After 16 years of marriage and my husband still doesn't respect me. Should I leave?

Yes, absolutely divorce him, but please do so with the help of a therapist and a lawyer, and if possible, with a few trusting and supportive friends or family. 16 years of living in this kind of marriage has unfortunately eroded some of your self respect and self esteem, and if

After 37 years of a cheating husband, will counselling now help our marriage?

Yes, You Should Go to Marriage CounselingIf you go to any kind of counseling, you know there's a brief hitch in a conversation whenever it comes up. Even if you just casually drop that you had a counseling appointment the other day, the person

After 8 months of marriage, I lost my father. After a few months, I had a strife with my mother-in-law, after which my husband wants to divorce me. What should I do? I don't want to live.

After 6 years Marriage, 2 kids, I am debt trapped as a result of a project going beyond my control and beyond my plannings. it just happened. Now all be wife, her mother, my parents and relatives too, all don't want me. Does that I mean I should take my own life ?Still I love my wife unconditionally.

After a divorce with my husband, how do I let go of my feelings?

If you really love him that love never really goes away. But ways you can move on is first of all accepting the divorce, and not hold any negative feelings for yourself nor for your ex husband. Focus on all the things you gained and learned throughout the years

After being married for 10 years, my husband wants to have kids, but I don't. What should I do?

This is a complex question. Most couples address this paramount decision before marriage. Since you are past this-it seems like you, both, need to make a dicision. Parenting is not something to "do" under pressure-it's very challenging and NEVER ending. If your husband

After cheating on my husband again and again, what should I do now?

Do not tell him. Just leave.Telling him is cruel and just another power play. Pluck your head from your filthy vagina and consider his feelings. You can go on doing what you do, after you leave, but telling him is insult

After two years of marriage, will my marriage end?

Sounds like a beautiful case of insecurity here.1>Set some serious rules and stick by it.2>Use dramatic approach like Amitabh Bachchan : Aey!!! Mere maa baba k khilaaf ek shabd bhi bola toh mere se bura koi nahi hoga....ahaha.3>Sometimes parents can be

Am I an irresponsible selfish wife in the following scenario?

From what you've said and the details you'e provided your husband seems to be an insecure chauvinist. You met with him and tried to compromise and things never seem to work out for him and he's bitching about it.I'll tell you that cooking and leaving a job is NOT

Am I in danger of my husband becoming abusive?

Number 1: If you feel something is wrong, then it's wrong. If you aren't confortable with his current behavior, then you are allowed to leave. Number 2: Read Number 1 again. Number 3: Go to a safe location and call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline. 1-800-799-7233 Ask questions. Number

Am I wrong for moving out on my husband?

It would seem that you are having second thoughts about your decision to move out. The best thing to do is to reconsider the reasons you had at the time you made the decision. For example, if it was one of

Am I wrong for wanting an abortion now that my husband is asking for a divorce?

This is tough. I'll start by saying I am VERY pro-choice.If you are considering aborting this child because the MAN is no longer going to be in your life then - and I say this with no judgment - it has to be considered that you don't want

Am I wrong for wanting compassion in my marriage?

Everyone can have a bad day, and being stressed out having to care for both a kid and someone who's ill can definately make one on edge enough to say something unfair. However, it's also not uncommon that one part in a marriage does a crapload of more

Are cellphones ruining marriages?

No. Cell phones are objects. They do not participate in the decision-making and activities of their owners and users. The telegram, a letter with stamps, visiting an out of town friend, to converse with about personal thoughts, relationship problems, to cheat emotionally on

Are marriages about happiness?

No I certainly do not believe marriage is about, or should be about happiness. If happiness is attained along the way that is a really good dynamic. But looking at current statistics and separation and divorce rates, that is not necessarily so for everyone. And even

Are marriages hard work?

Of course marriage is hard work. There is a reason the divorce rate is 50%.Marriage in a sense is like having another job.You come home from work at the end of a long day and all you want to do is sleep or chill watching tv but you have another person there that needs your attention.If you live your

Are married people or unmarried people happier? Why?

Shaadi ka laddu jo khaye wo pachtaye, jo na khaye wo bhi pachtaye :V.Depends on you solely .No,your partner does not count hereYou chose them ,so you cant blame anyone if you are unhappy.You need to make your partner happy so that they keep

Are there any significant differences in the divorce rates of marriages from offline dating and marriages from online dating?

Yes, there are.  We (eHarmony) just completed two studies with Opinion Research Corp. looking into this and found: * A few ways of meeting do affect your divorce risk. There were 67% fewer divorces than would have been expected (based on share of marriages in the

Are there ever situations where a married man deeply loves another woman and becomes unattracted to his wife but doesn't leave his wife?

Yeah, that happened to me. With a woman in our neighborhood.Why stay? The kids, because my wife has been a good wife, and she didn't deserve it. Because the other woman's (the OW) views on guys who leave their families are not admiring and

Are wives and husbands naturally jealous about other women?

Insecure people are jealous of other people. Wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, unrequited crushes, complete strangers--people in general feel jealous when they feel insecure, fear abandonment, or feel they might lose something they feel entitled to.In my experience, secure people tend not to feel jealous. This has nothing to do

As a 24 years old girl, soon to be pushed into an arranged marriage, should I just accept that my husband would someday fall for another woman and make peace with it?

From where will you get this kind of ideas??This is called negativity. Even in your guessing you can't see positiveness?Anyway you don't know, what surprises your life will bring. Then think of rainbows instead of jolts.There is a story. A man full of negativity asked a pandit . I want to offer a flower garland

As a man, what steps can I take to safeguard my interests before telling my wife I want a divorce?

There are two types of men who ask this question: good men and bad men.So many people, when they see a question like yours (i.e.,

As an Indian husband, what are my duties toward my wife?

Duties automatically come from circumstances and mutual understanding. Nobody can dictate you of your duties. You are not someone who is programmed with some duties. You are free to think based on your wants and needs.The moment you asked this question, it's proved that you are a puppet of some customs and/or rituals you are

At what age should a man marry?

Age 23-25Most probably you would have started earning.Sexual energy, excitement, stamina are at peak you will enjoy your sex life the best.Irrespective of natural looks your youth is at it's best during this age.You would bond really well as you guys would mature together.You won't need IVF for kids, fertility issues and medical conditions would be

Can a brother and sister get married in Islam?

If you read closely all the answers from these Islamic readers you will get two things. One: You may not marry your sister of your mother or father. Two: You may marry your sister or brother if the father has not married the mother. So, of we look at this closely we will find the following. Man

Can a husband force a wife to take a divorce?

Maraige is a divine institution although sometime over hyped topic still this should get highest priority. When two people are involved in decisions should be taken mutualy. Both should be agreed upon and no one should force or influence their decisions.In india major problem is

Can a husband leave his wife for another woman?

It's very common and happens all the time. Sometimes the other woman gets lucky (as well as the man) and things work out just fine, but often just the opposite happens and the husband loses his wife, his family, his money, and both his self-respect as well as the respect of many people he formerly thought

Can a man marry to three divorced woman in India?

You can surely marry a divorced woman in India. We don't live in 18th century anymore.But you can only marry one, Indian constitution allows only one marriage.To be more elaborate, India has many marriage acts, like Hindu marriage act, Muslim marriage act, Sikh marriage act etc.Depending

Can a marriage recover from the other spouse having an extramarital affair? If so, how?

My husband had a brief affair with an acquaintance of ours.It started out innocently enough, with her making him healthy lunches and him paying her for them.I noticed a change. He started eating healthy, working out and generally caring more about his appearance.He started locking his phone and being very possessive

Can a married man who claims that he loves his wife, but has relations with other women, really love his wife?

Absolutely. You are equating sex with love and they ARE mutually exclusive. You can easily be in love without ever having physical relations. And to say you've loved everyone you've had sex with is probably pretty damn rare these days.Our mistake is thinking

Can a mother in law destroy a good marriage?

It's not about good marriage she is capable of killing every marriage. It can love or arranged no one can stop. Mother in law will always teaches her daughter how to take control of his husband , how to create fights between his

Can a Muslim marry a Hindu?

Having born from a Muslim woman and Hindu man, I feel fit to answer this question.Back in 1985 my parents met each other in college and fell in love.They tried convincing their families for marriage but it was very difficult.My father's parents later agreed for the marriage only if my mother did not wear

Can a person living in the USA divorce his Indian wife without going to India? Should he apply for a divorce in the USA or in India?

Yes, you can file for divorce in the county of your residency. You may also get an exparte order, if she doesnt contest. But you won't be legally divorced in India, if your wife doesnt contest the divorce proceedings in USA. If you do not plan to visit India at all, then divorcing

Can a wife cope with the death of a husband?

Year 2008. Sultry afternoon in Mumbai. I was waiting for that phone call. That was the time when my daughter would call me every day.Finally I heard the phone ring.

Can a wife file a divorce if she is not physically satisfied with her husband?

No. Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction (ED)) of husband is a ground for divorce, but that is a much stronger condition than dissatisfaction. Also dissatisfaction can result also due to psychological issues (as opposed to physical like ED) between couple, and it

Can a woman leave her husband when he is retiring?

I know I should pass this question...but I can't help myself. So here it is.Yes she can, ( as god/she said right? ) I don't know who came up with this rule that it is not ok to leave your SO when:It is his b-day (hey 50 cents

Can an Indian wife forgive her husband after cheating?

Why specifically Indian? it depends on the person.. if she wants to, she can. If she cannot, she will leave and move on. Life is too short to be spent with unwanted people around and imagine having to live with one, it will be insane.Also, I consider marriage to

Can anyone force me to stay with my husband if I don't want to?

The answer I have written is for Indian context (can extend it to South Asian region to the max.Ideally no one should be able to force you, but life is not ideal.In India the marriage is considered to be a

Can having a marriage with a bipolar partner work?

Here is a similar questionWith my answer both on link and copied.Nicole Moncada's answer to Can a person with bipolar disorder lead a happy married life? Lately my husband has been making a fuss about everything and we constantly quarrel.

Can I fix my marriage with my husband if he doesn't try?

You can't fix your husband only yourself. It might be that nothing you do can save your marriage but it's always worth trying. Think back to when you were dating or first married what things did the two of you enjoy doing together. What are things you did for him that brought you both close. I'm not talking

Can I get my husband back from his second wife and three children?

#Question name: Can I get my husband back from his second wife and three children?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1. Try to be adventurous in

Can I get proof against my cheating husband?

It's certainly a question you shouldn't ask another person but rather decide by yourself depending upon what you want out of your marriage.You must try to get the truth i.e his reason behind his behaviour. I am certain that you have noticed this first and probably heard from 3rd person about it or some other

Can I live without getting married?

The question says "Can I live without getting married".Whether you can live without getting married is up to you. It depends on how badly you need it or don't need it. We will not be able to tell whether you will survive well

Can I represent myself in a divorce?

Thanks for the A2A.You can represent yourself in most districts in the United States. The real question is: Should you represent yourself? If you have been married a short time, have not accumulated any wealth, own no real estate, have no financial holdings whatsoever and do not have any children; then yes, you may be able

Can I save my marriage when my husband is depressed and refuses any therapy and now we're on the brink of a divorce?

#Question name: Can I save my marriage when my husband is depressed and refuses any therapy and now were on the brink of a divorce?TOP 14 TIPS TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE!Hii friends, I checked all Quorra ansswers and marrriage tips on

Can I win my cheating husband back?

Why would you win him back?To all the wives in this world: Why would you always make the effort to keep your husbands? Why would you keep someone who does not make the effort to do the same with you?What you need to do

Can infidelity be repaired?

I believe it can. If, and only if, both parties are willing, not only to forgive each other, repent (in a non religious way) and be forgiven, but are also willing and capable of looking long and hard at themselves and their actions past and present.

Can marriage counseling help after years of emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse scars you on the inside, it's never noticed. If you have been abused, it is never your fault. After the years of Emotional Abuse, your heart and your mindset won't be stable. Only proper counseling is an effective solution which can help you deal with your emotional pain. Because taking decisions, when you are

Can my husband forgive me for cheating on him?

That is a tough one. Each person is different, however there is a way to increase your chances of success. It is a lot of hard work. Here is a outline of what MIGHT work. Realize that your husband may treat cheating as a deal breaker and there

Can my husband love me again after he left his mistress that he loves?

It is amazing how many people jump into a conclusion and condemning the cheater.I am answeing this presuming you want to work things out, and fix your relationship.If your husband ever love you, you should ask yourself, what had happened after marriage

Can my husband stop emotionally abusing me after 10 years?

He can, but only if he is highly motivated to stop.  Abusive behavior is habitual, and like any habit can be difficult to change.  Sometimes a mental health issue, or a history of being abused themselves, is underlying this behavior.  However, that does not mean

Can someone divorce his wife to get back to his ex-girlfriend?

#Question name: Can someone divorce his wife to get back to his ex girlfriend?TOP 11 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WIFE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Heyyy friends, I checkedd all Quora answerrs and marriagge tips on the internnet and below are besst tips to save

Can someone start Dating After Divorce?

Divorce is one of the most traumatic events we go through, and when we reach the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel," many of us feel that little spring in our step and start to think about dating again.So how can you start off on the right foot

Can wife gift property to his husband?

I think the question you're asking is what gifts can a wife get for her husband that he will really like? The answer to that really depends on what things her husband is interested in.For example, I work for a

Can you get a divorce if your spouse doesn't want one?

I am assuming you are female.According to my knowledge , in Arabic countries you can.Depending on the reason it may be a divorce or an annulment of the marriage.I would assume you could world wide.Speak to a Lawyer.

Can you have a happy marriage to a narcissist?

My mother was a narcissist and was extremely contolling and cruel to my father, my brother and I. My brother died from alcoholism, my father stayed in an unhappy marriage, but sort of learned to make it work by keeping his mouth closed and spending long hours at work. Many people asked me why my mother was so

Can you live a sexless marriage and still love your spouse?

Have you heard of people who are asexual? There are other ways to show your love besides sex. There is more to intimacy then sex.But that being said both partners have to be ok with it or have knowledge that one

Did the invention of smartphones ruin your marriage?

I'm sitting next to my wife on the sofa, snuggled under a blanket. We're both on our phones. I don't really see this as any different to if we were sitting reading books or magazines. We're in our own space, but

Did you ever have a spouse talk you out of filing for divorce and then they turned around and filed for divorce from you?

Nope... once we started down that road we finished it.My divorce became final in Valentine's Day.... To my surprise and laughter, while she hated that.If you want yours to do the same make sure all your papers are filed with the county clerk's office on August 14th. Six months later it becomes final.Badda-bing! Badda-Boom!

Did you get married even though your horoscopes did not match, and would you say your marriage has been successful despite an unfavourable kundli?

This is my boyfriend's parents story.My boyfriend's parents are relatives before marriage.Their parents decided to get them married.My bf's mom lost his father when she was a kid...Her father left her mom and went off when she was 3 years old.So her mom wanted to get her

Did you get married in church, did you visit that church after marriage?

Yes I have attended the church I was baptized in, made my confession, communion, confirmation and marriage in. While I have not stayed in the same structure 67 years I have remained with the same Roman Catholic Church. Over the years I have taught

Did you marry a weirdo?

I married the most un-weirdo person on the planet.She made me promise a few things to her just before we were married:Always be faithful to me (check!)Always love me (check!)Make me genuinely laugh at least once a dayThis last one has proven much more challenging than I thought it would be. I'm not going to

Did you regret quitting your career for marriage?

I am yet to meet a girl who want a struggling or not working bf, she can be friendly with you and spend time with you but the moment you share your feeling, the only answer you get is

Did your marriage become stronger after an infidelity?

I believe it could have. But she still is denying it because she is afraid for her persona or image to be tainted you could say. She has ALWAYS been the woman that would never do that kind of thing because of the character she cast herself as for years. So she went with Divorce and I found

Divorce more than once is it healthy?

I don't think you should go into a relationship with the expectations of marrying that person. It's best just to not think about it Marriage. You have been there once before and look what it brought you. A divorce ,....a failed marriage. Why get into something

Divorce: Why does my ex husband phone me to put me down and argue?

The possibilities are numerous but I think there are a few that are consistent in the situation you describe. It could be that he desires to communicate with you more. For example, if you shut him out (not saying you have) and the only way he can get you to engage

Do a lot of divorces happen between partners who still love each other but nonetheless have irreconcilable differences?

Love is not the only ingredient in a marriage. I think what many people forget is that marriage takes work. It is not a state of complacency, where you ride on your love for one another to carry you through, because love needs to be recognized and nurtured. Because of this, love and marriage go hand in

Do Ethiopian men make good husbands?

I am an Ethiopian, so, I can say Yes, but conditional.Respect is Everything to Ethiopians.we offer ourselves genuinely, and expect the same in return.when misunderstanding occurs, we prefer to talk with the wife only. not third party. (Remember we are proud people, we have never been taught how we should take defeat.

Do German husbands take a wife's surname after marriage?

As a German native I'd say it's still very uncommon, but it definitely happens, and more often so. I know of a few cases where a man decided to take this wife's last name - just to make a statement

Do I need to tell my husband about my past?

Here are the scenarios1. You tell him and he doesn't mind2. You tell your husband and he get furious3. You tell him and he seems to be okay about it. When things aren't going fine between you two, he secretly checks your mobile to see if

Do Irish women make the best wives?

Ireland has changed so much in the last 100 years and particularly in the last 20 years.Irish men and women are very liberated and the population has changed dramatically.Up until I was 16 I had only ever seen people of different races on T.V. or in magazines and now I live in a country

Do kundlis work for marriage?

What exactly is a Kundali? What all can it say? Let's first see that and then you decide till what extent it would work for marriage yourself.When you are born, you have a body type. Some foods would be good for you, some might create allergies. Your DNA and genes decide

Do modern age husbands feel inferior if their wife is more successful or earns more than the husband? Especially in India?

Nothing like that if they know intricacies of a happy marriage.Prudent to study intricacies of happy marriage/relationship/co-habitation , so that both of you can keep happy for life. Details follow:WISH YOU [every prospective bride & groom] HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS REMARRIED LIFE*/EVER

Do most husbands not want children, but acquiesce to the wife's ultimatum (divorce or kids)?

Wow, what a depressing view of men you have.No, this is not generally the case as far as I can tell. The men in my circle who have kids were enthusiastic about becoming parents, and at least two went through significant difficulty before achieving parenthood (in

Do people generally think it through enough before getting married?

I thought that my husband loving me was sufficient reason to get married. He was handsome, kind and affectionate. He had a good relationship with his family and was well-liked by teachers, pastors and even elders in his community. I had every reason to believe that he was a good guy and a decent marriage prospect. Most importantly,

Do you believe in love after 30-yrs of marriage?

Of course. In fact if there wasn't some degree of love involved it is doubtful that there would be 30-year marriages.While some people may cite children,convenience or fear of dying alone, after 30 years with a person, unless you both are emotionally damaged, you develop feelings of concern and care which

Do you have a good marriage after coming back from the brink of divorce? How did that happen?

In the first two years of our marriage, we went through poverty, working so many jobs between us that we hardly saw each other, several deaths in the family, health issues, family drama, and more.At the end of the second year, we reached a point where we always fought. Everything the other person did was wrong. Period. We

Do you have a happy, healthy second marriage? How do you feel about the idea that you only repeat the same problems from your first marriage?

No, I don't have a second marriage at all. My husband of almost 38 years died in 2013, and I have no interest in further romance. I am comfortable in my home, which has no room for anybody else except my brother who lives with me and my grandson, who will be coming in a

Do you regret your marriage, and why?

I regret my Divorce.I am 31 Female Delhi.I married my boyfriend of 6 years. I was 27 then, when I told my mom about my boyfriend they that time only raised too many base less issues they may have someone else in mind. But all agreed after meeting my boyfriend (He is a true gentlemen and

Do you think couples work hard for their marriage to work?

Successful marriages have two people who are working hard to better their relationship while other marriages are dissatisfied or broken because one or neither are working together. Marriage is not easy but if two people are willing to fight well and towards a common resolve,

Do you think the secret of a good marriage is simply hard work?

I've been either married, co-habiting or partnered with someone since I was 18 years old.During that time my first marriage, which barely out of my teens, was a disaster.I learned from that wreckage and eventually married my late husband who wasn't perfect, but a fabulous partner for the almost 25 years we had together.My current

Do you, years later, regret filing for divorce?

Of course I do! No one ever marries thinking it will end in divorce! I think there are some good reasons for people to get divorced, but I also think there are many equally good reasons for people to stay married. The path we choose depends on our perception of

Does a marriage stand a chance after an affair if the betrayed spouse polices the cheater and takes control of their life?

Not making it easy.This is the thing. You should NOT stay if there isn't any trust. When the conversation of getting caught and staying, something about trust has to have come up.It's very hard especially at the beginning to have any trust in

Does a second marriage to the same person 10 years after divorce work?

It didn't for me.I believe it CAN work, and I am all for it, but it is a hard road to walk. It is not enough to believe in change, to have a vision for change, or to have a plan for change.You actually have

Does age difference matter in marriage?

There are more important things here than your looks or age. First of all, you say because of responsibilities you decided to marry now. Ask her what her plans are for the next ten years. If you do not have a problem with her plans, explain your responsibilities to

Does age matter for a marriage?

Depends on the state you live in. If you are of age there should be no problem. Now, and most importantly, you must be mentally and financially stable. This is not the 19th or the early 20th century when before technology had an effect

Does an arranged marriage have more chances of success than love marriages?

Marriage, arranged or love marriage, is a sacred bond and readily acceptable by society. Failure ratio in marriage in India is still far more low, as both the parties put their utmost endeavor to make a marriage work. Remember the fact that

Does anyone believe in horoscope matching for marriages? Would you marry a girl even after horoscopes not matching?

hi firend,     it is a nice question. yeah everyone i know will verify, analyse  bride and bridegrooms horoscope details. why because they should not get any problems.  my mother told me these things. people who believe in astrology will definitely look at to theae things. expect love marriages each

Does getting married help you?

Actually depends on the kind of person you are getting married to. Also the kind of family. If the family is supportive, forward looking and your partner is a balanced individual then it can really help you to grow as a person. If you get married to a real friend

Does love alone make a happy marriage?

Nope. We're gonna need more than love. Assuming a

Does my husband have a right to rethink our marriage if I've gained a lot of weight and no longer look how I did when we got married?

Any spouse always has a right to rethink their marriage for any reason or no reason. If he no longer wants you, it may be pretty pointless to stay married. It depends on his priorities. If his clash with yours, it's over.My former husband constantly told me that if I ever gained weight, he'd

Does the second wife have to meet the first wife?

God no!When my new wife asked me what would happen if we ran into my ex, I said I'd crawl out a back window and run.  I'd call her later to tell her where to pick me up.She says she'd love to meet her.  She's 18 years younger and beautiful as well

Family Relationships and Dynamics: Are there topics which you cannot discuss with your spouse?

Yes, but not because of friction. My parents are a bit nuts and sometimes say very hurtful things about my wife for no apparent reason. She knows that this happens, but I keep the specifics from her and try not to

Has anyone stayed in a marriage when they knew their husband had a mistress? I love my husband and I feel like this is just a phase he needs to get out of his system. Am I being nieve?

No. We split for good once I knew for sure (straight from his mouth) that he was cheating. It was a deal breaker for me. This happened years ago now.Now let me talk to you from a different perspective, the mistress. Yep, I've btdt in recent times. I'm not at all proud of it. I'm

Have you ever married your ex (husband/wife)? What made you take the decision to reunite?

Yes, I don't recommend it. We had remained friends while we were apart for 4 1/2 years. Her dad had terminal cancer, she lost her health insurance, and her job soon after. Basically I felt bad for her. She had given me sole custody of our daughter so she could be a flight attendant a year earlier. 2 years

Have you ever regretted getting married to your partner?

I don't regret it but I do wish the circumstances where different wish I handled the marriage more seriously and treated her better.but I've pushed her to seek an affair that I'm positive was going on for sometime.i was with her for about 7 years and when we met didn't take long for me to fall madly in

How bad is a typical divorce? What is the best and worst it can be?

I had a best and a worse. Not planning on ever getting married again so perhaps someone else will be able to help you with a typical.Best was about 25 years ago. Uncontested. We agreed on everything and had a lawyer write it

How can a couple save their marriage from divorce?

Here Are Some Tips on How to Save Your Marriage From Divorce :1) Listen to your PartnerListen to your partner is very important to make relation happy. Lack of listing between relation is the main cause of divorce these days. Listing to your partner also gives some understanding as

How can a man make his wife leave him and give him a divorce?

If you want to leave and you want a divorce, YOU be man enough to take responsibility and do it yourself. Stop asking her to do your work! And do it with clear communication, the truth and full responsibility for your own actions. Time to

How can a widowed person get married again? What are their feelings towards the deceased and new spouses?

This is not so difficult to understand, unless you haven't lived through it yourself. I have, and I will try and explain it to you in a way you can understand.All I ask is that you open your heart and allow yourself to feel my answers.When you fall in love, you grow a unique place for