How fast is quicksilver?

Originally he could comfortably exceed the speed of sound, but he couldn't get much faster. After his powers were upgraded by the High Evolutionary's Isotope E, his maximum speed was unknown, he never needed to test his limits.Currently he is faster than a lightning bolt: 224,000 mph or 3,700 mph.

Will they ever defeat Thanos in a Marvel movie? If so, who will defeat him?

From a practical point of view they will HAVE to kill Thanos in the MCU otherwise it means the end of the Avengers franchise! Thanos has only one aim; to win favour with his love Death he wants to eradicate all life in the universe. Unless the collection of heroes stop him he will

Who will win: Thanos, Avengers or Galactus?

Ohh Galactus easily beats thanos and avengers combined.He is basically as powerful as a Celestial when mid or full fed. And is too much for thanos or even avenger combined. This fight already happened not once were avengers able to defeat him with strength or number. They won cuz of plot armour aka Ultimate nullifier.

Is there an Avenger that could defeat Thor on their own?

Well if we are talking MCU, Kevin Feige said that Captain Marvel is the strongest hero. Since she's going to be in Avengers 4, I guess we can call her an Avenger (at least an honorary one). So I'd say she could beat Thor.I'd like to think that Iron Man could hold his own

Which two superheroes can defeat the team of Thanos and Dr Doom?

Thanos is a Titan! Most powerful in Marvel Universe. Assuming he is in possession of Infinity Gauntlet, that makes him many a times more powerful than he already is. Becomes unbeatable.Dr Doom is, well, a doom for his enemies! I would

Can Domino from Marvel be killed?

Well, there obviously is the case in which no human can survive, like a Moon-size meteor hitting Earth. But it's horribly uninteresting how her power works. Like in any kind of situation, she has the top. So even for the above scenario, she probably will be on one of the spaceships that escapes

Could the Jedi council during the Clone Wars defeat the Avengers from the first Avengers movie in a battle?

First lets set some things straight: "Could defeat" is a pretty low burden to prove here.  Is it possible? Absolutely.  To make this question more interesting, though, I'll discuss whether or not the Jedi would be likely to beat the Avengers.So who are the Jedi Council during the Clone

Who would win in a fight between Thor and Doctor Fate?

Mostly Doctor Fate but Rune King Thor is not beating Doctor Fate Kent+Inza-Defeated two beings that supposedly threatened the multiversal balance.

Will Avengers 4 showcase the rematch between Hulk vs Thanos? What will be the future of the Avengers in Avengers 4 movie? How will Thanos be beaten?

The Hulk would most likely make an appearance and possibly battle Thanos for sure. Payback? Of course. Most likely the Avengers would definitely be pursuing Thanos for his crimes but a lot of them would probably die fighting rather than from another ‘snap'. Thanos

What do you think will happen in Avengers 4 and how will Thanos be defeated?

What do you want to see in the Hulk vs Thanos rematch in Avengers 4?Before a

What is 'Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe' about?

This storyline is actually a trilogy. In order to not spoil the story, I'll try and leave it vague.Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

What does Marvel need to do to improve its line of comics?

Stop changing the comics to fit the movies.They have changed the core of the character as they appear in the comics in order to fit the movies. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver being Hydra experiments and not mutants in the MCU is understandable.

Was Stan Lee Marvel's real-life superhero?

In a way, Stan Lee was a real life superhero in different aspects, not just from creating one of the greatest universes in literary history and influencing every creative minds in every walks of life, but what he has given are people opportunities to make their own writings and artistry a reality. Along with guys like

Which Avengers have ability to kill Thanos?

Definitely, Thor has the ability to knock out the mad titan Thanos, with his ultimate weapon and his special ability as a God Of Thunder,he can easily kill that titan Thanos.We can clearly see his powers when he start melting the infinity gaunlet. so with the help of other avengers he can easily kill that Thanos.

Why was Quicksilver killed off so quickly in the MCU, when no other heroes have been at all?

Because of rights issues.See both Marvel and Fox can use Scarlet witch and her twin brother in Avengers and Xmen films.Fox introduced Quicksilver in Days of Future Past while both the Maximoff's entered the MCU in Age of Ultron.Marvel decided to focus

In alien invasion movies, why is it that aliens never use nukes?

So, if we're talking nukes being used offensively against humans, we're talking post-apocalyptic fiction-- a genre that still enthralls and sickens readers today, despite the number of decades it's been since 1989.See, the Cold War is over, but nukes are still serious business. Hell, Cormac McCarthy wrote The Road less than ten years ago! Nukes have

Who are more powerful, DC superheroes or Marvel superheroes?

in general, Marvel. DC has a few heavy hitters who can rival Marvel's top tier, but not nearly as many as Marvel has.the four i can think of who are pretty much absolutely, undeniably DC's top 4 are The Spectre,

Why did Marvel kill off Loki?

Because marvel is preparing to re-boot the entire Marvel Universe with all politically correct replacements for all of our favorite heroes. For instance, in the comics Thor is now a woman! Yes, that is correct, a woman. Not that being a woman is bad, but

What Marvel character can kill Deadpool?

Okay, OKAY! I got a cool twist for this situation:BEFORE answering this question I'm gonna make a quick statement for Everyone!DEADPOOL IS NO LONGER CURSED WITH ETERNAL LIFE.Every GOOGLING Fool knows that Thanos, pissed off at The budding relationship between Deadpool and Mistress Death,

With the sad passing of Stan Lee, will the studios continue his famous cameos in future Marvel movies via CGI?

In my personal opinion, I feel like since Avengers 4 is already wrapped filming, they have probably already filmed his cameo before he passed, and if that's the case, I feel like that should rightfully be his last cameo. (Maybe he already filmed a Spider-Man: Far From Home cameo, but I don't

Is stan lee overrated?

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, Lee is overrated. Many, many people regard him as the essentially single creative mind behind the foundational Marvel superhero universe. Stan's own version of events is widely accepted as factual, while contradictory testimony of everyone else involved is disregarded.  Many people know Stan's

If Stan Lee dies in 2018, should Avengers 4 be dedicated to him?

Well, unfortunately, he has obviously died so there's no

Who is the best Marvel superhero? Why?

Usually my opinions are the opposite of the Other answeres but this time everybody's been saying in right.The best marvel superhero also happens to be the only superhero to reach issue 800, that's a feat against Batman Superman, Wonder Woman and all the other superheroes that are 20+ years older than him! And that's just his ASM comic line!

How would Stan Lee defeat each all of the Avengers?

First, Stan Lee would go up against Captain America. All Stan Lee would have to do is retcon Captain America ever getting that slurp serum. For Iron Man, Stan would do is change Iron Man's armor so that it glitches and ends up exploding and killing Tony. For Hulk,

Who's the strongest Marvel superhero?

Powerful superhero in Marvel is Franklin Richards who is a fictionalcharacter appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as a supporting character in Fantastic Four. He's generally portrayed as a child and as a budding super-hero, albeit inexperienced.Franklin Richards

Who are the earliest Marvel superheroes?

The answer to this question really depends on if you're referring to Marvel as it exists today or the company that became Marvel, then known as Timely Comics. If we're referring to the latter (and it would probably be disingenuous not to,) then the

Why did Marvel kill off Quicksilver?

Marvel definitely killed Quicksilver off because he would had been to op for Infinity War. You see, speed is the one thing Thanos didn't really have. Now I know this is a different universe, but do you remeber how powerful Quicksilver is in X-Men Apocalypse?

Who would win in a fight between Doctor Doom and Thanos (comics)?

At their normal power levels I'd probably give this one to Doom even though I figure most people are more familiar with Thanos. On the surface it seems like this should be an easy victory for Thanos since he does innately most of what Doom relies on his armor and

The Hulk's regenerative powers seem without limits. Does this imply Hulk doesn't age, can't die and can't be killed permanently by any conventional means?

It is pretty unlikely. The only way that might work for sure is for Bruce Banner to die exceptionally painlessly and exceptionally quickly. If Bruce was fully anesthetized into a medically induced coma while he was already asleep and did not know what was happening and then you killed him

Who would win, Marvel Wolverine vs aliens Movie Alien Warrior?

Are you talking about this movie?Alien Warrior Reviews & Ratings - IMDbThese reviews are hilarious! I almost want to exchange 2 hours of my life just to experience it. Without this knowledge, I have no idea who would win a fight, but I'm

Is it illegal to be someone like punisher?

is it illegal to be someone that loses his family to a random chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?or is it illegal for a civilian to declare a one man war on crime, to be judge, jury & executioner at the same time? to kill people (alleged/suspected criminals) without state sanction?yes, it is

If Deadpool killed the Marvel universe, could he kill the whole DC too?

No and he didn't kill the Marvel Universe it was an alternate universe story set in Earth-12101 universe, which is the only place it is canon.It is not canon in the 616 universe which is the prime Marvel Universe. I am a big fan of Deadpool but I am not

What are the best possible fan theories to defeat Thanos in Avengers 4?

There are several fan theoriesTheory 1Iron Man , Ant man and Hulk (probably) travel to alternate realities/timelines to collect infinity stones .Theory 2Captain Marvel's Cascade of Superpowers come in handy .these are just two of the theories .The key solution must be with tony otherwise doctor strange would have not sacrificed the time stone for Tony's life .

Is Thor in Marvel a god or an alien?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's a bit of both.Sometimes the word

Is Iron Man the richest Superhero in the Marvel universe?

No. Not even Black Panther. It is namor. Read the following, you will get your answer -Aquaman has limitless wealth in DC .

Who would win in a fight, Apocalypse or Darkseid?

Apocalypse wont be able to defeat Darkseid's avatar

Can Hulk survive in outer space?

If the authors of the stories about him think it makes for a good plot for a story - then sure...if not...not.With any fictional character, what they can and can't do is a matter for the writers. Often, these limits aren't well explained - and they may be contradictory from one story line to another.

Why are Marvel superhero movies so popular?

They play on human fantasy,Eveeyone wants to relate to something greater and then the beyond.The comic universe has been going on for decades but it never managed to captivate anyone outside the comic book

Which Marvel character can kill Superman?

Only one character can.Superman was created to be the strongest hero. To be the most powerful. With limitless strength, power, and ability. However, if you are looking for a more comic factual answer.Superman's feats.Benching the Earth for five days and dropping only one drip of sweat.Going faster than the

Could modern weaponry defeat Spiderman?

Guns can kill Spider-Man pretty easily as long as the people shooting them didn't go to the Stormtrooper academy of missing. The amount of round a modern mini-gun or something smaller can put out in a minute make it impossible for even Spider-Man to hope to survive.

Can Iron Man defeat Hulk?

Actually, there have been multiple confrontations between these two. First that comes to mind is the Original Sin where Tony (Iron Man) was on the run from the hulk and could not defeat him with a city of weapons at his arsenal. This one went completely in the favor of the Hulk. But there have been also multipe occasions

Who would win, Abraxas (Marvel Comics) vs Marquis of Death (Marvel Comics)?

The Marquis of Death was an Uber powerful Omega+ mutant who killed an awful lot of people and was able to influence galactic entities like Odin and Galactus. At his most powerful he could destroy the universe.Abraxas released on the death of Galactus is the antithesis of Eternity, the embodiment of existence was supposed to have the

Who would win in a fight between Meruem and Thanos?

It depends, MCU Thanos or 616 Thanos?If it's MCU Thanos, does he have the Infinity Gauntlet?MCU Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet loses to Meruem. Thanos is stronger, more knowledgeable and more possibly just as durable as Meruem. But Meruem's own speed, Durability and ability to adapt incredibly advanced strategies based on an opponents weakness