Can a mother in law destroy a good marriage?

It's not about good marriage she is capable of killing every marriage. It can love or arranged no one can stop. Mother in law will always teaches her daughter how to take control of his husband , how to create fights between his

Could a guy who had multiple affairs in the past be a trustworthy husband?

Do this yourself. Make a survey of cases on extramarital affairs. Look at how many people involved were

Do introverts make good father/mother/husbands/wife?

It's not based just on introverts. Actually, introverts can also be of many types. They could be brooding types. They could be artist types. They could be kind types. You know what I mean? So, the introverts which are not 'the

Do people become more happy or less happy after marriage?

I can tell about my situation.I have been married for more than 5 years now and I feel that my life before marriage was much happier and exciting.Before marriage :Never had sex. Never had a girl friend. Believed that, after marriage, I will

Family Relationships and Dynamics: Why do brothers change after marriage?

It may be due to several reasonsNothing really has changed and you are just feeling a bit ignored as he is married now and has to give time to his wife as well. Chances 20%Maybe he is having a bad relation with his wife and takes the stress out on you or other family members. Chances 20%His wife was

How a mother in law can be a good mother for the daughter in law?

A mother in law can treat her dil(daughter in law) as alike her mom.It requires some time, maybe some days or months. Who knows? If she is getting along with her dil very well from the beginning of marriage of her son.A

How can a wife forgive her husband for betraying her?

There are some great answers already. So I'm going to see what I can find underneath the question.This is about forgiveness. Forgiveness for what? Something the OP obviously considers "unforgiveable." However, I don't see that the OP is actually in a situation where this would be an issue. If (she?) is, she's not telling

How to convince my husband that I don't want to become a mother

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is is this really about your career?Lots of people want to have children, lots of people don't want to have children. The main difference between them is that society approves of the people who want children, and often does not approve of the people who don't.So

How to tell my wife I want a divorce

I don't think you want a divorce. Things sound pretty good overall (in fact, better than many marriages), and if you work through this, you'll be fine. However, that doesn't stop the feeling of being overwhelmed by frustration at this behaviour of hers that causes

How to convince my baptized Sikh parents to let me marry an American guy

Some times what we see and feel is correct is not correct for others. Same is happening in your case, what you see as good (Marrying a guy of your choice), is not a good idea for your parents.And to understand this you have to be a mother of a young

How to convince my parents, I need a divorce

You are an adult and don't need your parents permission to get a divorce. It's a decision that only you and/or your husband can make.It is respectful to inform your parents that you are divorcing, because you are their child and they love you and want you to be happy with your life. Speak to

How to deal with a husband who disrespects my family

Me and my mother had faced similar experiences. So I would like to share my opinion. I will not advice you to 'talk' to him, because its common sense that you have tried all the methods (and apparently failed) before you decided to post a personal issue on this platform. Besides i believe that your husband

How to tell parents that I got married against their wish

Congradualations. Maybe a letteR explaining all your reasons. And the wonderful things you see in your mate. Also be sure to tell them that they did a great job raising you, you have a good head on your shoulders for

How do mothers-in-law destroy marriages?

The role of mothers-in-law in marriages, constructive or otherwise, has significant cultural underpinnings.I will answer from the Indian cultural context and include both mothers-in-law (husband's mother and wife's mother), as is the right things to do, in my assessment.Husband's mother:Competing

How to deal with your mother-in-law living with you

When I saw top answers, I wanna laugh! You people are so naive!It all depends on what a person your mother-in-law is. If she treats you like a daughter with love, there will be no problem whatsoever! But if she sees you like an enemy who took her son, she still hate you and will continue picking on

How much do you and your spouse really have in common? Do you think it is absolutely necessary to have a lot in common in order to maintain a successful marriage?

I was married once, for 13 years, but that was 25 years ago. So while I am out of practice on being married, I think there are similarities between a love/marital relationship and relationships generally.My ex-wife and I were very different personalities, but we had enough common interests

How should husbands treat their wives?

If I can be permitted to twist this question around just a bit: If husbands treat their wives as they should, they would become truly great husbands.  So what makes a great husband?The Boy Scouts of America defines a great husband

How should one convince his parents for marrying a girl who is a month older than him?

Hi,I think age in Indian society is particularly considered to be maintained with a certain difference where males being elder in most of the cases. So it is highly a traditional and cultural aspect rather than any calculations or logics on maturity levels. Now I suppose that

If a woman earns more than her husband, can she be the head of the family?

I'll speak for myself.I'll answer this question as a compassionate human God made me to be & my own father equally raised me to be.If I earn more than my husband, I really don't care who is head or not. My boyfriend is so level-headed, genius-smart that he believes all humans should be feminists. He also understands that

In Western married life, does the husband have to hand over his salary to his wife?

Who controls the purse strings, the wife or the husband, really depends on culture and family, and to a certain extent, the power balance between husband and wife. In Japan, the wife is called the domestic finance minister in part because the poor husband is so overworked and

Is it good for marriage if I live together with my mother in law?

It all depends on you, your husband and mom.Actually it was fairly common years back but a few things have changed;With better medical treatments people are not just living longer but healthier lives (if they stay active).Many people as they get older are

What constitutes an abusive relationship, for a husband being abused by his wife?

I am going anonymous for this answer, in order to protect the identity of my brother, who was in a 4 year relationship with a very abusive woman.I would say that the markers of any absuive relationship are the same: control, isolation, manipulative and coercive behaviours, escalating into violence in the worst instances. The difference with

Why do couples that have been happily married a long time (over 20 years), raised a family and so on, divorce?

Because men and women have different needs and desires.And as they get older things change.I speak as a man. What I want is for my wife to value and respect me for being a provider. I worked hard and put food on the table and give her a home to stay in

My wife and I are getting divorced. Is it ok for my 5-year-old son to sleep with me?

Yes, of course! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. You should be doing everything in your power right now to assure your son that he is loved and protected.I'm not sure what reason somebody could come up with to disapprove of this. It seems to me both appropriate and natural that, during a time of emotional

Can a man marry the mother of his son-in-law in Islam?

SO you are saying that you want your daughters Mother-In-Law to be her mother ...which she almost automatically becomes after your daughter's marriage?Which meansPaternal Granny will also be maternal granny and your husband will be also your step brother and your kids father and Uncle (technically tough)You see

Can I marry my maternal aunt's sister's daughter?

Ofcourse you can.Your maternal aunt is from another family. In hindu religion,people don't marry if the two persons are from same family or any close to same.But your mami ji (maternal aunt) came from another family and her sister too went to some another family after her marriage.So basically the girl happens from

Do girls prefer to live in a joint family after marriage or alone with their husband?

Hi all! I would like to go anonymous on this for the obvious reason of maintaining my privacy. I am a girl coming from a nuclear family where we almost lived in a type of a nomadic life due to my father's transferable

Do you consider your family to be a burden, especially financially, when your spouse doesn't work?

In the past I never felt that way. I felt that I had a job outside the house, and if she chose to stay at home with the kids that is the job she chose. Later when she chose to

How can a Hindu girl convince her parents to let her marry a Muslim boyfriend?

You don't have to convince you parents if you are going to do something good,special and life-changing as your parents would be happy and proud of your decision later. But be careful while taking the decision and look into a few things seriously.Who

How to get consent from my parents for marrying my GF

Follow the steps below. Tell your parents you're gay now. Tell them you're deciding to get married to your boyfriend becasue your parents didn't approve your marriage with your girlfriend At this point your parents will be so shocked and desperate that they'd want you to marry

How to support my husband who is going through a midlife crisis

By working through the transition with him... a midlife crisis is a point where you ask, "Is this all there is?"  And that causes an existential crisis because usually a transition is in order.  A transition from the old to the new.  A transition from one mode

I am 37 year old woman without child. Am I too old to get remarried in India?

Hey so I m starting my day with your question we all know about Indian society but you are not old to get remarried not at all my HOD she was 50+ when she was remarried it's not your or anyone fault that you have to remarry infct it's nice to give

I have made a choice to get married. Now how do I go about it?

Accept the fact that two of you are not looking in same direction. However use it for your advantage.Be open for experience. When two different people embark on a journey none of them remain same. They transform. What you think should be for you. What they think is for them. When you love someone you

Is getting married at 25 a good idea?

Yes it's a good idea but, there are a few things you have to know about getting married and about yourself that you have to face. 1. Marriage is permanent, so you have to be man enough to stick it out. You are literally putting your whole life into a single institution.

Is it wrong to refuse to live with in-laws after marriage for an Indian girl?

Everyone wants a happy family whether it is joint or nuclear. But yes harmony is the most important thing.If its become really problematic to deal with your in laws then you left with no other option.Husband and wives tuning plays a very important role. But in arranged marriages, it takes time

Is marriage a good idea?

I am an Indian and I can only answer from the Indian perspective. In this 21st century, there are 3 types of citizens in India based on the marital status and gender.First Class Citizens: This class contains all the Females in the country. They cannot be demoted to the lower classes irrespective of their

My husband keeps account of my credit card bills he paid and asks me to pay back. I am unemployed. So how do you handle this situation?

Did you have any kind of agreement before getting married about how to handle finances and debt? If you did, and you agreed to share it, you should remind him of this. Even if not, his behavior is sounds kind of jerk-ish here. I suggest you have a serious talk about how you will handle finances in your

What constitutes a nuclear family after marriage?

This is the kind of question better suited for Wikipedia than Quora.Nuclear familyHistorically, most people lived in groups of extended families, including grandparents and often uncles and aunts, especially if unmarried.The

When you and your husband (wife) decide to have a new baby, how do you convince your older son (daughter)?

Let the new baby do all the convincing :-)I was told that my "late" arrival into my family was not very welcomed by my older siblings (one 10 years older); however, when I arrived, they took excellent care of me.   Be fair to all the existing kids and most likely they will welcome

Who do you think gets along with their in-laws better, husbands (son in laws) or wives (daughter in laws)?

Depends on the culture. The answer is obvious when it comes to South Asian culture; the husband ‘gets along' with his in laws better. I use quotation marks because it's not getting along so much as the in laws basically worshipping their

Why are my parents forcing me to get married when I am not at all feeling to get married now? They are comparing my life with my younger cousins who are about to get married.

Traditional expectations. :/Don't do it. Make sure your future is secure first. Your parents will not provide for you later in your life. Instead you will have to support them in theor old age. Make sure you are financially stable and independent.Security first. Then relationships. Turn them down. Have faith in yourself, you can do it.

Why do brothers change after marriage or after having a girlfriend?

They don't. Remember they have a new person in their life and like in any new relationship, in the initial phase, the new person is where all the focus is. If you try to accept the fact that there is a new person in your family

Why is that daughter-in-laws takes more time to get adjusted to mother-in-laws?

This is because she already has a mother. Now suddenly after so many years, because of a marriage she is given another mother.It is difficult to put another person in your mother's place even if temporarily in the in law's house. So the girls see us mothers in law, as an aunt, but a new unknown aunt, not