How can remembering harmful incidents about my past help me heal from them?

Sure. And if you go further - like using hypnotherapy - you may come to see, as many of the 50 cases I've filmed have - that they were aware of the harmful incidents prior to signing up for a lifetime. That they participated

How to get over bad memories and bad relationships

First things first, we Quorans would like to assure you that a lot of people go through this kind of thing; so you're never alone in any of this. Also you have this big, wonderful community to help you be a better person. That's some

What trait of personality do you think is unforgettable?

I think people who have the capacity to forgive are the most amazing. I know someone who does that and he's a rare find. Very mellow man. Best character I've ever seen. Sometimes people do him serious wrong. He does not let them treat him as a doormat, but he forgives. It is a wonder to behold.

What's your most unforgettable travel experience?

The Solo trip I took to Europe in 2014 -Why backpacking solo in Central Europe is not that bad!Well, so many people have asked me why I travelled alone to Europe. I will list down some of my experiences here

Can I get more memory?

You mean biological memories, don't you? Not RAM to work for your smartphone or laptop. . Working memories? Short term memories? Long term memories? Musical memories? Smell memories? It's seem to me that long term memories are triggers by the right memories ‘holders'. For example: I had a catastrophic

Does anyone has experience based memory? Do you recall what activity you were doing when a memory is triggered?

Everyone has their own quirks about how they remember things. You could say it is based on how you file. I not only have a when-based file, I have a where-based file. Since college, I listen to music in my car

How are memories stored and retrieved in the human brain?

At the most basic level, memories are stored as microscopic chemical changes at the connection points between neurons in the brain.The brain has possibly 100 billion neurons, each of which connects to up to 10,000 (typically) other neurons. By some estimates, there

How to know your memory is real

Memories can be manipulated, rewritten and implanted. And the scary thing is, it happens daily.The main culprit? Our own brain.Do you remember the famous scene in Star wars, where Darth Vader reveals Luke he is his dad? You probably recall him saying

How good is your memory?

I wouldn't say that my memory is exceptionally good like a person with Savant syndrome . However , I've been told by many of my friends that I have a memory far better than the average.(I know that sentence looks like it was written by an egoist but I didn't mean to brag)Here are some examples

How much can a brain remember things?

In your lifetime your subconscious mind will have remembered around one quadrillion pieces of information (a quadrillion is a million billion). When you ask your conscious mind to solve problems, then it presents the problem to the subconscious mind. This is why when you are very relaxed in an alpha brainwave state, in the shower, relaxing, meditating etc.

How much data can the human brain store? Is there any limit to it? Can humans keep storing information as much as they want? If so, how?

DATA STORAGEMemory in your conscious mind is short-term and limited. Tests show that most people cannot remember more than seven digits at one time.Conversely, the memory in your subconscious mind is virtually unlimited. A comedian quipped,

Is there any better way for improving memory skills?

Chunk it into small pieces.I took up photography recently.By recently, I mean, days ago. I know zero point zero about it.I walked into the store, dumped $800 on a camera and walked out, absolutely clueless as to how to use it.And you should

What are the best memory techniques?

Sensory Memory, Short Term Memory, Long Term Memory, Do you know what these are? You use them every single minute. Many of us struggle with memorizing things and even if we do, we can't recall them later. The information is either lost, or we get confused. Why does

What exercises promote strong memory?

5 ways to give your brain a workoutIt is widely accepted that increased mental alterness comes with using your brain in new ways and can promote a strong memory. In addition, create a way to associated what you're trying to remember to your five senses.Take a shower with

Why can't we remember being a baby or infant? Why can't we remember being in the womb or being born?

Its very much possible to access all your memories under the state of hypnosis. I have had recall of word to word conversations between the gynecologist and my mother, while she was on one of her visits while pregnant with me. The memory is in full colour detail with the

What is your most memorable gym class experience?

I can play ping pong well.My Dad taught me. He is a pro.One gym class, when I was a Freshman, we had a ping pong unit. I wanted to play ping pong with my friend, to have a friendly game.Two boys were hogging the table and said that we couldn't play because they were having a

What is your most memorable moment, good or bad, from your time in the military?

Memorable and good memory: As a kid I was what would perhaps today be called a

How can we get more memory?

By Practicing and Being Interested in what you want to memorize. Only two things can help..Practicing - like we parrot in childhood to lean alphabets numbers is a good example. Keep practicing till it will etched in your memory.Being Interested - if you have to memorize something, be genuinely interested in it. By being interested you will take