What is it like to regret not having children?

There are times I wish there was a little person that I could call mine. Specially during family times like Christmas, Easter, Birthday parties and such. But as much as I love babies and children, as much as I know I would have been a great mom, I do not regret having children.My reasons for not doing so

Do kids today grow up too fast?

"Do kids today grow up too fast?"  "too fast" as compared against what ??? I don't think an answer is possible without defining a reference around what pace is considered normal around growing up. Most of us would compare kids today

What is the best lie you have ever told your child?

Oh, I've got a few.My sister:When I was 10 and my sister was 6 we ended up watching some children's movie about a kid who when he turns 13 starts having odd things happen to him. He gets more and

What's the hardest thing about being a parent?

Responsibility.Some people have mentioned tiredness, but it is not tiredness alone I find difficult, it is tiredness combined with the responsibility to look after two young lives that are completely dependent upon me. I had been tireder as a student, but then I only had myself to look

Why don't kids walk to school anymore?

Why kids don't walk to school anymore? I believe in the USA it has more to do with the parent's being submerged in a culture that is paranoid more than anything else. When I was a child, my parents, everyone's parents would warn the kids not to take candy from strangers. There were

Is there a difference between raising a girl versus raising a boy?

Not as much different as I expected, but where it's been different it's a lot different. It took more emotional effort on my part with my daughter, but we're much closer for it. I apologize for the long response. I'm just trying to be thorough and honest.Having been a boy once I could relate to their

What is the best advice you have ever given to your child?

Original question - What advices would you give to your child?As a teenager, there's a long time for me to embrace motherhood and raise a child. However, I feel there are a lot of things, I often think to myself, I would like my kids to learn.There's