I don't want to live with my parents anymore. What should I do? Please tell me. Help me.

We don't know your age & circumstances as knowing these would've made this advice more useful & practical!Since you don't want to live with your parents for whatever for, whether they are restricting you, are non supportive, have their married

Is it better to move out or live with my parents? I'm 22.

It really depends upon how well you can afford to live without them.If you have a sufficiently steady income and can sustain yourself independently, or with a group of friends, then I would recommend moving out.You equip yourself better for the future by learning to take responsibility and take important decisions

Is it weird for a 30-year-old male to still live with his parents?

Do you think this is weird:I live in Toronto, but in my parents' basement. It may seem like a negative to you, but it works out splendidly:I work 15-minutes drive away; and north of the city at that, so while everyone

How long is it ok to be living with your parents?

Your parents did not bring you into this world so that they could spend the rest of their lives paying for your existence. They married each other, not YOU, and they had plans, dreams, and wishes that didn't include YOU.Your parents loved

Is 16 too old to still live with your parents?

No, it isn't too old at all.In the US and most Western countries I know of, it is not just normal, but expected, that 16-year-olds will live with their parents.You are not legally considered an adult till you reach 18, and even so it is very common for young adults (18–22, and often even further into