Are there any health benefits from getting professional massages frequently?

Massage is so wonderful for our internal and external health and is a must-have for anyone who undertakes a lot of physical activity in my personal opinion.There's a reason massage was revered in so many ancient cultures and traditional medicines including Ayurveda, ancient Egyptian medicine and Chinese medicine.We actually wrote a comprehensive article

Do massages help flexibility?

Localized massage can in the short-term create improved flexibility but that is not a guarantee it will stick in the long-term. Nor that it will even work every single time in the short-term, depending on the person.Massage as a method for increasing flexibility

Is a gay massage good for straight men?

Any massage is good for any man.A guy who has the opportunity to come and someone else is doing the work will be appreciated. I have no doubt that a straight man who was given I want a full back massage, then travel down his ass and his

What is the naughtiest massage experience you ever had?

I was feeling pretty tight and stressed from work, so I decided to look through the pages for a particular type of massage. I happen to recognize this person's name as someone through town.I had met her a few times, but nothing more than a quick hello.I called

Can hard massage on abdomen tear abdomen (upper abdomen) muscle or intestine?

I can't know for sure, but sometimes people get adhesions, where layers of muscle are stuck together, creating pain and limited movement. I suspect that's what you heard tearing: the therapist was releasing  adhesions. If your actual stomach or intestine was  torn, you would have quickly needed to go to the ER and t0 have had surgery. If the

Do massages help with depression?

I usually do not answer many questions on quora about massage because as a professional, I feel that many questions are not valid to massage, but to a hidden sexual agenda. This however I feel I can answer.Depression comes in 2 main forms.Clinical depression - where certain brain chemical

What are the scientifically supported benefits (if any) of massage?

I've also heard a lot about the claimed physical benefits.  Many have said that massage helps to body to clear out "clogged" waste products from tissues.  The physical pressing and kneading of the muscles is thought to help clear away toxins and separate muscles that may have become "stuck"

What is a good oil for easing tense muscles due to tension and cold? My mom has a bad back, shoulder, and hip pains from computer use at work, and she is active but I would like to help ease her further with a good massage especially in her hip area.

The oil is less important than the massage. Have a massage therapist focus on levator scapula, quadratus lumborum, psoas major, gluteus maximus, and all the hamstring muscles (semimembranosus, semitendinosus, biceps femoris), and have them work out the trigger points she likely has there.

What is more beneficial, a massage or a chiropractic adjustment?

Check earlier answers from the past few weeks , from both sides of the question.Chiropractic's MAIN objective is by adjusting the spine is to keep the vertebrae protecting the spinal cord and the 28 pairs of spinal nerve exits , Free from the Nerve Interference/ Irritation , that might cause HYPERACTIVITY , or HYPOACTIVITY of

What is your opinion on the fitness website DAREBEE?

There is a lot of great resources to get you in shape. Some may or not be for you, as they have their own special audience.Personally, I think that DAREBEE can be used by anyone that wants to get in shape, or

Why do massages tickle me?

There are many quests on finding out what causes one to be Ticklish. Example it was your bodies natural way of teaching you to protect vital areas of the body. .. all hypothesis not true factFrom a massage therapist stand point.A study published in 1983 by Ruggieri et. al.

Are there any benefits to getting a massage?

A skilled massage therapist will use a variety of methods to apply pressure to the body using the fingers and thumb, parts of the hand, elbows, forearms and a set implements to specific parts of the body in order to accomplish this manipulation.People who are experiencing chronic muscular pain may benefit from

Are there any health benefits for head massage?

The back rub builds sustenance and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle which in turns animates hair development. It's a restricted ticket to long, delicious locks! Indian Head Back rub animates and enhances lymphatic seepage and blood stream to the neck in this manner expelling waste

Are there any health benefits to periodic foot massages?

Foot massage brings a lot of positives for our entire body, even though we might not be realizing it. Here are just a few to mention:Reduces depression and anxiety. Since foot massage uses some of the points and techniques of reflexology, it can help

Can a massage help reduce emotional pain?

If the person receiving the massage is doing so of his/her/their own volition and they feel safe with the therapist, likely. The key word you used was

Can massage therapy help with cancer?

Yes, T & C apply.DIMENSIONS OF ACUPRESSURE, AYURVEDA, HOMOEO, SIDDHA, UNANI, HERBAL, MAGNETO THERAPY, YOGA & MEDITATION, ETC.:UNIVERSAL TRUTH: If cancer is diagnosed early, it is easy/cheaper/faster to cure cancer. By acupressure techniques [non-invasive therapy] even 5% cancer can be diagnosed.UTILITY OF ACUPRESSURE:How?1.Acupressure is an ancient

Can massaging muscles and joints help to increase flexibility?

Yes, massaging muscles can help increase flexibility for a short time. I've never heard of massaging joints. But passive joint movement can be very helpful when it comes to managing pain. Just try it. Go get a full body massage by a licensed professional massage therapist. But before you start

Do animals have muscle knots as well?

Yes;  warm-blooded creatures that have muscles and circulatory systems that are of similar shape and function are susceptible to muscle strain and resultant effects such as muscle knots, at least in theory.  There are very few studies that have investigated the concept across a broad

Do breast massages really help?

Yes Massage Is always help And Health Full For Human Body But get Massage From professional Not Any One. He /She Should Be Experienced Professional Massage Therapist Then Good for You.Brest Is The Major Part in Female Body Some Get Brest Massage For Size Balance,Smooth Breast,Blood Circulation...Any Way Massage Is Good For Everyone By Getting

Do massages help flexibility?

Localized massage can in the short-term create improved flexibility but that is not a guarantee it will stick in the long-term. Nor that it will even work every single time in the short-term, depending on the person.Massage as a method for increasing flexibility only works if neural tension is what's preventing you from pushing

Do massages help in pregnancy pain?

An aching back, swollen feet, cramps in abdomen and numb legs: Discomfort is synonymous with the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Lack of sleep and ever growing baby bump only increases the stress. At 7 months pregnant, you're only

Does a foot massage help you with flexibility?

Yes but so will sitting in a warm room or a hot tub. Increased circulation of blood always feels good to the feet especially after wearing tight shoes all day. If your body is cold though, it isn't going to be sending as much blood to the hands and feet.

Does a massage help muscle growth?

Pinching, Pressing and Hitting I think is some crazy bullshit.   However, massage and foam rolling is very effective.   I personally try and get a massage once a month at my physical therapists office.  But I am talking about a REAL SPORTS Massage, the type that really is not all that enjoyable while its being performed,

Does massaging the muscle after workout help relieve delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?

Massages alleviates muscular pain, whether caused by overwork or injury. Muscle pain and soreness can be reduced by massages, as blood flow and oxygen in the muscles are increased and lactic acid build-up is decreased.In addition, according to a 2012 study published in Science

How to get rid of the knots in my trap muscles

Based on my observation of people over many years, and assuming there's nothing unusual about you, it is important to realize that muscles don't knot up for no reason. If they're prone to spasms,

How to prevent painful muscle knots from coming back

Knots, if you ask me, can mean two things:Dense areas or sections of muscle which remain contracted more than the rest of the muscle while it is at rest.Trigger points, palpable nodules in a tight band of muscle tissue which

How does massaging relieve body ache?

studies have indicated the immune boosting qualities of massage therapy and explained the same, along with its probable mode of action in terms of: 1.Increase in tryptophan further leading to increase in serotonin (a neurotransmitter) 2. Changes in pressure; physical, osmotic, hydrostatic; leading to enhanced lymphatic drainage and thereby

How long should I wait to work out after a deep tissue massage?

It depends on the deep tissue you are receiving, the type of workouts you are accustomed to doing, and whether your body recovers well after having your tissues stretched and released. For most people, there is no restriction whatsoever on going right back to working out. Most people will only experience some residual soreness similar to what you would

How often do you have massages done?

If there is nothing wrong with your muscle/skeletal systems, once a month is a good goal. That does not describe most people.Most people have issues. Those issue can be resolved with frequent, regular massage. Special emphasis on "regular". I don't recommend more than 3 hours of deep or therapeutic

How often should one get a massage to take advantage of the health benefits?

That really depends on several things, namely,The type of massage you wish to receiveYour personal health needs or goalsYour budgetYour personal preference for frequency of massageIf you wish to receive a relaxing Swedish massage on a regular basis, most therapists will recommend a once a

If you are working out with weights, how often should you get a massage?

How often can you afford?I'd go more, if I could, but a good RMT is not that cheap these days.Once upon a time when I played varsity sports and 20–30 min massage was free, I'd get 4–5 a week. These days,

Is it OK to massage after workout?

Both.The positives are relaxation and the perceived lessening of the time needed for muscle recovery. I say perceived because even if there is no pain or discomfort is does not mean that your muscles are fully recovered.The other issue with post competition/training massage is that if there is an actual injury then massage may be contraindicated.

Is massage good for health?

Massage is one of the perfect ways to get rid of stress and pressure that keep knocking us down either in the form of hectic work schedule or challenges at personal level. Massage can actually render that soothing effect that you constantly crave.

What are the health benefits of massage therapy?

Making a beeline for the spa can be a spoiling treat, yet it can likewise be a colossal lift to your wellbeing and health! Back rub treatment can assuage a wide range of diseases – from physical torment, to stress and tension. Individuals who supplement their social insurance routine with standard back rubs won't

What does massage help with?

The benefits of massage are numerous - depending on the purpose of the massage and the style that you choose. Below is a general outline on what a good massage can do:Increase circulation and lymphatic flow helping to cleanse the bodyRelaxation for the mind and bodyTreatment of muscular aches and painsGood for insomniacs as helps to

What is a prostate massage?

Prostate massage, without the orgasm, can be one of the most powerful things you do to help keep your prostate gland healthy, and, to help heal a sick one.OK: What is prostate massage exactly?Prostate massage is a manual massaging of

What is the best way to a massage person's feet? I have a dad who has diabetes and he is struggling every night with his feet. Without massage, he wouldn't be able to feel his feet and legs.

It is due to the diabetic foot neuropathyDiabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur if he have uncontrollable or long time diabetesPeripheral neuropathyPeripheral neuropathy is the most common type of diabetic neuropathy. It affects the feet and legs first, followed by the hands and arms. Signs and symptoms of

What is the proper method for massaging out a muscle knot?

Trigger point therapy involves applying direct pressure to the knot, holding it until discomfort starts to ease (usually about 10 seconds) then applying more pressure, holding again until it fades and then easeing pressure altogether.This works as it causes ischaemia which is a cut-off of the blood supply. Then when pressure is released,

What muscle relaxant or stretch is advised for extreme muscle tightness in the mid to upper back and neck, specifically the scapular muscles that are compressing the spine?

Without knowing what specifically is causing the muscle tightness in the first place, it is very challenging to provide an answer. If, for instance, the muscles are tight because they are overused, then a different stretch would be required than if the muscles were tight because their antagonistic muscles were too

Why does 'breathing into' a particular part of your body help relax tissue in that body during massage?

The closest answer I can provide has to do with how the body "processes" tension versus relaxation.  Obviously, you can't actually direct the air you breathe in; it goes into your lungs. The body then directs the freshly oxygenated air from

Why does massaging one's temples soothe a migraine or headache?

Massaging your temples or another's temples to soothe a headache can help with the pain in several different ways: distraction from the pain and also maximization of circulation and optimal myofascial (muscle/connective tissue) function.   This answer is mainly directed toward someone with

Have you ever been touched inappropriately during a massage?

This was a massage experience in California around a couple of years ago.I ran a half marathon for the first time in California but still ended up among top 35% of the male runners. Since the maximum I had ever

What is the best massage you've ever gotten?

The best massages I've ever gotten have been when I traded with other massage therapists in Austin, Texas. The unspoken rules were: 90 minutes, and your best stuff.Anybody who didn't bring their best stuff, or went short, I didn't trade with again. That happened a few times. The most piddly massages

What is the naughtiest massage experience you ever had?

I was feeling pretty tight and stressed from work, so I decided to look through the pages for a particular type of massage. I happen to recognize this person's name as someone through town.I had met her a few times, but nothing more than a quick