What should I eat after a morning workout?

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Which is better for a skinny fat guy, whey protein or mass gainer?

Mass gainers are filled with too many calories that's it . People prefer Mass gainers because you can consume more calories with that but what if i tell you that you can get all those extra calories from your home made protein shake which is healthy and filled with all digestive enzymes .I have

Which is better to gain weight for a skinny guy, mass gainer or weight gainer?

If you are not really into any Mr.X competition or have passion to build muscles to show off etc dont go for any powders or gainers all are just marketing gimmics and you are inviting devil to your body system. If you feel you are very thin start having butter in the morning, potato and

Which supplements are good for skinny boys with gym workouts ?

Any mass gainer will work for you just buy genuine suppliment with importer stamp on it.Increase your calories intakes. Eat at every 2 to 3 hours and drink lots of water .Eating roughage along with carbohydrates as essential as taking protein .Keep your protein intake 1 gram per pound of your body weight and once

I am 19 yrs old, 178 cm,54 kg. I've joined the gym. What should I use WHEY PROTEINS or MASS GAINER?

You can use mass gainers but my suggestion to you would be go with whey protein. Coz your whole kitchen is full of foods which will help you gain weight. You can fulfill your requirement through there. But where we lag is in Protein. We don't get enough protein to build our muscles. So, my suggestion would be

Is a mass gainer good for gaining muscles?

I totally disagree the point because in my 4 year body building experience i ve seen many cases which indirectly forced me to not to use any kind of mass gainers in which one is my neighbor one my cousin and my some friends. These are some problems caused by mass gainers

Is Serious Mass gainer really useful for body weight gain?

no mass gainer is not useful for body weight gain because mass gainer and weight gainer are one of the oldest bodybuilding supplement in the market. almost all supplement companies have mass gainer in their lineup.marketed under names like -mass gainers ,extreme mass gainers and weight gainers ;they claim

Is there any Side effects for Serious mass weight gainer?

With any supplements you should consult your doctor before you take them, depending on your metabolism, your body type and few other factors it would depend on you and your body. It does give you gains but that doesn't always means its

Should I take a BCAA with a weight gainer?

Weight gainers, per se' are something I usually tell me trainees to avoid. Rather, I would like to see them using a quality Mass Gainer instead. Difference being weight gainers more often than not have unhealthy levels of useless sugars and fats in them, which do

What is better, whey or mass gainer to gain weight?

Both are for different purposes.If you want to bulk up, gain weight, fat is not a worry factor for you, you are not able to meet calories requirement, you can take mass gainer. Mass gainers are basically high simple carbs plus some protein.If you are really skinny, take mass gainer.If you want

What is the best whey protein and mass gainer? I want to use them for one month that's I'm going to the gym.

To gain more muscle, you need to eat, not seeking for the perfect supplement.From your question, I assume that your goal is to gain some muscle.Okay, here's what to eat and your results won't late.Eat protein foods, 4–5 times per day. Meat, eggs, nuts and seeds.Eat carbs. A lot of them. Rice, potatoes and oats are

What is the difference between a whey protein, caesin, mass gainer in supplements?

The difference between Whey, Casein and Mass Gainer:1. Whey Protein: Is a biproduct of Milk. When you churn milk into curd, the water that remains is whey. This White water has less than 1% whey. This is then dried up and concentrated to create Whey concentrate. Typical Whey protein concentrate has

Which is better mass gainer or weight gainer for skinny guys?

The best mass gainer for your body to gain weight is the natural diet which you can continue in long term.I suggest you to exercise and include following items in your diet which must contain combination of carbs(gives you energy& increases size) +proteins(increases muscles)+ healthy fats(increase size & makes growth faster)-Carbs-2-3 Bananas & any

Which is the best mass gainer for gaining weight and muscle size?

I am suggesting the you should try Sinew Nutrition Mass Gainer as them have good reviews and more popular in India as compared to other brandsSinew Nutrition Elevate Mass GainerSinew Nutrition Elevate Mass Gainer is an innovative and

Which mass gainer is best for mass gain quickly?

Mass Gainer for beginnersMass gainers promote weight past while develops muscle mass and nourishment to the body. Weight gainers are very safe and sound for your body as it comprises the exclusive formula that contains all the necessary nutrients like calcium, multivitamins and carbohydrates that defend your body from

Will weight/mass gainers make me fat?

It depends.Weight gainers will help you to gain weight. Weight you will gain will be mostly fat and little muscle if you are just taking weight gainers and not doing weight training. However, if you are monitoring your calories intake and being in only 200 to 300 calories surplus then you will be able to reduce the