Is Apple poised to become first trillion dollar company, ahead of Google or Microsoft? How so?

No. The first one to get to 1 trillion would be the one either unlocking next big new market, or the one occupying the existing market with biggest potential, or combination of the two. My guess is it's likely to be Google

Is Bing increasing market share?

While this question is a few years old, I will provide my answer as of July 2017.Microsoft is doing what Yahoo has struggled to do, in eroding Google's share in the search engine landscape.Bing recently announced it had grown its UK market share

How can Linux increase its desktop market share?

I'm not wholly convinced it can.First of all, they can't make it any cheaper, so competing on price is out.Competing on quality is a hard task, considering the money Apple and Microsoft are throwing at their systems. To make a

How can Apple Numbers increase its market share relative to Microsoft Excel?

Why would Apple Numbers want to increase it's market share? Apple generally doesn't care about market share in any field; they care about mindshare and profit share, both of which they dominate in the hardware field. As far as Numbers/Pages/Keynote go, Apple is offering them for free. They don't want