Any men's fashion tips for teens?

Developing your own style takes some time and work, but by understanding your body type and current trends, you can easily upgrade your style and be a fashionable young man.Accent your wardrobe with accessories. Small accents to your wardrobe will go a long way in enhancing your style. ...Wear a watch. Being a fashionable

Are skinny jeans in fashion for men?

Yes they are.The description,

Can men wear short shorts?

Yes! It's done all the time. Most men's shorts are very long so you might as well wear pants! In the 60's men's shorts had 2″ to 3″ inseams which were as short as women's short shorts today. Fashion changes!To find short shorts go to the women's side of the store and check them out. Some are perfect for

Do women notice what men wear?

Five things women notice about men even before they start communicatingThey definitely notice what he's wearing and how he speaks to even his body language and good gestures.If you want to probably wear a five day old shirt for a date, Don't ! Because she will notice in all likelihood,

How can someone going bald look good?

By asking the question, you are assuming that baldness is unattractive. It's not. If you FEEL unattractive because you are bald, then you need to change hoe you approach life and how you interact with people. Happy, confident people are attractive. Hint.. If you are going very thin on top with hair still round the sides, then shorter

How to dress well as a teenage guy

Yes. This depends on what look you are going for, but since you haven't indicated that, I am going to advise you on how to look neat and presentable by not overkilling it.Keep your hygiene in check. It's okay to not get manicures and pedicures but staying clean by showering

How to get into male fashion

Women seem to have dominated the modeling market for a long time. When you think of fashion models, it's likely famous women that come to mind. From Cindy Crawford to Cara Delevingne, models from different generations have become iconic, and their names

How should I make a good fashion sense?

I believe Kryptik Rose offered you a nice and to the point answer. However, nothing stops you from being innovative, brave and formulate your very own dress style. Many people do that, some become trendsetters and others not. Have you seen Cam

Men's Fashion and Style: How can I follow men's fashion?

First You should know all basic fashion should wear that types of clothes in which you feel comfortable as well as it is fashionable..if you like any outfit then you should imagine yourself in that outfit because sometimes a particular dress does not look good on everyone.For good dressing

Men's Fashion and Style: Is it ok to wear blazers with jeans?

Definitely. But the jacket must truly be a casual sport coat. One of the worst looks IMO is a suit jacket worn like a sport coat. To qualify as a sport coat it can't be sleek and refined. It can't be a solid or pinstripe

Men's Fashion and Style: Where can I get a sweater like this?

Looks definitely Italian made/styled -- fine gauge yarn -- merino wool /pima cotton or silk blend. Model is wearing one size smaller for snug fit. Moderate to upper scale dept stores should have. For designers, try Brunello Cucinelli,  Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna.

Should I get a custom tailored suit?

No, probably not. For a few reasons.Bespoke, custom suits are expensive. Regardless of where or what they are made of, you are still going to be paying for the tailors time and effort. Good craftsmanship is costly.You are not sure if you

Tailors: What is a typical price for pant alterations?

Dress pant hem $15 - $20Dress pant hem w/cuff $15 - $30Jeans hem $10Waist cinching or let $15 - $25Any sartorial surgery beyond those, you are wasting your time and money. The pants don't fit; hunt for something more suitable for your height/weight/frame.The more expensive tailor is not always the best. A tailor will usually

What a guy should know about suits?

What a man should know about suits is akin to asking what a person should know about law, medicine, investing, interior decorating or cars. The details are far too complex to learn on a part-time basis. Find an expert in the field and let

What are essential fashion tips for men in their 20's?

Hello !I would say, that as a girl, I might not be the best person on earth to answer you, but I think I can still be helpful, so here we go !For me, men, of any age should be

What are fashion tips for a short, obese man?

Having a decent wardrobe will help anyone make a better first impression, even if you don't have the best body. Being short and overweight doesn't mean that you have to dress poorly. It is possible to be a very stylish, heavyset man. You just need to pay attention to the details and select clothing that suits your

What are good men's fashion blogs?

There are several men's fashion blogs. however, whenever it involves my selection I continually opt for Nelle Rome that has you with the foremost updated fashion's that's within the market. you'll get the simplest choices for the newest fashion in the city. you'll get information concerning everything together with - clothing's, watches, and plenty

What are good men's fashion magazines?

Magazines have always been a main hub when looking for beauty tips, latest fashion trends, sex, relationship and more. They are great to get all the details or information you need. The market is flooded with a number of magazines catering specifically to men. When talking about the

What are some affordable fashion tips?

Most Sought Fashion Jewellery and Accessories in IndiaFashion Jewellery and Accessories have become a trend over the past decade and new generation women prefer fashion jewellery over traditional jewellery as the former is very much low on cost. Fashion Jewellery is nothing but ornaments that are made particularly to

What are some basic fashion tips for a guy who knows absolutely nothing about fashion?

Clean clothes of a reasonable price that fit will look better on you than dirty clothes that are too big (falling off if you don't have a belt or suspenders holding them up) or too small (if the seam breaks open down the

What are some basic guidelines for men's fashion?

I'm going to delineate this into roughly two broad groups; men's formal wear and men's casual wear. Casual wear1.  Every man should have several pairs of great sneakers.  Be adventurous - get them in different colors, and ideally have one that is not a standard color - get one bright green / orange / red

What are some dressing tips for tall and skinny (very thin) 28 year old men?

Funny thing is you don't have to worry about anything!Reason: (Don't take this the wrong way, if anything it's good) You are like a store window mannequin.Literally, you could walk into tons of clothing stores - take the clothes off the mannequin and they would fit you

What are some fashion laws that all men should follow?

There are no fashion laws that all men should follow. Where did you get that crazy idea?First - we live in different cultures with different customs, fashion and behaviour.Second - usually only gay men are really interested in fashion. The

What are some fashion tips for middle-aged men?

Don't try to look young, as maturity has a different charm and sophistication.The level of formality in the outfit should be a notch higher than your juniors. Color combinations with a high level of contrast, firm fabrics which do not cling to the body look good.Avoid trends such as red shoes, sockless sneakers, fancy

What are some fashion tips for overweight middle-aged men?

NOTE: This answer may trigger some people out there, so be warned.For the record, I do not consider myself to be overweight nor middle aged but I will give my 2c worth of advice to those who are.Wear clothes that are appropriate for

What are some good fashion clothes for guys?

For guys, Jeans and shirts give him a casuals looks. If they are in a meeting or in some official work then trouser, shirts, and blazer with wrist watch give him a professional look. There are no specific fashion clothes for guys, they just need to remember that wear clothes should be according to his physics. Such as, for

What are some good fashion tips for men in Pakistan?

There's a reason Pakistani men are 3rd sexiest in the world. The youth of Pakistan is too fashion fanatic. Be it winter, autumn, spring, any other season or any festival or eve, the youth of Pakistan never compromises on being the talk of the town. Also, there is a constant need for remaining updated about Pakistani

What are some good tailors for men's suit in Noida?

F2style Doorstep services can be contacted for Gents suit tailoring services through their website ( fact you can design your dress & order the stitching online for Gents suit at just Rs 3500. their mobile no- 9990934932Other Famous Names are:TailorSquare ( & GentsTailor (

What are some great fashion tips for short men around 5' 3' tall?

Short men have always had a tougher row to hoe than their taller fellows. It can be frustrating to be picked last for the pick-up basketball game, to feel like you're overlooked when walking into a party, and to struggle to see your favorite band at

What are some great men's fashion (sartorial) link roundups to follow?

A few of may favourite bookmarked sites -Home – mens style forums and reviews Film Noir Buff Style Forum Home Page - The Rake Put This On The Sartorialist Ask

What are some great men's fashion tips for humid areas?

As you have not mentioned you gender, for males the Aussie uniform of singlet and boardies should serve well. If you want to dress up a bit - a linen suit would be good. For ladies, loose dresses that fall away

What are some great men's lifestyle blogs?

See, the first thing you need to see what is the blog offering in terms of lifestyle.What are the things you need to consider? Like fashion tips, health tips, grooming and other stuff.So, for that TheLastDraft is one of the new emerging sites which covers all the topics related to men lifestyle which are

What are some great shoes for short men around 5'3' tall?

Mate, even I am a short man and stand just 5′7″ tall. I prefer minimalist shoes. Even if that means I'll look short. I will choose health over looking good anyday, because elevated shoes are just an accident waiting to happen to you the moment you put them on. They don't provide good proprioception

What are some grooming tips for men by women?

Keep your nails short and clean (long or dirty nails mean your fingers won't get to do any exploring...if you know what I mean).Same goes for toenails, minus the "exploring" reason. This is just because long toenails are off-putting and makes it look like you don't care about

What are some men's fashion tips for trendy look in 2019?

There are so many styles that are in the 2019 trends likewise:-Summer Must-Have:-A denim jacketA bomber jacketA leather jacketA sweatshirt pull-overA sweatshirt button placketCasual Must-have:-T-shirts; colors: white, black, sky-blueJeans; colors: blue, black, whiteShirts; colors: white, navy blue, black, red, maroon, olive greenPatterns; colors: tartan, plaid, solid, floral, vertical-stripedshoes; color: white, redAmogue Your Personal Fashion Stylist

What are some men's tailors in Mumbai?

Though there are many tailors in the multiple streets of Mumbai, the one you can trust is difficult to find. Also many of the designs need specific fabrics and machines for the final finish. With passing generations, the art of tailoring

What are some of the mistakes in mens fashion?

I think that the biggest mistake is having the misconception, the idea some men have, that being fashionable equals dressing up; that it is time consuming or requires extra work and thought to accomplish; wearing expensive designer clothes; weird looks as seen in a fashion show; and/or that it equals wearing outfits

What are some tips for guys to get better at fashion?

Hello there, look around. What do you like? Buy simple onservation you can decide and conclude what looks good, what you think would look good on you, and most of all are you comfortable wearung it? Hey a vintage tee shirt and

What are some top fashion tips tailored for attractive men?

Okay gentlemen, listen up. Now, we know that there are dozens of different reasons why men dress the way they do, why they make certain sartorial choices, and why they favor certain trends over others. Men that dress stylishly do so for

What are some top fashion tips tailored for short men?

First off go get fitted and know what your measurements are, so you know how to shop. Most dress shirts, jackets, pants, require you know your measurements. Everything must be fitted well as to not be too big that they make you look smaller or that they are so tight that they make you look like

What are the best clothing tips for men over 30?

First of all remember, 30 is the new 20. So don't hold yourself back from experimenting with your outfits in a casual set up or an event. Wear anything that's known to the mankind; just make sure it fits you well. Try and stay away from torn or obnoxiously faded clothes

What are the best fashion tips and tricks for short men?

You should wear sporty outfit if you are short men and now a days, fitness is quite important to keep body fit and every men want to look fit so i will suggest you to buy the sporty dresses for short men. Decathlon is the biggest online fashion and sports company in India which provides amazing products for short

What are the best mens' fashion guides around?

First, I'm biased as I feel the men's style guides I've created at A Tailored Suit & Real Men Real Style are best on the web. However if I had to choose style guides that are not my own, I would point you to these.   Formal

What are the best men's fashion websites, magazines, and blogs?

There are quite a number mentioned from earlier response, however here are my personal picks for forward-thinking menswear and styling that are worth mentioning than generic publications from your next door supermarket/drugstore aisle:Styleforum - a really large forum on menswear for understanding traditional and contemporary menswear, discussing menswear collections, and what people are purchasing for

What are the best tips to choose winter wear clothing for mens?

These tips will definitely help you out:Dress in layers. Use many thin, warm layers rather than a few thick layers. It will insulate better and allow you to strip off layers if the temperature climbs.Buy or find a pair of insulated boots. Ideally, the lining should be wool or

What are the few best fashion tips for men above 32?

One wants to look good always as this gives the confidence to face the world and also other people perceive you with seriousness and you will be looked upon as an inspiration.Few Best Fashion Tips For Men in their 30's are:-Invest in good polo shirts and chino pants as combining both

What are the good tips to choose men's fashion clothing?

When it comes to choosing men's fashion clothing, it can get a bit problematic. This is true for women who are shopping for men's clothing brands. But it can be done. Here are some great tips that are going

What are the good ways to be fashionable?

Always wear what you are comfortable in, don't follow someone else's style.Never follow the trend. Keep your choice unique and which fits your personality.Always dress according to occasions. Wear formals to work and casual dresses at outdoor events or party.

What are the hairstyle or haircut options for bald or balding men?

here's the truth ...if you are balding in the crown you are f$#ked. one here looks like beckham or jason stratham. no one. we aren't super rich, tanned, ripped actors or sportsman. if you have tanned or olive skin then

What are the latest fashion trends for men in 2018?

Get versatile in latest fashion trends with just one suitStop restricting suits to a single type of occasion.Today suit is a versatile men's wear. You can style this wear in different waysand make a new fashion statement every time you wear. Here, you will find a number of ways of wearing this formal wear

What are the latest trends in men's outerwear?

In the Fashion Weeks, for Spring 2015, there have been some new trends, some new spins on the classics.Leather Jackets - It's a classic and always will be. But this year, I saw some statement leather jackets, with different textures and colors (white is looking good!) and side-zips.Color-blocking -

What are the most important grooming tips for men to look good?

Jesus Christ, if having curled locks or eyeliner were considered mandatory for me to look good, I'd kill myself, and I already have naturally fantastic cascading tendrils and smokey, seductive oculars.In order to look good, most men must present themselves as having actually been groomed.This usually meanshair cut/maintenance at least every two weeks,

What are the top mens fashion essentials?

HI,hi,Brother-sister duo from Colgate University pitched a novel idea in 2015 to Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hyman, Neil Blumenthal, and MC Hammer, panelists at an entrepreneurship program: swimwear made out of recycled plastic bottles. They didn't know much about the technology then to convert old, used plastic bottles into clothing, but as children who grew up on

What are the worst fashion tips for guys?

Some of these conflict with each other, but I'll just throw them all out there:Don't worry about fancy labels or nice clothes or following fashion rules - anyone who cares about fashion is a shallow snob anyway, and by dressing comfortably you'll meet genuine

What are top fashion tips for guys to look stylish in tropical regions?

You want to dress better, but most style advice revolves around suiting up or just around whatever trendy this season.But that's not what you're looking for.You just want to make a better first impression on people you meet in everyday life.

What are your most useful fashion tips?

Avoid clothes with busy prints. They go out of style about ten minutes after you buy them - and then they look outdated.Prints and patterns make women look bigger than they are.If you work in an office and would like to be perceived as a professional, wearing busy prints or patterns make you look

What clothes do women like on men?

The answer depends on the woman and depends on the man, but a safe start would be... women like to see:1.  Men in clothes that fit well.  Men often wear what is comfortable, but if it fits like pajamas, it probably looks like pajamas.  Comfort is 50% mental.  Wearing clothing that fits properly means you

What fashion advice would girls like to give to Indian men?

Contrary to the popular belief, I think most of the Indian men have a good dress sense. (At least, they're not wearing boxers, Yoga pants or Justin Bieber kinda low waist pants to the mall).Unless Govinda is your fashion icon, you're doing pretty much alright with

What fashion style makes a man to be outstanding?

The truth is that image and appearances matter a lot in today's times. Perhaps they matter more than they should but one cannot change the world and people's perceptions. That is why paying attention to what you wear is so important. Here are

What is a good fashion site for men?

Fashion is one of the most common word used in women's discussion. We are confused with the fact that only women are concerned with fashion, infact, nowadays , men are equally participating in fashion. Where women carry handbags to look fashionable, men carry tote bags . Men try their best

What is a grooming tip for men I can learn in 5-10 minutes?

Thumb rules for Men, It's easy to Memorize them all:The seams of the shirts shoulders actually should rest on your natural shoulder to give you that perfect fit.A good rule of thumb is to get a shirt that fits as close to your

What is best to wear (including both shirts, pants and all types of clothing) for men to be more attractive? I'm a bit skinny. (Read the details.)

Check the pictures out...will help you decide what to shop next time, besides, keep one thing in mind, don't run for the trendz...always look for your comfort zone.Keep the compliments in mind too, see what people are appreciating you for..Since, it's summer ahead try choosing cotton it tees to

What is some fashion advice that men should implement in their style?

HiI hope you are well, I just wrote a post about different male body types, shapes what to wear and what to avoid.Different male body types are in need of different styles of clothing. In this post I'll break down various male body types and cover styles, shapes and sizes for the maximum image advantage, regardless of your

What is some timeless fashion advice for men?

Thanks for the A2A! I'll break my answer up into categories. Suits, shirts, ties, shoes, outerwear, accessories, and casual.Suits- The most classic of wardrobe pieces. Buy the best you can afford in navy, grey, or black. I'm not sure

What is the best style for men?

Mmmm...tricky one to answer definitively for obvious reasons. But I can authoritatively state the best style for this man. For me it's  well fitted shirts, ( loose baggy shirts are circa 1990 ) trousers/ jeans again fitted, but I have yet to be seduced by ( for me,)

What is the latest fashion for men in clothes?

City clothes for men described as stylish-hop culture began from African-United states, Caribbean American and Latino youth in New York. Urban culture clothing for guys continues to be enriched by various cities like Chi town, San Francisco, and Atlanta. As

What is the latest fashion for men in India?

It been really long that I have answered anything on Quora. Let me answer this one.India is a country where people tend to accept new fashion's very quickly and carry it with a lot of confidence.A few of the latest fashion trends are as mentioned below.keeping beardsThis

What is the lowest price for a tailored suit?

It depends on where you are in the world, whether you want custom tailored, or off the rack. If you're talking about custom tailored, there are places you can go to in Vietnam and China where you'll get a custom suit

What are the best tips to tie a necktie?

First, there are many different knots one can choose depending on the situation. There are some ties meant for serious business and some knots meant for is ALWAYS up to you to know the difference.Also, the wide point in the front of the tie should never hang lower than your belt fact, it is exactly

What type of fashion styles do men like on women?

I like women who show their femininity. A classy older woman. Or a cute girlie girl.No discrimination. But, well put together clothing and style is very attractive.Dresses, skirts, high heels, tight jeans, high sexy boots in the winter. I love the fact that leggings came back

What would be your day to day fashion tip for average built men to look more presentable and attractive?

Shave, always shave. A clean shaven man always looks better than a bearded man. No matter what the hipsters say. Short haircut. Not a lot of people can wear a long haircut.For shirts. You'll want to start with your favorite colors. Now if your favorite colors are bright neon green or

Where can I find men's fashion tips regarding clothing style?

You can go through sites as suggested below :-How To Dress Sharp | 9 Style Tips For Young Men | Clothing & Fashion AdviceFashionBeans.com20 Must-Follow Rules for Men Who Want to Dress Well25 Ways to Upgrade Your Style15 Quick Fashion Tips for Men - Kinowear

Where can I get best custom tailored suits in Bangalore?

Custom designs in Bangalore by Angalakruthi -Ladies and kids boutique in BangaloreFacebookPage:AngalakruthiWatsapp:+91–8884347333/8884346333Services we offer:1.Custom designs2.Designer Fabric3.Mom and Me designs4.Kids designer wear5.Hand ,Machine and Computer Embroidery6.Blouse neck designs7.Lehenga designs for kids8.maggam work blouse back design9.International Delivery servicepinterest: ANGALAKRUTHI (Angalakruthi)facebook: Angalakruthi |

Where can I get fashion advice for larger men?

I would suggest dark colors and silhouettes that enhance the structural parts of your shape. There are specific Big and Tall stores and lines that would be able to recommend more precise suggestions based on your particular body shape. However, there are a growing number of retailers and brands that are catering to this segment. One such outlet you

Where do fashionable men (ages 21 - 35) shop for clothes?

It really depends on your price range and fashion sense. I for one, really dislike overly labeled clothing (think large logos/brand names etc); I prefer classics that are versatile and allow me to pair and experiment. I'll answer assuming a median price range somewhere

Where in Bangalore can I find a tailor to get a suit stitched?

Hello,You should try the exclusive Made-to-Measure service at @Tailorman We're a premium menswear brand based out of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. With experienced stylists on board, our team can help you curate and design the perfect wedding look from a range of over 4,000

Where is the best/cheapest place to buy a tailored suit in NYC?

What is your desired price point?  There are different levels of custom-made suits in terms of construction quality.  You can always buy an off-the-rack suit and get it altered but that could be a bad investment depending on your body type. 

Which are the top tailors in Mumbai or Pune for men's suits?

If you think that tailored suits in india are equvivalent to a savile row suit, then you are in for a shock.If you are like me and have a paunch then readymade suits and trousers won't fit.

Who are some good tailors for men's suits & trousers around Vile Parle or Dadar (Mumbai)?

Hi! My family is residing in Dadar since more than 70 years now and in terms of buying fabrics, we only trust a shirting and suiting store in Dadar West called Plaza Textorium. It is right opposite to Veer Kotwal Udyan on N.C. Kelkar Road. You will definitely find good collection of fabrics there. If

Why do some middle-aged men wear baseball caps?

1. Everyone gets cataracts if they live long enough--clouding of the lens in your eye. This lowers the contrast of the image reaching your brain. The brim of a baseball hat improves contrast by keeping stray light rays from boucing around in your lens,

Are pants supposed to be worn at the belly button line or at the hips?

Yes.Pants are supposed to be worn at the height the patternmaker set the rise for. The rise is the distance from the center of the crotch to the top of the waistband. Some trousers have a low rise and are meant to be worn at or even below the hips. Some are made with a higher rise and,

As a skinny guy, how can I find clothes that fit me well?

Being a skinny guy myself, I have always had this problem of non-fitting clothes. Finding the right size is an endless quest in stores and I really don't like to do so.In order to avoid this kind of bother and because

Can only skinny people wear skinny jeans?

No, of course not.It's unfortunate the marketing types chose such a silly descriptive for this style of jeans; I suspect it was because the style was first marketed to women and

Do skinny jeans look good on men?

Say NO To Skinny Jeans | 3 Reasons Why Men Should Not Wear Tight PantsImagineYou were putting on a pair of pants...While lying down...And WIGGLING your way into them(like some bizarre dance in a ritual).Does that sound comfortable or painful?That is the thing that you get when you're wearing thin pants.They're called "thin" which is as it should be.The

I am about to start bodybuilding this summer. My chest is currently 36 inches and I wear a medium t shirt. About how long will it take until medium no longer fits and I need to wear a large, approximately?

Depends how hard you work, what you stick in your mouth, how quickly your body can recover, how much rest abd sleep you can get, what your form is like and your dna.Just lift. And eat something dead. Sleep well.Next day get up and do it again.Keep doing it

Is army cargo pants good for trekking?

Thanks for A2A..If the objective is trekking, then any light-weight, breathable, easy-drying pant is good for trekking.The choice should depend on the region in which you wish to trek, not if it is a cargo pant or not. I have trekked all my life in shorts, track suit

Is poly-viscose trousers better or Cotton trousers?

PV trousers are more formal than the cotton ones. While I have strong reservation against a 100% PV trouser, I can say that they definitely are very durable and don't lose their finish even after many washes. Cotton feels great on the skin and

What are some top fashion tips tailored for short men?

First off go get fitted and know what your measurements are, so you know how to shop. Most dress shirts, jackets, pants, require you know your measurements. Everything must be fitted well as to not be too big that they make you look smaller or that

What are the best current online fashion trends for women?

Maybe not the top trend, but definitely something growing this year in fashion for women is my favorite trend, which falls in to something like... "granny chic" lol as I read several places. Take some rockabilly style, some flapper elements,

What are the best shoes to wear to the gym?

Best will depend on what your main goal is, if you're going to run then wear runners/trainers like nike free. If your main focus is to do compound lifts or any leg exercises, then best would be squat shoes, deadlift slippers, or for in general

What colour of pants match a black and white shirt?

I'm going to answer your question, and then I am going to give a detailed answer that will help you never have to ask a question like this again.

What fashion blogs do fashion bloggers read?

As a fashion blogger I read - Address Chic | Latest Fashion Trends & Tips, Vegan Fashion, Vegan Beauty, - Garance Doré, - Vegan Fashion, Beauty & Food,  - The Zoe Report | Style Articles, Fashion Advice, Beauty Help &

What is it like to be a male model?

Models are not prostitutes, irrespective of gender. I would guess that speculation like that is driven by the nature of the job itself-as a model, you are essentially employed to be attractive, and there are various areas of modeling where one is

What should I wear with a black and white horizontally striped shirt?

Depends, white skinny jeans are your best friend in this look or pitch black (not navy blue ;)) ripped jeans. A leather skirt will add more texture to the outfit and gives it a more unconventional twist or go to a safer

Why do people hate on skinny jeans?

There's lots of reasons. Many have already been given; Lee Moore has more than I few I heartily agree with. I'll add my take.Some, mostly guys but some gals as well ...some folks are just mean-spirited, dim-witted, generally inhabit the lower end of the intelligence

Why do people wear their pants below their boxers?

This trend among young males makes no sense whatsoever !' if they knew how foolish it was and how awful they looked they would pull them up ! This started I believe , in the prisons when men wanted to send a silent signal to another prisoner that they wanted sexual relations! It became popular

Why do skinny male models work more in Milan and fit male models work more in Asia?

In this case, those who usually model in Milan are there to do runway jobs for the season during FW. Men who walk on runways are not meant to be muscular or "fit". It is preferred that they are thin. If you don't believe

Why do the most jacked guys in the gym seem to wear ratty, old, gym clothing while the least jacked have the most expensive gym gear?

In my experience most guys who go to the gym regularly fall in to one of two categories.Guys who go to the gym because they want to look good.Guys who want to look good to go to the gym.Those who fall in to category

Are running tights for men immodest?

When To Wear Running Tights and Compression PantsCompression pants and running tights are a perfect example of athletic gear that's specifically made for exercising. These form-fitting pants have several benefits such as holding our muscles in place to increase blood flow, which can boosts performance. The only issue with tech tights is that they're a

Can a man wear a woman's swimsuit while he is swimming?

Can a man? Yes.Is it the best idea? Probably not, unless you buy a certain kind.Men's and women's swimsuits are made for men and women, as in they're designed with specific body shapes in mind.If you're in a public area, wearing (most kinds of) women's swimsuits might result in certain parts being exposed and said man