Can Magneto defeat Hulk?

It depends on who the comic book writers want to prevail. Under the pen of comic book writers, Batman has defeated the Hulk, Squirrel Girl has defeated Doctor Doom, Captain America has defeated Thor, Hawkgirl has defeated the Flash and many more highly improbably victories.But really, it depends on

Can Magneto defeat Thanos?

No one seems to know Magneto here whatsoever.He doesn't just control metals. (not saying he'd win at all what I am saying is he never displays his full potential and as of that reason it is hard to assume what that potential is considering he can

Can Magneto defeat Thor?

Thor is seen as a God, but is actually an alien and is not immortal. In the comics, Magneto CAN control Thor's hammer because it is made of metal. If Thor is wearing any metal at all, he's screwed too. The hammer is

Can Superman break Captain America's Shield?

Lets see. Captain America's shield is made up of vibranium and adamantium alloy. The property of vibranium is to absorb kinetic energy. A lot of heroes have tried and to some extent are able to damage it somehow. Thor tried hitting it with his full

Can the Hulk be defeated/killed? Is he invulnerable? What can kill him?

The Hulk is Incredible, Indestructible, Rampaging, the Strongest one there is, and a noted smashing enthusiastic. What he is not, however, is undefeated. Before his current insane level of strength, where he can basically punch other dimensions, a variety of heroes and even a

Can the Hulk kill Superman?

All of the other answers here say Superman would win in a fight, which I agree with. As much as I love the big green goliath, he just isn't fast enough to fight Superman.I however, am going to play devils advocate, and take the question a bit more literally. The question is,

Could Hulk defeat Superman?

Yes. DC fanboys: After u read this, read my Goku vs Superman answer were Superman wins to cheer you up. Now the hulk would defeat Superman. And it's not because

Iron Man vs. Superman -- who would win?

Superman has all the advantages minus versatility. Iron has at most pulled a fleet of battleships so his punches would certainly hurt Superman, but Superman has moved PLANETS! Speed wise Superman is also faster but not by as much as you would think. Superman has gone around 200 times the speed of light while Iron Man has

Is Thor stronger than Hulk?

This is a topic most will say

Sentry vs. Blue Marvel, who wins?

Many people will say blue Marvel, because he beat Hyperion and in his words,

Superheroes: Who is stronger, Superman or the Hulk?

This is a very difficult question to answer. This is for numerous reasons that deal with comics and retcons but also the way each character's powers manifest.

Which comic book superhero is most realistic?

Well, as most people have said, you have to start by eliminating anyone with any superpowers because they are unrealistic by their nature.Then you have to eliminate anyone who entire basis for being is unrealistic technology. (Iron Man, Blue Beetle, etc.)Then you have to eliminate those whose entire basis for being is some

Who is Marvel's Superman?

Aside from the Superman knockoffs, like Hyperion and Gladiator, I'd say there are three characters that fill the Superman role in the Marvel universe.One is Captain America. Both characters were created during WWII, and both started off fighting for "truth,

Who is the most powerful superhero?

Who is the most powerful superhero?I can directly name the Supreme GOD/Creator of a Multiverse like The One Above All from Marvel or The Presence from D.C., etc. So, let's first set some parameters before answering this question:-The Character should not be very mysterious.The Character should

Who will win in a fight between Hulk and Wonder Woman?

Two figures stood in the middle of a desolate city street. Dirt, debris, and trash lay in heaps all around. The rusted and crumbling buildings formed a wall to either side of them. Their presence in this totally abandoned urban sprawl was inexplicable.

Who would win a fight between Captain Marvel and Superman?

Truthfully it's either a draw or slight edge to superman against carol danvers in her normal state.In space superman speed blitzes her.On earth though she's mid tier so is superman. Until doomsday came around superman didn't even use mach 1 punches. Superman holds back so severely on earth that carol, whose

Who would win in a 4-way battle royale between Superman One Million, Infinity Gauntlet Thanos, Galactus, and Franklin Richards?

Superman Prime has no place in this fight, and the Möbius chair doesn't noticeably help. A Closer Look at Superman Prime (One Million)Current Franklin has power inhibitors and lacks the experience needed to take full advantage of his

Who would win in a fight between Sentry (Marvel) and Triumph (DC)?

Sentry's regeneration is far too powerful for Triumph to deal with even before considering that Triumph would almost certainly have difficulty even effecting Sentry in the first place going by how much trouble Molecule Man had with him. Sentry's extremely powerful telepathy is basically impossible for Triumph to counter. Other than that, Sentry and Triumph have

Spider-Man fans: How do you feel about Zendaya Coleman playing a potential love interest in the upcoming Spider-Man movie?

After watching the movie, I think I got what's going on. The director is mixing different characters from comics to make better characters in the movies.Liz Toomes from the movies is a mix of (obviously) Liz Allen and (less obviously) Betty Brant from the comics. She is Peter's first love interest and girlfriend, but

Comics (narrative art form): How do DC superheroes compare to Marvel superheroes?

It is kind of a fundamental difference to me.When Donald Blake, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Benjamin J. Grimm, etc. obtain their powers, they initially fight against them (in Pete's case, he denies that he should use them for good). When Hal Jordan, Barry

Do you prefer Marvel superheroes or DC superheroes and why?

Okay, let me just assume here you are talking about hero vs hero, right. Why would they in their God damn right mind fight with each other and kill each other? I mean that's not a hero is supposed to do. Unless some kind of existential crisis. But since we are talking about the mainstream

Does Wolverine age at all?

You never heard of "Old Man Logan"?Wolverine aged very slowly until the Weapon X procedure laced his bones with adamantium.  Cap can carry a shield made with the stuff, but the bones are where the body produces white blood cells and Adamantium is toxic.  The fact that it slows

If you could make your own superhero and had the option to choose if he/she would be in the DC or Marvel universe, what would your superheroes name be and what powers would they have?

I've already came up with some original superheroes for both the DC and Marvel universes.Vincent Lance aka Spellcaster (Marvel): his powers are being skilled in the Mystic Arts, and casting magical spells like his name implies. His skill with the

Is Batman DC or Marvel?

DC.Here's a list to help you distinguish DC and Marvel characters:DC: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Green Arrow.Marvel: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Ant-Man, such teams as the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy,

Is Iron Patriot the combination of both Iron Man's and Captain America's elements, designs, and theme?

Yes and no.Cap is a symbol, but at the time of Iron Man 2, he was a dead symbol. The public loves Iron Man, but Tony's a wild card, so the government doesn't want him as its'

Since most heroes in the Marvel universe seem unrealistic, who is the most realistic superhero in the DC Universe?

marvel is the most realist of the two companies, there characters have real motivations, failings and flaws.DC on the other hand has always been the

Superheroes: Which is more realistic? Batman or Punisher?

Between the two of them, that would easily be The Punisher. There's a HUGE misconception about him that he just shows up and sprays bullets. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Before he does anything, he heavily researches and gathers intelligence on his targets

What if DC & Marvel Comics combine and create a unique superhero with best of the qualities?

There was the storyline called DC vs Marvel Comics. The two universes collided and combined, and resulted in the Amalgam Universe. There is a long list of such amalgamated characters on here: List of Amalgam Comics charactersThese are some of my favourites among the heroes:Super Soldier

What Marvel or DC comics superhero has the strongest internal struggle with who they are?

Kudos, that is a stumper.There are a lot of candidates, so I will list before my pick. I'm in a hurry, so I won't explain the list in this post, but will happily if anyone wants to know why I have them there, but many I think are obvious. The list is in no particular order, but I will

What would it take to actually kill Wolverine?

With Wolverine's healing factor in mind, and barring the inconsistency of his powers, a molecule manipulator or a reality warper should be able to kill Wolverine.Note that there's an spoiler in the very end. Don't read unless you want to know about Wolverine's fate in recent

Which comic superhero is the best?

Most answers have Batman and Superman, and they are right in their own way. But according to me, it's Spiderman. Why?Spiderman was the first teenage superhero. Spiderman has gone through more than any superhero has in their childhood. He has

Which Marvel/DC superhero has the best theme song?

10. X-Men cartoon theme, only to bookend an otherwise DC heavy list.  Though I really wanted to put either The Flash or Arrow TV themes here...the Marvel fanbois would stop reading before #1.9. Batman 1960s theme:  Nanananananana...Batman!  Ruling out all the Danny Elfman variants

Which Marvel or DC superhero has the highest IQ?

The category should be narrowed down. Firstly I think this question should only include humans from Earth or else all sorts of hyper intelligent AI's, and immortal/extra dimensional alien entities end up being included. (for example Superman operates on the same intellectual level as Lex Luthor who has

Which Marvel or DC superheroes or villains can defeat Goku?

Some assumptions:If we are comparing goku at his peak then we will also compare others at their own peak which they can attain at their present forms. But they are not allowed to carry any weapons.This means before fight superman might take a sun dip, but can not do it mid fight. His superman

Which Marvel superhero is most realistic?

Which Marvel superhero is most realistic?I think James Rhodes is. Of course, without the suit. Since he didn't design or build the suit (Tony without the Iron Man suit counts as a superhero because he

Which Marvel superhero is the most similar to Batman?

The other answers give good answers in Moon Knight and Nighthawk but there's another couple who are not as well known. The first one's not exactly a superhero and I'm only really answering in the case of a

Which Marvel superhero seems to be of a DC style?

That's a tricky question. Since Daredevil was redefined by Frank Miller around the same time that he also redefined Batman (Daredevil: Born Again and Batman: Year One, both of which were also drawn by the masterful David Mazzucchelli, not to mention his

Which one superhero from the Marvel universe and DC universe has the strongest plot armor to have ever exist in comics? Which superhero's plot armor is stronger if they were to fight each other?

The greatest plot armor at DC is without a doubt Batman. No need to explain why, that's been done a million times.At Marvel? That's a bigger question. Until the mid 80's I would have said Spider-Man. Every time there was a big cosmic event, somehow Spider-Man found himself

Who are more powerful, DC superheroes or Marvel superheroes?

From, your question, it is not clear what exactly, do you mean? So I am going to give you two scenarios, you will get your answer from one of those two-DC vs MarvelThis is a superhero + supervillan of DC vs Superhero + supervillan of Marvel, right. So, to make it more clear, I am getting rid of

Who are the best marvel and Dc superhero and villan?

Well, thankfully, no inter-company comparison. Phew. That I refuse to make.In Marvel, Doctor Doom is the best villain. He has been written by strong writers that characterized him really well. He really evokes what it is to be flawed and broken. Look no further than Johnathan Hickman's run on the FF to understand him. A close second would be

Who are the top 10 strongest superheroes?

Let's first list the top contenders, and then rank them later.Ground rules:Comparisons will be made on the basis of absolute strength.For example, just because Deadpool managed to kill Hulk and Thor once doesn't mean he'll rank higher than either of them. Same goes for Batman against SupermanNo supervillains (obviously), or even potential ones.Only clear-cut superheroes

Who are the top 5 superheroes from DC and Marvel?

I will try to rank them in my opinion, so just remember this may not be true at all. But i will try to be very realistic.Marvel5. Thor OdinsonThor is the Asgardian God of Thunder and the son of Odin, the All-Father of Asgard, and Gaea, the Elder Earth-Goddess. Thor is arguably the greatest and mightiest defender

Who has big fan followings Marvel Comics or DC Comics?

It's hard to compare with such a large populationActually its kinda divided as follows :-The old generation or our elders are familiar with the DC comics movies like Superman and Batman but not that used to the marvel's latest avengers series. I think not all but most of our elders would

Who is the most powerful superhero?

Who is the most powerful superhero?I can directly name the Supreme GOD/Creator of a Multiverse like The One Above All from Marvel or The Presence from D.C., etc. So, let's first set some parameters before answering this question:-The Character should

Who is the most underrated superhero in movies?

I think Flash, though he is the most powerful superhero in my eyes. To me he's a God like human. He can time travel, which can affect to the whole of the earth. Almost everything that other superheroes can, he can do. Like he can duplicate himself (as many as he want)

Who is the richest among all the DC and Marvel superheroes? Why?

I'm going to give an unusual answer to this question.Majority of people think that Black Panther, Iron Man and Batman are three of the richest people. But, I find that wrong. People believe Black Panther is richest because he rules a country where Vibranium is found.If we apply the same rule, then Aquaman and

Who is the weakest DC superhero? Why?

I'm going to exclude characters created purely for humor value and unlikely to be used otherwise. The Inferior Five are certainly weak, but creator is going to use them except for humor. And if anyone tries to use my beloved 'Mazing Man as a serious character, I will personally ask they step outside to settle the affair as gentlemen!

Who would win in a fight, Iron Man or Captain America?

If you want to stack stats, you have to go to Marvel's Power Grid.Intelligence:Captain America is rated 3, or learned.Iron Man is rated at 6, or super-genius. Level 7 is omniscient. Tony's intelligence is such that he can predict the future

Who's the most mentally strong superhero?

Batman/Bruce WayneBruce Wayne is an interesting case in how he doesn't have telepathic or mental manipulation resistance as a superpower, but as a skill he developed over many years of training. Combined with his relentlessly sturdy will, his telepathic and mental manipulation resistance would arguably become even stronger minded than the rest of the DC and Marvel characters.

Who's the most powerful and famous Marvel superhero?

Most famous? Arguably Spider-Man. You can find someone completely unknowledgeable about comics or Marvel, and they will know who Spidey is.Most powerful? Unlike the MCU, Captain Marvel is not the most powerful. That title would fall among four characters depending how they feel that day: Thor,