Who is more powerful, The Spectre or The Living Tribunal?

Without a doubt, the Living Tribunal is significantly more powerful than the Specter. Their spheres of influence are quite different, where the Living Tribunal adjudicates over issues of Universal or even Multiversal import, the Specter is more concerned with Earthly concerns, though can and will act against greater threats if he is needed to do so.

Where was Captain Marvel in The Avengers?

She - during her movie - finds out she is very powerful; which the heads such as Kevin Feige has stated she will be the most powerful character in the MCU. She may feel at the end of her movie, that she's too powerful and needs to maybe:go to other galaxies

Is Stan Lee the god father in American comics circle?

No. Stan Lee is the celebrity in American comics circles; his contribution to the medium itself is much more limited (how much so is debatable).Stan was a very visible presence in the early days of Marvel comics. He wrote nearly all of their popular titles, as well as letter columns and

In the MCU, if the Outriders have replaced the Chitauri during the Battle of New York, would they have won?

Sure. If anyone has read my bio you know I'm more partial to Steve Rogers, but in this situation, its a lot harder if not impossible to win if your the avengers. Think about it. If what I'm thinking is right, and as Thanos said after the battle

Who will win, Batman or the Avengers?

Batman is not as reflexible as Iron Man.Batman wears Kevlar Jump Suit but Iron Man wears Gold and Titanium alloyed suit equipped with multiple weapons like color sensing missiles.And yes Iron Man has J.A.R.V.I.S.You were talking about batman vs the avengers so if Iron Man can defeat him technologically and Captain America will defeat him by martial arts.

What are your predictions for what will happen in Avengers 4?

Loki was inside Bruce Banner.Loki has tricked Thor, Odin, Hela, Malakith, Laufey, Avengers and many more beings far powerful than Thanos, surely he could have tricked him too.While Ragnarok established Loki can make holographic clones of himself, Thor : The Dark World established

Why was Gwen Stacy killed off?

Because it's an adaptation of the Spider-Man comic in which the girl really dies in 1 issueDon't know which issue sorry for that

Are gods aliens in the Marvel Universe?

They are aliens who are so powerful and have such amazing technology that less developed species, such as humans from Earth, think they are Gods. But they aren't really Gods, not in the sense of personifications of certain aspects of the Universe.There are real God, such

Will we get an Avengers vs. X-Men movie?

In Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege's own words :It's an impossibility at this juncture. We certainly have enough films to keep us busy for a number of lifetimes.That said, the future is uncertain and as the deal with Spider-Man (once an impossibility in itself) has proved, nothing is

What will happen to the Marvel Universe now that Stan Lee is gone?

Unfortunately, Marvel fans out there have to come to the realization sooner rather than later that Stan Lee, the man, the comic book legend, is getting old. The now 93 or 94 year-old comic book writer, editor, actor, and all-around hilarious character, has had quite the impact on the comic book industry. But at some

Who would win in a fight between Thanos and Maestro?

Thanos, personal power only, wins because he isn't just strength and power, he is also a master tactician. The Hulk is a known quantity, his capabilities and limitations so Thanos would have a dozen plans ready to go to counter his power. Ooops, the Hulk was teleported into space,

Will the Living Tribunal be in the MCU?

Odds are kind of low I think, there is no indication they are going to go full abstract cosmic with the next 2 Avengers movies and that is where we'd see him. He could show up in a Doctor Strange sequel but I just don't think they are going to introduce it.

Why does Deadpool destroy the Marvel universe?

In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe he becomes more aware that he's in a comic and more insane and then tried to free all marvel heroes from the pain that they always get from living in a comic book . The second time in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again he was brainwashed by the Gillian's.

What is the superpower that Black Widow possesses in The Avengers (2012)?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Widow has no super powers.She is a master spy, a master of disguise, she know how to fight, how to shoot, she is the most probable Avenger. Theoretically, someone could become Black Widow. She also uses some electricity-based tech.In the comics, she received some kind of Super-soldier serum, and was modified

Which Marvel characters can kill the Hulk?

None of those mentioned, other than the Celestial/cosmic entities could kill the Hulk. The surfer used to be thought of as a possibility, but even he would have serious issues with trying. Wolverine can't. There's nothing he could do that would kill the

Can Domino from Marvel be killed?

Well, there obviously is the case in which no human can survive, like a Moon-size meteor hitting Earth. But it's horribly uninteresting how her power works. Like in any kind of situation, she has the top. So even for the above scenario, she probably will be on one of the spaceships that escapes

What will you miss about Stan Lee?

I'll definitely miss his various cameos.Watching Stan Lee in Marvel movies were always a fun. And not just in Marvel movies. I just loved his unexpected cameos in Runaways or Teen Titans Go.But what I will miss the most is that the fact that the man who created history, the

Who would win a fight, General Zodd or Thanos?

Superman is like the Captain America of Kryptonians with all their DNA whereas Zod is more like the Punisher. With his huge advantage in Knowledge and technique he could fight Superman effectively for a while until the inevitable. Still, Zod is incredibly powerful and would win against a Gauntless Thanos with great difficulty 6/10 times.

Do I need to read Marvel comics in order?

Here's what I suggest: before starting, decide what you want to follow. The Avengers? Spider-Man? The X-men? and stick to that. You don't have to start at the beginning of them, but there are definitely places that are easiest to start. I would suggest trying to stay as close to the order from where you begin.

Is Thor (MCU) a god or not? It's implied he isn't in 'Thor: The Dark World', but he's constantly referred to as 'God of Thunder'.

The Asgardians admit themselves that they are not gods. They just happen to be different species. They don't seem to be immortal, either; Odin showed some very clear signs of aging and was clearly not in his prime anymore, suggesting that there is a prime to be in.God of ______ is just a title that

With the sad passing of Stan Lee, will the studios continue his famous cameos in future Marvel movies via CGI?

In my personal opinion, I feel like since Avengers 4 is already wrapped filming, they have probably already filmed his cameo before he passed, and if that's the case, I feel like that should rightfully be his last cameo. (Maybe he already filmed a Spider-Man: Far From Home cameo, but I don't

Can Iron Man defeat Hulk?

Actually, there have been multiple confrontations between these two. First that comes to mind is the Original Sin where Tony (Iron Man) was on the run from the hulk and could not defeat him with a city of weapons at his arsenal. This one went completely in the favor of the Hulk. But there have been also multipe occasions

Will Iron Man die in Avengers: Infinity War?

I dont think so.I see three potential reason for the MCU creators (Russo Brothers) to keep him aliveMoney: Its an undeniable fact that Robert Downey Jr brings in a lot of money and people for the the franchise. Fans (including me) go nuts over the style, swag and the way he carries the character.

Do you think Stan Lee wants his digital likeness to be used in Marvel comic book movie cameos after he passes away?

I think the better question is does his audience want that? Do audiences want that?Artists come and go, and have now since forever. We only recently discovered we have the technology to bring people

Who would win in a fight between Voldemort and Thor?

Considering MCU Thor as in the movies (because I haven't read enough comics for this) and Voldemort as we all have come to know and love him?It all depends on whether Avada Kedavra could kill Thor. Now, the reason I'm not 100% certain of this, is because Avada Kedavra is designed to kill humans. I'm not certain

Can Spider-Man defeat Iron Man?

NoHe would definitely put up an excellent fight but can't stand in front of Iron Man. Spidey may be faster than bullets, but do you think bullets are the only offense of Tony?He's definitely much stronger physically than Iron Man and is a better hand-to-hand combatant. But tell me, how many

Who do you think will have the most pivotal role in defeating Thanos in Avengers 4?

Most likely Iron Man and Captain Marvel. We already know that Captain Marvel will be incredibly important as the MCU moves on, and that she's the most powerful of all the Avengers.Iron Man, on the other hand, has a distinct

Who are some Jewish superheroes from Marvel and DC comics?

Hey there! Thanks for the A2A.List of Jewish comic book charactersJewish superheroes from DC comics:Albert Rothstein aka Atom Smasher

How are the avengers supposed to defeat Thanos?

#2_How_Thanos_will_be_DefeatedWell there are numerous theories available as per various comics across different timelines and across different parallel http://Universes.My understanding, research and Apprehension says the following:1. Iron Man TheoryDr. Strange himself sacrificed his Time Stone for the sake of life of Tony Stark. Although Dr. had an oath to protect it at the cost of anything in

Will there be a third Avengers movie?

Yes, it's called Infinity War and it will have two parts, one in May 2018 and another in May 2019

Has Stan Lee done a cameo in every film based on a Marvel comic ever made?

As per my knowledge of reading in an article many years ago, the deal was that Stan Lee would make an appearance in movies based on the comic book characters that were either his creation or created under his supervision.But later on due to the popularity of the MCU and as a tribute to Stan the man Lee, he

Who would win in a battle between Yog-Sothoth and The Living Tribunal?

The Living Tribunal Respect ThreadThe Living Tribunal in a MAJOR stomp here.I dont know what Justin or James know but as a Cthulhu/Marvel fan im sorry but Azathoth or Yog-Sothoth OR anyone else is not touching the Living Tribunal you would need ACTUAL Omnipotence to damage/kill The Living Tribunal.

Will the quality of Marvel comics go down because of Stan Lee's death?

Stan Lee hasn't had anything to do with Marvel's quality or lack thereof since 1972. Almost every story you probably love happened under Jim Shooter, Tom Defalco, Archie Goodwin and Len Wein's tenure. Stan Lee was most influential during the 1960s where he wrote a large amount of

Why is Stan Lee famous?

ever heard of spider man

Which Avengers have ability to kill Thanos?

Definitely, Thor has the ability to knock out the mad titan Thanos, with his ultimate weapon and his special ability as a God Of Thunder,he can easily kill that titan Thanos.We can clearly see his powers when he start melting the infinity gaunlet. so with the help of other avengers he can easily kill that Thanos.

Which Marvel superhero is the most feared?

In my opinion it is a Tie.The Phoenix force look at what happened when Jean Grey was the host. The Phoenix is mostly impossible to kill ,also could easily destroy planets quickly and foes. No doubt it could easily destroy a Universe, or all Universes. Also able to control fire the

What would be the best way Marvel can honor Stan Lee now that he's passed away?

I would like the Academy to carve out 15 minutes of lame jokes and pointless dialogue in the Oscars awards show, and use that extra time to provide a short on his cameos (which naturally leads into a short description of the films). Many people know he was a

Who are some Jewish superheroes from Marvel and DC comics?

Hey there! Thanks for the A2A.List of Jewish comic book charactersJewish superheroes from DC comics:Albert Rothstein aka Atom Smasher

How much of a fight could Galactus put up against The Living Tribunal?

The answer is ; not much! Though Galactus is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe ( and a personal favourite), but he is not on the same power level as the Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal is the judge

In the Marvel comics, which would win, the X-Men or the Avengers?

It would depend on which team of X-Men and which team of Avengers.  The original vs the original, I would go with the Avengers.  The X-Men were just kids, no match for the Avengers.Comparing the current rosters, the Avengers have two Thors, Captain Universe, Blue Marvel and Hyperion.   The

Who would win in a fight between Galactus and Beerus?

Man.....I like this fight.And I can see it going both ways based on a lot of the answers here.At first I thought Galactus, then I changed to Beerus, and back and forth and back and forth I went....I do not think this fight is anywhere near as clear cut as anyone is making it out to

Why is Marvel killing Deadpool?

They made a big-ish deal about his death in Deadpool 250 ( v3 45 ) but it was much ado about nothing. Really he died ( sort of ) when almost every other character died ( sort of ) in the incursion event that lead

Who is stronger, Alien X (Ben 10) or Thanos (Marvel)?

Ugh, one more question with alien X vs some non-omnipotent guy. Alien X is on the same level as the one above all, the presence, zen-oh sama / toribot (I don't know who's the extreme supreme one). And I don't think thanos would last a moment in front of the one above all or the presence. He can't even

Will Thanos die in Avengers 4?

I think that since Thanos accomplished his goal in the film, he will now attempt to use the Gauntlet's power to fulfill his next desire: reconciling with both of his daughters, and that will be his undoing. I think he will bring Gamora back and try to win