After 2 years of marriage, what is the difference between a love marriage and an arranged marriage?

The problem indicated in this question does not depend on the choice between love marriage and arranged marriage.It depends on the FALSE EXPECTATIONS of people, and this factor of false expectations can apply both to love marriages and arranged marriages.So the solution is

After being married for 10 years, my husband wants to have kids, but I don't. What should I do?

This is a complex question. Most couples address this paramount decision before marriage. Since you are past this-it seems like you, both, need to make a dicision. Parenting is not something to "do" under pressure-it's very challenging and NEVER ending. If your husband

Are arranged marriages more like status marriages?

I don't agree to the opinions stated. In my view, arrange marriages can be durable that too with loads of happiness if we make them work. Nowadays our parents take your opinions into considerations, we get some time to spend together before marriage, we do have a choice

Are Indian women allowed to marry American men?

That is such a weird question! Why would it be a problem? People can marry anybody they wish to...Maybe you are referring to immigration and citizenship issues? I doubt there are any laws against marrying somebody from a different country. Immigration can be easily handled by a lawyer and citizenship takes a couple of years

Are married people or unmarried people happier? Why?

Shaadi ka laddu jo khaye wo pachtaye, jo na khaye wo bhi pachtaye :V.Depends on you solely .No,your partner does not count hereYou chose them ,so you cant blame anyone if you are unhappy.You need to make your partner happy so that they keep

Are there ever situations where a married man deeply loves another woman and becomes unattracted to his wife but doesn't leave his wife?

Yeah, that happened to me. With a woman in our neighborhood.Why stay? The kids, because my wife has been a good wife, and she didn't deserve it. Because the other woman's (the OW) views on guys who leave their families are not admiring and

Are there higher divorce rates among upper, middle or lower class marriages (economic status)?

Yes, economic and educational status and age are big factors (but not the only factors).LOW divorce rate:People with 4-year college degrees, married over age 25, and income over $50k.The other group with a lower-than-average divorce rate is people who attend religious services at least once a week.HIGH

Are you happy in your marriage?

Short answer: YES! Both of us, actually! We are blessed with three daughters who now are adults. Two of them still are sticking around, though. They seem to like it around us, too. It's been 26 years and since we married rather unprepared and out of the blue. After some 10 months Long Distance and

Can a married man and a married woman be in love?

You certainly aren't talking about husband-wife love.....So, i'll cut the crap that most of the other answers have talked about.Short answer for your question is- YesNow, here's the detailed one- Your heart doesn't care about your marital status. When you love someone, you just love them. Period.I know there'll be a lot of moral policing around that statement, but

Can a North Indian girl marry a South Indian boy?

Let me tell you something :-• South Indian Boys are Humans, not Animals.• They are common Man, not Primitive Man.• They live in houses , not in Caves.• They have all organs of body, not Organ deficient.• They have Fellings, thoughts , they are not Robots.• They have their own living style, Culture, Customs not of others

Can a passionless and loveless marriage be awesome and successful?

MANY A HAPPY RETURNS OF THIS HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY!!!Passionless & loveless life before marriage. Anxiety + Depression can be vanished through marriage.40% modern women are victims of Anxiety Neurosis & depression [2 sides of same coin].Tips are given to make a happy healthy & marvelous

Can I fix my marriage with my husband if he doesn't try?

You can't fix your husband only yourself. It might be that nothing you do can save your marriage but it's always worth trying. Think back to when you were dating or first married what things did the two of you enjoy doing together. What are things you did for him that brought you both close. I'm not talking

Can my husband love me again after he left his mistress that he loves?

It is amazing how many people jump into a conclusion and condemning the cheater.I am answeing this presuming you want to work things out, and fix your relationship.If your husband ever love you, you should ask yourself, what had happened after marriage

Can you be unhappy in your marriage, but still love your spouse?

Absolutely! You love your spouse on a multitude of levels! The biggest part of that love is their friendship. Your best friends, confidantes, lovers,PARTNERS!. Perhaps if your not happy in

Can you compare adoption to a man finding out that his wife/girlfriend getting pregnant by another man?

You could agree with both stands, because both make sense. I think it'd be the best to separate the two events/states of affairs:1) The wife cheated. That's rightly considered a bad thing in a monogamous relationship, and should be treated as such. There's many different solutions to 'fix' it, one of which is splitting

Could you forgive infidelity and accept that your husband or wife to come and live with you, forgetting all without fear that thee be unfaithful again?

I can forgive, and have, and am working on our marriage again. But forgetting is just almost impossible. How exactly would one do that anyways? He doesn't get to burn down the house with everything in it, and then have me pretend I don't remember just because I

Do a lot of divorces happen between partners who still love each other but nonetheless have irreconcilable differences?

Love is not the only ingredient in a marriage. I think what many people forget is that marriage takes work. It is not a state of complacency, where you ride on your love for one another to carry you through, because love needs to be recognized and nurtured. Because of this, love and marriage go hand in

Do happy marriages really exist?

I started dating my husband when I was 18, we moved in together when I was 21, and we got married when I was 26 (I think? He's the one who's good with dates.) I'm now 33. So while we don't have that many anniversaries under our belt, we've

Do husbands love their children more than their wife?

Assuming a set of healthy relationships between all parties, then the two kinds of love are pretty incomparable in my own experience. That is to say that the love I feel for my wife is of an entirely different nature than the love I feel for my sons. The question you are asking strikes

Do husbands love their wives less after they have kids?

Answering this anonymously because of the potential backlash I may get.Do not mistake what I am about to say. I love my wife to death. She is one half of my soul, my teammate against the world.BUT, I do not find her as sexy as I used to before she had our son.Before you

Do Indian parents favour love marriages? Why not?

The Love marriage centric societies have found love in multiple partners and societies are destructed to the core. The family system is destroyed and hardly exist. In america the marriages are down trend and live ins are uptrend. It is pretty common to have more than 5 parters

Do Indian people regret more in arrange marriages or love marriages?

Thanks for A2A.I will tell you both the sides ( Pros and Cons) of Arrange and love marriage.Lets Start with Arrange marriages:A person got into an arrange marriage and then later realise that it was not his/her cup of tea. The person

Do kundlis work for marriage?

What exactly is a Kundali? What all can it say? Let's first see that and then you decide till what extent it would work for marriage yourself.When you are born, you have a body type. Some foods would be good for you, some might create allergies. Your DNA and genes decide

Do you believe in love after 30-yrs of marriage?

Of course. In fact if there wasn't some degree of love involved it is doubtful that there would be 30-year marriages.While some people may cite children,convenience or fear of dying alone, after 30 years with a person, unless you both are emotionally damaged, you develop feelings of concern and care which

Do you have a happy, healthy second marriage? How do you feel about the idea that you only repeat the same problems from your first marriage?

No, I don't have a second marriage at all. My husband of almost 38 years died in 2013, and I have no interest in further romance. I am comfortable in my home, which has no room for anybody else except my brother who lives with me and my grandson, who will be coming in a

Do you love your husband?

Very, mighty much :)I think every girl happily married would love her husband. At least, that's what I would like to believe. However, in most cases today, that's not the ideal scenario.Coming to my story, yes, I love my husband very much. The reason

Do you really love your spouse?

Beyond words. I can't believe, after what I went through in my first marriage, that he fell into my life.I'd been in love with him for years. He has this amazing smile, and a laugh that lights up a room. He's kind, thoughtful, loving, and

Do you regret your marriage to the love of your life?

No.It's been a long road and loads of bumps and bruises. Marriage is hard, really hard, especially to a man with an ego and tendency to selfishness. I have sacrificed, cried, hated and loved this man for 33 years.... but I wouldn't do it any differently. He put up with my spoiled and

Do you still love someone after you married someone else?

I know a friend who married someone but he still love the girlfriend from his college days. He's in his 40s now with kids in their teens married for years. Yet in his heart he never let that flower die he planted in his college days.May be he didn't

Does age matter for a marriage?

Depends on the state you live in. If you are of age there should be no problem. Now, and most importantly, you must be mentally and financially stable. This is not the 19th or the early 20th century when before technology had an effect

Does an arranged marriage have more chances of success than love marriages?

Marriage, arranged or love marriage, is a sacred bond and readily acceptable by society. Failure ratio in marriage in India is still far more low, as both the parties put their utmost endeavor to make a marriage work. Remember the fact that

Does anybody regret doing love marriage?

Specifically for Indian Quorans.There is this Girl with a 5 yr old daughter, left his husband last year, divorce case and negotiation is in process. It was her love marriage with him but after 1st yr of marriage things got changed for her, husband is not more attracted towards her, having

Does every couple fall out of love after many years of marriage?

BACKGROUND: I met my boyfriend when I was 19. I have no family cause my mom is a narcissistic woman that abused me physically and emotionally. I never met my mother. Having such background, I trsted him enough to move in with him after a year cause he was always caring

Does getting married help you?

Actually depends on the kind of person you are getting married to. Also the kind of family. If the family is supportive, forward looking and your partner is a balanced individual then it can really help you to grow as a person. If you get married to a real friend

Does love alone make a happy marriage?

Nope. We're gonna need more than love. Assuming a

Does love marriage spell actually work? If there is refusal from the boys family for the same will this love marriage spell solve the problem and let marriage happen?

Yes,it works provided you trust each other and be there for each other during hard days..I am married to my husband for past 6 years..The thing in my marriage is ours is love marriage..I am north Indian whereas my hubby belongs to south.. Initially his parents were not happy with our relationship but with time they

Has anyone stayed in a marriage when they knew their husband had a mistress? I love my husband and I feel like this is just a phase he needs to get out of his system. Am I being nieve?

No. We split for good once I knew for sure (straight from his mouth) that he was cheating. It was a deal breaker for me. This happened years ago now.Now let me talk to you from a different perspective, the mistress. Yep, I've btdt in recent times. I'm not at all proud of it. I'm

Have ever regretted doing inter caste marriage with your love?

I regret my Love marriage at the time when my marriage was happening. I am guy from UP currently working in product mobile company with a very good salary. I engaged in Dec 2018 and My marriage was happened in Feb 2019 and spent a good amount of

Have you ever lost your love for a spouse?

Insights While Caring for an Elderly CoupleI was with the elderly couple, sitting in same room while relaxing after completing my morning duties for them, namely, getting them up out of bed, changing their Depends adult diapers, dressing them up and serving them breakfast.

Have you ever married your ex (husband/wife)? What made you take the decision to reunite?

Yes, I don't recommend it. We had remained friends while we were apart for 4 1/2 years. Her dad had terminal cancer, she lost her health insurance, and her job soon after. Basically I felt bad for her. She had given me sole custody of our daughter so she could be a flight attendant a year earlier. 2 years

How a good wife should be? How a good husband should be?

This is an example of a bad one,but its funny as hell! :A woman is at home when she hears someone knocking at her door. She goes to the door opens it and sees a man standing there. He asks

How can husband and wife live together as a team?

It is like playing a mix doubles match. It's a teamwork.One takes the lead, other watches with appreciation. Encourage the other partner to take the lead and watch it. When the rythm gets going there is no one to stop, life will be fun and full of bliss.When one partner is tired take the brunt

How to end my marriage

You didn't provide much information but I do want to encourage you and give you hope. I have seen marriages that appeared completed deal brought back to life and those couples are more in love today than ever. When we trust our relationships to God, He can work miracles. Marriage

How to get my husband to stay with me after he has fallen in love with another woman with whom he had an affair

Prudent to study intricacies of happy marriage/relationship/co-habitation , so that both of you can keep happy for life. Details follow:WISH YOU [every prospective bride & groom] HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS REMARRIED LIFE*/EVER LASTING RELATIONSHIP/CO-HABITATION!!!Ideal Marriageable age:19–35 Male- To be employed/self-employed to maintain family.19–28 Female

How to love my husband more

The basic technique is to watch your words.  PRO 12:18  There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health.If your words are health to him, he will want to hang

How could I get over an unhappy marriage?

In your question I read some admiration for your wife. She is smart and efficient. That's something.Please read carefully. You feel your live is empty. You don't feel any love coming from your wife and she most likely not from you. When

How did you meet your spouse and how old were you?

I was 34, 4+ years post divorce, and was single, happy and didn't see myself ever getting married again. I had great friends, a good career, great hobbies, a full volunteer schedule and was a better father to my kids then ever. Life was good. I was in a grocery store and ran into a

How to accept that my husband loves another woman and go on with my marriage

You are focusing on the wrong thing. You say he loves another woman, but the real important question is, does he love you? Some people are able to love more than one person in a romantic way. Some are not. Some don't accept this possibility because culture is geared towards

How to change the thinking of my parents, who are against a love marriage

First things first, this is a complete change in their mindset that you want to introduce and it will take time.Now, you have to make sure that they let go of the negativity they have for love marriages. This negativity may

How to choose guy for arrange marriage

Have you ever find your particular brand or cloth on that very day the day you out for shopping?Atleast it never happened with me. Sometimes it's not fit, sometimes colour, sometimes I thought let's try in other shop or brand. Shopping first time is always difficult because you are attracted to every

How to fall in love with my husband again

#Question name: Is it possible to fall back in love with my husband?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1. Try to be

How to find a life partner other than from a marriage bureau or matrimony sites

I'm in a somewhat similar situation, not exactly that. I'm elder than you are. I don't want to really get into 'marriage' (that even rhymes with 'cage') giving up my freedom.But my dad wants me to get married. My friends, who love me a lot, insist

How to love my husband

It's just a Choice that you have to make. Believe me, as I have experienced this. You can't love him until you make a decision to love him.I got married according to my parents wish and against mine. The marriage period was hell. I was dying

How to reconcile with my wife

To begin with, you need to look into the reason behind why your wife is mad at you. Ensure that you have rightly understood it and are on the same page as your wife. This first step is crucial as both of you need to be working

How to stay with a husband who doesn't care for me or love me

I had to read every comment of yours before writing an answer!This is a very unfortunate situation for you! You are bound to regret every minute of the life you have been living with him.

How to tell my husband I don't love him any more

If this is something that is beyond repair, your feelings irreversible, then you need to sit him down and tell him in a kind and thoughtful way. Before you drop this emotional grenade on a man who still loves you, still cares about you, I would suggest you

How to convince your wife you need a break from marriage

Counseling. Accepting that there are two sides to every story, and realizing that in her version, you are the villain. Separation and divorce. Your comment about families suffering if you divorce is specious nonsense. Imagine staying together until you have

How to know when a married man is in love with you

Check His Behavior Towards YouIf this man likes looking at you, sometimes staring whilst you are around him, or keeping his gaze fixed on you from a distance, then it is likely he is attracted by something he sees about your

How to rekindle intimacy after more than 30 years of marriage

People especially Women get frustrated in their marriage because the intimacy fades or altogether vanishes. How to use your women power can rekindle intimacy in marriageMost women do not realize it that they alone can revitalize the relationship.This article has been taken from my website marriagesexlove. Please visit the website through the

How long did you know your significant other before marrying them?

It all started back in 2003.I used to play roleplaying games through forums. In one of these, I used to interact with a good friend and his girlfriend. Things were cordial and friendly.Fast-forward to 2005, and I visited Rio de Janeiro for the

How long does love stay after marriage?

That is an interesting question. When you look at the word love, there are actually between 4 and 7 types of love. The bible discusses 4 types: Eros, Storge, Philia, and Agape.Eros is the Greek word for sensual or romantic love. The term originated from the mythological Greek goddess of love,

How much do you and your spouse really have in common? Do you think it is absolutely necessary to have a lot in common in order to maintain a successful marriage?

I was married once, for 13 years, but that was 25 years ago. So while I am out of practice on being married, I think there are similarities between a love/marital relationship and relationships generally.My ex-wife and I were very different personalities, but we had enough common interests

How scary is it to fall in love again after 20 years of marriage via divorce?

Yes.  And confusing.  And it introduces new feelings, or feelings unfelt during the marriage (remember dating?).  It feels different to me now because it is somewhat affected by my divorce experience.  It is hard to be as open to love as I was before so that affects my emotions in

How successful is an arranged marriage over a love marriage?

I can only share my experience. Mine was an arranged marriage, after a series of my failed attempts to make my various relationships work.My wife and me met in a restaurant, under the watchful and curious eyes of our parents and within half an hour of talking to each other, we both knew that we were good for

I love my wife. Should I still consider a divorce?

You may need to consider a divorce. Before you do, I'd recommend you get therapy to resolve the conflicted issues you present in your comments.Note that I didn't say marriage counseling or couples therapy. You feel you have a problem and you're wondering if getting a divorce will solve it. This isn't a couples

I want to marry a divorced girl and she's 7 years older to me, I love her a lot, how can I convince my Indian parents?

I loved and almost married a woman seven years older than myself, too. She was also divorced and came with a couple of kids. After that experience, I don't think I'd intentionally pursue a woman that's older ever again.It's. Subtle. But even a

I'm a 29 year old guy married after an 8 year relationship. I love my wife very much but since our marriage earlier this year, she has completely changed as a person in 6 months. What should I do?

You are not alone. I went to school with a guy. Him and his gf lived together for 6 yrs, and were divorced after 6 months of marriage! And I've heard other similar stories. It is impossible for us to know what

In India, are arranged marriages or love marriages successful?

its a good question!since we live in a culture-based country , love marriages are often not accepted by some traditional families. so people go for arranged marriages . the question is are they successful? unfortunately the answer is a big NO!also when people are

In India: How to deal with a sexless marriage even if nothing works out and still love the partner? Of course divorce is not an option.

A real struggle !! It is really difficult for a divorced woman to get married , because there will be a fear if the second marriage fails too. People's outlook on specifically divorced woman has'nt changed much. I decided to better be better off not married,

In India what percentage of arranged marriages end in divorce and what percentage of love marriages end in divorce?

I was unable to find any specific numbers on the distinction of "arranged" vs. "love" marriages, as Indian law does not mandate you to register love and arranged marriages any differently from each other. However India has the highest success rates for marriages (only 1%

In what cases would you leave your alcoholic husband?

I have known many alcoholics, and I would say at least 25% of the ones I know never fully recovered and have fallen off the wagon numerous times with varying results. I don't know if you ever really

In what ways are husband better than the wife?

Q. In What ways Mangoes are better than Apples? (Both are fruits, Both are sweet, Both are very popular etc..)The same answer applies to this.It's a stupidity to think / compare like this, because it doesn't really going to help to cement wife-husband relationship. Let's reduce ourselves from such negative thoughts or questions.For a successful married life cooperating each

Is 21 too young to get married?

Advantage of getting married at early age - 1.  You will have more time and better health to take care of your kids as well as your grand children.2. You will be less matured as an individual. So, any comment that comes your way which wants you to change, you are more likely to

Is 22 too young to get married?

Yes.Whether you are a guy or a girl 22 is a very young age to get married. 1. financial stability.that's something which is really important for a marriage and unless you plan on living off your parents money. you need to be financially stable to have a proper married

Is arranged marriage better that love marriage?

Both – the love and the arranged marriages – have their merits as well as demerits and marriage is a decision of lifetime. Though families are involved in most of the marriages, yet it's the couple who has to live together for lifetime. So, the decision to choose life partner should be left to the

Is ending a marriage a good thing?

That's a pretty ambiguous question. Ending a marriage *can* be a good thing - it depends upon the circumstances. If you are truly miserable in your marriage and have tried discussing it with your spouse, counseling, and everything else you can think of, ending the marriage may be a good

Is getting married worth it? Why?

Sure, the love and relationship game has changed in recent years, but that doesn't mean that the

Is it hard to love again after divorce?

It's actually hard NOT to. You need to be careful.I separated from my ex wife in September 2017. Our marriage had been bad for a few years. All told, we were married for over 27 years.That's a long time to be in love, even if it is a sometimes blighted and frequently distorted form of love.But then,

Is it legal for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman for his second wife?

That depends on where you live. In most countries:It is illegal to have two or more wives at the same time.After the death of the first wife or after divorce, the man can marry whomever he likes, and there is no law about needing to have the same religion.But some countries have variant laws (polygamy is allowed or

Is it normal to not ever want to get married?

I am 29 years male. I have never wanted to get married.  Psychologically, there are two kinds of people who are emotionally tuned and intellectually or rationally tuned. Emotionally tuned people always need a partner and they should get married. But for intellectually or rationally tuned  freedom

Is it okay to get a divorce when love has ended in a marriage?

Think and give some time and talk about the things not working effectively together.Compatibility. It's just that simple. You have to have the same mindset, want the same things out of life, and agree on most (not all) subjects. Yes, opposites attract, but they

Is it possible to fall head over heels in love with my husband again after six years of marriage?

Oh, this is a question that every single couple on this planet wonders. Believe me, you're not alone.The thing is this: When you fall in love with somebody, you are in fact partly attracted to the actual person

Is love marriage best than arrange marriage?

Yes, in many ways love marriages score over arranged marriages.In love marriage:The prospective life partners freely choose each other, without others influencing them.They take their own time to understand each other fully before marriage.They make their life plans even before marriage.They take full responsibility for their

Is love marriage good or bad?

My opinion is may be different than others but this is what I think -No Love marriage is not good , I will tell you why -In love marriage the respect you get from the girl would always be less than arrange marriage .In love marriage there will be no excitement in

Is love the most important thing in marriage?

Hmmmm... Interesting question!First, let's define love. I grew thinking of love as that stuff of Disney movies, where the prince and princess meet, fall in 'love', overcome some external obstacle, and live happily ever after. Having just celebrated my 17th anniversary with

My husband cheated on me and made my pregnancy hard. We separated but got back together. He found texts between me and a coworker, got mad and wants a divorce. How can I save my marriage?

What Can You Do Now To Save Your Marriage?Whatever issue your marriage is facing, it did not occur overnight. And in a short article, I cannot explain all the nuances that have evolved over time in your marriage. But I can offer you this: hope.No matter

My husband loves his mother so much. When there is a debate between me and my MIL then he always took her side. I love my husband more than my MIL. Sometimes I feel that I am stupid. What should I do?

There's nothing wrong in the man loving his mom. She raised him, right? She nurtured him, stood by him in his difficult times etc before you came along and married him.I understand you love your husband dearly. And Ofcourse he loves you too but why should it bother you

My husband said he doesn't love me. Should I leave him?

Yes. You cannot force someone to love you. You are meant to someone out there.I know it is not easy for you. Can you re-assess yourself on why he no longer loves you? See yourself in the mirror and ask why? There could

One year back, my friend gets divorced with her first husband and now she is in a second marriage. But she is realizing that her first marriage was much better than this. Sometimes she cries. What should I do?

#Question name: One year back my friend gets divorced with her first husband and now she is in a second marriage But she is realizing that her first marriage was much better than this Sometimes she cries What should I do?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE

Outside of love what do you think is the most important attribute in a spouse?

I'd like answer your question with what my father told me many, many years ago. Love is not the same thing as liking someone. Love is being responsible for someone, their dreams, their sanity, etc. When you first marry someone, you like

People spend years dating but divorce a few years after marriage. Why?

I knew my husband less then 2 months and we married. Now it will be 26 years in May. I do not recommend this. As the going was hard at times, and there was a lot of pain. Oh...... and so much joy and love. To answer your question.I am no expert. I was

Should a person disclose his health problems before marriage?

Sometimes it is enough to vaguely describe certain aspects of our past when too much detail would cause pain to those we love. But we should make an honest attempt to share our story, our personal history, the good and the bad with our significant

Should I give my emotionally abusive husband another chance?

Should you give your abusive husband another chance - there are 2 answers to that:- the short answer is NO!-and the long answer is NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!You can not control what someone else does, but you can fall for their empty promises to change your mind about it: "Now he is willing to make things better and is

Should I marry a divorced woman having a child?

Love has no boundary, It is very pure feeling. There is no written rule that if you marry a single girl then only you will be happy. However you must not take your decision based on some hypothetical assumption about your love

What are some of the successful tips for arrange marriage? How should a wife gain trust and love from her husband?

Trust is something which does not come fast or easily. It comes over time and with commitment. Trust is like a plant which will grow stronger and bigger by time.Few things which will help you gain trust is by - Sharing (Time, Experiences, Past and future expectations)Being committed to the one you are married

What are some of the things you dislike the most about your husband/wife but still love him/her enough to ignore those things?

There are quite a few things that I don't like about my husband.His behavior changes drastically whenever he is around his mother. They together treat me as if I am nothing more than a maid to them.He is not really serious

What are some tips for people wanting to get married?

I agree with all of Marcus Geduld's tips here. I wish I could print them out and put them on the wall about the desk of the 20-something man I once was. Would have saved some heartache. I'll take a slightly different angle here but I wanted to honor

What are the advantages of arranged marriage and the disadvantages of a love marriage?

In contemporary India, a married woman, by and large, is subservient to her hubby. Not only change of surname; but also entire name is changed, if their stars/planets are unsuitable. A lady doctor changed her name as JAYALAXMI TO [V]JAYALAXMI. Our ethos

What are the benefits of love marriage?

You want to get married willingly and out of choice. It is your decision.You choose the person you are getting married to. No doubt in your mind and heart.You don't feel like living with a stranger after marriage. You are comfortable with the person you get married to

What are the causes of unhappy marriage?

I reckon there are as many answers to that question as there are marriages. But, there are several stand-out causes of marital misery. Probably the most important one is a serious lack of understanding of what marriage is and what it entails.