getting darker, an unknown eerie feeling started setting in into all of us

Is USA a good place to live in?

These are generalizations. The US is a very diverse and large country so no generalization is going to be true all the time.The USA can be a good place to live if you have a good income. A good income depends upon where in the US you live. To have a good and comfortable life in the US, on

How did traveling change your life?

There would not be many things in the world that would impact you as much as traveling. Traveling changes the way you think. Traveling changes you. Traveling changed me.You learn. Life never stops teaching, and you never stop learning, but when you travel, the

How can travelling the world change a person for the better?

Travelling is always fun.You enjoy the journey and thats most important.It makes you learn about more things, cultures, people, places, and at some point of time you get to know about yourself too.It makes you see how life

Does travel change a person, or simply harden one's prejudices?

I would say neither, but it also would depend on the person travelling. Also, just spending time at a resort is a break in the normal routines and a change in weather, not experiencing another culture.A person holding on to their prejudices will have ample opportunity

What is the coolest vacation you have ever taken?

My trip to Switzerland will always be special. I will let the pictures speak.Jungfraujoch

How to feel about visiting a place where you used to live

I did that a couple of years ago in Miami. The first house I lived in has shrunk to 1/4 it's former size and the two Ficus trees in front are HUGE. That's the house where I slipped on the cedar chest and broke

How important has traveling to other countries been part of your life?

Travelling is one of the passions that I intend to keep up with for a long time. Even if I get married in the near future !I first left home and travelled a foreign country at 18. Went to India where I knew

Long time Vietnamese-expatriate here. Just moved back to the country. Any advice?

Welcome back home! brotherA foreigner is one of your advantages when you are in Vietnam! You are confused with the current situation in Vietnam, you just live there! Do not care much!You will feel that, it's hard to put into words ...! If you are

What are some unique things you look for when you travel to a new place?

I look at peoples faces and i try to find answers of my life.I try to dig more into their life and try to observe whats actually thier stories are?when i go to new places i feel people living there are far attractive than any other things.

What cities do you want to visit before you die?

I have finished my own list of must-visit cities and really want to share it with all of you.South East AsiaHanoi - 1000-year-old capital (Vietnam)

What countries will you most likely not visit?

North Korea... not that easy to get a visa, unless you fancy an over-priced and regimented group tour.Iran: similar issues.Saudi Arabia: does not give tourist visas, so the only way in is pretend to be a Muslim coming for Hajj and risk getting stoned to death.Yemen: a war zone and disaster area, a chance to see

What is going to be the best country to live in as a foreigner?

Make sure its NOT an Islamic Country! Homosexuality brings you death.

What is one city you would never return to? Why?

When I am tempted to have such a thought about the negative aspects of a place, it goes away when I shift attention to the positives.  I was just in Shanghai recently, and on two days of my stay the air was intolerable without a mask.  But the culture at street

What is the best Nordic country to live in?

They are all good countries to live in. The differences will in my opinion depend on your personal preferences. For example, do you enjoy skiing and snow immensely? Then Denmark wouldn't be the best choice, and Norway or Sweden might be better choices. The climate in Denmark,

What is the coolest vacation you have ever taken?

A trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan.On Thursday, December 22nd, 2016, I took a Zipcar from 44 Quint Avenue in Allston, MA to Red Carpet Inn in Syracuse, NY. We went down Quint Avenue and made a right turn at Brighton Avenue. After that, I turned left at Harvard Avenue, turned right at Cambridge

What's a good age to travel different countries?

Travel, especially in the 21st century, caters to all. It is one of the more democratic activities, in the sense that anyone who wants to participate can. Travel encompasses everything from a high-school study abroad program in Spain to an Alaskan seniors cruise to a grueling expedition in the Himalaya.I'm still relatively young and did

What's it like to live in Edinburgh, Scotland?

Beautiful, extremely walkable, sometimes very cold, although the weather is surprisingly sunny. It now feels like a true capital city - there is a lot of culture, plus most of the Scottish government. Its relatively well-off and therefore expensive by Scottish standards, due

Where have you always wanted to travel but haven't yet?

Paris and Greece.These 2 places are there in my Bucket List since last 3 years but haven't ticked them off yet.Being a fashion enthusiast, Paris has always had my heat. And Greece ignites my travel soul.Check out my Bali pictures here- BSoChill - Home (Search for Sophia Brown)

Why is Singapore not a good place to live in?

Singapore is a good country to spend your 5days and 4 nights package holidays but if you want to settle down by leaving your mother country then you should better consider these following points -Basically chewing gum is a not a crime but if you spit it

Would you like to spend the rest of your life in another country?

Sure, that's a good way to enjoy my life and i can get the different culture between my life country and the travel country. As a student , now i am study in Poland,I think I should spend rest on traveling to all

Would you rather live in Ireland or Scotland?

I've been living in Ireland for 2 years and i really love the country and (especially) the people.However, due to services, opportunities, transport connections etc. I wanted to move to Scotland. With Scotland i meant Glasgow-Edinburgh area. I think i would have preferred to live there.This was before the referendum on Brexit. Now, if i had the chance,