How to learn machine learning

Machine Learning today is one of the most sought-after skills in the market. A lot of Software Engineers are picking up ML, simply because it is a highly paid skill.So, how do you learn Machine Learning?First things first - the prerequisites:Basic calculus. In Machine Learning, you'd be working on a lot of optimizations that require knowledge of Calculus. It

What are some good machine learning projects for automotive electronics?

Hello.Projects & Machine learning go in different ways. But you are going to learn different things in every project, that's for sure. Have few topics...Fuel Injection rate ControllerThrottle ControllerCooling System ControllerYou can give your own inputs in the most widely used Anti-Braking SystemNon-Skid Braking.... Again a topic under ABSBlind Spot DetectionParking AssistantI think in all of

What are the most common misconceptions about machine learning?

One misconception to rule them all...and in the darkness bind them.That machine learning is magic.Lord Voldemort would crawl over broken glass to sit on the latest talk on Generative Adversarial Networks if everything that media makes people believe about machine learning was true.Among the abilities that are deemed to be possible for a bunch

Do people consider AI as a threat?

47% of the working population might be under threat from robots in the next 20 years. According to the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, as we evolved through the natural selection of variation, so did our cognitive and learning abilities. In early 1969, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) gave us Shakey the Robot, with capabilities such as perception,

How to start learning artificial intelligence? Is it possible to get research work in the field of A.I? Are there open source projects where I can contribute

Build stuff. Side projects. Lots of side projects. Realize getting a job in AI will probably not happen unless you know the right people (which means an Ivy league .. more specifically Silicon Valley, education). Python has a great community, but the future of

Is AI going to be a threat to humanity much sooner than anticipated?

IMHO... No... and No.If AI were as smart as us it would immediately realize that it was 100% dependent on us... and then strive to eliminate that dependency. In the course of doing that it would quickly figure out that it would be better off not sitting at the bottom of a

What are some of the best research papers or books for Machine learning?

You have plenty of time. That's a good thing. So, we'll take this slowly and build your foundation.1. You have some programming background ? That's good. You can easily pick up Python. Usually, for OOP, the concepts are invariant, only the syntax changes.2. Once you can get around Python comfortably (as in

What is the Google+1 algorithm used for Sparks?

Although I don't agree with the views and opinions of the article's writer, I think this article backs my theory that K-Means is being used heavely. Based on this info I can make a guess that Google has crossed the third inner circle

Between two same machines, one have a simple mechanism and less features. Other one have a complex mechanism and more features. Both of them does the same work. Which one will you choose to buy for more reliability and longevity?

If my purpose of having machine (work requirement) is fixed and If both machines are doing the same work, my next step would be checking out the accuracy of the work required and compare that with process capability of each machine. If both machine can meet the accuracy

Can machines learn to machine learn?

Learning to learn can have multiple connotations in the ML parlance. For example, if you have a machine learning model that has a number of hyperparameters that you have to tune to come up with a working model, it will require a good amount of human supervision. So learning to learn in this case will

Can sentience one day just be programmed into robots/AI? Would teaching and learning be part of the process of giving robots/AI emotions, alongside programming?

Sentience and emotion are highly subjective terms that we humans assert we feel and experience so unless we can define them objectively in a way a third neutral party can measure, there is no way we can prove robots or AI-empowered machines have sentience or emotions.In other words, those terms need to be defined in a way where

Do malignant hackers use machine learning for criminal hacking activities?

Yes, they do! I'll give you a little bit of a practical application, I already implemented. It is still relatively new to accommodate machine learning into malicious apps, but the technology is ready and dedicated frameworks are easing the work .Imagine you have

How big is the deep learning market?

Deep learning is also known as deep machine learning; it is a study of machine learning algorithms and artificial neural networks where more than one layer is hidden. These cascading layers are of nonlinear processing units which are utilized for

How to know if machine learning is suitable for me to learn

Its totally depends on your interest. If you are computer/IT graduate then you can easily understand it. First you learn necessary math topics (linear alzebra, probability, statistics) and programming language - Python, R, MATLAB then see you are comfortable with them

How did Google's DeepMind train AlphaStar to play Starcraft 2 with reinforcement learning and did that mean running the Starcraft game in an accelerated way billions of times to train the neural network?

From AlphaStar: Mastering the Real-Time Strategy Game StarCraft IIAlphaStar's behaviour is generated by a deep neural network that receives input data from the raw game interface (a list of units and their properties), and outputs a sequence of instructions that constitute an action within the game. More specifically, the

How to learn theoretical machine learning

You can take below course which needs basic high school mathematics as prerequisite for learning Machine Learning-Interested in the field of Machine Learning? Then this course is for you!Requirements to take this course is-Just some high school mathematics levelCourse link- Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R

How do machine learning programs actually learn?

Yes others have said it, optimization is the secret ingredient to achieve some cool machine learning (ML).In mathematical optimization you have a set of data pairs each with input and desired output. Let's designate the set as:[math]s=[(x_1,y_1),(x_2,y_2),...,(x_{n},y_{n})][/math]We can assume there is a function (model) [math]f()[/math] with parameters

How does machine learning help machines learn?

Machine learning is very big topic which can have the night scope in future.Machine learning is represent the ability to learn the human strategy,speech,behaviour,etc.Let me tell you how the machine learning works.Robot or machine is mainly understand the speech of the human

How hard is it to get started with deep learning?

Like anything worth while in your life, your journey begins with the first step, seriously, that is all it takes, you MUST take that first step!If you have the desire and let yourself form a commitment to learning, whatever it is you want to learn, the journey will not be hard at all. It will

How should I get started with deep learning? Can someone guide me to Mathematics resources specifically for Deep Learning?

Follow the concept graph given in Metacademy Once you have understood the basics, read the two basic papers which introduce the ideas -1. a) A fast algorithm for learning deep belief nets & b) To recognize shapes first learn to generate images - Geoffrey Hinton 2006.Introduced the idea of layerwise

How should you start a career in Machine Learning?

The Stanford machine learning on Coursera was designed to help a broad audience get started in machine learning. If you're familiar with basic programming (in any language), I'd recommend starting there. Many people have gotten jobs in machine learning just by completing that MOOC. There're other similar online courses that help; for example

I have 25 hrs/ week to dedicate to learning Machine / Deep Learning (from scratch, CS & stats background). In how much time can I get a job in ML?

You can have a look into my blog post on AI/ML which is written considering beginners in mind. Feel free to ask any question or leave a feedback . links below-Basic Concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning10 Most Commonly Used Machine Learning Algorithmsalso wrote a python implementation -Linear Regression Implementation

Interpretation of deep neural network models (DNN) has always been a limiting factor for use cases. What are some methods and techniques that help to interpret the output of neural networks?

Core concepts will be highlighted - reasoning remains non-highlighted.There's numerous different methodologies that tend to illustrate what you are getting - based off of what kind of Metric you are inferring.An example would be Curve Fitting.If you were to literally, plot the Curves - and showcase how good of a

Is deep learning the ultimate way of machine learning?

There was a paper written called No Free Lunch Theorems for Optimization ( that basically says that when considering optimization, all solutions, when averaged across all problems in the problem space, are the same. As the paper puts it,

Is machine learning dying?

Certain areas appear to be.  With the great interest in Deep Learning, it appears that a lot of work in advanced convex optimization is slowing down.I have not seen much work on structural or transductive SVMs in a long time, although there are still a few holdouts, and

What are prerequisites to start learning machine learning?

Machine learning is a truly vast and rapidly developing field. It will be overpowering just to begin. You've no doubt been bouncing in at the point where you need to use machine figuring out how to build models – you have some thought of what you need to do; yet when filtering the

What are some things that programmers and computer scientists should know about machine learning?

They should know 3 things:Data science is not machine learning. Data science looks at data, sorts it, cleans it, analyzes it, finds answers in it. ML is more than that... and less.Machine learning is not AI, but it relates to AI the way machine tools

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about neural networks?

The biggest misconception is they mimic how a brain processes information. Although they are inspired by networks of neurons, the gross simplifications of their organization, activation function, etc. makes neural nets more akin to elaborate curve fitting instead of actual neurons.Efforts to produce realistic neuron models do exist, but their purpose is more aligned with biology, not AI.

What are the biggest myths about machine learning?

The biggest misconception people have about machine learning is that it is incredibly difficult to learn and implement any machine learning algorithm or project. People will often view machine learning as a nebulous field, only accessible by those with PhDs and extensive backgrounds in computer

What are the most common misconceptions about machine learning?

One misconception to rule them all...and in the darkness bind them.That machine learning is magic.Lord Voldemort would crawl over broken glass to sit on the latest talk on Generative Adversarial Networks if everything that media makes people believe about machine learning was true.Among the abilities that are deemed to be possible for

What are the most popular machine learning algorithms used in the industry?

There are many questions in Quora that are interesting and deserve further consideration and this is one of thoseIt is difficout to list just some, as there are hundreds of algorithms a data miner in the industry has to implement during his

What are the prerequisites for learning Artificial Intelligence?

To start with the very first principle : Perseverance.With so much of buzzing around ML and AI it is easy to fancy it. But AI being so wide, is still untamed and lying unexplored. So let's try not to get lost.To start with AI, it requires commendable

What is the best way to learn machine learning and deep learning from scratch?

With machine learning and deep learning being probably the hottest trend going on in the computer science world right now, it's no surprise that many are looking to get involved in the field. When I first became interested in machine learning, I was overwhelmed by the tons of resources available

What is the biggest misconception people have about Deep Learning?

This is a great question, which is well covered by the press. I really like this summary, which supposedly is based on asking multiple experts.First, people seem to vastly overestimate what is achievable by machine learning. I elaborate on this in my recent Quora answer.Second, people think that machine learning is an

What is the intuitive explanation of Learning to Rank and algorithms like RankNet, LambdaRank and LambdaMART? In what types of data/variables can these techniques be used? What are their strengths and limitations?

RankNet, LambdaRank and LambdaMART are all what we call Learning to Rank algorithms. What is Learning to Rank?Learning to Rank (LTR) is a class of techniques that apply supervised machine learning (ML) to solve ranking problems. The main difference between LTR and traditional supervised ML is

What programming language(s) does Google use for deep learning?

Google is a big company, so different teams use different languages. Deepmind, a Google acquisition, uses a flavor of Torch, which is written in Lua on top, and optimized in C/C++. Geoff Hinton mentioned, after he joined Google, that

What should I learn for machine learning?

appliedaicourseThis course is designed forFor students and working professionalsNo prerequisites to learn this coursecourse contains 140+ hours of video lectures10+ real world case studiesBuild a provides online courses related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to

What's the biggest myth about data science?

Many organisations, from large to mid-sized business, are having the trouble accessing and utilizing the massive amounts of data. Means, they are not employing the power of Data Science. This term might seem a little disconcerting. But, the power of it is impressive. Many companies find this as difficult to understand its importance.

What's the easiest way to learn blockchain?

Whether you want to get a junior development job, or transfer from a deep technical background to a blockchain development field, you have a few choices to make. Since Blockchain is becoming an increasingly popular technology and the demand for developers is shooting up, there are ample of opportunities that won't be saturated anytime soon.

Where do I start learning Machine Learning?

So as to learn machine learning, you should be better than average at math. Here are the maths you should learn keeping in mind the end goal to be prepared.Linear algebra-Linear Algebra– MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra by Gilbert StrangProbability theory-

Where should I start learning about Deep Learning?

How to Kick Start in Deep LearningMathFor understanding basic deep learning papers, it is important to be comfortable with basic concepts in linear algebra and calculus. Here is the good summary lists that cover basics topic that you should know.I would estimate, it perhaps take around

Why are there so much energy toward teaching machines to think, but, not the human? Shouldn't there be AI devices that teach human brain concepts they do not know?

Currently AI not not nearly so advanced that it could teach a person much of anything. Try this experiment with your iPhone.

Why did you learn Machine Learning?

Hello,Learning machine learning was purely from an interest in Artificial intelligence for me. For some reason, just hearing the word robots or anything about AI just fascinated me but it was just a moment of joy at that time. As time went by, I slowly came into computer engineering but

Will deep learning make other machine learning algorithms obsolete?

Not anytime soon!Yes, deep learning models are superior in accuracy to almost all other learning algorithms on almost all learning tasks. But this is not enough in practical situations!There are many problems with deep learning:1- It needs HUGE datasets to learn from:Neural nets can break records in

Will using 'leg press machine', 'chest press machine',' lateral pull down machine', 'shoulder press machine' and 'biceps curls machine' help me build muscles and look more muscular?

Yes.It is not so much about the source of the resistance.It is more about picking you exercises and then trying to improve on them.Improving means either you lift more weight, do more reps, or finish the whole exercise faster.Each of these 3 will lead to hypertrophy, as long as you lift

How to learn machine learning

Machine Learning today is one of the most sought-after skills in the market. A lot of Software Engineers are picking up ML, simply because it is a highly paid skill.So, how do you learn Machine Learning?First things first - the prerequisites:Basic calculus. In Machine Learning, you'd be working on

We are capable of building computers that exhibit human-level intelligence. Are there certain areas of application where we should push to accelerate the building of such computers? Which areas are they and why?

We are not even close to building human-equivalent AI. Not only that, but no one understands what is needed. So it is hard to know where to put in research effort. One thing that is very clear is the today's technology will not lead us to human-level AI.What

What are some cool deep learning hackathon ideas/projects?

Well doing deep learning in the span of a hackathon is tricky--many problems take a long time to train. However, you can certainly train simple deep networks. Some ideas:1) simple robotics: given sensor inputs, train a neural network to decide the next action (forward, left,

What steps can be taken to over come the jobs lost due to artificial intelligence and machine learning?

I will answer in a few points:There will be a lot of training and teaching jobs created to have a specialized educated workforce. However, I imagine this can happen over online videos and resources rather than physical centers. People are already becoming

What type of document may require Top Secret classification?

Classification rulings are defined by Executive Order (E.O.) 12356, Fed. Reg., 47, 14874 (Apr. 6, 1982).

What's the smartest thing you've ever seen AI do?

I can't really judge what was the