How to be happy alone

I consider myself expert in the art of loneliness. Let me tell you, it did not come easily to me; this skill did not come without a fight.As a child I was vivacious, loud and social. My habit of incessantly talking was a running joke among all who knew me. I rarely

How to fight loneliness alone

Well, there's lots of Way for avoid Loneliness and Actually you are actually doing one thing from that list by Reading Quora. so Keep Reading.Now, If you're bored with Reading than here's the list. GO for Run, Now. Don't think. Just get the hell of out your

Can we live alone until we die?

Let me tell you a story first.Once there was a man who lived in a small village. The villagers were very hostile towards each other and they were quarreling all the time. The man couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to be free from this misery and he also wanted to get away from his responsibilities. So he

How to feel happy when I am alone

When you have nothing to do and also there is nobody near you with whom you can chat or talk with. One tend to get bored and in most cases he/she goes to sleep. It is a very common problem in

How to learn to be alone and happy

Meditate. Pure and simple. I used to depend on people's opinions to validate my self-image, and was terribly emotional. I reached something of a breakthrough with meditation a few years ago that has since freed me from the majority of pain (emotional

What is the best way to spend alone time?

Start of your day with a glass of water.Go for a walk/jog.Come back home and rest for some time.Then study something, trust me you will have very high concentration level. You can study anything from a novel to quantum physics.Then have your breakfast.(I suppose since you are asking

What is the drawback of living alone?

I've been living alone for more than a year. Like everything it has it's pros and cons. 1. Buying stuff you use daily in small quantities is hard because most stuff isn't available in amounts you'd prefer. 2. Buy anything luxurious is out of the question, unless you're very rich. 3. The house

Why do I feel happy when I live alone?

I've been living out of my house(my parent's house to be exact haha) since 2004 when I was 15. I lived in dorms and with host family- and I've been living alone for the past 3 years AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!I have had 7 roomates through high school, 11 roommates in college and 4

What is it like to not get married and live alone?

I'll be 62 soon and I have never married. It was not my choice but life's. Do not listen to people saying they decided to stay single or trying to give reasons (the more the better!) to justify their celibacy. We take what comes, that's all! I do not believe a second that anyone could fall in love, be