How to move to another country and start a new life

Frankly, it isn't easy. 7 months ago I moved from Canada to The Netherlands to study for 4 years. I was lucky and have a sister who lives a 3 hour train ride away from me. I also had a basic understanding of Dutch before I left. This was because I spent so much time before I left

What are the strangest things that you have experienced while hiking?

I was hitchhiking near Chartres, France when a young boy picked me up. We had a nice long conversation, and I told him all about myself. His English was pretty good, and he said that he had to pick up

What does it feel like to be a foodie?

I believe you love food or are a foodie / foodaholic, then you would do the following things :Your bookmarks have a folder created for 'Recipes/ 'Food' and is overflowing with recipes from all over the webYou are a

How to enjoy a long car commute to/from work

Anirudh Joshi is on the right track but I suggest that different equipment and clearly stated goals will further improve the solution. He is describing mindfulness about the traffic around you and in front of you plus careful attention to

Is traveling around the world, experiencing multiple lifestyles and cultures healthy for child development or is it more important to have a consistent environment?

I'd say... consistent with the following...Pringipisa 5/5/2019 (Twitter)‏1. Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law NOT recognized; there are many planes of causation, but NOTHING

What is your fantasy vacation?

I dream to discover all the wonders of our world so my dream vacation would be a round-the-world cruise!It's a great opportunity to explore all destinations with stops in numerous ports of numerous countries. Different cultures, different traditions, different ways of rest! By the way, there

What's it like to live in Louisiana?

Louisiana is a big state and there are distinct differences in regions. Northwest and central Louisiana starting around Alexandria are to me more like Arkansas; Baton Rouge and to the northeast, Mississippi-esque; Lake Charles and west, Texan. The accents, foodways and customs

Where's a peaceful place that you know?

A truly peaceful place for me is not a place per se. It is not somewhere we arrive at, but rather an awakened state of consciousness that makes our normal wakefulness feels like a deep deep slumber.It is beyond death. Ah, our true Home!It is beyond space and