Could the Daleks defeat the Avengers?

The Daleks curbstomp the Avengers. They're equipped with planet busting tech on their ships, which they consider to be antiquated, galaxy busting tech is the meta for the Dalek Empire and if that isn't bad enough they also has universe busting and

Could the Men in Black (1997 movie) defeat the Chitari invasion from the Avengers (2012)?

Thanks for A2A.They should be able to. The office of the Men in Black is filled to the brim with space related weapons and knowledge.The weapons will allow for physical defense. As seen in their 3 films, they have plenty of weapons of mass destruction as

Where was Captain Marvel in The Avengers?

She - during her movie - finds out she is very powerful; which the heads such as Kevin Feige has stated she will be the most powerful character in the MCU. She may feel at the end of her movie, that she's too powerful and needs to maybe:go to other galaxies

What is the superpower that Black Widow possesses in The Avengers (2012)?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Widow has no super powers.She is a master spy, a master of disguise, she know how to fight, how to shoot, she is the most probable Avenger. Theoretically, someone could become Black Widow. She also uses some electricity-based tech.In the comics, she received some kind of Super-soldier serum, and was modified

Could the Avengers beat the US Army?

Yes, totally. I mean you've got a trained super soldier that's got the strength of around 50 men wielding a shield that's made from one of the toughest and rarest metals in the universe. Then, you've got a Demi-God wielding a hammer that can strike lightning, also possessing the ability to fly. Next up you have a trained

Will there be a third Avengers movie?

Yes, it's called Infinity War and it will have two parts, one in May 2018 and another in May 2019

Could the Jedi council during the Clone Wars defeat the Avengers from the first Avengers movie in a battle?

First lets set some things straight: "Could defeat" is a pretty low burden to prove here.  Is it possible? Absolutely.  To make this question more interesting, though, I'll discuss whether or not the Jedi would be likely to beat the Avengers.So who are the Jedi Council during the Clone

Could the Avengers beat the US Army?

Yes, totally. I mean you've got a trained super soldier that's got the strength of around 50 men wielding a shield that's made from one of the toughest and rarest metals in the universe. Then, you've got a Demi-God wielding a hammer that can strike lightning, also possessing the ability to fly. Next up you have a trained

How to download The Avengers

There are no specific free site only to download avenger.But you can check the torrent proxy sites. There you will find high resolution movies in HD quality. If you are a anime lover you can also download anime series from the torrent sites. Go here for movie downloading,sports streaming and

Why was the opening weekend of Avengers: Age of Ultron so much less than for the first Avengers movie?

The original Avengers made $207 million on opening weekend.The Age of Ultron made an estimated $191 million on opening weekend.Avengers: Age Of Ultron Opening Weekend Box Office Rises To $191.3 MillionIs it less? Yes, by about

Can Spider-Man defeat all the members of the Avengers?

Thanks so much for an interesting question! Let's play out the different scenarios. There have been way too many Avengers at different points in time, so I will include the current Avengers from the MCU: Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon, Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Antman, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Hulk, and Thor.Spider-man vrs. Hawkeye:

Would the Avengers have lost New York if they instead fought the Outriders, who are bigger and stronger than the Chitauri and not controlled by a power source?

Nope. The Avengers wouldn't have technically won, but they wouldn't have lost either, and New York would not have fallen.See, against the Outriders, the ground battle is lost for sure - Cap, Hawkeye and Widow die pretty quick if they

Will everyone return in Avengers 4?

Question as answered: Will everyone come back to life in Avengers 4?Everyone who died in the Snap will come back to life, almost guaranteed. Gamora might, as well. Loki probably won't, nor will Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, or Proxima

Could the Avengers defeat a Dalek and/or Cybermen invasion?

first they both come from a planetary invasion not through a portal. They both come with 1 million each and 200 thousand ships  cybermen main ships say in atmosphere and fire down on cities and military defences including helicarrier multiple helicarriers, bases etc destroyed, then the invasion force comes first

Will there be a third Avengers movie?

Yes, it's called Infinity War and it will have two parts, one in May 2018 and another in May 2019

Would the Doctor beat the Avengers?

I'd say yes, we are talking about the being that destroys entire races, in the case of the War Doctor he does it because he can, he defeated a Parasite God by letting it know his thoughts, he defeated the Family of Blood in ways so extreme that war fleets run in fear at his

What was special about the movie 'The Avengers' that makes it the third highest grossing movie of all time?

Its $1.491 Billion, so we can consider it to be $1.5 Billion.Coming to reasons:1). Fan base from comic books - Huge factor (Examples - Hunger games, Harry potter, Lord of the rings etc...).2). Excessive publicity - Very important since 20th century, both domestic and international.3).

Do you think the Avengers could lose again in Avengers 4?

No...but also yes.This is the grand finale for all of the original avengers. Many of which are possibly going to perish in one form or another as a sacrifice to bring back the dusted ones and defeat Thanos, or whoever the big bad for A4 would be. Heck

In the credits scene of the first Avengers film, Thanos smiled at 'courting death'. What does it mean 'to court death'? Is Thanos just cocky?

Yes.Thanos is death itself, ranging from planet to planet killing half their population and no one stands in his way.Now in terms of space and where Thanos is doing his work it's like the Outer Rim in Star Wars, he's going planet to planet murdering half of these species in his twisted personal quest.Now because

Why weren't Batman, Superman or Spider-Man chosen to be a part of The Avengers?

First, let me welcome you to this world. Here we have many comics book publications, but two big names are DC and Marvel. Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc are DC comics character while Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Thanos, etc are characters belonging to Marvel comics. The Avengers is a group of superheros and

Why are they called The Avengers? What are they avenging?

The first ever Avengers adventure was Loki trying to get Thor killed by Hulk. He tricked Hulk into destroying a railroad and then diverted a distress signal meant for Fantastic Four to Thor, hoping for a confrontation and demise of his brother by Hulk. However, this distress signal

In The Avengers, what does Black Widow mean when she tells Hawkeye, 'I've been compromised'?

It's simply a way for her to let Barton know he's not the only one whose head got messed with by Loki. While Natasha held it together during her

Why did Thanos give up mind stone for the Tessaract?

The query makes a false assumption in the plot and character events of 2012's Avengers.Loki's failure to defeat the Avengers in 2012 resulted in him losing the Sceptre that Thanos LOANED to him. The arrangement was for Loki to use the Mind Stone in the Sceptre in order to

Why did Captain urge Natasha Romanoff to close the portal before allowing iron man to return in The Avengers?

The portal was open for quite a while and the erupting Chitauri forces had caused a lot of damage already.When fury's superiors attempted to Nuke the city Iron Man intercepted and carried the Nuke into the portal.As soon as Stark entered the portal his coms were down (his call

Who made the Avengers?

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Who created the characters, who created the team, or who made the 2012 movie? Well, I suppose I'll answer all of those.The original six Avengers (in the MCU!) were Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Most of these

Why was Captain Marvel not shown in the Avengers: Endgame official trailer?

When it comes to Marvel, they are not going to get you better insight in the teaser trailer. As it is going to spoil the plot of their story. They want you to better understand by watching the movie. Coming to the question of Captain Marvel not being in the trailer might be

Did the end of the Incredible Hulk movie influence Hulk's ability to control his change in the Avengers?

David Maynard's link is awesome! Here's the key quote:Ruffalo said he approached his character not as an homage or a reboot, but rather as the next step in an evolutionary process.

Banner said Thanos was theist powerful being in the universe with 2 stones. Why didn't the Avengers keep Strange & Vision together to be too powerful for anyone to defeat?

To add to what everyone else has said, I don't think Vision even knows how to use the mind stone effectively. We've never really seen him try. And I would presume you need the gauntlet (or something of the type) to

Which Avengers movie is the best?

According to me it's The Infinity War cause it presented way more new things than the other two parts even presented.This was the most unique out the 3 parts of the Avenger's movie.From the beginning of this movie we can see mass annihilation of The

Could someone sequentially arrange the Marvel's Avengers Initiative movies?

The Marvel's "Avengers Initiative Movies" or the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) have been divided into three phases till now.Phase 1:Iron Man -------------- May 2, 2008The Incredible Hulk -------------- June 13, 2008Iron Man 2 -------------- May 7, 2010Thor -------------- May 6, 2011Captain America: The first Avenger -------------- July 22, 2011The Avengers

In the movie The Avengers (2012), what weapon did Loki use to stab Thor?

They don't specifically name it in either of the films but in the comics he has a weapon called, somewhat unsurprisingly, ‘the Dagger of Loki' which a one-off character called ‘The Mad Viking' got possession of and it gave him

Is Hulk in the new Avengers movie?

Yes, Mark Ruffalo will be reprising his role as Bruce Banner/Hulk. Rufallo has confirmed he will be appearing in Infinity war and Avengers 4( previously Infinity war part 2). Recently Rufallo went to D23, Disney fan club, along with his avengers cast mate to promote infinity wars. Here Rufallo said the Hulk's new story-line will start in Ragnarok, where

What are some Oracle references in Iron Man & Avengers?

Source: [Larry Ellison] The CEO of Oracle Corporation (a billionaire playboy, who has often been compared to Tony Stark) is glimpsed briefly at the Stark Expo. As he walks past, Stark says, "It's the Oracle of Oracle". Oracle's brand is prominently placed at several

Did Loki lose to the Avengers purposely in the first Avengers film?

Nope. If you hadn't noticed from his interactions in subsequent movies, Loki is a greedy, spiteful little monkey. He was certainly trying to win, he just didn't think very much of world domination because, having been raised as an Asgardian, he has a very... casual relationship with the whole idea of murder and conquest.

Do Black Widow and Hawkeye have powers? If not, why are they part of the Avengers?

They have extraordinary skill, but that is not what qualifies them for the Avengers.There are dozens of prodigious super spies and field agents who could nearly equal them in combat, who are just as

Why is Captain America the leader of the Avengers when they have more powerful beings like Hulk, Thor and Iron Man?

In the Marvel movie universe, there are really only three viable leaders for The Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. Hulk is powerful but he himself cannot control his powers forget about controlling the team at times of internal conflict.An ideal leader should have good leadership qualities and a good character. Weapons/Powers

What is the best order to watch the Marvel movies in order to understand Avengers: Endgame?

What is the best order to watch the Marvel movies in order to understand Avengers: Endgame?I agree with the idea you ideally should watch all 20 or so films in chronological order, but if you can't watch them all, then:The Bare Minimum: (9–10 films in the order I think is best)

How and how much are the Avengers (characters, not cast) paid for saving the world?

Although the previous answer says Zero, I'd like to point out it's not Zero.Yeah Tony is a billionaire and he probably takes care of everything. But each member of the AVENGERS was a member of SHIELD till it existed (till Captain America : Winter Soldier). After that SHIELD was basically discredited and brought down along with HYDRA.Ever

Will The Avengers uncut version be successful?

I am biased of course but I think that there are enough fans who will go and enjoy the extra depth and insight into the characters the longer edit has to make a theatrical re-release successful, both financially and critically.

Who's going to beat Thanos in the next Avengers movie between Captain Marvel or the other heroes?

Marvel writers are really smart. So while it will most likely be Captain Marvel who ultimately

What do you think about Avengers 4 being called Avengers: Endgame?

Trailer of the Avengers movie is finally out, and within few minutes, it broke the internet.The fans were eagerly waiting for it.Its first part, Avengers infinity way, not only managed to keep the expectations of the fans but also made sure that the fans should be asking for more.MCU invested 10 years and dozens films to reach here, and

Which is Better: The Dark Knight or The Avengers?

The Dark Knight, in my book.Yes, The Avengers had a higher worldwide box-office gross, manifold star power, shorter running time, and a somewhat happy ending. I enjoyed the film's slightly quirky sense of humor as well as tremendously epic action sequences. But if I had to choose between paying to watch one of the

What would have happened if Iron Man hadn't stopped the nuclear missile in the Avengers movie?

New York would be destroyed, as would all but two of the Avengers and the vast majority of the Chitauri forces on this side of the wormhole. Several million would be dead, depending on the yield of the missile. The wormhole itself would be just fine, as would all Chitauri forces on the other side

Could Iron Man have won the fight between him and Thor in the Avengers?

In order for Iron man to win a fight is if he done what you called a,

In the Avengers, why does Iron Man not conduct when Thor hit him with lightning?

A few reasons come to mind. First, the interior of the suit is insulated against electrical charges applied to the metallic armor. Second, the suit DID conduct the electricity, it merely conducted it to some sort of storage device. Third, being an advanced weapons