Are martial arts a good way to get fit? Or should I just go to the gym like everyone else?

I got an A2A on this:  I don't know much about the Japanese fitness industry.  I do know that as far as physical fitness is a by-product of martial arts as opposed to the primary concern of any particular martial art.     If you go to the gym the primary purpose is to get

How important is self defense in life?

#Question name: How important is self defense in life?14 SELF-DEFENSE TIPS THAT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE!hi friends, I checked all Quora answers and self defense resources on the internet and below are best tips for you. I hope you enjoy

How often do MMA fighters lift weights?

This will vary, largely depending upon whether the fighter has a schedule fight and how far out they are from the fight. When in an off-season type of set up, with no fights scheduled, this will generally be the time where a fighter will be looking to get stronger and add on muscle mass to

Is it beneficial to do strength training to improve karate?

Yes, if you use strength to improve speed and get well conditioned body weapons.Impact is mass multiplied by speed.Good technique equals efficiency.Hardened body equals destructive capacity.There are no defensive movements in Karate. For example, Gedan- Barai must be a muscles, veins, arteries and bones smashing attack against the limb that is trying to

Is it possible to weight lift, walk 5 miles every day (3.5 mph per hour), and do BJJ every week?

Hi Sonny,Yes it appears that those activities would be fine accept that I'm not aware of the frequency of each. You'd have to be aware of the use of energy systems and to also make close observation of your dietary

Is kickboxing 5 times a week enough to stay in shape?

Absolutely. I would say it's more than enough to stay in shape. Kickboxing that often should probably put you in above average shape. It depends of course on the intensity of the trainer and gym.Last year I spent 1 month training at Tiger

Is kickboxing considered self defense?

"Kickboxing" is a meaningless concept. There is a sport called kickboxing, and its practitioners are highly skilled fighters, trained to hit, get hit, and hit back. They work to perfect their technique, and it is usually based on an underlying style in which the practitioner has trained to a high

Martial Arts: How do I punch harder?

The actual experience of a "hard punch" is deceptive. It's like hitting a baseball just the right way. When you do it right it seems effortless and the ball just flies. When you do it wrong, it hurts alot and the ball seems unimpressed.The key to that delivery is balance. I don't mean balance-beam balance, although

What are good workouts to build functional strength for fighting?

As a former professional trainer who worked with athletes including martial arts-specific strength and conditioning (coaching and advising MMA and other semi professionals), it's not so much "strength" that is important, not "strength" that takes down opponents and intimidates, but power which is entirely different and far more demanding to achieve. Power requires but is

What are some practical combat and self defense moves that everyone should know?

#Question name: What are some practical combat and self defense moves that everyone should know?14 SELF-DEFENSE TIPS THAT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE!hi friends, I checked all Quora answers and self defense resources on the internet and below are best tips for you. I hope

What are some self defense tips useful for a woman?

There are incidents we know where girls could not help themselves and became a victim of harassment, molestation, rape, and murder. When you have no one around and your dignity and life are at stake, IT IS YOU WHO SHOULD ACT!Fighting back is one thing we ask a woman to do, but we never

What are the best exercises for all around martial arts training?

One perspective I've noticed from my limited experience is that most all ancient martial arts used to have "Foundation" training.  And now they don't.  (For the stuff that people are cooking up in their own garages, with their own books, brands and video trainings that have less than a 100 year history today I honestly have no idea

What are the best sports or martial arts to introduce to a child in order to increase its flexibility and athleticism from an early age?

If you want to increase a child's flexibility and athleticism from an early age, the best answer will not be what you expect. I have watched young kids martial arts classes over the years. They basically are controlled daycare. Kids with

What is something that almost nobody knows about self defense?

I´ve dedicated my whole life to self defense.I´ve trained martial arts for over 18 years but only in the last few have i learned the most valuable things most people (even martial artists and self defense professionals) ignore:Fighting and self defense are two very different things. Most of the times, if you´re fighting,

What is the best workout plan for a martial arts fighter?

Full body work out. If one aespect of your strength is lacking compared to others (for example, your core might be really strong but your arms may need some work), you can tailor your workout accordingly.Also, don't stick with one workout rutine too long. Change it up. Your body will get used to

What was Bruce Lee's diet and exercise routine?

The original Bruce Lee Diet,Bruce Lee is famous for his devotion to martial arts and his great abilities in this field. He was not only an exceptional martial artist, but also a serious bodybuilder. He firmly believed that diet and nutrition played a very important role in achieving his

Are martial arts a good way to get fit? Or should I just go to the gym like everyone else?

I got an A2A on this:  I don't know much about the Japanese fitness industry.  I do know that as far as physical fitness is a by-product of martial arts as opposed to the primary concern of any particular martial

Can a natural born fighter defeat an MMA fighter?

This question is a bit vague. What makes a someone a

Do MMA fighters do cardio?

Yes. A huge amount. In fact, stamina is far more important than strength.A funny story: My son is an MMA fighter. He used to go to a relatively inexpensive gym and would work out on the StairMaster there-60 minutes at Level 20 (the highest level). But the gym wasn't well

Fitness: How can I start learning martial arts and dance?

You can join dance and and martial arts classes and practice stretching from YouTube videos. There are many good dance and martial arts classes in Delhi     The Art of Stretching – 53 Additional Images to Show You Exactly Which Muscle You Are Stretching (Part 1) » Make

How are Japanese martial arts better than Chinese martial arts?

My Japanese friends had combat sports like judo, karate, kendo, wrestling, kyudo, naginata fencing, and so on available to them as part of their standard education system.My Chinese friends... some had access to the performance sport of wushu but not combat sports where you strike/grapple armed/unarmed against an opponent . Martial arts schools and sports

How to learn martial arts by myself

In my opinion, no... at least not to any degree of real proficiency. By watching a video or reading out of a magazine you can certainly get a feel for the gross motor movements, however the finer movements you can only hone with the feedback from someone who understands what they are doing and what to look for. More

How to learn to do kickboxing

I kicked-boxed recreationally from 89-92 while in college.  Recreational is a term I am using to mean I had zero amateur or professional bouts but I sometimes sparred with both amateur and professional kick boxers and boxers.  I don't how much that qualifies me to answer

How to learn to fight

As Patrick said, Karate would be a good way to learn to fight, as would Chinese Kung Fu, which refers to many different styles of Chinese martial arts.Judging by how you were jumped in highschool, it's likely that you're either smaller

How to know if a Krav Maga place is authentic and teaches well and is not merely a 'belt factory'

Check the lead instructor's background, to see if there's a direct line to one of the legit organizations or to the IDF. Krav Maga has been broadly available in the U.S. for 20 years. There's quite a bit of infighting about which organizations are legit, but on the whole,

How do martial artists make a living? If someone would like to just quit everything and set themselves on the path of a determined martial artist for the love of the art, what would they have to do?

Let me begin by noting that you do not need to "just quit everything" to "set yourself on the path of a determined martial artist for the love of the art." In fact, I would argue that you show more "love of the art" by maintaining your

How do MMA fighters with glasses fight?

There are two ways neither being ideal.1: Take off your glasses and be partly blind. This shouldn't be "difficult" especially if you are use to being blind. You can generally see silhouettes, peripherals still pick up movement well and sight doesn't affect feel (when you

How to decide which martial art to learn

If you plan to strengthen the core, I'd say Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are very good for that. Most of these martial arts I mentioned below exercise your mental strength and discipline. For self defense purposes, I'd choose the

How to replace the grip on a Regenyei Messer

It's not particularly hard, but it's also not exactly easy, assuming you want to keep the original pommel cap.There are 2 main ways to do this:Remove the pommel cap and existing grip, replace it with the grip you want, and then replace the pommel cap.Remove the wrapping, cut away the

How effective are martial arts in real fights? Specifically, what advantages would one of a pair of otherwise identical clones have over the other?

1. you against your clone, empty handed. in an empty room. I would imagine that you would win. But by how much? would you be able to put him/her down like instantly and walk away unharmed? Fights contain an element of randomness/luck and fights to the death with no rules are even

How much money do I need to build an entire MMA gym?

A fair amount. You need to buy a property first. The property's cost depends on the area that surrounds it, and the size of the property. Then, you need to furnish the property to be a gym. You should invest in mats, a boxing and/ or mma

How profitable is an MMA gym?

Probably not that profitable. Boxing gyms aren't either. Fight gyms are usually owned by a trainer or manager and they use them to train their professional fighters, who's prize money, in part, is used to pay the gym's rent.The most profitable gyms right now are probably smaller CrossFit

How strong was Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee is a household name and, although he died relatively young, the legacy he left simply by being really good at punching people is astounding. Now there are many oft-repeated facts about the supposed almost superhuman abilities of Mr. Lee, and a simple Google search for his name leads to dozens of people questioning

How were the first martial art styles invented?

I doubt you could ever find a definitive answer. For almost as long as human beings have gotten into physical conflicts with each other, there will have been systematized methods of combat, both unarmed and armed. I suspect the names of some arts have been lost to history. I can't think of any pre-modern-era culture that wouldn't

I am interested in learning a traditional martial art. I feel drawn to either a Karate style or a Kung fu style. Is Karate more practical to learn?

Neither is more nor less practical. They generally have different philosophies behind their approach to combat. Most karate styles are pretty linear, emphasizing power in strikes and blocks; kung fu is a broad term encompassing many different styles of martial arts. In

I watched a video of a guy head butting his opponent in the nose to begin his attack. So many people thought that was wrong. In a street fight, what is considered off limits?

If you are talking about after school bullshit then just make sure you have friends who will keep the other person's friends from jumping in if you start winning. If you mean some real street shit, then anything goes, and I would recommend not getting involved unless you are willing to fight to the death, because you

If muscles get damaged by being hit eg martial arts training. Will the grow back stronger as with exercise?

With weight training, the muscle is NOT growing because of damage. This misconception comes from bro scientists not understanding the statements in studies. The studies found that increased micro-tears led to increased protein synthesis enzyme activity in the muscle. Bro scientists think that meant that more damage= bigger muscles, when it actually meant that

Is boxing considered a martial art?

No.A martial art has to be able to kill someone. It's not for self defense, it's to literally murder your opponent. You have to be able to walk out, get attacked, and be able to fight back with only your bare hands, and be able to kill

Is fighting my purpose in life?

Fighting in life is definitely meaningful unless the reason for which you fight is meaningful and correct. Do you want to know what those reasons are ?Fighting for your AIM and PASSION in life.Fighting for the expectations of your parents. They

Is gym good or bad for martial arts?

I don't think I'm the right person to answer this because I've never really been much into weight training - but thanks for the A2A.I guess spending time in the gym can't be bad, but you should always be careful, especially if you do a lot of weight training, to include a lot of stretching exercises

Is it possible to stay completely calm in a fight?

Is it possible? Yes. This isn't even debatable. Is it likely or common? No. Allow me to explain for a moment though. If somebody attacks you out of the blue and/or poses a real threat to you, no matter how trained you are

Is it worth buying this video set that includes training for 72 complete fighter skills (Judo, jiujitsu, boxing, krav maga, self defense, shaolin kung fu, etc.)?

I always wondered how those types of adverts make money. They always follow the exact same formula as millions of other websites and say something ridiculous like "save 90%; this was originally $1,000 and now it's only $100". "Buy in 20 minutes and save even more!" Everything on the webpage screams "I

Is kickboxing 5 times a week enough to stay in shape?

What's 'in shape?'Honestly...the term is probably one of the most loose, misunderstood terms out there.I feel like I've answered a bunch of questions like this on Quora lately and the answer that always applies is...'It depends...'What else are you doing during a kickboxing class?If you look at being in

Is MMA dangerous?

Short Answer: YES. Very Dangerous.Long Answer: It is a full contact sport where each fighter will try his/her best to kill the the other fighter (within the allowed rules).In MMA, you have different risks associated with Striking, Ground Fighting & Takedowns. Each category is different but equally dangerous. During my MMA training (as an

Is MMA really effective?

Many fans of MMA, boxing and the UFC have said (or probably have heard another fan saying) that

Martial Arts: What are some good ways to get iron fists?

Training for Iron Fists is a long and arduous process.Pan Qing Fu trained his fists by hitting an iron plate at least 1000 times a day, ever since he was six. He needed that edge to survive The Wild

Should I do both martial arts and gym? I do martial arts five days a week.

It depends, the best training is to the martial art itself. Most martial arts will include methods for solo training that help reinforce technique.Its more useful to do some cardio and stretching as well as some calisthenics than going to the gym and just lifting weights. I would stress calisthenics over weightlifting because

What did bruce lee's training consists of?

Master Bruce Lee, generally known as the legend of martial arts did not easily become a famous star. He at first learnt Wing Chung a type of Kung Fu by a master of that time, Grandmaster Ip Man. When Lee shifted to America he began working to encourage people of America

What do MMA fighters think of pro wrestling?

I think it's silly and ridiculous, just like most of the population over 10 years old. I'm guessing that a high percentage of the MMA fighters were fans of pro wrestling as children, so I imagine some of them are still casual

What do you think is the bodies fastest response to a right front kick to the groin 1) move your left foot left (sidestep) , 2) move your right foot back (spin) 3) move your hip quickly out of the way like a Hawaian sway?

This is why, when fighting, you stand with weight unevenly distributed between left and right (70/30, or possible 80/20).If you must move suddenly, push off the heaviest weighted foot. It's faster than moving from the lighter weighted foot.In Taijiquan we call standing with weight equally distributed being

What equipment is nessecary for an MMA gym at home (beginner)?

If you are a beginner I would recommend you to start up with a basic fitness level like :Running 5–6 Kms (stamina)Sprinting 50–100 m (stamina & endurance)7–10 High knees jumps to chest (power & Strength)Frog jumps & Duck walks (strength, balance &

What is the best legal device to carry for self-defense?

A slim fitting pistol, with good hand fit for you, that you can practice and become a decent prompt draw and good aiming success. In 9mm, .45 Cal, or .40 s&w Cal, or step down to .380 Cal as a second choice. ( All are fine, your choice- just

What is the best martial art to study for the pure benefit of physical fitness?

As Joseph notes, within a given style, the type of training can vary from school to school and instructor to instructor.For example, Taijiquan, taught in the old way (as a combat art), often included extremely vigorous training that would surely have been excellent for pure physical fitness as well. Some old masters talk

What is the best way to be extremely fit - learning mixed martial arts, practising yoga or hitting gym?

It all depends on how flexible your body is presently and age. If you are young and a male you should try MMA which will teach you self-defense and help you keep your body fit.  Yoga - If you want a healthy body and mind then you could try Yoga but only under

What is the deadliest martial art?

I don´t often do this, but since this kind of question is asked a lot in similar ways, i´m gonna copy an answer i gave in another post.I´ve dedicated my whole life to fighting and self protection, i´ve been training for over 19 years.i´ve been into competition fights, street fights and self defense situations and they

What is the difference between Tai Chi and yoga?

They are different exercises. Both are valuable.Yoga:Is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation and body flexibility.Tai ChiIs short for Tai Chi Chuan. Is a Chinese soft style martial art that I have

What is the exercise I should do to punch like Bruce Lee?

There are lots of exercises and training methodology to improve the punching efficiency. But I don't know whether those will make you punch like Bruce Lee! :DAny strike is kinetic energy; so it has 2 components - MASS & VELOCITY. If you learn how to increase these 2 components of a strike you

What is your experience of joining an MMA gym?

It hasbeen a long time since I joined a MMA gym. And, when I did, it at gym. So, I will tell you what I have learned from people walking through the door.Those who come in believing their skills are excellent and are

What kind of training regime did Bruce Lee used to be fast and strong while still maintaining his 'skinny' physique?

Way too sophisticated to answer here but in a nutshell, Bruce Lee developed his interior muscles rather than exterior muscles. He wasn't interested in being buff for the sake of being buff. He studied the human body and worked out

What martial arts are good for women and girls?

I have helped train numerous women over the years.It is not the martial art you choose that makes the difference in what fits best. It is the instructor and their methods. Maybe 200 years ago this would have been an

What was Bruce Lee's diet and exercise routine?

The original Bruce Lee Diet,Bruce Lee is famous for his devotion to martial arts and his great abilities in this field. He was not only an exceptional martial artist, but also a serious bodybuilder. He firmly believed that diet and nutrition played a

What's a good 'safe' martial art?

You want-safety-full armor sparring???-no rules hindering style-and a consequence of all this to be good at self-defense.I'm sorry, there's no martial art that fits your needs. Whatever

What's the most effective sport for real-world street fight?

There have been many good answers offering useful information, and some personal opinions based on individual experiences and preferences in one system or another, and even a few joke answers.  While the answer of running away is amusing it is not a practical answer.  Most

Where does one go to learn martial arts?

The easiest way to learn martial arts is by getting your self-associated with the clan. Those who are practicing martial arts.That's why you have seen that outdoor sports are not taught to you by the coach single on the field there are always players to accompany you.

Which martial arts discipline can I study to learn harmony, balance, fitness and character strength?

From the way you phrase the question, it sounds like you might enjoy Aikido.Most martial arts will help with fitness (by being active), physical balance (by learning to stand, move and fall), help build character strength (because you

Which weight class should I be fighting at in MMA?

Definitely not welterweight (170 lbs)Probably not lightweight (155 lbs)Probably featherweight (145 lbs)Maybe bantamweight (135 lbs)Here's some old data (from 2012) that analyzed MMA fighters by height. At 5′9–1/2, your closest match would be lightweight though, from what I've seen more recently both at the amateur and pro levels, it seems that featherweight might be the right

Which wild animals can a human being defeat in a fight with bare hands?

If by defeat you mean drive off, then most of these are possible to defeat. If a lone wolf or big cat sees a large human charging full sprint at it then it will likely fuck off. Wolves are cowards and cats are stalkers. Animals don't like to risk injury fighting for food. It can mean death.My

Who killed Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee, dressed in the traditional Chinese outfit he wore in the movie Enter The Dragon, was laid to rest in Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle in late July of 1973. But long before Lee's sudden and tragic death in a Hong Kong

Why are bodybuilders bad fighters?

It's very difficult to have a typical bodybuilder's physique and a high degree of aerobic fitness. Just too much muscle mass to keep oxygenated.Almost any sort of fighting, be it striking or grappling, requires a high degree of cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness if the fight lasts more

Why do MMA fighters make weight cuts instead of training at their weight class?

The motivation for cutting weight in combat sports (not just MMA) can almost always be narrowed down to this one reason: the fighter is heavier at their regular

Why do you do kickboxing?

Join? I don't really think of it as

Why is boxing less popular than MMA?

Because boxing has made it extremely difficult to be a fan of. In terms of cultural impact boxing has cemented itself for sure , it has a rich deep rooted history here in the states and it's golden era has produced legendary fighters and fights that fans will cherish and remember forever. I

Would Bruce Lee at his peak be able to contend with today's top MMA fighters?

Back in the 1960s-1970s, MMA didn't exist. There were only boxers, kick-boxers, karate, judo, TKD practitioners. Bruce Lee was the first to cross train in every martial art.Just look at his training partner whom are also his students.He trained wth ;Jhoon Goo Rhee aka Pioneer

Are martial arts or team sports with balls more beneficial to a young child's development?

From my experience with my two sons:One took up Tae Kwon Do for a full year as a 9 to 10 year old. He did fine, but then He determined that the classes were more for making money for the

Are punching bags safe/healthy?

No, heavy bags are not safe.  I studied tae kwon do for about 5 years and I logged probably over a thousand hours of heavy bag work on bags ranging from 50 lbs to 150 lbs when I was in my 20's (aka two decades ago).   I can tell you it is

Are wrist locks allowed in BJJ?

The short answer is yes but the longer answer is that it depends.For tournaments, it can vary widely depending on whether you in an IBJJF managed tournament or a local/in-house tournament. Always consult the rules or ask the referee.When rolling at an academy, ask

At what age should kids start learning martial arts?

I find that kids can learn something sensible from the point where they have the emotional maturity to work through something difficult without giving up.  From the sample set I have been involved in teaching, the youngest I see that is around six years old, and for

Can I learn martial arts at the age of 25? Will my body be flexible?

I am 32 right now. I started learning mma and boxing at the age of 31 after nearly a decade of inactivity. I definitely was not flexible enough to do a lot of kicks. I have a 38 year old who trains with me

Can I learn Taekwondo at the age of 23?

Definitely. One of the many beautiful things about TKD is that it is an Individual Sport done with a Group.Most local schools have a one week trial or a reduced cost initial month. Do these first. Get to know what kind of school you are

Can one build muscle just by training in martial arts?

Depends.Like honestly it depends how you train, and what. I'm an amateur boxer, and I don't have a lot of muscle, because the workouts I do are always cardio related, I rarely lift any weights whatsoever! But I know Boxers who do

Could the average male or a male who lift weights regularly take out a female MMA fighter?

It would depend on the female MMA fighter since there is a very wide discrepancy in size, skillset, ability, etc., even at the UFC level. Let's assume you're talking about one of the sport's big name fighters, like current two-division champion Amanda Nunes.Nunes is

Does BJJ teach strikes? I know a BJJ black belt that is very good at kicks (and very flexible).

Most BJJ schools these days are teaching only IBJJF sport jiujitsu, so the chances of the school teaching strikes is quite low.The original system of jiujitsu practiced by the Gracies did have strikes and kicks, but as already mentioned, it was used more as a tool to facilitate clinching.It has always been the

Does personal training at BJJ work?

Privates work, but it's a good idea to attend general classes as well. My instructor has had a couple of clients that exclusively took privates. One because of a health condition, and one because his hours of work clashed with all of our classes.I help

Has a professional MMA fighter or boxer ever entered the ring then been too scared to fight their opponent?

It almost happened. Ironically, Mike Tyson was known for getting very nervous before fights early in his career. Tyson was just 18 years old when he turned pro. When he was an amateur, he often had to be

How to become more flexible for martial arts kicks

By stretching often and carefully.There are a myriad stretching exercises which you can target on the particular tendons required for the particular kicks you're interested in.But you must always warm up before (and it helps if you warm down after) and be very careful not to overdo it, or you can break a tendon which

How to make my core strong like MMA fighters

Get a six pack and a strong core workout with our mixed martial arts training. This Muay Thai kickboxing routine will get you training tough like the MMA fighters.1 THAI PLANKSets: 3 Reps: 5-10 (each side)Get into pushup position and then bend

How do fighting gyms keep athlete's foot from spreading via floor mats?

Making the students clean the mats on a daily, or more, basis with the proper chemicals.  This was done at every BJJ school I've attended.  You could also hire a janitor, but making the new students do it is cheaper.Encouraging proper hygiene (e.g., showering before and after each training session) via posted signs and

How to regain my flexibility for taekwondo

That depends on how you lost your flexibility.If you are on the mend from injury, your doctor must be consulted. Depending on the stage of your recovery, different activities will be recommended.If you are returning from hiatus, then you regain it by doing normal exercises.

How do Martial Arts that propound closed fist strikes, explain the high rate of people injuring their hand when punching?

At least where I trained they taught us how to punch and where to punch to reduce the risk of breaking your knuckles. They taught multiple different strikes.1/2 closed knuckle to the palm strike.closed palm strike.standing hammerfist (obviously closed fist).ridge strike (using the ridge

How much weight do MMA flyweights cut?

Talk to your coaches! Your coaches will know you and what you can handle better than I can based off of a weight and a fat percentage.I'll try to throw some advice out there anyways, but for sure how talk to

In martial arts, how can I punch faster?

There are several practical ways to approach this:Relax -- this is probably the most important overall. Tense muscles are slow muscles, especially if you carry residual tension in the OPPOSING muscles while punching.In a misguided attempt to hit harder or even faster, most

In martial arts training, how can I protect my hands while punching?

Well, you can't really. Even with your hands correctly positioned, if you punch a bony structure, ribs, jaw (head area in general), there's a decent chance you're gonna end up with bruised knuckles.However, if your hands and how they are held when you throw a punch is correct, this should

Is doing 2 to 3 hour long martial arts classes 4 times a week enough exercise?

In my younger days I managed to go to classes 5 days a week. Sometimes even 6 or 7 if there was a workshop or a special training session. Each class was about 2 hours, some of the special ones even 3 to 4. I was about 18 at the time, was very fit

Is it possible to learn martial arts at the age of 35?

What martial arts can I start practicing at the age of 33?Depending on the shape you're in, and background, all of them. There are caveats. At age 33, you're at the beginning of the time when injuries start taking longer to heal. Throwing out your back now might take you 2 or 3 days to

Is work out + martial arts too much?

I would say not, I workout at 6:00 am every morning, whether it be open gym for football, or lifting weights for obvious reasons. So after working out, I go to school, then track, then work, and finally homework when I get home. Maybe I'll squeeze in an

Martial Arts: Can a human be killed by a single punch or kick?

I'm no doctor but I have researched this before.Keep in mind, the human body is a fragile thing, it's mostly water remember. While generally if our whole body absorbs the impact of a blow we can remain relatively fine, force that is focused on specific impact points, head heart, kidneys, lungs

Martial Arts: How do I punch harder?

The actual experience of a "hard punch" is deceptive. It's like hitting a baseball just the right way. When you do it right it seems effortless and the ball just flies. When you do it wrong, it hurts alot and the ball seems unimpressed.The key to that delivery is