Are there ever situations where a married man deeply loves another woman and becomes unattracted to his wife but doesn't leave his wife?

Yeah, that happened to me. With a woman in our neighborhood.Why stay? The kids, because my wife has been a good wife, and she didn't deserve it. Because the other woman's (the OW) views on guys who leave their families are not admiring and

Can a man be in love with another woman and still love his wife deeply? Is it honest?

Yes. It would seem the first question could be summarized like this, can one person love two people at the same time? Sure. I have four children and I love all of them. I'm not certain I understand how that's any different than saying I could love two women at the same time.You did say love and

Can a shy guy get a girlfriend?

Shyness is not a disease, it is not something you inherit, nor a personality trait.Shyness is the feeling that you are inadequate in social situations. It is the feeling that you aren't good enough in social situations and therefore, you are better off keeping your mouth shut and let others do the talking.I bet you aren't shy in

Can an ex fall back in love with you again?

Well, I am going to swim against the current here and say YES but before you hold your breath, read my entire response.He dumped you because of different things. He may have not been happy with you anymore . There was something he wasn't getting. Try to find what that was and fix it.Now,

Can you love two people deeply at the same time?

In my heart that is so. What would be the lessons, and up's and down's. Good moments and the ones you want to last forever in your mind if we only had the ability to love one person. I like to think if I have the power to believe in

Dating a girl and going through a divorce, should I leave the girl I'm dating alone?

If she wants you to leave her alone, leave her alone.If she wants to be with you (and you do too), then be with her.There's no inherent reason why you should behave a certain way in this situation, it all depends on how the two of you feel.Seems to me that you've treated

Dating and Relationships: How do I fall in love with same person again?

The question and description are not in synchronous.1. You are still in relationship and you don't feel the same for them.2. The relationship has ended but you still want to pursue it.To my understanding the question points to first situation so

Dating and Relationships: What are the keys to a successful relationship?

I spent a lot of time as a young man trying to understand relationships. It was a learning process. I learnt somethings and I still learn.It took me years. Hope this helps you I am blessed to share1. Be Honest

Did anyone get their love back after years?

I am in a relationship when i was in class 10th and he was my senior in school. After completing his 12th he cleared CLAT exam and selected in NLU assam. All the problem started from here only. We both are immature and young. It's really difficult for

Do a lot of divorces happen between partners who still love each other but nonetheless have irreconcilable differences?

Love is not the only ingredient in a marriage. I think what many people forget is that marriage takes work. It is not a state of complacency, where you ride on your love for one another to carry you through, because love needs to be recognized and nurtured. Because of this, love and marriage go hand in

Do people usually get back together after breakups?

Here is the true story one of my friend.They were into long distance relationship, beautiful couple, compatible , loving and partners in crime ( I think thats enough to understand that how much they are into n how Perfect they were)They got break-up both have their

Do you believe in love after 30-yrs of marriage?

Of course. In fact if there wasn't some degree of love involved it is doubtful that there would be 30-year marriages.While some people may cite children,convenience or fear of dying alone, after 30 years with a person, unless you both are emotionally damaged, you develop feelings of concern and care which

Does age matter for a marriage?

Depends on the state you live in. If you are of age there should be no problem. Now, and most importantly, you must be mentally and financially stable. This is not the 19th or the early 20th century when before technology had an effect

Does my ex want me back?

Source: How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: THE Guide To Win a Girl Back As Your GF or Wife 2018These 10 signs can help you know whether your ex-girlfriend wants to get back together:She stays in touch.She contacts you first.She waits a few weeks to

He doesn't love me. What can I do?

Hey, first of all, trust yourself and your intuition.Here is the story: on of my friends loved a girl. She wasn't interested in him even in the least. She told him quite openly about that. That would be the end of it, had the guy

How to end a long term relationship

Be as honest as you can.Be as loving as you can.Allow some time for you and your partner to adjust.Unless there is a major problem in the relationship, I would try to stay and work things out. There is probably a reason why you guys stayed together for so long.But if you have decided to end the relationship,

How to fall back in love with my husband

Do you have to label all of this as out of love?  It sounds like you still really dig each other, but that you are just exploring other parts of yourself, how you interact with others, etc.   I think it's important to have other friendships, interests, etc. outside your marriage. 

How to love my husband more

The basic technique is to watch your words.  PRO 12:18  There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health.If your words are health to him, he will want to hang

How to recognize that my girlfriend doesn't love me anymore

Tell Tell Signs...In most cases when woman is no longer interested in a relationship she doesn't want to be the one to end it. But even when she is already made the decision to break it up, she will take some time to give you some signs to prepare you, before she tells you. This is time

How did you know to end your long term romantic relationship?

I stayed in one until I married her from pregnancy. Lasted five years till I couldn't stand it. Was in another that should have gone nine months and lasted two years.I was not wanting to hurt their feelings and it was

How difficult was it to let go of your partner of a long term relationship? How do you rebuild/restart when you really love the person and have been in the relationship for too long?

My prequel to this answer - Michelle Thorp's answer to Love: What's the stupidest thing you've done for love?You keep going because there is nothing else you can do. You feel empty and a little lost. The hardest thing is the fact that all your memories, moments and things that

How to find a husband

This is what you have to do:Think long and hard about WHAT you want. I mean: Get a CLEAR picture of that husband. Think of age, looks, education, status and personality. Decide which properties are the most important to YOU and if you really need one at all. ;) Put a

How to get him back

Your heart is breaking. That's a fairly common denominator after a divorce or breakup. You even want to get him back. You still believe that he's the one. All you need now is to convince him that you're still the one for him.Unfortunately, your confidence, in the days and weeks following

How to get my ex to fall in love with me again

How can you get your ex back after been dumped?Yes, you can get your ex back, it's possible and I have done it thrice.But do you need to get your ex back?Why do you have to get your ex back?Of what use is holding on

How to get my girlfriend back after breakup

Here are few ways which will help you get her back in your life:Get your life back on track.Getting your ex back if you're not emotionally calm and controlled. Women dislike needy, clingy, desperate men - so you need to pull your own life t So you've been in a relationship for some time,

How to reconcile with my wife

To begin with, you need to look into the reason behind why your wife is mad at you. Ensure that you have rightly understood it and are on the same page as your wife. This first step is crucial as both of you need to be working

How to tell my husband I love someone else

I would go to a therapist first. The person you're in love with is new and exciting and you have a different relationship with them because you're not married to them. If and when you leave your husband, you will begin an entirely different

How to come to terms with ending a long term relationship

Realize that it takes two to make things work.People grow into the person they want to become.There is a finite amount of time we have with others, so never take for granted the time you have and appreciate every moment.Understand what you learned from the other person/relationship.Not every relationship is succesful,

How to convince your wife you need a break from marriage

Counseling. Accepting that there are two sides to every story, and realizing that in her version, you are the villain. Separation and divorce. Your comment about families suffering if you divorce is specious nonsense. Imagine staying together until you have

How to know how to truly love someone else

I used to believe that love was a light switch. Something flicks on. You get an overwhelming sensation. It hits you like a bag of bricks. Or a strong arrow. When you know, you know. Right? Not so much. After 38 years and an expired marriage, I don't see love that way anymore. I've placed Cupid right next

How to know if a long term relationship will have a good ending

Long term relationship thrives on:Mutual trust, respect, faithfulness, open communication, can be there for each other in thick and thin, to be able to be vulnerable to each other, can commit to the improvement of the relationship, appreciation towards each other, can laugh together, can handle silence, sexual and emotional

How to know if your boyfriend doesn't love you anymore

No eye contact, no touching, no calling, verbal abuse, no sex, no intimacy for prolonged periods of time. He doesn't say he loves you after you have told him so.Indifference is the coldest and cruelest way...not noticing you.He says one thing and his actions are no in sync with his words.Listen to your gut!Contact the YWCA (google

How to know when it's truly over in a relationship

Everyone has their own red lines, obviously. And it's true that most people's red lines are in roughly the same area, but when they're crossed?...... that's not when it's over.It's over long, long before that. Unilateralism is the key here. How?Imagine that there is

How to not show your love for someone

You hide all your excitements when that person is around.You don't give them a clue that you remember all their special days.You feel to call them every now and then, but you restrict yourself.You feel like seeking their advice, but at the same time you don't want that person to feel

How to recover from a long term relationship

Spend time with your friends. Having conversation with other people keeps your mind off your ex.Find something outdoorsy to do. I have found that sunshine makes me feel less depressed. Exercise increases adrenalin level which would make you feel good.Finally when you are ready, meet new people. If you are at school, join a student club.

How does a man know that a woman loves him?

Love is a complex issue even for the ones who have been knee-deep in it for too long. On top of that, human behavior in itself is an intricate web of realities and facts to understand. Coupling both of these things together, it can be quite difficult to get the hints that the emotions one is showing are

How does a wife feel if her husband cheats on her with another man?

I can tell you exactly how I feel since this recently happened to me. After nearly 33 years of marriage, 2 sons, and 3 grandchildren, I found out that my husband, my best friend whom I trusted with all my being, was having sex with other men. I found out by looking

How important is your partner's ambition in life?

A2AFor some it's very important, for me - not so much. As long as we can both live comfortably together, for me, my own ambition is enough.I don't stay with my partner because of her ambition, I stay because of mutual understanding, compatibility, companionship and intimacy.That said, I wouldn't suddenly

How long did you think about ending your long term relationship before you actually did?

Well, how long did I think about ending it? From the first year we were married, 1975, until the day I broke free forever, May3,1983. In between those dates I endured beating after beating, unfaithfulness from him. I filed for divorce, had an affair

How should a man treat a woman he loves?

We are missing a lot of data here.Is this a woman with whom you are in a current relationship? Then treat her like a Queen. Make her feel like she is the most valuable person in the world.But if this woman is just a ‘crush' that you really like and you

How should a woman treat a man that she loves?

your man is hard worker. sometimes he will have bad days. when he arrived at home, just open door for him. and gave a cup of hot drink or warm water for him. make sure have his favourite drink or food when he arrived.cook for himprepare his clothes,

How would you describe the feeling of love (in a long-term relationship)? Is it a conscious choice to value your partner or more tender feeling when you look at them?

This is difficult to answer, because by my estimation the question itself is flawed.Though I believe you're closer with the mention of a conscious choice, it seems the conscious choice is the result of a feeling or a feeling itself.Love is NOT a

I have a crush on a girl who I barely know. How do I approach her?

There are a lot of great answers here to your question, such as the one by Jeremy Noel Johnson and Alex Markadonis so I'll skip over that part.I'll address something you're not asking but which is just as important;

I think I married a narcissistic, immature woman. What can I do as a husband to help her?

IME, the best thing you can do for the people you care about is to be the best you that you can possibly be.  You can't fix her, you can only control your own behaviors, and one of them is to consciously manage your own boundaries  When you hold

I'm jealous of my kids because my husband loves them more. Is that wrong?

Realize that there are different forms of love, and your husband's love for your children only enhances his love for you as the co creator of those children.   Think that every time he praises or embraces them, he is embracing something that exists only because you

Is it possible to fall head over heels in love with my husband again after six years of marriage?

Oh, this is a question that every single couple on this planet wonders. Believe me, you're not alone.The thing is this: When you fall in love with somebody, you are in fact partly attracted to the actual person

Is it possible to still be deeply in love with someone after 10 years together?

Of course! My Grandparents were deeply in love with each other after 73 years. I find little notes that he wrote her all over the house and they're sickeningly sweet. Like the kind that a high school crush writes and slides across the desk. They had their problems. People do after that long. They had marriage

Is there any story of getting back your only love after a long breakup of many years?

If you are looking for a easy read but still something different - you can try And We Remained . The novel is told through emails and first person accounts of events. An excerpt: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is there any way to get your ex-girlfriend back after a one year ugly breakup?

[This has been taken from a wonderful post written by my friend Aishwarya on our magazine: Do You Want To Get Your Ex Back After A Major Breakup? ]How To Get Your Ex Back?Accept the Fault.Firstly, accept that you are

Long distance even after marriage. is that gonna work?

This is quite a question that literally could tke 10 years of marriage to answer lol I am kidding..however it is a tough one. I think it truly depends on your devotion and dedication. I, for one, think that many marriages are ones that maybe shouldn't exist in the first place. I think people rush into

My husband does not fulfill his responsibilities as a husband and as a father. Do I have to be separated from my husband or do I have to remain in our marriage?

If his failures are profound as you describe them in a handful of stark words, then you must separate from him with a clear ultimatum. With children, the situation is particularly grave, with heavy obligations to try everything possible to save the marriage for the benefit of the little ones.

My husband said he doesn't love me. Should I leave him?

Yes. You cannot force someone to love you. You are meant to someone out there.I know it is not easy for you. Can you re-assess yourself on why he no longer loves you? See yourself in the mirror and ask why? There could

My partner and I lived together for nine months. Then they moved out. Our relationship barely survived. Are we not cut out to last long term if we can't live together?

It is impossible to tell you whether your relationship will last without knowing anything about it. There are a billion variables that go into a relationships sustainability- just because they had to move out doesn't automatically mean your relationship can't survive. If

Should I get back together?

No. If someone dumps you, you should never try to "get them back". You deserve to be with someone who wants you, loves you and cares about you. If he dumped you, he really doesnt care anymore. And he certainly doesnt care anywhere near the amount you are caring for him. Why chase that?

Should I marry a divorced woman having a child?

Love has no boundary, It is very pure feeling. There is no written rule that if you marry a single girl then only you will be happy. However you must not take your decision based on some hypothetical assumption about your love

Should I move in with my boyfriend?

Thanks for the A2A. Generally, I try to avoid these questions because I don't know the specific situation. So, as a random guy on the internet take what I say with a grain of salt because this is my general impression.First,

We've been together for 3 years. What could be the reasons for him not proposing to me? He's 31.

Warning: its a long one. TLDR at the endI am going to go ahead and assume you have not talked to him about your desire to get married. That is A HUGE mistake. Have you talked to him about having kids? If not, that is another huge

What are some signs that your boyfriend really loves you?

DressYou two are going to a mall. You are dressed very prettily. You are wearing a T-shirt and shorts, attractive coolers and a cap. Three guys are crossing you, passing some dirty comments and laying their eyes on your breasts and thighs.If your

What do marriages need?

Communication and common courtesy (remember to say 'please' and 'thank you' and 'excuse me' when you burp or fart or have to blow your nose at the table).It helps if each partner believes s/he got the best of the bargain.Each partner should do some little thing every day to induce the other partner to

What if my husband doesn't love me?

Just try to figure out what he likes in bed. Do you remember any fetishes which he had earlier or now ? Does he stares other girls in front of you or in your absence?Try doing these things..1. Try to wear revealing

What is the best way to show someone you love them?

Go out of your way, physically - geographically even - to be in her presence. Even if it's just for a day or an hour. Get to her.Let her answer first - and talk as long as she wants - when you both simultaneously ask "how was

What is the procedure to get married without parents' consent?

I won't go much in detail, will simply lay it out as this -Do you have a place of your own ? if not then are your parents ok with it ?Once that is covered, hope you have a job

What should I do if I'm falling in love with the same person again?

Watch your feelings. It might not be love but just an effect to the memories of the time spent together. The stronger the bond, the stronger the need to know the well being of the person you left. It might be because you care for the

What were some "red flags" you ignored at the initial stages of an eventual failed, romantic relationship?

Triangulation: This is always bad. There is never a case that is atypical triangulation. Really, we know when we are being triangulated with another person. On the first full day of our relationship, my ex sent me an online photo album consisting of hundreds of

What would you do if your partner cheated on you? Why would a person cheat on their partner?

I had been married for almost 20 years to my husband who I had been in love with for 25 years when I discovered that he was cheating on me.Usually when we make a joke about such things in front of friends, like when he used to playfully say that he is going

When do you know it's time to end a relationship, even if you still love your significant other?

John Gottman relationship expert says its' a 5:1 ratio of good things to bad thing. I believe love isn't the reason you should be in a relationship but only one aspect.  do you want the same things in life? Look into the

Why are some people in such a hurry to get married at such a young age?

There must be various reasons for a person to get marry at early age...Reasons:Love marriageFinancially issuesHealth issues of some family memberfamily pressuresWant to have children earlyWant to have sexand many are reasons....Love marriage:I have a friend X.she is very talkative and very good at academics till her 9th class.After 9th class her academics are gradually decreasing. She failed

Why can't I leave my alcoholic, emotionally stunted boyfriend?

It is because of the way natural selection has shaped women over many generations. Natural selection is important - a woman born without eggs in her ovaries will not pass on her DNA no matter how wonderful it might otherwise be.There are many factors which affect how many DNA copies a person passes along to children.

Why doesn't my husband say he loves me?

As I don't know your husband, I will answer this based on my experience.I was married for 8 years and yes my ex husband does'nt say he loves me pretty much. He says he does loves me but saying the

Can someone love you and then hate you?

When people are in the transient state of falling in love, they become oblivious to all the other person's misdoings and follies. They are willing to overlook everything hoping he/she is the one.Once they fall in love, expectations soar. People tend to get hurt when the other person does anything even slightly insensitive

How to stop loving someone I truly love

I do not think you have truly asked what you want to know because LOVE is never a problem nor does it cause pain. Unmet Expectations, however , are always problematic and painful. So let's consider how you stop expecting someone you love

How to tell my girlfriend that I love her

I feel really loved by my boyfriend when he spends quality time with me or tells me (in words) how much he loves me. Nothing communicates love to me better than quality time and words of affirmation.There are different ways different

How to stop myself from caring or loving someone too much

When we meet people we start creating memories. When we get attracted to them we invest our time and emotions in them. This leads to more stronger memories. When one day you decide to kill these memories it is going to hurt. So that

How should I stop loving someone who does not love me?

Everyone is going to tell you not to do it. Of course they are because it's the most logical and reasonable thing to do.BUTWill you listen? Or more importantly will your heart listen and do what your head is telling it to do?NOPEI know it won't because I was on the same

What are the characteristics of a healthy, strong, and well-rounded relationship?

In a healthy relationship, you make each other greater and more empowered to be independent as individuals. You are aware of the other person's needs and wants and actively help them achieve those things such as learning new things, staying healthy, going to school,

What if a girl tells you that she likes you ?

See we can solve this situation but it will depend on her personality :- If she is an extrovert and cool about things genuinely then you can directly go and talk to her , Say hello and may be compliment her on something not in a cheesy way you can't say

What is the best way to get your crush attracted on you?

One simple fact.There is no way to get anyone do anything !You can fall for a person, you can be head over heels in love with her, you can go crazy for her, you can turn into SRK and do some typical filmy things but there

What's more difficult: watching someone you love loving someone else or them not loving you back?

I say, its waste of time to do both. Only shows, how much you don't love yourself, and hence invest your time and energy, in not worthy stuff, as these. Why watch them loving another, when you have the power to love some other ? Question

Why do we hurt the people we love?

When you care for someone truly, you become vulnerable.The only people that can hurt you are the ones you truly care about.The only people that can hurt you are the ones you truly love unconditionally.Only that cuts deep.In the end all we remember will be

Can a 13 year old girl fall in love with a 12 year old boy?

Oh god! I simply can't believe my eyes!'Love has no age....anybody can fall in love...', 'this and that...' all that philosophical stuff, i mean, Really? Before answering at least think that it's a 12 (or 13) year old at the receiving end and you

Do single people over the age of 50 have a strategy for looking for romance?

I have a co-worker who decided upon paying to be part of #1 Dating Community for Seniors  - she had a LOT of success there. There are millions of dating sites out there but sometimes it is worth paying to join a services that will narrow your choices down just

Does love ends after few years of love marriage?

yes, I wont lie saying love never dies and etc, but trust me no matter how much you are in love with your partner it tends to die when you get married. its not like that you will start hating them but your love start decreasing, its not because your married to one whom you loved deeply but

How do guys act around girl they like?

This is f*cking A-hole moment of every boy, that's a big trap sadly no boy will notice.He enters into the character of a most joyful, happiest, lovable guy of his gang. He makes fun inorder impress his crush, sometimes his fun turns into lame

How effective is online dating for finding long-term relationships?

I dated online for over 4 years (with many ups an downs, and a few decent relationships in between - and a few awful first dates!) but ultimately I met my now husband in the end.I don't think I was successful 100% of the time, and that's usually what tears people

I am in love with someone who is already in a relationship but he also shows some signs here and there, But he also says he will be with his girlfriend forever. What should I do?

Respect your self and move on. Stop lying to yourself you might be mistaking he's kindness for signs because you like him. Why would you even entertain the idea of being with him knowing that he has a girlfriend. He's not going to leave her,

I love a girl of another religion. She loves me too, but we can never be life partners being of different religions, and that's a brutal reality for us. I feel so sad for it. What should I do?

It doesn't have to be reality. The fact that there are different religions at all, saying different things, and claiming to be right, means there isn't only one way to do things. You may wish to consider whether there is any

Is being in a relationship worth it?

I'm at a point in my life where relationships seem pointless. Almost everyone I know has either been divorced, has had children and never married or just now getting married after having kids.It's no longer worth the time or energy because there's too much competition and too much barriers in life. We spend at least a quarter of our

Is getting married to your love worth it?

Love is one of the most important things that is required for two people to get married. Love is that keeps two people want to be together through the good, bad and worse. If you are in love with somebody then, is getting married to that person a good idea? Absolutely! There is no better reason to

Is it a must to get married?

Marriage is a trick designed by those who designed modern society. Modern society requires structure to function effectively. If there was no concept of marriage, humans would be changing partners like clothes. There would be no bondage by the law or the society.

Is it acceptable for a woman to date a man younger than her?

Proceed... but with caution !I share my office cab with a lady in her early thirties, she is approx 2 years older to her husband. She dated her husband for around 6 months. She was doing her Masters and her husband [her then friend ] was approx 2yrs into his job after his her words :When

Is it appropriate for a young teenager to date another teenager who's 2-3 years older?

The laws in our country are seriously f--ked up, okay? Remember that at all times. Our lawmakers sometimes (often?) have a tendency to legislate from their bowels, not their brains. As a result, we get some really STUPID sh-t! Ready?You can "date" whomever you want whenever you want no matter your age or the age of your x-friend as

Is it true that you need to love yourself before someone else will love you?

This question seems to have been misinterpreted judging by the answers already given. We're not talking about loving oneself in the sense of constant staring in the mirror, arrogance, conceitedness etc. I'm as certain as I can be (given the wording of the question), that that the question is referring to self

Should I get married?

It's extremely sad that you had to go through all that, but it is all in the past now. What you need to ask yourself is whether you are okay with the arranged marriage scenario at this point in your life. The fear instilled in you due to

What does it mean to love myself?

To love yourself is to become deeply comfortable with yourself.  You will know you are comfortable with yourself when you reduce to minimal your urge to self-criticize. Imagine taking a test and getting 75 of 100 for a 'C' grade. How would you

What makes a relationship worth pursuing?

The fact that you are asking yourself such a question is not a good sign already. In the relationship that bring you joy and happiness you don't normally think about worthiness.But yeah let's be realistic, homo sapiens are doubters and we often need a confirmation that what

Why are people psychologically attracted to some people over others? Why do we 'fall in love' with certain personalities over others? Besides the universal 'good' qualities, why do we find certain qualities attractive over others?

While some people end up with people who on a similar level, there are others who end up with people who are not. As a result of this, not everyone is going to be drawn to people who are as developed as they are.EqualWhen it comes to the

A girl loves a boy in her class. They came into a relationship and the boy ditches her after the physical relationship. What steps should she take?

Thinking of what step to take will irritate her more.Let him go with ease.The more you think of chasing him, take revenge or make him realise what he is doing will hurt yourself.Once a cheater always a cheater.She should engage herself in some other tasks.As a better soul will meet her soon.