Is settling in the USA worth it for an Indian?

First things first. I am answering this question anonymously because I have no interest in engaging in pointless arguments. These are my opinions and experiences only and you can disagree but you don't need to tell me that. I am just stating what's on my mind.Alright then! A bit about me. I grew up in Jammu. I have lived

Which is the better country to live in: the USA or Canada? Why?

Canada.Canada ranks higher on many lists of social development and freedoms.Here I will rank the two countries from a global ranking standpoint.For everyone saying that it is impossible to answer this question, they are wrong. Just because a person is content with living in a country, does not mean that

How is living in Australia different from living in the United States?

Having lived in Sydney for almost all of my life, and travelled to the United States, I can observe a lot of the following from my trips first hand (no particular order):As many people mentioned before, health care. Health care

Is settling in America with family worth it?

It is relative matter. It entirely depends how one views it. It has pro and cons also. It was bit easy some 20 years ago, now the laws and rules have changed a lot, esp after 9/11. Every one is thoroughly scrutinised and papers are processed.It is more difficult for people with higher

Would you rather live in Denver, Colorado or in the DC suburbs (Arlington, Fairfax, and Arlington)? Why?

I haven't lived in DC, but I lived all around Los Angeles for 13 years and have been in the Denver area for about 3 years, and I think I can counter some of the points Andy Pierce makes in his answer:Weekend at the beachOkay, I kinda miss the ocean,

Is settling in the USA worth it for an Indian?

Well, I have read the long response giving by the guy living in VA and the one who did this Study/Chart as to how people from India live here. Now, keep in mind, his study/results and final observations came from someone from India for other Indians to relate to him as a fellow Indian. My opinion is

What's the best thing about living in the United States?

Wow.  What a question.Okay, here's my answers in no particular order.I love the country -- I mean the way it looks and the way it smells and the light and the sun and the wind and the rain and the snow.

Which is better to live in - USA or UK?

USA V UKYou are more likely to die tripping over a gun in the UK than be shot by one. In the USA, you can be shot at any time, by anyone.Great homes may be bought at very low costs in the USA. Ridiculous pricing in

How is living in Canada different from the United States?

It so much depends on where you live in either country. Perhaps life in a small town in Southern Alberta would be more similar to life in a small town in Northern Montana, then to life in the Greater Toronto Area.A sizable part of Canada's population speaks French as their daily language of use. The French-language culture

How is living in Canada the same and different from living in the USA?

Hmmm, in no particular order.Same ... living in Canada and in the USA1. Both currencies are called the dollar. (Of course one paper currency is this green piece of paper, which you have to carefully look at the number or numbers at the corner and the other is very colorful to

Should you live in Canada or the USA?

Honestly, all you need do is watch the news and the answer would be obvious. But in case it isn't, I submit the following, just to start the list of reasons off.Dysfunctional government. Washington has been in political gridlock for years, it seems. The ONLY game in town seems to be upending

Which are some of the countries better than USA for a better living?

According to the quality of life index by the Economist Intelligence Unit, now called the where to be born index, these countries are ahead.SwitzerlandAustraliaNorwaySwedenDenmarkSingaporeNew ZealandNetherlandsCanadaFinlandIrelandAustriaTaiwanBelgiumGermany (tied)These are 2013 rankings. There are several other indices with more or less similar rankings.

Which is better to live and work in: Canada or US?

1.) Its a much less congested country. Canada has one tenth the population of the US, with a larger land mass. 2.) Notwithstanding the vastness of the country spread over 5 time zones, Canada's population is more homogeneous in wealth equality &  social values than