What is the best way to 'de-game' wild game before cooking? Is there a universal marinade or prep that can be used?

I'm a little bit at a loss as to why this question is being asked. I wasn't going to answer it, but I got an A2A. Nobody seems to be happy with most of the answers because the truth is, there is no way of making wild game taste like something

Can humans live comfortably without eating any vegetables assuming they eat meat, fish, bread, potatoes, etc.?

He has since birth (let me repeat that: SINCE BIRTH) not eaten a single fruit NOR a single vegetable with the one exception of French fries (as in Mcdonalds French fries). The only plant based foods he will eat are rice, bread, and white pasta PROVIDED no sauce, herb, or pretty much

What will the Hindu God do if a Hindu eats cow meat?

Hindu gods do not do anything.It is question of your religion and your beliefs. All religions teach us self discipline. If you respect cows as gods you won't eat them any way. But if there is no other food easily available, or other foods are too costly or

What happens when I don't eat meat or fish?

You get annoying and intrusive questions from people who cannot see beyond their hamburgers. You get told you'll have all sorts of deficiencies (not at all true). You'll get idiots who say

Can humans live comfortably without eating any vegetables assuming they eat meat, fish, bread, potatoes, etc.?

He has since birth (let me repeat that: SINCE BIRTH) not eaten a single fruit NOR a single vegetable with the one exception of French fries (as in Mcdonalds French fries). The only plant based foods he will eat are rice, bread, and white pasta PROVIDED no sauce, herb, or pretty much

Can a human survive without ever eating meat?

Yes, definitely. My grandmother was a vegetarian from birth and she never had a taste of meat. She lived 89 full years.I, however, can't imagine life without eating meat. Vegetables are great and some cooks can even make veggie meat taste almost like meat. But it is still not the real thing.

What is the worst meat to eat?

It really depends on the quality of the particular specimen of meat. Almost any meat can be

Can we survive without eating any type of meat, just a diet based on fruits and vegetables?

You can live without meat, but not without protein. So you have to make sure you get enough plant protein with the essential amino acids.BUT YOU HAVE TO ADD FAT to your diet and cut sugar whether you eat meat or choose not to.Too

Can omnivores survive without eating any meat?

Depends on if you are talking about animals or people.Humans are basically omnivores, and some have decided to become vegetarian or in recent years vegans.Where as humans can find food to substitute their lack of meat protein by other source, like beans, animals can't.In nature omnivores will eat what they need to keep

What did humans eat during the ice age?

Mankind, not being totally stupid, knew how to get out of the way of slow-moving glaciers. He went to where the ice wasn't for the most part.He also migrated with herds. Where the herds could find vegetable matter, so could mankind. It's highly likely that some humans chose (for

If I have beef in the freezer for close to a month can I still cook it?

Yes, why not?! You can keep meat upto 6 to 7 months in the freezer, and already frozen fish for little less, say for 3 to 4 months. But taste would deteriorate as the time passes. Though it would be quite safe to use health-wise. Don't worry about it.Someone wrote on Quora in

Is it legal in USA to eat bear meat?

Yes.USA has some laws which provides excellent opportunities for hunters and game lovers.Way down in Texas there are large ranches where the owners rear wild life, even Indian herbivores like Nilgai. These animals are not caged but left around to

What are some ways to cook a 4 oz sirloin steak?

Sirloin is my favorite steak, and 4 oz is my average serving.... My favorite prep is simple.Everything depends on thickness and temperature... mine are typically about 1.5″-1.75″ thick and Prime or Choice. To control for temp I leave it out of the fridge

Is halal meat preparation considered to be more or less humane to animals?

I think it is much more humane on so many levels, at least comparing with industrial ways of mass-slaughtering animals.First, dont forget that halal slaughter starts from well treatment of the animal. They should not be stressed out or even see the blade, or see their 'peers' slaughtered. Second,

How is Arby's roast beef prepared so that it does not resemble roast beef available at a delicatessen?

Arby's "rost beef" is emulsified beef, reformed with meat glue.  That's how they can get product consistency.  Think of it as hot dogs sliced thin.Ahhh, yes, sources.

What are the risks of eating a medium rare ribeye steak?

First, if you are thinking like the FDA, well-done steak is the only safe way to eat beef. It will certainly kill any lurking bacteria, good or bad. It will also kill 90% of the flavor. It's not their fault; their job is zero tolerance for risk, and the fact that it

What makes a vegan eat meat again?

I'm vegan, and I've never felt better in terms of health or contribution for the environement.However, I know there are several reasons that can make a vegan quit this lifetyle.Lack of thinking independance and lonelinessReasons to go vegan are numerous, a lot of great men recognised the benefits of goign vegans, for health, for the environment,

What are the pros and cons of eating snake meat?

Pros: During idle silences, office holiday parties, or instances of one-upmanship, you can bring up that time you ate a snake. (There's no need to say it was snake meat. You can say you ate a snake. You have my permission.)Cons: Snake meat is kind of a niche market, which means it might be pretty expensive, as

What's the difference between salami and pepperoni?

A salami is an Italian sausage that includes the meat and specific spices. It is then put into some sort of casing. At that point it is cured and dried. It is usually 3 inches or more in diameterA pepperoni is an Italian American salami, that is

Why is the meat (lamb and beef) from New Zealand typically zabihah/halal?

New Zealand is one of the largest exporters of Halal meat as noted in the New Zealand Meat Report.  Because of the various trade deals between Middle Eastern countries and New Zealand, the kiwi country slaughters 98% of its sheep and lamb as well as 60% of its cattle in accordance with shariah laws

Can lab-grown meat be kosher and/or Halal?

It is a complicated issue!This is the way this kind of meat is produced:The process of developing cultured meat involves taking muscle cells and applying a protein that promotes tissue growth.[8] Once this process has been started, it would be theoretically possible to continue producing meat indefinitely without introducing new cells from a living organism.Source

Why do so many people like their steak to have blood still coming out of it?

This is a very common misunderstanding. You see, the thing that comes out of a properly prepared (as in medium rare or less) steak isn't blood. The blood is removed when butchering the animal.The liquid is water + myoglobin. The

Why is chicken meat generally not eaten for breakfast? We eat pork and beef but not chicken meat.

In my old neighborhood in Minneapolis, we had a restaurant named Poulet. That's chicken in French. Everything on the menu included chicken. They served a rather good Chicken Benedict for breakfast as I recall. I tried it several times. It was the

Why is chicken better than red meat?

I think it depends on the cut of the chicken and how you cook it. Boneless breasts or tenders have almost no fat. But if you fry chicken it can end up with more fat than your favorite steak!Thighs have some fat, but you can trim it and buy it

What is the best material for a meat smoker to be made out of?

Smoking meat is all about technique and temperature control. We'll assume that you are talking about a "cold smoke" which is under 140F. IMHO, the enclosure isn't important. I've seen everything from old refrigerators to wooden boxes, to small log cabin-type structures used to "cold smoke". This is possible because done properly, you limit

What is the best way to reheat bbq meat?

The Iron Maiden offset view I like to reheat sliced brisket in an oven at around 300 degrees F in a foil covered 4 inch steam table pan with some liquid. The cover and liquid prevents the meat from drying out. For a 4

Is it dangerous to not eat meat?

It is dangerous to not eat meat unless you are eating other foods that contain adaquate amounts of protein and iron. Here's a link from Harvard that will give you great information concerning protein.How much protein do you need every day? - Harvard Health BlogHere is one for iron

What is the best type of steak?

I am going to assume you mean Beef Steaks, the most common and the ones most people think of when they hear ‘Steak'.There are a lot of cuts, and there are some differences. Some have a lot of fat marbling, which makes the meat tender and juicy. Some are tough working muscles, which typically

Why milk products are labeled halal? Isn't halal related to meat?

Strictly speaking, no but often is the case. Alcohol for example is also haram as are other intoxicants.Halal = permissible.Haram = forbidden.Now onto the topic of halal milk products...Are you familiar with rennet? (Rennet - Wikipedia)

Have you ever tried meat?

Yes, I have, but both times were genuine accidents.The first time was when my family went to a Chili's in Florida, where the word

Is it safe for humans to eat raw meats and raw milk just like animals?

No Sir/Madam: I have spent the right portion of my first inning in the dairy industry, in total it could be over 30 years.It is almost impossible for me even to estimate how many billions of liters of milk were received and processed under my supervision.I highly recommend never even try

What delicious soup can be made with meat?

Lakhsa can be made with chicken, asian, vegetables and coconut cream and spices and is delicious.Beef Pho with spices, vegetables and sometimes noodles is yummy.My favourite winter soup at the moment with meat is tiny 2 cm (4/5ths inch) minced chicken or lamb meatballs. Spice them with with

What can I make with pork stew meat?

I make chile verde. Brown the pork well in veg oil. Add chopped onions and garlic. Cook til soft. Add some canned tomatoes, not too many and not the juice, put in two or three chopped tomatillos and a lot of chopped fire roasted green chiles, the mild, not jalapenos.

Is it healthy to eat goat meat?

Yes indeed. It's not only a healthy alternative to other meats, it's also quite tasty, very similar to lamb. Here's what Livestrong has to say about it:

Has a Giraffe ever been slaughtered for its kosher meat?

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo once had an old giraffe that wasn't going to live much longer, so they had it slaughtered, and after its lungs checked out OK the meat was sold as a fundraiser.    In 2007, for the Mesorah dinner in Los Angeles, the OU planned to

What is the internal temperature of medium rare steak?

What is internal temperature for medium rare steak?That would be 140 - 145 but don't forget carry over cooking. If you stop cooking at 135 - 140 and rest the meat, the final serving temp will be around 145.Grill Times & Temperatures for SteakSteak DonenessRemove from Grill at this TemperatureFinal Cooked TemperatureRare130 to 135°F130 to 140°FMedium Rare140°F145°FMedium155°F160°FWell Done165°F170°F

What is the best meat to eat every day?

Chicken, hands down. I eat chicken pretty much every day myself. It's one of the more budget-friendly meats, and it is healthy and a great source of protein. Personally, I opt for Trader Joe's frozen chicken breast tenderloins, which come in 2.5 pound zip-seal type

Is horse meat delicious?

The taste of horsemeat isn't especially delicious or not, but it is unique. Once you've eaten it, especially if you've eaten it from time to time for years, you don't forget it.When I was growing up in Oregon we were very poor, so we often ate horsemeat because

Does meat have to be halal and Zabiha for a Muslim to eat it, or can it just be halal?

Interesting question.Halal means allowed! Halal animals include all sea food, and seafood does not have to be Islamically slaughtered (Zabeha) to be consumed by Muslims.However, all land based animals (cattle, sheep, goats, fowl such as chicken, ducks, geese, quail, pigeons etc., deer,

How to marinate a steak

This is one of my favorite summer steaks as you can use it as a salad topping, sandwich or crisp quesadilla. It will be even better with a nice glass of crisp Venho Verde. Serve with vine ripe tomatoes and grilled bread. Enjoy and Bon Appetit.Ingredients:• 4each 8 oz Flat Iron Steak• ½ cup

What are the pros and cons of only eating meat?

Pros: It's easy to buy, refrigerate and cook meat (stir fry, boil, grill). You get some proteins (remember proteins are not everything in nutrition, other nutrients are much more important for health).You get some B12 vitaminsCons: Meat proteins come along with a lot of saturated fat calories, Doesn't contribute with any

Is bacon the same thing as pork belly?

Thanks for the A2A:Short answer? Yes. Pork belly and bacon are both the same cut of meat. Here in the US, however, there are some SUBTLE nuances to bacon and pork belly.Thickness of cut: Bacon tends to be cut very thin so as to crisp whereas pork belly

How to spice up a steak without ruining it

My favorite steak is ribeye because it is tender, rich and flavorful. Because of these traits it can stand up to a lot of other flavors without being overpowered. So, give your ribeyes a good rub.My favorite spice rub for ribeye steaks starts with this:

How is pepperoni made?

Pepperoni, also known as pepperoni sausage, is an American variety of salami, usually made from cured pork and beef mixed together. Pepperoni is characteristically soft, slightly smoky, and bright red in color.  Individual recipes for pepperoni may vary, but most include some form or combination of red pepper (paprika, cayenne or crushed red

What is the best marinade or rub that makes any cut of steak as tender as fillet mignon?

There is no such thing. There are ingredients that can help break down meat with enzymes found in papaya and some other fruits, and many lesser cuts of meat can certainly benefit from this. But thinking there is some magic that makes them like filet mignon is not reasonable because none of them impart