Without revealing the spoiler, how big is the spoiler in "Avengers: Infinity War" compared to the spoilers in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back"?

I'll put it this way: Infinity War is the Empire Strikes Back of Marvel films. The spoiler/cliffhanger in IW is like ESB times 10 on crack. If you don't know what's coming you're in for quite a shock.Not sure what spoiler you're referring to in The Force Awakens... the death of Han?

Is Thor (MCU) a god or not? It's implied he isn't in 'Thor: The Dark World', but he's constantly referred to as 'God of Thunder'.

The Asgardians admit themselves that they are not gods. They just happen to be different species. They don't seem to be immortal, either; Odin showed some very clear signs of aging and was clearly not in his prime anymore, suggesting that there is a prime to be in.God of ______ is just a title that

What do you think of Marvel killing off Logan and Charles?

Fox pulled the trigger:)It's the expected end of the trylogy. It is a common concept in mainstream movie production - to make trilogies, where it is possible. It maximises the profit and does not let the audience to be annoyed or repulsed in any way by

How many cameos do you think Stan Lee pre-recorded before his death?

I think they have already recorded Stan Lee cameos for the following upcoming movies:Disney's Captain Marvel and Avengers 4Fox's Once Upon A Deadpool (i.e. PG 13 re-release of Deadpool 2), Dark Phoenix and New MutantsSony's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verseIf I remember right the above-mentioned movies has already finished filming at the

What is something that almost nobody knows about the Marvel character War Machine?

James Rhodes was the Iron Man in the Secret Wars miniseries, having taken over the role from Tony Stark just briefly before he was taken along with the other heroes and villains to Battleworld. So all the Iron Man moments in Secret Wars (the original) are James Rhodes. The

Why was the opening weekend of Avengers: Age of Ultron so much less than for the first Avengers movie?

The original Avengers made $207 million on opening weekend.The Age of Ultron made an estimated $191 million on opening weekend.Avengers: Age Of Ultron Opening Weekend Box Office Rises To $191.3 MillionIs it less? Yes, by about

Who do you think will have the most pivotal role in defeating Thanos in Avengers 4?

Most likely Iron Man and Captain Marvel. We already know that Captain Marvel will be incredibly important as the MCU moves on, and that she's the most powerful of all the Avengers.Iron Man, on the other hand, has a distinct

Where was Stan Lee's cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, or did I simply miss it?

Yes, Stan Lee did have a cameo in GotG.On the planet Xandar when we first meet Rocket Racoon, you see him scanning the population with a pair of binoculars and making sarcastic commentsHe notices Stan Lee who has his arm around the waist of a

Will everyone return in Avengers 4?

Question as answered: Will everyone come back to life in Avengers 4?Everyone who died in the Snap will come back to life, almost guaranteed. Gamora might, as well. Loki probably won't, nor will Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive, or Proxima

Should Marvel make CGI Stan Lee cameos in movies after he eventually dies of old age?

That's an interesting question - Roy Orbison's hologram is currently doing a concert tour, and I think we've all seen at least excerpts of previous hologram performances by Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson.The one common denominator for all of these artists is that they

What would the perfect Stan Lee cameo be in a Marvel movie?

My idea for a Spider-Man: Far From Home CameoBetty Brant and Ned Leeds are holding hands and are riding the feris wheel like we've seen in set photos.As they are in line, an old man (Stan Lee) approaches.

Will Iron Man defeat Thanos in Avengers 4 and how?

I don't know if Iron Man will defeat Thanos by himself but he certainly will place a huge roll in the fall of the Titan.The simple fact that Dr Strange gave up the Time Stone in order to keep Tony alive says that Stark is the

Will Thanos appear in Avengers 4?

Avengers 4 is technically Infinity Wars:2 . Since infinity wars deal with Infinity stones and Avengers , i think it's a pretty good guess that Thanos will be present in Avengers 4.

Could the Avengers defeat a Dalek and/or Cybermen invasion?

first they both come from a planetary invasion not through a portal. They both come with 1 million each and 200 thousand ships  cybermen main ships say in atmosphere and fire down on cities and military defences including helicarrier multiple helicarriers, bases etc destroyed, then the invasion force comes first

Would the Doctor beat the Avengers?

I'd say yes, we are talking about the being that destroys entire races, in the case of the War Doctor he does it because he can, he defeated a Parasite God by letting it know his thoughts, he defeated the Family of Blood in ways so extreme that war fleets run in fear at his

How many Avengers are there?

In the first Avengers, there are 6. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.In Age of Ultron, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Vision are added.In Infinity War, Spider-Man was added.I don't think Black Panther would be considered an

How did the trend of Stan Lee making cameos in Marvel movies begin?

It was originally decided by either Sam Raimi for the first Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Macguire or the original X-men director Bryan Singer. Raimi definitely wanted to pay tribute to the creator. While the X-men films were the first to do it, I

Will Iron Man die in Avengers: Infinity War?

I dont think so.I see three potential reason for the MCU creators (Russo Brothers) to keep him aliveMoney: Its an undeniable fact that Robert Downey Jr brings in a lot of money and people for the the franchise. Fans (including me) go nuts over the style, swag and the way he carries the character.

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) will eventually have to end, but when (I don't want it to end, I'm just wondering if anyone has a rough idea)?

The MCU has many records that other studios and movie companies/makers do not have. A build up of 20 movies in 10 years, within the same universe and constantly cross referencing each other in their films to keep the continuity

Whose was the saddest death in Avengers: Infinity War?

Most of them were sad on some level.It's currently fashionable to hate Peter Quill, but think about his last line in the film, as he starts to fade away, the look of horror on his face as he realizes the magnitude of his mistake. He gets just one line, and it's simple, but

What does DCEU need to do to compete with Marvel?

Slow it down: Trying to set up what Marvel did in 7 years, in the gap of 1–2 years.Marvel made five movies before it got to The Avengers. They built up each Avenger individually in standalone films before bringing them all together for a world-smashing adventure. In contrast, DC and Warner

What's going to happen when Iron Man and Captain America meet in the next Avengers movie?

What's going to happen when Iron Man and Captain America meet in the next Avengers movie?One of the disappointments I had with Infinity War was that Tony and Steve didn't meet. But the fact that the Avengers/GotG were split into groups made for better pacing, and it put off the inevitable argument that would have ensued before Thanos'

Will Iron Man die in Avengers: End Game (2018 movie)?

Whoa! Avengers 4 officially know as Endgame is reportedly marvel's last movie.According to sources, it is the last time for Chris Evans who seemingly bid farewell to his famous, Captain America.For more information, you can checkout below, I am not promoting this website this is just for your info:Avenger 4: Endgame trailer released!

When will the Avengers 4 trailer be released?

Somewhere between 18 Dec to 25 Dec. Why? I do have the answers.I wanna clarify one thing first that there's nothing good and evil in business so don't bother discussing that, Disney is here to stay in business.Here's the release date of Justice league last year,

Who are the 5 most powerful Asgardians seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Odin, he is the oldest of them all, he locked away Hela at the peak of her power, won a lot of wars and did a whole lot more.Hela, Odin's oldest daughter, draws power from Asgard and helped Odin conquer the

Which is more powerful, the Infinity Stones or the Anti-Life Equation?

Well it might be seen in different ways, but I would like to list pros of both.Anti life equation provides an ability to control will of any being. That's all.Infinity stones collected together grant immense power to one who wield them because mind stone, soul stone and

From where did Captain Marvel come?

The character debuted in the title Marvel Super-Heroes as an officer in the United States Air Force and Security Chief of a restricted military base, where Danvers meets Dr. Walter Lawson(Mar-Vell), the human alias of alien

What happens to someone after dying in the Marvel universe?

According to Marvel's mythos after dying any Marvelite will go-unto-Death, the actual cosmic entity; if the deceased was part of a specific religion or had made a pact with a demonic entity, say Mephisto, then their soul would go to the realm related to that religion (Hades, Hel, Hell, Asgard, etc.) or pact.However, in practice, the real

Do you think the Avengers could lose again in Avengers 4?

No...but also yes.This is the grand finale for all of the original avengers. Many of which are possibly going to perish in one form or another as a sacrifice to bring back the dusted ones and defeat Thanos, or whoever the big bad for A4 would be. Heck

In the credits scene of the first Avengers film, Thanos smiled at 'courting death'. What does it mean 'to court death'? Is Thanos just cocky?

Yes.Thanos is death itself, ranging from planet to planet killing half their population and no one stands in his way.Now in terms of space and where Thanos is doing his work it's like the Outer Rim in Star Wars, he's going planet to planet murdering half of these species in his twisted personal quest.Now because

What are the most senseless and the cringe scenes in Avengers: Infinity War?

What are the most senseless and the cringe scenes in Avengers: Infinity War?Senseless: This is a comic book movie. We have to accept magic, magic stones, gods, space flight, talking trees/racoons, superpowers, I could go on; it's all pretty senseless. A few things that didn't make sense in the context of all this:Wakandan army- what? I think

Will Captain America have more of an important role in Avengers 4 compared to Avengers: Infinity War?

Will Captain America has a more important role in Avengers 4? Unfortunately I can only say he's gonna have to have one. I mean Thanos took away most the guardians, lots of earths heroes, and well Hela got lots of the Asgardians only for them to get taken out to. We

What is the right order to watch the entire Marvel Animated Universe?

Marvel Animated Universe - Timeline WORK IN PROGRESS; More to be added as the shows progress.  circa. 66 million B.C. ???? Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. 2x19, "Days of Future Smash, Part 1: The Dino Era" ("Mesozoic Era" scenes)  circa. 900 A.D. ???? Hulk

Who is the best Marvel character to have not appeared in a movie?

Hi There -Oh there are so many!A GOOD version of the Silver Surfer would be a fantastic film if the director does it right.I could see a film of the Invaders doing really well and would bring together Captain America (who

Why didn't the Nova Corps go after Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)?

Thor actually says this in Infinity War on the Milano with the Guardians. When Gamora asks why he thinks Thanos is going to Knowhere, Thor says that the Black Order had already destroyed the Nova Corps on Xandar and took the Power stone. I thought at the time

Can the Space Stone be used to slice things off, just like Doctor Strange's sling ring?

That particular usage hasn't been shown but I would imagine if someone or something got caught half way into or out of a portal, a piece would be left behind. The magic of the sling ring made a hot slice that seemed to sizzle. I could imagine the space stone making the appendage seem to vanish. No it's here,

SPOILER: Which of the characters who died in Avengers: Infinity War do you think will stay dead?

Who is most and least likely to stay dead after Avengers 4?I'm assuming those that turned to dust are dead, but that all deaths are potentially reversible, due to the Time Stone and all.Definitely dead:Who will definitely die in Avengers 4 will be Steve Rogers. We know Chris Evans is done with the part. So are Idris Elba and

Why weren't Batman, Superman or Spider-Man chosen to be a part of The Avengers?

First, let me welcome you to this world. Here we have many comics book publications, but two big names are DC and Marvel. Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc are DC comics character while Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Thanos, etc are characters belonging to Marvel comics. The Avengers is a group of superheros and

Who would win in a fight: Captain America or Batman?

I've been reading these comments, and the opinion is mostly that Captain America would win in a fight because he is more durable. I disagree. Two reasons:mental strength and endurance.Batman has fought the entire JL to a standstill in the new joker series. His plans killed them

How likely is it that Captain Marvel and War Machine will be shown as romantically involved in Avengers 4 or the Captain Marvel movie?

0% Give or take.As far as we know, Rhody isn't in Captain Marvel. They could get a cameo past but I don't think a major role is even on the table ( esp considering Don Cheadle was shooting a full season as lead of an upcoming Showtime series throughout most of

How were Tony and Peter able to breathe on Titan in the Avengers: Infinity War?

After they Defeated Ebony Maw Tony checked on the ship and advised Dr. Strange that the ship had auto course corrected and was heading back to Titan. So when he did that he obviously also noticed that Titan had a comparable atmosphere to Earth also if he searched the ship and found no breathing apparatus then it can also