As people grow older do they get nicer or less nice?

This is an interesting question but the interesting part is more ‘Why they get nicer or angrier'.So some people become nicer and some short tempered or angry.The reason I have discovered, has mainly to do with how much they have made peace with

Do waiters still expect a tip for horrible service?

A2A. Thanks, Brittney.>>Do waiters still expect a tip for horrible service?From my own experience, if I really hosed up a table I didn't expect a tip. Contrary to what some people seem to believe, waiters and waitresses do

Do you think the tipping gratuity should already be included in the price of the meal?

There's a critical piece of context here missing: that the idea of automatic or mandatory tipping is more or less a North American/U.S. cultural custom. In many places ‘round the world, it's not customary to tip, or a tip is completely optional. As in, no waiter/waitress will be in the least bit offended

How could the US be rid of the practice of tipping?

They could receive a set % of the bill. It would have to be weighted to be higher or lower amounts. Time could also be involved.Servers get a lowered minimum wage plus tips. Their minimum is about 1/3 of the regular minimum.Time should be involved. Ever notice how:1 you get greeted immediately,2 seated immediately,3 get

How to ask my husband about his past affairs without offending him

I would probably revise this answer if I knew whether the affairs were during your marriage or during his marriage to someone else, previously. Also, have you discussed them before? (That is, does he know that you know?) What are your feelings about the affairs?I think the direct approach is best.

How to handle work pressure

Pressure entails a sense of urgency to complete a certain amount of tasks within the specified timeline.So deadline of the tasks is a pressure for you. You also experience pressure to complete the tasks correctly per your client requirement or per your boss expectation.For example, you have

How to politely tell my husband I want a divorce

I have test the cruel of this world since my age 19 years, Im dating an african man . And really in love with him. Because that time he really show his love and attention to me. He never show something wrong and our relation so happy.Until I

How to politely tell my mother in law she is overwhelming me with her gifts for a house we are still moving into

First question I have is how long have you and your spouse been married?While my answer is predicated upon a long marriage, I think, with some tweaks, it will work for short marriages also.First, invite your MIL to a small cafe/restaurant.Just the two of you (This is VERY

How to tell your boss politely that you don't want to work on weekends

How do you tell your boss politely that you don't want to work on weekends?It entirely depends on your job, industry, the circumstances under which you accepted your position, and the country and state in which you live. I can only comment on the US and don't know all state laws.If

How to write a polite reminder email to your boss

How to write a Gentle Reminder letter – Must ReadThis is the letter, which I am writing to my boss, as a source of reminderThere are certain gentle and polite ways to start your

How does tipping work in Macau?

It doesn't. It confuses. Tipping often goes to the big boss, anyway, so you don't end up tipping the server, just the owner, which isn't what you're trying to do, usually. I'm not sure you can tip the dealers in Macau,

How much should I tip in Denmark?

Tip whatever you feel like :)There is no requirement to tip anywhere in Denmark, the waiters and staff are payed a full wage and does not rely on tips from the customers. If you want to tip, feel free to do so, but know that the

How much should I tip in Hong Kong?

Unlike in the US, tipping is not a big issue in HK. It is neither customary nor offensive (like in Japan). But of course a tip would always be welcome. It is really a personal thing. If you're happy with the service,

How much should I tip waiters in the U.S.?

This is one of my personal annoyances- the expectation of a tip in the US! I live in Europe and we do tip- as an appreciation of good service. It ranges between 10 pct and 20 pct usually. I take care to make sure I reward the server appropriately and when there is no

How should a man treat a woman?

A woman can be a mother,sister,wife,lover,friend, colleague, random stranger,mistress,etc to a man.These are roles which defines their identity to a particular man.But only to a particular man. The same woman who is a sister to a particular man, can be a girlfriend to some other man, a colleague

How should a woman treat a man?

This is a very wide and general question.Which man? We will treat each person standing in front of us in a different way, because they all will surely be different.But if we are generalizing, here are a few categories that came to mind:If a man mistreats, disrespects,

Is asking a question about something a member of another ethnicity has culturally insensitive, what does culturally insensitive even mean and how is anyone supposed to learn about other cultures and ethnicities if it's rude to ask?

Ask the question. If you get told the question is rude then you have learnt something of their culture.If you can't understand why, ask more questions. As long as you are trying to learn in a respectful way it shouldn't matter.

Is it alright if you don't tip in USA?

While it should be perfectly fine to, in an ideal world, it absolutely isn't in present-day America. Servers don't make a livable income more often than not, because gratuity is assumed. Therefore, employers just don't have to pay their employees proper wages, because "they'll make lots more money if they're good at their job!" Then there are

Is it appropriate to say 'good morning' after 12:00 o'clock?

Well,it depends upon which 12 o' clock are you asking about.If its 12 past midnight,then you can wish anyone Good Morning,say 1 0' clock or later.Don't care if there is still darkness out there!If its 12 past noon,then it is but obvious that you cannot greet anyone

Is it necessary to tip in the US?

Two reasons:You can't move a mountain overnight and the service staff that

Is it true that in Korea giving tips at restaurant is considered offensive? Why?

Yes, it can be considered offensive, but it depends on how you do it. The best answer that I've heard for the question, "Do you need to tip at restaurants in Korea?" is "No, but they'll love it if you do."Korean culture, as I understand it, has no

My husband took our teenager and his friends to D&B for some fun. They ate lunch and the bill comes and they tipped $2. Should they have known to tip more or is it natural at that age to not know yet?

Teens of middle class and lower incomes often do not know if you cannot afford the tip, you cannot afford the meal. Servers know this, and don't expect much from teens, its just part of the business. By the time teens are college age,

My uncle recommended a guy for an arranged marriage, we both saw each other but didn't talk. Should I wait for the guy to first ping me, or being a girl, is it fine if I message him first?

The marriage is a very important decision. If you two dont talk with each other then how will you get to know each other? I know that you are a girl,but theres nothing wrong in initiating the talk. You two should talk with each other to get to know each other. All the best.

Should I confront my boss about his rude behavior?

Dear FriendIt requires courage to admit your mistake, you are courageous enough but courage also means you don't let fear stop you from confronting ur boss.Just give him/her sometime, the way u admitted ur mistake, maybe he/she also realizes and shows some courage. If it doesn't happen, go and talk to him/her, share what how u

Should I tip in Japan?

So you're all set to either visit or live in Japan as an expat. You've brushed up on your casual Japanese to make sure you're the most polite guest you can be, you've read up on customs, you're familiar with

We live with my in laws. They pay the mortgage and my husband and I pay all other taxes and bills. My mother in law just told me she wants us to pay half the mortgage as well but won't add our names to the house. How do I say no in a polite way?

Thanks for the A2AYou kindly thank your In-laws for allowing you to live with them and you understand that it is difficult to always pay all the bills and it because it is, it has been your pleasure to pay for the sewer, water, gas, electricity, phone, city, taxes, etc.You can only imagine how hard it

What are some of the rudest things people say or do in the gym?

1. Ignoring gym rules and regulationsEach gym has their own set of rules. Familiarize yourself with them and obey them. They are there for reason. It keeps day to day gym operation smooth, organized, and pleasant.2. Leaving weights, dumbbells, or any other equipment and accessories untracked, disheveled, and out of placeReturn everything to where they're supposed to

What are the ten commandments of gym etiquette?

Thou shalt always love other gym members as yourself!!Haha! Just kidding :)Sickness: Gym members should stay home if sick especially with a cold/flu.Decent clothes: Ensure workout clothes are pretty decent & not lewdly or irresponsibility revealing any private body parts. Ladies need to especially pay attention to their stretchy workout pants. Many I've

What bad gym etiquette bothers you the most?

1. Can't be a d-bag2. Your voice doesn't need to be heard from everyone in the gym, other than the people you're with (and possibly even them), no one cares about what's going on in your life.3. You can NOT claim multiple pieces of equipment that are on opposite

What gym etiquette should new gym goers be aware of?

To me the most important things are: don't hog equipment. If you are doing 3 sets don't expect to be able to rest on the equipment until until you are ready for your next set; get off and let someone else use it while you are recovering. Have a towel. If you didn't bring one get

What is common teenage etiquette?

Don't be a dick.Cover someone's ass when they're skiving

What is good office etiquette for every employee?

Always write your name and more importantly date below your signature, unless you are the CEO or director of the company.Whenever drafting a mail, always mention the name of recipients in descending (preferably) or ascending order of seniority.When you are late for a meeting, never say

What is the best way to deal with parents who don't discipline their children but also don't want other people to correct their children?

Years ago, I had a job in a cake and party shop. One day, a couple came in with their small boy (he was probably about three). A few minutes after they arrived, the child walked over to a glass-front candy case and began banging on it with both fists. I leaned over and said to

What is the best way to treat a woman?

What is the best way to treat a woman? Some men find this question to be as illusive as the winning numbers to the lottery. Some men think they know the answer, but fail miserably when putting their thoughts to

What is the customary amount to tip in Japan, and would it ever be considered offensive?

What is the customary amount to tip in Japan, and would it ever be considered offensive?You don't tip in Japan. Tips are included in the waiter, bellhop, barber's wages or salary and included in the price of the goods or service. It's why everything is so expensive in Japan. So in essence you already do pay

What is the most classy way to get divorced?

First, be absolutely sure this is what you want.  Divorce is devastating in ways you will not understand until long after you do it.  I have done it in a contested situation twice.  The most classy way to end a marriage agreement is with clarity, honesty, compassion and generosity.  Remain good

What other traditions, like tipping in restaurants, are uniqely offensive in Japan?

I am trying to give you a list below, which is incomplete, although it depends on the person how much/if s/he feels it is offensive. It may range from offensive to impolite. And a lot of Japanese understand foreigners may just not have the knowledge, so they tend to cut slack

What's the best way to fire an employee?

Well, it depends on the circumstances. While many factors may change, the fact is, if you're the one doing the firing, you have to always be calm, respectful and rock-solid. Once the decision has been made to separate, you cannot allow

What should you say to a couple when they get married?

Condolences? If you're a lawyer, give them your card for their divorce in a few years.I know it sounds cruel, but I've seen hundreds of fails marriages. Most of the girls I went to school with have been passed around by the boys like cheap prostitutes. Of all of them,

What sort of behavior could be considered rude or offensive in Japan?

Everyone so far has mentioned some of the most important tips but I'll throw out a few more. Note -- this is a mixture of do's and don'ts.Bring back omiyage (usually edible snacks with some sort of link to a region -- whether

What's the best grooming tip for men?

Grooming is as essential for men as it is for women. So here we are with a list of some useful grooming tips for men.Keep your teeth clean:In a group of friends, you immediately mock the one who does not have clean teeth, or has a strong odor coming out of his mouth. Similarly, someone can

When can I legally date after filing for divorce and before it is granted?

Marriage and divorce are statutory creations. Here is the relevant excerpt of the Texas Family Code.  I have removed dates and some formatting, but it is clear there was a major revision of the code in 1997. This is the law as it exits presently and applies to

When dining out, I like to give generous tips to a good server, and zero tip to a poor server. I have had the poor server call me out on this. Is it expected that patrons should tip for poor service?

Honestly ok. I am a server and the way you word your question sounds very black and white.Good and Bad service is very, very subjective.I have had times where I thought my service could have been better and I was tipped 30%. I have had times

Who and how much do I tip in the USA?

Hooo boy.This is one of the aspects of American culture that I feel the need to apologize to visitors for. It makes no sense, there's no simple model for it, even Americans generally don't agree on who and how much you tip. It's a pain, even for people

Who should I tip in Germany and how much usually?

How much?10% is the standard.Some people give more on tiny sums (e.g. a single coffee, rounding up from €2,50 to €3), but it's not expected.Some people give less on larger sums (e.g. giving €100 on a €94 restaurant bill).German waiters are paid better than US waiters and are less dependent

Why is everything considered rude in Japan?

Actually there are only about a half dozen things considered rude.Sneezing directly on someone.Eating food on a subway (but not on an intercity train, the bentos and beers come out before the train even leaves the platform).Loud talk, cursing swearing, sonic abuse you could call it.Disrespect for private space

Why is it considered offensive to tip somebody in Japan?

I have Japanese students who go overseas, and I've talked to them about this. One student related her experience to me:She went into a cafe in town in the UK, and had a cup of tea and a scone. I think it came to just

Why is it not customary to tip fast food workers?

I used to be a fast food worker, and am now a server. From my pay as a fast-food worker, I was paid $9.35 an hour. It's good pay for a Midwestern like me, and especially for a place of just simply flipping burgers and taking orders.As a server,

You work at a restaurant as a server. You have been working very hard serving a party of six rude individuals. As they are leaving the table, you notice they only left you $1.00 tip. Would you approach them about the tip?

As a restaurant manager, I would strongly advise servers to not approach them about the tip or lack there of. It is unprofessional. It may be true that they stiffed the server on purpose, and let's assume the service was good. In this case,

How to be more dominant without being more aggressive

You basically mean to be Assertive & not aggressive.. I hope I got your point right.Very good question to be honest. Its a very thin line between being aggressive & assertive.The most basic difference between the 2 are " having the stats & figures, or evidences " before you talk & a clam state of

How should you handle aggressive homeless people?

They've yelled obscenities at my wife (with our small child present). You can tell that this stems from mental illness. Should we be calling the cops? Swearing violently at strangers doesn't feel right, even if the swearing is purely a reflection of being messed up in the head.I would not

Inequality: Why do some gyms disallow shirtless guys exercising?

First of all, are you working out in a gym that allows women to workout topless? If so, please let me know where. But I think you mean they get to use a sports bra or athletic top

Is it appropriate for a man to give CPR to an unconscious woman? Or should it be done by another woman?

You do not think of modesty when someone is dying. You do your best to save them.I gave CPR to a woman once, on a plane flying across the Atlantic, on the floor of the galley, for almost two hours. Fortunately for me, I was working

Is it rude for someone not to say 'thank you' after I say 'bless you' when they sneeze? I use 'bless you' and 'thank you' as common phrases out of habit, and sometimes think that not saying them is poor etiquette. What are the 'rules'?

I was raised to treat others as you want to be treated. To be kind and courteous to everyone regardless of their race, religion, skin color or beliefs. To simply be a kind, a genuinely real person to others whenever possible and to be just a kind hearted, genuinely good soul as

Neighbors keep leaving a note on my car telling me not to park on 'their' sidewalk. It's on the public road in front of both of our houses. How do I kindly tell them it's not their property and to leave me alone?

I misread this, you are breaking the law, pure and simple,The city owns the sidewalk, and this also gives implied public access from the sidewalk to the roadbed, the property owner still owns the land. It's illegal for me to cut a tree down between the sidewalk and curb,

Occasionally I handle the incoming calls at the office. I am shocked how rude people can be. Can you ask a person who is belittling and cursing at you to stop swearing, or is it better to just hang up the line?

If it's for a job, definitely don't hang up, as that would possibly get you fired.But otherwise, I'd say it depends on what exactly is being said.If their flat out insulting you, attacking you, etc., then yea, ask them to

Should we respect old people?

Note: I don't mean to be preachy, this is just a perspective!PrologueWe definitely don't treat all humans identically, irrespective of their  age. We treat young kids, teenagers, young adults and mid-aged adults  differently. By the same token, when

What are the main cultural differences between China and the Western World regarding business etiquette?

Communication and Trust are the key factors to be successful to do business in China.Understand the CultureTry to understand the established customs and traditions, no matter how different they are in the western world.Follow the business etiquette in

What are the most common manners and etiquette pet peeves?

A few come to mind such as:Ungraciousness - We're not owed anything, learn to say "thank you" and "please".Discourtesy - We all share the same planet. Hold the door open, wait your turn in line, clean up after yourself, mind how loudly you talk.Self-indulgence/narcissism - When someone's talking, just listen. No need to interrupt to make

What is political correctness?

Too often people, including writers here, have caricatured people who hate political correctness as those wanting to belittle minorities and women. Political correctness indeed, in the question details' words, mean different things to different people. In this content,

What is the most polite way to offer a homeless person food?

One day a person came up to me and asked if I had eaten breakfast yet. It left it open for me to say yes or no. If I said yes, I would have had a meal. If not, the person could go on his way.The

What is the proper way to change/shower in the pool locker room?

Just look around you casually, take a deep breath. Think to yourself, you just need to get yourself dry and comfortable. Everything is ok. If no one is close to you, and no one is looking, you just drop your trunks to the floor. Then wrap yourself in a towel.

What's the nicest accidental compliment you ever received?

Heard two girls discreetly talking about how good my butt looked while they were walking down the sidewalk behind me. I guess they figured I couldn't hear what they were saying, but after 30 seconds of them going on about it, I thought it would be funny

What's the best thing to say to someone at the gym who's been hogging a machine but not actually using it but instead been checking their phone for around ten minutes?

Simple.‘Can I get a set in?'Many people working out are resting between sets. There is a shortage of seats in most gyms, so most of these ‘resters' are going to find the nearest bench. Most people are cognizant that they are occupying work out space and will very quickly allow you

What's your best gratitude exercise?

My gratitude practice occurs sporadically when I'm not expecting it. Every now and then, when I'm surrounded by friends or by myself, I think of how much I have changed as a person just in the past 2 years, how much time changes things, and how temporary things really are. I can set myself down whatever direction in life

Why are people always apologizing now for sharing their opinions?

Because they may have, inadvertently offended someome? Sure, I have the right to my opinion, I have the right to my own viewpoint, yet I still find I have a responsibility to do so, in a manner, that does not instill hostility, that does not portray me, as the divine human being, without fault, without a sence of how

Why do Indians spit everywhere?

Oh! Seriously one question that many a times arises in my mind just with more 'Sarcasm'.They spit because those jug heads don't have the guts and girth of  self-respect and manners to swallow their own filth. And I declare,

Why do people randomly spit?

this is a thing? oh lordy. I didn't realize it was real. I was pretty sure it was happening to me the other day. there was like this weird rumble in the gut. nothing cracked open or anything. But what if that was just the beginning. Ok, I'm getting nervous now. is like maybe a cut. a little bit

Why do people spit?

Part One: I've never been much of a spitter. That is, until I started smoking cigars which, ironically, is the one use of tobacco that all my medical team are OK with.When I'm enjoying a cigar (which I always do outside, never indoors) I do spit quite frequently. I

Why do people use sticks when fork and spoons are available?

Because the (chop)stick wielder is cultured and is well aware that the food prepared for him was meticulously made to a size that could discreetly and comfortably be placed in his mouth with propriety. The cultures that prepare and serve food in this

Why is it considered offensive to tip somebody in Japan?

I have Japanese students who go overseas, and I've talked to them about this. One student related her experience to me:She went into a cafe in town in the UK, and had a cup of tea and a scone. I think it came to just under 9 pounds, which meant that the tip should be about 12%,

At the urinal at the gym a guy came up beside me wearing mesh shorts. He proceeds to the next urinal, but instead of pulling it over his shorts, he reaches down, pulls up the leg of the shorts, and pees out the bottom. Weird, right?

L.M.A.O.! I had to laugh when I saw this topic. I live in gym shorts when I'm not at work. I wear boxers, and it is much easier to lift the right leg of my boxers and gym shorts when I use a urinal. I

Do most people find Londoners rude? I have lived in London my whole life so I don't really notice.

Personally, I don't find Londoners anymore rude than people from any other large city.I'm Canadian, living in Toronto, and I've been to London many times; being a Torontonian, I blend into London quite well.The atmosphere in the two cities is

How to raise my 9 year old son to be a gentleman

The term gentleman has different meanings to different people - some people take it to mean the type of person who holds doors open  for women, giving up their seat on the bus, paying for dates. Others take it to mean someone who is always well mannered, unflappable.For this answer, I'm  going to take it to

How to get through parties with people I hate

Well you can't ignore them always! Ignoring won't make you overcome this problem. Rather learn to enjoy by yourself. Try to be more cheerful and enjoy the party. Try to get involved with other people. Enjoy the party,food,music and don't care about people who affects your happiness. It

How is chivalry dead?

I don't think it's completely dead.  About 25% of guys I know are chivalrous.  It's a dying breed though, unfortunately, as it seems fewer and fewer are these days.  As to how - I have a couple theories.  I think some of it is learned

If you are not a trainer and see someone doing an exercise in a wrong way at the gym, do you correct him/her?

I might offer to help if it's:Someone I've spoken to a few times before, or-Clearly very dangerous.It's a bit of a minefield. I will try and ask politely. Some people are very happy to get some technical support, occasionally someone is rude.I try and approach someone if few people are around. I don't want to embarrass

Is chivalry dead?

Chivalry isn't dead, but the stronger the general trend of feminism becomes the more men are going to give up on chivalry and not pass those ideals down to their kids.  Let me explain. I gonna start this by quoting a "Generation

Is it bad etiquette to compliment a woman at the gym on how nice her body is?

Like with most compliments, you want to stay away from objectification.What I mean is: You should compliment someone as if they are the subject, the person who has autonomy, and who does something which you are complimenting.You should not compliment

Is it disrespectful or rude to shake hands with your left hand in America?

Is it disrespectful or rude to shake hands with your left hand in America?I met my co-worker's husband today. His right hand was busy because he was holding something, so I set out my left hand to shake his left hand. He then moved his belongings from

Is it impolite to shake someone's hand while sitting?

Generally - Yes. It is impolite to offer a hand while sitting down as it is also improper to try and shake the hands of someone already seated.The act of shaking someones hands started as a peaceful greeting to mean peace and show the other person you are unarmed. This act has evolved and today

Is it logical for the reasoning to not shaking hands just because that person's Nationality?

If you think that example is bad, consider this: in some countries, even today (year 2016), people don't shake hands with females. Why? That's because they are females.So, going a step beyond this - one's nationality or origin - or going a step back (not shaking hands because of the person's hair

Is it rude to shake hands with other hand in your pockets?

We are not supposed to keep our hands in pockets at any time. Pockets are for holding things, not hands.If we go back to the history of a hand shake, it is thought the idea was to show the hand does

Is it rude to watch somebody in the gym work out?

Only if...You're not hot lookingYou haven't got sexual appealYou're not very very good lookingYou haven't got a lot of sexual appealThen you're a creep...Me, I was at the gym and this woman was staring at me, staring, staring, staring, starimng, staring...and I didn't think she was being creepy.You know why?Because my

It is common knowledge wiping down a machine at a gym after using the machine is good gym etiquette, so why would a person see something wrong or weird with wiping down a machine after using the machine?

At my gym and the time frame I go to gym, I'm the only person left that still wipes down the benches and machines I used. Other people just don't seem to care. I've seen some people who don't wipe down what they

Manners and Etiquette: What are some unspoken and unwritten rules of the gym?

Gym ethics matter! and there are many rules that should make plain sense without being written on paper. RERACK YOUR WEIGHTS WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH YOUR SETS - no matter  if they're dumbbell or barbell weights as making this a habit helps keep the gym tidy , others

My 30-year-old son is getting married. What is expected of me financially?

Assuming the bride's family is paying for the wedding, you should host the rehearsal dinner.  Beyond that, you could offer to help with other expenses.  Maybe pick up the reception bar bill or offer the bride's family some $$$$ to help with the cost of the wedding and reception.  Often, the groom's family will host the rehearsal dinner and

My friend is a big gossip.How do I politely tell her I really don't care about the rumors or nonsense she always talks about?

Have you considered the possibility of being honest with your friend?What are friends for? Are they so committed to each other that when they see destructive or detrimental behavior they go along with it?Among friends (actually among everyone) there is a social contract. Usually it's of the nature: I'll be polite to you if

Should I honk at cyclists on the road to let them know that I'm behind them?

No, please don't do that. In case you are unaware I have ears and will have heard you behind as the engine in your car is pretty loudWhat I want you to do is wait patiently it generally is only seconds,

What are examples of bad airplane etiquette?

Thanks for the A2A.Let me start by saying, it is much much easier to be irritated and to irritate others when we are traveling by air.The stress of getting to the airport, moving through security or customs, wondering if your seat is secure or

What are examples of bad smartphone etiquette in the gym?

There are some guys who follows me around the gym. Not sure what they want but they just follow me around, like every time I move for a different area for a different exercise, the same people will show up near me within 1 minute, sometimes they just sit there and stare at me,

What are some basic rules of gym locker room etiquette?

Mostly common sense, just like etiquette on the bus or in the park or in the office.....Don't invade someone else's personal space unduly. Examples:- Don't spread all your stuff out along a bench where other people might need access to nearby lockers.- Don't spray large amounts of deodorant so some of it goes right

What are some of the rudest or most confrontational behavior you have witnessed while at the gym?

Wow, that guy is probably on T. I've never seen THAT rude of behavior in any of the gyms I've been to.The worst I've seen in the free weight section is a person spending half an hour at the same station (bench press or squat), or taking over 3 or 4 stations for half an hour

What are some of the rudest things people say or do in the gym?

1. Ignoring gym rules and regulationsEach gym has their own set of rules. Familiarize yourself with them and obey them. They are there for reason. It keeps day to day gym operation smooth, organized, and pleasant.2. Leaving weights, dumbbells, or any other equipment and accessories untracked, disheveled, and out of placeReturn everything to where

What are some of your personal rules?

Be self aware as often as possible. Here's what I mean. Someone is talking to me and my friends. I suddenly want to say something unrelated and I have 2 options. (Always pick the latter):Interrupt and make them look like a complete idiot without realizing itRealize that

What are some social rules of etiquette everyone should know and follow?

Here it is !!Never kiss a baby that's not yours.When you call someone two times in a row and they're not picking up, stop blowing their phone. Respect yourself.Don't talk much after meeting new people, don't get comfortable on the first meeting. It's uncool when you meet someone and they act like you've been buddies for a long time.When

What are the best kept secrets about asking for help?

The number one best kept secret about asking for help is that it is much more beneficial than detrimental. Many times, especially in the workplace, people seem to feel as if asking for help is bad. People feel that they