Approximately how many people have completed a full marathon and half marathon?

That's a hard one you'd need the finishing numbers of every marathon and half marathon in every country in every year since they began. You'd also need all the data from every runner who's ever done either inb training. A crazy question.That said if

Based on running 5ks at a 5:45, 10ks at a 5:58, and 20 mile at a 6:35 pace, I think my endurance is fine, but how do I get faster?

By running faster.Shorten the distances, increase the speed and use long rest intervals to start.Gradually increase the distances, slightly lower the speeds (because you'll have do) and decrease the rest intervals.An 1km interval can be done faster than a 5k run.

Can a heavy powerlifter run a marathon?

Yes, but it isn't easy. As others have said, the typical body types for each of these pursuits are very different and, without clever training, most people attempting to accomplish both goals simultaneously will spin their wheels and likely never achieve a high

Do I drink too much water?

If you exercise or engage in any activity that makes you sweat, you need to drink extra water to compensate for the fluid loss. An extra 1.5 to 2.5 cups (400 to600 milliliters) of water should suffice for short bouts of exercise, but intense exercise lasting more than

Do I have to train for a half marathon?

You should definitely train! There are two good reasons for it:You'll be faster if you train. That's the reason you likely will care about right now, but it's not the important one. No, the important one is...You'll be MUCH less

Do marathoners listen to music while running?

I never do, same as 90% of the marathoners I've seen. On the distance there're enough things one should concentrate on, so music may be detractive. For example, the runner can detect if his or her step and breath gets harder by their sound. Also, one can instinctively change the speed following

How to achieve running 3.2 km in 12 minutes in 5 months

Hello MateHonestly, 5 months is enough time to run 3.2 km in 12 km. But it will include a tight schedule, proper workout, exercise and stretching and yoga (once a week). Let me shoe you an example of what i am doing right now:Monday: 20 min normal run followed by some stretching starts from your legs, then

How to run a 10 km in 1 hour within a month

A lot will depend on your current fitness level but generally speaking, most people can get to this level with preparation.First let's break down the pacing. To break an hour you will need to run 9:39 pace. Since you don't have much time to build a solid mileage base, you should focus on running 9:39 pace

How to train for a half marathon in less than 2 months

First of all, congratulations for having the courage to participate in an event which on one hand brings considerable challenge and on the other hand, seems quite achievable.Some pointers which would help you achieve your goal -Please follow a Walk - run program from Jell Galloway which suits you.Follow a step by step progression

How to train to get the best result on a half marathon in 5 months

5 months is ages for this. Assuming you are starting at zero or near to zero, the first thing is to start doing some running. It doesn't have to be fast. In fact, in your situation I would recommend no

How to run a 2:18 marathon

Hi,It all depends on which level you start from. It barely takes 8 years to build such a performance level if you start from zero.Thus, if you are under 35 years old that's very doable, but take into account you must, at least, dedicate 15 hours of training  and 100 miles a week to meet

How to train myself to run a 10 km marathon within 6 weeks

I am writing all this presuming you are VERY serious about your goal.You have to increase your distance by about 300 m every day; that may sound easy but consistently over two weeks it could be difficult; If you are consistently able to add even 200 m per

How to train effectively for a half marathon

This depends totally on your goals, and I'd need to know more about your running history and aspirations before offering a proper answer. But, since you're asking the question in such a general way, I'm guessing that this is probably your first HM, and your goal is to get to the end

How long do running shoes last marathoners?

Generally 300–500 miles but LOTS of variables here:Type of miles (pavement, gravel, dirt; flat vs hills)How much you weigh and how

How long does it take to run 26.2 miles?

There was an algorithm which looked at the number of training miles per week and the average pace per week's mileage, giving a ballpark time, ceteris paribus. A person, with no training, was estimated to be able to finish the classic marathon distance of 42.195km/26.28176mi in the 7 hour range.Having said that. the world

How long for an Olympic woman to run a 2:15 marathon?

The women's world record for the marathon is already 2:15 by Paula Radcliffe. Olympic races tend to be more tactical and because of the time of (August / September) year and where the Olympics are held the weather can make fast times difficult - Athens for example. In

How long would an Olympic 100 m sprinter run a marathon and a marathoner run the 100 m?

As a question, it presents an interesting thought experiment. The two races are totally different. 100m sprinting is basically completely anarobic (an Olympic-class sprinter could basically run the race on 1 or 2 big breaths), relying on pure power and fast-twitch muscle. The marathon is almost entirely aerobic and relies

How much training time does it take to be able to run a marathon pace of 7:30 per mile given the current training time of 10 min/mile pace for 6 miles and be a 7 out of 10 in muscle fatigue?

You need to set a REALISTIC goal.7:30 marathon running is quite respectable - it's sub 3:20 pace for the full distance, which is moving out of ‘jogger' territory into ‘runner' mode.Someone who can run a 3:20 marathon will likely be able to run 6:00 miling or thereabouts for 6miles. Certainly sub-6:30. So

How must one prepare for a 10 km run?

Push yourself but don't push too hard. Let me expeain:I started running about 2–3 months ago. I'm a skinny person but have never really done any sort of sport training.I remember my first run was 2.6 km (not great). But I keep running.For the first few weeks, I ran every

I have been running marathon (my main goal - to improve timing) and doing strength training at the gym to aid that along with marathon drills. Planning to switch to yoga and callesthenics instead of the gym. Is that a good idea?

Absolutely. Yes.Calisthenics's is a hell of an exercise system with the added advantage that you don't need equipment (or can find alternatives on the streets).And Yoga well done does real wonders in regards to running economy (the same as calisthenics) as it helps increasing your range of motion.After a few weeks

I have run anything from a 5k to a half marathon. My top mileage put in is 18 miles. Took 6 month hiatus and lost my running partner. How do I get back into loving running again?

Consider running for a cause. There are many charitable organizations that support team running. Part of the individual fund raising effort includes doing creative things such as social gatherings. If you like running partners, team running might be good. I did one and got some good professional training as well as meeting a few friends along the way.

I'm running my first 5K in 22 years in a week and I get out of breath after a 2 minute run. What advice do you have to help me survive the run, and don't say not to do it, it's a charity run?

Its a charity run, so the first goal is to have fun and raise some funds. Going fast isn't too important so if you're not prepared, don't try to go fast.I've had some of my most fun working at races anchoring the pack (making sure nobody gets

I ran a 6:45 mile time and I have a 5k in 7 weeks. Will I be able to run a under 20 min 5k by then?

To run a sub-20:00 5K, you need to average approximately 6:25 per mile.If I understand your question correctly, your PR for a single mile is 6:45. For you to reach the goal of going under 20:00 in a 5K, your are going to have

I'm a 16 year old 98 pounds and 5'3. Do you think if I lose 3 pounds I'll run faster. (Long distance XC and track runner.)?

Former cross country runner here. No, you wouldn't run faster if you lost more weight. You're underweight as it is. You need to gain muscle. I would recommend weight training 2–3 non consecutive days a week (early morning in the gym if your team practices in the afternoon). I would also recommend taking

Is it easier to bike 100 miles or to run a marathon?

I've done both, and for me the 100 miles on a bike is way easier than running a marathon (26.22 miles). Way back when I was in good shape, I did both within two weeks of each other. The difference between them was staggering!Sure,

Is it ok to run 5 miles in one hour?

Well done for running 5 miles in an hour. It is not bad at all for a beginner, but if you want to compare it to an advanced runner it might not be very good, sorry. A good long distance runner can do 9

Is it okay if I run 10 kilometers everyday?

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Is running a full marathon the same as running two half marathons?

I've raced and placed well in both marathons and half marathons. They're very different. A half marathon is a great test of speed and endurance, practically an optimal distance for healthy long-distance running. A full marathon is about 5–8 miles beyond what the human body is designed to run at a

Should a high school runner run 7 days a week?

Do you need to run 7 days a week? No.Can you run 7 days a week if you want to? Sure.But, if you are going to run every day of the week there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind.One of the

Should your running shoes be as tight as possible?

I love a good pair of running shoes...A pair of good shoes that fit you should fit the following criteria:Comfort, is the soles of the shoes comfortable for you to walk all day in, is the padding thiccc(sorry) and soft? Please don't choose your shoe purely on the designDoes

What are 3 mind blowing facts about Marathon running?

The mental game. Running for marathon or even half marathon distance requires a strong mental game. Am I going too fast, too slow, is that pain lactic acid flushing through or is it something? Am I sweating? What is left in the tank?The training, most training programmes max out

What are some tips for 5 km running in 25 minutes?

I have learned to solve every big problem by dividing it into smaller partsSo try to run a 1 km in under 5 min without losing breathe.Now do the same for 2,3,4,5 km over a period of weeks...what I mean is try 1 km for one week and then 2km the next week

What are some tips for creating a 3 month training plan for a half marathon?

1, Try and fit in as many 10k races as possible, so that you can develop good leg speed over a fairly long distance.2, Even though a half marathon is only 13.1miles, its a distance that will allow you to train longer than the race itself.3, A Half marathon requires the speed of a 10k runner, but with

What are the best marathon tips?

Hi,Here are some tips:Do train yourself very hard. Note down your run times, race distance and how your body behaves. It's hard to remember what you did later, so make a record in an excel sheet.Increase distance gradually to build your stamina and reduces the risk of injury over time.Run

What are the best weightlifting exercises for distant runners?

For strength, I'd personally recommend a trap bar deadlift. It's rather easy to perform, utilizes the lower body muscles a runner will want to strengthen, it's very suitable for progressive overload, and since it is a deadlift, the eccentric component can be eliminated or de-emphasized.Keep the work load low and if possible drop

What distance of running is most beneficial to my body?

A distance that you find comfortable to run in 30 minutes to 60 minutes.Usually it's anywhere from a 5k to a 10k.Every body is different and can take different amounts of punishment before you start to see adverse effects. Usually you'd want to keep it to under an hour. Run

What exercises to improve muscular strength are good for distance running?

If you want to be good at distance running, you need to focus on muscular volume training to allow endurance not power. Focus on high volume training with drop sets or supersets added. Reduce rest time and increase set/rep time such as 5 sets of 25 reps. Here is

What is it like to run a marathon every day?

I did this, not for just a few days but for 238 days In a row. I ran across the US in one of the longest distances recorded. While most who run across the US choose the shortest distance, around 3,100 miles, my route was a network of trails and back roads collectively called the American Discovery Trail.

What is the best body type for marathon running?

Long legs, short upper body, lightweight (a very low fat percentage) and not very tall. Allow me to tell you a small anecdote: When I was warming up for one of the last marathons that I ran (a local marathon, in the Spanish town where I live), I went

What is the best marathon training plan for a beginner?

I have been studying running for quite some time now,writing blog posts and reviews for  There are few things I would recommend.  First listen to what Andy Bret said.  Building that weekly long

What is the best way to get started with long distance running?

Lots of good advice here.  I completely agree with the person who mentioned getting the right gear and the right shoes and socks.  That would have been the number one thing on the list I would mention when first starting out.  I will add

What is the best way to train for long distance running?

I found a solution to substitute the boring "DISCIPLINE" and it's simple. Pick one thing that you enjoy the most. Do it only during running or as a consequence of running. After 3 days of successful running, add a thing that you hate to do and has the special characteristic of being achieve at any time

What is the hardest part about running a marathon?

Thanks for the A2A.I have a fresh perspective on this, as I just finished the Detroit Marathon last Sunday (my 31st full marathon).I concur with Matt Solar that the training time commitment is a huge challenge. You MUST put in the training miles if you want to run a marathon. You cannot

What made you quit running marathons?

Lack of natural ability, at least at that distance.My maximum distance to run pretty hard - but still pacing myself - was about 2 1/2 miles. I did place in the US Masters Championship at 5000m, but really need to ease off

What shoes are best to use to last longer while running? (Specify specific shoes and their names, and why its claimed to be better) Especially if it helps the ankles so they don't hurt while I run.

I would recommend a good set of orthotics with a New Balance shoe.Simply remove the stock insole, and replace with your orthotic. There are a variety of orthotics that can be purchased online which are nearly as nice as a custom set.It has been very nice for my painful right ankle since going this route.

What will happen if I run 10 miles without training?

Give it a go. You'll probably find out around mile 5...! There aren't any shortcuts in running and whilst some people are more predisposed to running than others and age and general condition play a big part, a completely untrained individual is going to have some serious difficulties running

Who has a better overall level of physical fitness - a marathon runner or a bodybuilder/powerlifter?

Interesting story to give you an answer.A good friend of mine and I decided to go for an Event in India called DevilsCircuit . It is downright crazy, but lovely fun when done with friends and not really in a competitive manner. C077 below is my friend who for all matters is

Why did you stop running marathons?

I've ran nine marathons over several years. My last was the Chicago Marathon a couple years ago. I love running, but I hated the actual race. Not because of the 26.2 miles, but because I got irritated with my surroundings. I'm an introvert and I hated being

Why do a lot of long distance runners have bellies? It takes a lot of training over several months to be able to run a 10K, half-marathon, or marathon, so why do a lot of people I see running not have flat bellies?

I'm a cardiologist and an amateur runner having run the NYC marathon in ‘15 and ‘17. The answer to your question is a topic I discuss with patients nearly everyday. Weight loss, at its core, is a simple mathematical problem. Calories in minus calories burned equals weight gain or

Why do people believe distance running doesn't build muscle?

Look at the image below, Steve Prefontaine (#229). He is considered one of the greatest distance runners of all time. He also helped ignite the running craze now a days. As you can see this looks like a "typical" distance runner. Does he have muscle? Yes, everyone does but does he look muscular?

Why does my running stamina fluctuate whereby I can run longer distances on some days but on other days I cannot run even half the length?

Muscles burn glycogen. The primary source of glycogen is carbohydrates (it can be stored fat, or fats from food, but your body is going to convert carbs first). So, if your glycogen stores are depleted, you will not feel like running, and when you do run, you will bonk. So, the solution is

Why is a marathon distance 26 miles?

After the defeat of the Persians in the battle of Marathon, the Greek soldier Pheidippides had to run from Marathon to Athens, to announce the good news to the Athenians. He ran wearing full armor, a distance which is considered to be somewhere between 34.5km (21.4mi) and 40km (25mi),

Would running 7 miles once a week produce the same results as running 1 mile everyday?

They might produce some broadly similar overall results in terms of general conditioning, but they are different types of runs and would improve different aspects of your running.Running 7 miles straight once a week would most likely be done at

Can all marathon runners run 5 miles in 30 minutes?

The answer to nearly every question worded in absolutist terms is going to be ‘no'. I assume you really meant

Can I run half marathon in 2 weeks with Shin splints?

I am not a doctor, so take my advice accordingly.In my competitive days, I used to get shin splints quite often. My general rule of thumb was that if the pain goes away while you run, then you can continue to train as usual without issue. If it hurts

Do marathon runners die early?

Do marathon runners die early? It's a question that's open for debate. There is not a definitive answer.As with all things in life, there are risks associated with everything we do, or don't do. I've run around 35 marathons in the

Do you feel fit enough to run a 100 mile super marathon?

Just to use the correct term regarding running 100 miles, anything beyond 26.2 miles (marathon distance) is called an

Do you feel fit enough to run a marathon?

I've ran a half marathon before. This was rather recent too, so I think this should accurately reflect me now:Miles 1 - 5: Going smoothly. My pace seems okay. Not in too much danger, just need to keep my hydration up.Miles 6 -

How to greatly increase my mile pace in a 7-8 month time period

This isn't an easy question to answer without knowing anything about your training history.So assuming you're a beginner, I'll give you the brief, full overview.Overdistance training at conversational pace. Gradually increase your weekly running, whether it be minutes, miles, or kilometers. If your body starts to break, then you're increasing your output too quickly

How to run 1 mile faster

Listen to your feet strike the ground. The louder they sound the more energy you lose when they strike the pavement. The quieter they are the less. Think how much a superball bounces and how quiet it is versus a softball which makes a lot more noise and bounces very little. The quieter your feet

How to run for a really long time

I recommend that you pick a distance between 3 and 5km. Less that 3 is too little and more than 5 too much for a beginner. Time yourself once a week, as you should be driven by what you feel and not by the chronometer.Now go and run it, walk it, walk-run-walk it, whatever you can

How to increase my current running speed from 4.15-4.30min/km to 3.15-3.30min/km for half marathon

The likelihood for you to lower your half marathon pace by 1 min/km will depend on your age, how much training you did to get to where you are now (i.e. your genetics), and how much you want to work to get there. That said, I'll share my experience because I ran similar speeds for my

How to run a mile and a half in 15 min

Running at 6 mph (a mile in 10 minutes, or 1.5 miles in 15 minutes) is not especially difficult. I'd venture to say that most people who can run at all can manage a 6 mph pace for a short distance. The trick, then, is sustaining that pace for 15 minutes.

How to train for a marathon if I already do long daily cardio workouts? I stopped running a few years ago but would like to run one more marathon. How do I gradually build up running while maintaining cardiovascular fitness and avoiding injury

You should be doing 2 long runs a week (10 milers, 13 milers), you should be doing a short run 1 or two days a week (5 milers).. and you should be running intervals 1 day a week once you get within about 2 months of the race (you could

How does having a shorter leg affect running stride?

Let's assume that there's a maximum open angle between humans legs while running.i am taking me as example :iam 185 cm tall and my leg length is 90cm (i've actually just measured it for this answer) so that means that my leg

How long should a runner run to maintain physical fitness?

It depends on the level of fitness you want to maintain.I do half and full marathons, plus triathlons. At a purely recreational level, plus I am disabled and cannot actually run. I walk my races with a cane. I am not a slow walker; on a good day I will finish in front of at least a

How much training time does it take to be able to run a marathon pace of 7:30 per mile given the current training time of 10 min/mile pace for 6 miles and be a 7 out of 10 in muscle fatigue?

You need to set a REALISTIC goal.7:30 marathon running is quite respectable - it's sub 3:20 pace for the full distance, which is moving out of ‘jogger' territory into ‘runner' mode.Someone who can run a 3:20 marathon will likely be able to run 6:00 miling or

I am a 2h half marathoner doing 80 to 100 km a month of training, mostly on flat surface outdoors. What's a good 3 week training plan for a hill half marathon?

Assuming the 3 weeks are in the middle of your training and not 3 weeks before the race, what I would do is pick one run a week where you can do hill repeats. Warmup for a mile or two, find a hill or street with good incline, run up

I have run eight marathons with my fastest at 4 hours and 59 minutes. During mile 16-21, I usually have to walk some. How do I finish stronger and finish with my best time possible?

There is no secret in lowering your marathon times, other than specific training, and lowering your times for the 10k.A lot of runners aiming to beat their marathon pb, no matter what time they are aiming for, run most of, or all their mileage at a set speed, you could call it junk mileage.Its

I'm a distance runner. I'm worried that if I do strength training, I'll get slower. is this true? What exercises can I do to make me faster?

More experienced runners will likely give better answers but it all depends on where you bulk. Obviously if you bulk on arms and chest like a body builder then you will get slower as a result of carrying more build and weight. If you

I run at a 11 minute mile pace. How can I raise this significantly in about 5 months?

You get better at anything you practice doing. In running, it's important to continue running regularly, as taking time off reduces the gains you've made. Injuries of course, can throw one off, but barring injury, it's vital that you run. If you want to increase your pace, you need to run

If I run 10 miles a day for 3 months (with speed work) how much will my 5k time drop?

I'm going with answer:D) not enough information.How fast are you running a 5k now? Dropping your time from 30 minutes to 25 is a lot easier than dropping it from 20 to 19.How are you running those 10 miles a week? All at once? In 5k chunks?How are you running them?

If I run 10 miles a day, when would I be ready to run a marathon?

Contrary to the other answers, I'm going to say: Yep, running 10 miles a day is a great way to train for a marathon. I ran the fastest marathon of my life by following just such a training regimen.You'll likely want to schedule a long run (15-20 miles) once a week.

Is it true that distance running has its health benefits negated because the toll it takes on the body?

As long as you wear the right shoes and train sensibly, running and racing do not take a toll on your body.Although some people can wear any shoes, for most of us, the correct shoe is critical. In addition, make sure you get new shoes when you

Is running 40 miles a week enough to successfully train for a marathon?

I've been taught that the rule of thumb for any race is for your average daily mileage to be a third of the race distance you're hoping to run. So, if you run 40 miles a week, theoretically you're averaging a little less than 6 miles a day. Multiply 6 times 3, and

Runners: what is your strength workout?

I'm guessing you mean aside from running to gain strength.In that case, I do push-ups every once in a while. Nothing else.I've been running for a while (which is a nice way of saying that I'm

Should you run a half-marathon before a marathon?

Absolutely. I recommend doing a 21K (Half) about 6 weeks before doing your 42K (full). Where people running their first marathons go wrong in the training part is by not getting in enough long runs. I've known people who, no exaggeration, run 10 10ks per week. It's super inefficient,

What are some rookie mistakes in running?

It truly depends on the runner. But let me list a few common mistakes I have seen in the past.Not understanding that running is a

What are some tips for aspiring marathon runners?

There's really only one thing necessary to truly prepare for a marathon. It's the trick for success. Ready for it? Run lots of miles. How many miles? All of them. Run all the miles.You have to run until running is your mistress. You

What are the benefits of weight lifting for runners?

I'm going to broaden this to strength training for a moment.Body-weight strength exercises and dynamic strength exercises with or without weight, are incredibly helpful for injury prevention, general fitness and increasing stride length in runners. I recommend it to all my athletes, and

What are the best techniques for efficiently running long distance?

This will be a long answer but if you are a long distance runner, I know, you will endure.First of all let me clarify one thing: there is no

What are the best weight training exercises for preparing for an ultra marathon?

Since I was asked...I'll be honest and say I am not really qualified to answer this question.I wish I could run ultras, but my body can't take the stress. Never could.My best guess is, you would be well-served by a full-body routine using light weights.Also a

What are the best weightlifting exercises for distant runners?

For strength, I'd personally recommend a trap bar deadlift. It's rather easy to perform, utilizes the lower body muscles a runner will want to strengthen, it's very suitable for progressive overload, and since it is a deadlift, the eccentric component can be eliminated or de-emphasized.Keep the work

What are the most important stretches for marathon runners?

I agree with Enric's answer just abut completely. The debate on static stretching flips sides every so often, but for a while now

What benefits do we get by running a marathon?

I have ran 12 full marathons and I can tell you each of them are really hard especially you are aiming for time. But my previous one I ran at slow pace to help a friend achieving his PB of 5hours, we managed in 4:58, this particularly was easy and enjoyable for me.So

What are the key changes in training to get you to a sub 3 hour marathon?

First it depends on your potential or talent. Not everyone can run a sub 3 hour marathon even if they optimized their training and went all in.heard of Yasso's workout to test your marathon goal pace? If whatever you can do 10 x 800 in minutes and

What do you do while running?

When I start running, all I can think of is beating my old record. I don't run at maximum speed. My running is a bit like fast paced jogging. I am very motivated.Its still easy. I can't remain motivated forever. I

What exercise must be followed for a marathon?

After videotaping and analyzing over 4500 runners I have found that the main problem runners have is that they are too stiff-everywhere. Their chest does not expand, so it is difficult to breathe. Their shoulders are stiff, so they twist in their upper body when they run. Their hips are stiff so their stride angle is small, which

What foods can I eat to become a faster runner?

Diet is important but not crucial, For Example Usain Bolt, the world record holder in the 100m and 200m sprint, has eaten McDonald's before winning a world championship race. Jakob Ingerbristen, the world youth record holder in the mile, with an impressive time of 3:52, has

What helps you overcome fatigue when you are running long distances?

The main cause of fatigue during endurance efforts is running out

What is it like to run a marathon, breaking it down mile by mile?

Running a marathon is something very personal. There is time for many thoughts to cross one's mind. These thoughts change from one marathon to the next one. This is especially true when you are starting. However, it is true that after a few marathons, some patterns start to emerge. Below is my

What is the best way to avoid injuries while training for a marathon?

First I would follow a prescribed plan. They can be found online. Preparing for my four marathons I used a beginners plan I found in an old Runners World magazine.Second, you should never increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent.Third, crosstrain or take a day off once in a while. As a much younger man, I would

What is the range of the tracking devices placed on runners' bibs or shoes during marathons?

Most races that have automatic timing use Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags in the bib or on the shoe (usually the former these days).  When the runner goes over a timing mat, the passive RFID transponder on the runner picks up

What kinds of food help you run faster?

Foods that are rich in nitrates are believed to help improve your aerobic capacity and there is some evidence to back that up. Beets are high in it, but so are lots of leafy greens and vegetables in general. There are

What should one do in the next hour after jogging?

I would stretch immediately after, while your muscles are still warm. This will aid in the cooldown process and increase your flexibility.Next step, ice bath or some ice packs. A hot shower right after running may seem like the ideal and cleansing thing to

When running a track meet for a long distance event of 3200m, why do my thighs go and feel heavy like weights are on them and hard to move on the last couple of laps?

Welcome to the wonderful world of distance running on the track. You need to do more interval workouts, like 400, 500, 600 repeats. Whatever it is that you do, make sure it adds up to 4000m... it can be 10x400, 8x500, or any combination thereof. Make sure you do adequate warm-up

Who are the best marathon runners?

As with most questions about the ranking of sports teams, players or participants, you can make a subjective argument for a whole host of candidates. I would argue, however, that there is a clear cut answer to this one.The best marathoner

Why are Kenyans so good at long distance running?

Most of the top Kenyan runners come from a single tribe--the Kalenjin people (which make up a sizable minority of Kenya's population).  Runners who win on the world stage in the modern era, regardless of their country of origin, are genetic freaks of nature.  Still, there are

Why do people believe distance running doesn't build muscle?

Look at the image below, Steve Prefontaine (#229). He is considered one of the greatest distance runners of all time. He also helped ignite the running craze now a days. As you can see this looks like a "typical" distance runner. Does he

Will running for 6 days a week for 30 minutes help me get faster?

Yes.But remember, the key to getting faster is to go faster. So you can't just run the same speed every workout and expect to rock it.At first you'll be getting in shape if you are out of shape so push through that pain.I used to run a fast mile