Can Ativan be used to treat OCD?

Ativan is an antianxiety drug, similar to Xanax or Klonopin. Ativan is chiefly used for the treatment of anxiety, not OCD. However, because anxiety usually accompanies OCD, Ativan can be used to lessen the anxiety associated with OCD. I would say, given the choice of Ativan or Xanax, Ativan is the

Every time I cough a little bulge pushes out under my rib cage, I can push it back in with my thumb.. What is going on?

Every time I cough a little bulge pushes out - wherever, I can push it back in with my thumb..Beautiful description of a hernia. Medical students should memorize. The wherever is usually in my groin but it does happen where the muscles arise of the ribs and sternum.Substernal or subxiphiod are exotic but textbook sites.

I had a back injury and have been sedative for about 8 months. I am starting to walk on a treadmill 15 minutes every 3 hours. Will this make a difference or do I need to try to go longer?

This is more than sufficient. Check with your doctor as it depends what kind of surgery you had. It may be excessive. I could not even sit followers ng mine. It took a year to move with a walker. Now two years later, i walk with crutches or canes for fifteen minutes three times a

I just read that regular physical activity can help reverse or help prevent cognitive decline. What type and how much?

I don't think the type of exercise matters, so long as it has an aerobic component (walking, biking, running, tennis, etc.) How much depends on your age and physical condition, especially of you are older and / or haven't been

My stomach is bruised from exercise rowing last night. Should I row again today?

If you are bruising yourself rowing, then you are doing it incorrectly. There is literally no movement in any exercise that requires you to strike yourself with something, rowing included. The row finished with the handle paused at the sternum. You don't strike yourself with the handle, you pull back to the sternum.

When I do situps my tailbone sticks out and it hurts, how do I fix this?

You can do abdominals without laying down.Standing up you can lift your pelvic bowl and draw your ribs in toward center and in towards spine, creating a

Does lowering your cholesterol really help you live longer?

Increasing your healthiness helps you live longer. People who are healthier live longer. People who live longer are judged to have been healthier.Does lowering your cholesterol help you live longer? No. Except when it does.Medicines for cholesterol are based on studies of disease, not studies of health. Cholesterol is essential to health. But there

How can one get rid of chronic muscle spasm at home?

Keep hydrated. Make sure you have sufficient salt in your diet if you sweat a lot or have potassium intake.Do stretches daily in the morning and before you sleep.Take magnesium supplements, it may reduce the severity of your cramps.I used to take magnesium aspartate but now magnesium chloride(cheaper). Just add to water and

I ate 1/2 of one fried shrimp from Applebee's. I'm slightly allergic to shrimp and every time I eat it, the allergy gets worse. I have a headache and my mouth feels itchy and weird. What's happening and why is my shrimp allergy getting worse?

It keeps getting worse because you keep exposing yourself to your allergen. You are lucky you are still alive. You know very well what is happening - you are having an increasing allergic reaction every time you do this. You can't even get any enjoyment out of a half a shrimp, so why are you

I had a knee contusion but after a leg workout, the pain somewhat subsided. I applied ice to the knee and took some pain relievers hours prior to workout but knee still ached. Was it just the medication taking effect or something else?

You experienced the one thing that is usually more effective than treatments or medication and that is rehablitation. Muscle rehabilitation, especially in the form of strength training, can be one of the best beneficial means of recovery. For a contusion, strength training could circulate

I have blood in my stool, accompanied by stomach pains. I've been to the toilet 7 times today. Should I be concerned?

Many people would not be overly worried by a bought of diaherra... it can be really unpleasant, but it happens to everyone from time to time and is usually self limiting. Stomach pains/cramps with diaherra are par for the cause, but blood in stool

I have developed dark, painful, burning eczema on my neck and arms. The eczema has started to spread to my face. Could my pet bunnies be the reason my eczema has started spreading to other parts of my body?

Don't ask Quora: go to your doctor.The number of questions about medical symptoms on here amazes me. Would anyone trust the word of an unknown over a personal examination by a medical practitioner?A

I have snapped off my pinky toe right before the joint and have undergone a k-wire fixation surgery? How long will it take to start walking again considering I've haven't walked in 3 months and my calf muscle is smaller?

We never told the patient to not work instead we said patient to walk but they are different types of strategies to walk after effects in the lower leg fingers on the lower lege first month to walk with the Walker but

I have taken 30 pills of Synthroid and another 30 a month later. Will this kill me eventually? I didn't have a thyroid problem but now I have a hyperthyroidism.

Too much thyroid hormone can causes heart problems including arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is a risk factor in having a stroke.Also too much thyroid hormone is linked to bone demineralisation, which left will lead to osteopenia / osteoporosis AKA brittle bones.

I just had the anterior cervical discectomy with fusion surgery three days ago. I went home 12 hours after the surgery. How long afterward should I have throat pain and difficulty swallowing?

If the surgeon has made contact with the vocal cords , you may also experience loss of speech. I witnessed this in a patient in 2003 , following them receiving C-5 disc surgery.Normally , post surgery side effects should clear up in a week, to 10 days.

I just started seeing a doctor who has tried to get me to see a therapist or take medication for my depression. When I told her I didn't want to, she seemed either concerned or disappointed. Why would she react this way?

What kind of doctor did you see? Was it a psychiatrist or a general practitioner? If you have just started to see a doctor, it sounds like you are planning to see this doctor regularly. Did you see this doctor specifically for depression? Or for some physical ailment? There are

I keep getting acne on my face? What can I do to get rid of it?

There are various factors that cause acne. Hormones if you're young. It could also be your diet or the products you use on your face.Avoid fried or greasy foods.If you wear makeup, consider changing brands. MAC and Smashbox are two harsh brands. Neutrogena, mineral makeup, and anything targeted towards oily skin are less

I'm 26 and having an AC joint separation which may be grade 3 because I can see a bump on my shoulder but I don't have any pain from day 1 of the accident. Do I need to undergo surgery or is there any other way to reduce the bump?

If you don't mind having a bump seen on your shoulder and if it's not painful, leave it alone. A surgeon like me would always want to operate a grade 3 AC separation. It's a surgeon's delight.But if you don't want that bump to be seen, instead of you

I've had a central disc herniated with severe lateral recess stenosis and impingement of the L5 root for just over a year. Pain meds make it barely tolerable but physio hasn't worked to help it heal. What are my options (I'm in the UK)?

The option is to start doing the flexbility and strength exercises that get your skeleton back into better alignment and muscles strong enough to support it as you go about eceryb day tasks.Think about it: why have your discs degenerated? It's because the bones on either side of the discs are out

I was bitten by a rat on the leg 3 days ago in the NYC Subway. It hurts a little bit but I still haven't seen a doctor due to not having health insurance. It hasn't stopped bleeding and WebMD doesn't give me any helpful information. What should I do?

Let me just see if I have my facts straight. By way of a simple overview:Three days ago, in one of the dirtiest cities on the face of the planet, you were bitten by one of the dirtiest creatures on the face of the

I was prescribed 30 pills of Hydromorphone HCL 1MG after my hernia surgery for pain relief. I tend to have an addictive personality. Is this drug addictive and will taking it responsibly put me at risk of physical dependency?

Yes, hydromorphone is an opioid and certainly can be habit-forming. However, there is a lot of well-intended but misguided anxiety and excessive caution in the answers you're getting. I want to emphasize a few facts.1.) A thirty-tablet supply is simply not enough to develop a

I'm on my second week of going for walks for exercise. I have fibromyalgia and today when I went, my thighs and calves hurt when I walked back up the hill. I did this twice =.64 mile. Is this normal and how long will it last?

You're feeling lactic acid build up from anaerobic respiration in the leg muscles due to the acquired (luckily reversible) mitochondrial dysfunction that happens with CIRS. More info on my website.Regarding

Landed on my neck. I heard a crackling when it happened, but there was some minor discomfort and now it's gone. Should I be worried?

In the vast majority of cases, serious injury is accompanied by serious pain. That's not to say you may have increased your likelihood of developing degenerative cervical arthritis when you are old. Being young and healthy increases your liklihood of a good outcome. I was hit by a car as a young

My girlfriend is claustrophobic and has to have an MRI done. Apparently even the open-ended ones are too close. Any advice on how she can get an MRI done without her freaking out?

I used to have that problem but it is much better after 9 years on a CPAP machine.One time, during a scan, I was so distressed I asked to be pulled out and told them I was done, I couldn't do any more. When I got to the

My knee aches when I go down the stairs or take any sudden jerk which puts pressure on my knee? Is there a fat pad under my knee which wore off? Self diagnosis apparently shows signs of Patella tendonitis? What should I do?

First thing you should do visit the knee specialists. And tell him about your condition. If you are 100% sure from self diagnosis that you are suffering from the Patella tendonitis. Here are some things that you should do:Don't play

My pelvis has a sharp pain when I pee. I'm seeing a doctor, but what could cause this?

Your problem needs to be evaluated comprehensively according to your gender, age and physical condition. Many women say that after giving birth to a child, there will be pelvic pain. When urinating, pelvic pain may have urethritis or cystitis, which is closer to the pelvic position.Some men suffer from pelvic pain when they urinate when

My TSH is greater than 150 and my T3 and T4 are within the range? What needs to be done?

Homeopathy is person centric and not disease centric.Every person is like a finger preint no to person havin same pathology readings are same so the medicine also will be different beacause it will for person and not the disease,the disease is automatically thraown out when a person is

Recently, I was hit by a car, but now I feel absolutely normal, but the only thing I noticed was a concave rib. Should I go to the hospital, even if I have no signs of a fracture, not even pain?

If it were me I would go to my sports-medicine certified chiropractor. Experiencing that type of impact has undoubtedly created some bones that are out of place, that you might not even feel or realize until the body's attempts to compensate for those misalignments has started to cause real symptoms later. Plus, the rib thing. If

The other day I was shaky so I took my blood sugar with my girlfriend's device and my levels were very low (like in the 50s). I'm not diabetic, so why did this happen?Should I worry about it?

If you were diabetic and untreated you would not have low blood glucose. The whole pathology of Diabetes Mellitus is that the body cannot lower blood glucose, either due to a lack of insulin (Type I) or that insulin being unable to work due to insulin resistance (Type II). Instead, blood glucose

What are some ways to manage osteoporosis?

As we age, we tend to lose more bone mass than our body is able to create. Our ability to absorb essential minerals - Calcium and Phosphate - required for bone formation also reduces. This, in turn, affects bone production and our bone tissues become

What is the best way to treat or control diabetes?

With some modifications, I am reproducing my earlier answer to a similar question. While physical exercise is important and medication may also come into play; the key to managing diabetes is diet. No amount of exercise, medication, and insulin can help you if you do not make significant changes to your diet.First, it is

What kind of doctor would you see for osteoporosis?

If your DEXA shows osteopenia or mild osteoporosis, your best practitioner is probably not a doctor, but a personal trainer.  Drugs can increase bone density, but have side effects which make them inappropriate unless the risk of fracture is very high (see Paul Rochmis' answer).  Hormone replacement therapy can slow bone loss in postmenopausal women, but unfortunately

What should I do if the pinky side of my wrist has been hurting for months? I've been to the doctor and he said to wear a brace, which I have been but, around a month after that, it still hurts. I originally injured it while punching a punching bag.

See a neurologist! I already had signs of carpal tunnel before I fell and smashed my right wrist. I had surgery where 3 bones, one in pieces, were removed. When that got better I had carpal tunnel surgery done as well. Since I no longer can hold a crochet hook properly, my

Why do I become freezing cold for hours after exercising?

Exercise can lower blood pressure, reducing oxygen delivery to the major organs and extremities and leave you feeling cold. After exercise I always encourage participants to put any jackets/hoodies etc back on to avoid getting too cold. Certain exercise systems are particularly effective at causing arteries to dilate and thus lowering

Why do I bleed when I pull off dead skin?

It's because you are not supposed to just 'pull off' dead skin. You obviously went too deep. If you want to 'slough' off dead skin the normal way go to a pharmacy & ask for either a loofah or a pumice foot smoother. If you get it, run hot soapy water over your feet in the shower

Why do I end feeling nauseous whenever I work out?

Because of the intensity [of a hard workout] and the significant workload, blood is distributed to the muscles to promote nutrient and oxygen transport. Unfortunately, this leaves little blood left to circulate to the stomach and intestines, and as a result oftentimes triggers a nausea or vomiting response," exercise physiologist Dr. Joel Seedman, Ph.D., an athletic performance

Why does my shoulder get dislocated so much times?

Your shoulder is unstable. You may play sport and have lots of impacts/collisions on your body .If you like you can ask your Primary Dr for a referral to a Physical therapist to see if you , with them can fix it. After 12 weeks of

A lump has appeared on the back of my neck which gives me back pain, the feeling of pins and needles in my arms etc. I received an MRI which came back normal yet still curious what causes this random lump to appear?

If you had a normal scan then the bump isn't in your spine. It's probably a deep cyst in the skin. Your paresthesias may be unrelated. Carpal tunnel is compression of the median nerve in your wrist. It causes numbness and

Can Ativan be used to treat OCD?

Benzodiazepines like Ativan reduce the anxiety from your obsessive thoughts which in turn will not compel you to feel the extreme need to ritualize in order to alleviate your pain. Unfortunately it's far from a cure and could end in disaster. Benzodiazepines are addictive and although they will initially relieve the symptoms if used daily they will

How to remove external hemorrhoids

THOMAS J. ZUBER, M.D., Saginaw Cooperative Hospital, Saginaw, MichiganPatient Information HandoutAcutely swollen and tender thrombosed external hemorrhoids can be surgically removed during the first 72 hours after onset. After 72 hours, the discomfort of the procedure often exceeds the relief provided by the surgery. Some patients still chose to undergo late surgery, although they

How to treat a sciatica and abdominal pain

A sciatica and abdominal pain is best treated with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) such as ibuprofen or codeine (in acute cases). the various treatments available are as under:alternative treatments (eg, acupuncture)chiropractic caremedicationsphysical therapysurgeryThоѕе with lower back pain hаvе historically bееn prescribed bеd rest in

I don't drink water from streams or pools of water without filtering it or boiling it. Some people do, especially in very cold climates. I won't take that risk unless it's an emergency. Am I extreme? What are your thoughts?

Some people tolerate less than ideal water and have no problem with it.Others cannot... and if you do not know take a pass.It is your choice... I am mostly in your camp ... That said growing up we locals all knew the good clean springs

I feel too much thirsty and feel thirsty even after drinking water. I have to drink too much water. This is happening since a few days. Is it due to start of summer or due to some serious condition?

You don't mention your age or any other symptoms. Have you been loosing weight? Do you get up at night frequently to urinate? Have you been extremely fatigued? If the answer is yes to these questions then I would definitely seek medical advise ASAP. In

I just switched to a primary care physician closer to my home. When I called to set up a new patient appt, I was told that the Doctor doesn't prescribe pain medication. Is this a new trend?

With the opioid crisis in the US (huge numbers of deaths due to illegal fentanyl laced pills) and the marketing of oxycontin as if it wasn't addictive the US has a drug problem. There was a period in the late 1990's where the medical community and drug reps started calling pain

I swallowed a fish bone a few days ago and it lodged in the side of my throat . It won't come out, I can breathe normally and am not in pain .Will the fish bone eventually dissolve or should I seek help to get it out?

Much of my family is from the south and when we get together, it's common for us to have a bbq/fish fry. The kids are usually not allowed to eat the fish because they migrate swallow a fish bone. It's happened to me before and the

I've smoked weed for years, but I now get stomach pain and I feel like my stomach becomes really tight, I also begin to find it hard to breathe and my palms get sweaty. Do you have any idea why this is happening? I've never done this before.

Go to the doctor or call a doctor's office and describe the exact symptoms you have described here. Do it today.Stomach pain and tightness.Difficulty breathing,Sweaty palms.Anytime you experience difficulty breathing, its a good idea to get checked out by a professional.It could be anything, or nothing. It could be simple allergies, asthma, or heart problems, but I

I was a heavy coffee drinker (worked as a 'barista' - up to 30 shots consumed per day for me) for years but then stopped for a few months, now I get shaky if I have 1 strong coffee, why?

Because tolerance levels aren't held in place. Once you stop consuming the caffeine, your immunity to it diminishes.This is true of alcohol and drugs too. I can drink full grown men under the table if I've been drinking several days in a row. Other times when I haven't had a drink

I'm 17 and 5'8. I weigh 96 pounds. Am I healthy?

I was probably the only person in the world other than you that weighed same as you having same height when i was 17 yrs old.And Top of it, i had to survive 5 yrs due to education at such location where food was horrible. And my weight remained same for

I'm always tired after work. How can I change this?

There's only so much that is possible!However, here's a few things that might help. When I used to travel house to house teaching all day and finish my workday at 8:30pm on a dark winter night, each of these was guaranteed to help!Hydrate.Whether you're commuting on foot, on the train, in a taxi, or via

Is OCD recovery possible without meds? I don't like pills, can anyone share their experience with OCD if you have recovered?

Story time! So a few years ago while going through fertility treatment I developed OCD particularly when it came too food I was very cautious. Well, ok I literally couldn't eat any food that wasn't cut up into pieces that were less than an

Is there an effective treatment for migraine headaches that actually addresses the underlying cause, instead of masking the symptoms with medication?

There's no official cause of migraines. At best, it is considered to be multifactoral and different types of treatment are aimed at different theorized causes.Triptans, for example, are the first line treatment for migraines and do not mask underlying symptoms. They actually target

My stomach feels bigger than usual (protruding) but my stomach isn't hard. I have short instances of gas release every now and then and my stool isn't regular either. Is there any way to know the reason to this cause?

Several possibilities, could be dietary and nutritional needs. But also could be a health issue, and in such case, would advise a visit to the doctors for seeking the reason for imbalances in digestive areas.In most cases with these symptoms, is dietary changes.Not knowing eating habits, or lifestyle, can't offer specific causes for the symptoms, or clearly give answers.

Does hemorrhoid have real cure?

Does haemorrhoid have real cure?Of course.Oh, look, there must be other answers to this question if you had bothered to look.Remember that the pharma business model depends upon ongoing and repeated treatment, since cure is unprofitable.Hemorrhoids result from high blood

How to get bleeding piles treated

It iѕ vеrу uncomfortable condition, аnd painful, аlthоugh ѕоmеtimеѕ piles mау bleed withоut аnу painful symptoms. Occasionally piles саn disappear bу themselves, thе bеѕt wау tо prevent piles bleeding аrе tо cure thе piles itself.Finding оut whаt саuѕеѕ thеm саn prevent уоu frоm gеtting

How effective is Pilesgon for hemorrhoids?

There is an increase in the number of people suffering from piles these days. There are several reasons for the cause. The cause is equally important as the consequences. So it is important to find a natural cure for hemorrhoids. It occurs due to several reasons. Sedentary lifestyle, eating habits and obesity are the main reasons for hemorrhoids.

I impacted my knee and feel sharp pain but only when I press the kneecap, I can walk and run just fine. What could this be and what should I do?

Sounds like a meniscus issue. I have a cracked meniscus in both knees (my right is worse than the left). I can climb mountains, run steep trails, weight train, sprint and complete basically any plyometric jumping exercise. Yet, there are times I find it difficult to climb

Is squatting healthier than sitting?

A forensic anthropologist will notice damage around a skeleton's knees indicates that the person was a squatter. But if the damage isn't there, it's likely to be elswehere. There's many different ways of sitting and in each case there's some strain imposed on some part of the

My doctor gave me training advice after I saw him for minor back pain. He told me to stay away from deadlifts but I rarely do deadlifts at all. Is this accurate?

That's funny. It's not funny that you're experiencing back pain, but it's funny that your doctor is prescribing exercise advice.TL;DR - No this is not accurate.First, let me bring to light the extensive amount of time and training it requires to become a medical doctor. It takes

Why do my legs sometimes cramp after laying in bed?

There could be any of several different reasons, but mine do that when I'm low on potassium. Having a banana an hour or so before bed should help, or just take a potassium supplement when it starts. For me, the little potassium tablet works within 10 to 20 minutes.

Why does my back hurt when I sit in the same position for a long time?

If you understand the fact that muscles are always are both agonistic & antagonistic. When they are agonistic they are also antagonistic to other muscles. We once learned that muscles are relaxed or contracted. This is not quite an accurate description,