Are men superior to women according to Islam? If so, why? In which cases?

(Inheritance) "The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females"(see also verse 4:176). In Islam, sexism is mathematically established.Quran (2:282) - (Court testimony) "And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not found then a man and two women." Muslim apologists offer creative explanations to explain why

Are women's brains fundamentally different from men's?

There are several anatomical differences in the brains of men and women, which lead to differences in their behaviours.In terms of neural circuitry, women have more connections between left and right halves of the brain. Meaning: Since left brain is associated with intuition whereas right brain with logic

Can I get a six pack by using an at home workout app like Sworkit?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 24 days of follow that guide I actually have visible definition in my abs and I even

Do 50 year old men think differently than 25 year old men?

Question : Do fifty year old men think differently then 25 year old men?Answer: I am 51 years old. I remember being 25. At 25 I didn't think much about being 50, I was concerned about the present only.

Do guys know when girls are checking them out?

I can only speak for myself.No, I do not know.If a girl is looking at me, my first reaction is to check if there's a piece of food stuck in my beard.All women who have come on to me in the past have had to make a blatantly obvious move. Like printing a book with letters the size

Do squats work for men?

Squats are arguably the single greatest exercise any man can do. When the load is significant, essentially every muscle in the body is called upon to move the weight through the range of motion. The hamstrings, quads and glutes are the primary movers, while the core, upper, lower back and shoulders are

Do women age faster than men after a certain age?

women have a steady decline in the hormones that contribute to youthful appearance from the time they are in their late teens to early twenties.  normal wear and tear on our bodies also contributes to loss of skin elasticity and the development of

Do women check out men who have nice bodies?

Women not only check out guys with great bodies- guys with great bodies definitely have much nicer sex lives.  But this can also translate into more babies, child support as well as STDs. This goes both ways- a hunk may end up with STDs and babies whom he would not

Do women objectify men?

Yes.Based on how much they earn.Based on how they look.Based on how powerful/ socially well-positioned they are.Based on what they can do for the woman in question.Sexual objectification of men is not practiced by women on the same level as men do

Does a male teenager need to workout?

You keep your skin clean. You condition your hair. You're eating right. You're doing all you can to look and feel great. But are you missing out on an important part of a healthier lifestyle?No matter what your age or shape, you should exercise daily. Not

Does taking a cold shower raise testosterone levels in men?

Taking cold showers DO raises testosterone levels in men and yes, its very beneficial to men's health. Its relaxing but still, many guys across the world claim that it's simply a myth - keeping the gonads cold would improve testosterone production.But remember, its not

How can a man increase his testosterone?

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, but females also have small amounts of it.It is a steroid hormone, produced in men's testicles and women's ovaries (1).The adrenal glands also produce small amounts.During puberty in boys, testosterone is one of the main drivers

How can someone going bald look good?

By asking the question, you are assuming that baldness is unattractive. It's not. If you FEEL unattractive because you are bald, then you need to change hoe you approach life and how you interact with people. Happy, confident people are attractive. Hint.. If you are going very thin on top with hair still round the sides, then shorter

How to know if a man is really in love

Men are difficult to understand. Women struggle hard when it comes to understanding the man they love, but if you're observant and patient, men are comparatively simpler. Here are some points to check to know if he's really in love or not..Men don't say they love you. Unlike women, who are always

How does marriage benefit a man?

Marriage has several pros and cons:Pros:If you experience a medical emergency where you are incapacitated for a period of time, your spouse can make medical decisions for you.  He or she can also act as an advocate on your behalf in regard to attorneys, doctors, and

How often should you wash your hair?

How often?!It depends.See first you have to identify what scalp do you have. Is it oily, dry, normal or itchy.So consider if you have oily scalp, then you have to wash your hair every other day or every third day. Or you could even wash your hair depending, how easily

How should a man treat a woman?

A woman can be a mother,sister,wife,lover,friend, colleague, random stranger,mistress,etc to a man.These are roles which defines their identity to a particular man.But only to a particular man. The same woman who is a sister to a particular man, can be a girlfriend to some other man, a colleague

Is it ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman in self-defense?

Honestly, the answer is an emphatic YES! In this day and age where we should be treating everyone with the utmost (equal) respect whether it be race, religion, sexual orientation, gender etc, if a woman hits you, I believe it is your duty to

Is it true that married men work harder, smarter and make more money than single men?

would you run faster if  you were being chased by a tiger? But seriously, there was a good study done on this at Columbia  that tested this. It turns out that marriage does not so much effect how men perform; rather the qualities that lead men to marry are the same ones that

Men's Fashion and Style: How can I follow men's fashion?

First You should know all basic fashion should wear that types of clothes in which you feel comfortable as well as it is fashionable..if you like any outfit then you should imagine yourself in that outfit because sometimes a particular dress does not look good on everyone.For good dressing

Should men be forced to support children they never wanted?

Short answer: YES. Its not about what you want or don't want. Its about what IS: a CHILD that needs support from both parents no matter how that conception occurred.When I started dating my daughter's daddy (whom I had known for about 4 years before we dated), I explained that my

Should thin and skinny guys try gym?

Yes you can. 2 years ago my weight was 50 kg when i took admission in gym and now my body weight is 67 kg. You just need age above 19 years and dedication towards exercise with a resolution to make a body like

Though they differ, are male images of beauty as equally unattainable as female images of beauty?

Yes and no.Looking "ideal" as in on par with the best-looking people in the world, people who have as their full-time-job to look good is attainable by NOBODY, not even the top models themselves. The thing you see in the magazine is the

What are ab workouts for men?

Exercises is great way to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 25 days of follow that guide I actually have visible definition in my abs

What are some differences between male and female brains?

It's no secret that boys and girls are different-very different. The differences between genders, however, extend beyond what the eye can see. Research reveals major distinguishers between male and female brains.Scientists generally study four primary areas of difference in male and female brains:Processing.Chemistry.Structural differences.Blood flow and brain activities.The differences between male and female

What are some great fashion tips for short men around 5' 3' tall?

Short men have always had a tougher row to hoe than their taller fellows. It can be frustrating to be picked last for the pick-up basketball game, to feel like you're overlooked when walking into a party, and to struggle to see your favorite band at

What are some great men's fashion (sartorial) link roundups to follow?

A few of may favourite bookmarked sites -Home – mens style forums and reviews Film Noir Buff Style Forum Home Page - The Rake Put This On The Sartorialist Ask

What are some great men's lifestyle blogs?

See, the first thing you need to see what is the blog offering in terms of lifestyle.What are the things you need to consider? Like fashion tips, health tips, grooming and other stuff.So, for that TheLastDraft is one of the new emerging sites which covers all the topics related to men lifestyle which are

What are some grooming tips for men by women?

Keep your nails short and clean (long or dirty nails mean your fingers won't get to do any exploring...if you know what I mean).Same goes for toenails, minus the "exploring" reason. This is just because long toenails are off-putting and makes it look like you don't care about

What are some grooming tips for men?

Allright gentlemen, lets talk about grooming!*** Some points to keep in mind before you start an awesome grooming schedule to level up your style sense and confidence!******Remember guys, this is a long answer. So if you are really interested to transform your grooming

What are some grooming tips for women by men?

10 grooming tips for women 1.Never Makeup so much that you look like an cream machine.2. Always try the clothes in which you are comfortable.3.Always try to have kohl in your eyes (.) I personally like it very much .4. Teenager should

What are some male grooming tips?

Male Grooming tips will differ from different male to male depending on race, region & age.I am more into personal coaching I will give few tips which will apply to all male from east to west and teen to elderly! Here it is -Hands & Nails - Keep your nails clean 24X7. Believe it

What are some unknown facts about men?

1. There is a method to find out whether your boyfriend is unfaithful or not. Find out your boyfriend's IQ, studies show that unfaithful men have lower IQ's.2. It is funny to know that staring at women, men spend almost a year of their lives.3. This is

What are the cruel things women do to men?

Despite being known as the fairer sex, women can be downright nasty and often do cruel things to men. Now, Fox News has compiled a list of top 10 cruel things that women do to men and how they play with the guy's emotions or ego. 10. They

What are the differences between women and men?

Disclaimer:-It's purely based on what I have seen and what I do. If it doesn't feel good, please ignore. Don't hate me and send messages that are beyond my capacity to understand.Try to be bouyant sometimes. Not every answer requires to be sprinkled with

What are the hairstyle or haircut options for bald or balding men?

here's the truth ...if you are balding in the crown you are f$#ked. one here looks like beckham or jason stratham. no one. we aren't super rich, tanned, ripped actors or sportsman. if you have tanned or olive skin then

What are the most important things that women don't understand about men that they should?

I can only speak for Western culture. Something women miss is that men automatically get less sympathy than women. The flip side of women being assumed to not be capable is that men are assumed to be capable, and therefore the more responsible party.  If something is hard, or dangerous, the automatic

What are the things men will never understand about being a woman?

Well, it is fact that Male & Female brains are indeed wired differently and hence they think differently. And 'understanding' eachother is like Windows trying to run a Linux software! However, at the end of the day- both remain - homo sapiens sapiens- and

What beauty/fashion things do men not like on women?

I'm not a man, but I am attracted to women. My longest relationship was with a woman (5 years). I can tell you quite a few things I find unattractive about women, things that might put me off dating them:. Too

What can men do that women cannot?

Men can solve problems in a more logical way.Men can understand football and can talk about it for hours. (There are so many women who can understand sports, but that's not me).Men can understand physics better than women. (Again there are women who excel at physics, but that's not me).Men can do anything to see that little

What clothes do women like on men?

The answer depends on the woman and depends on the man, but a safe start would be... women like to see:1.  Men in clothes that fit well.  Men often wear what is comfortable, but if it fits like pajamas, it probably looks like pajamas.  Comfort is 50% mental.  Wearing clothing that fits properly means you

What do guys talk about when there are no girls around?

My best friends have been so for 12+ years, since I was 15 and graduated from high school. We have grown from confused teenagers to mature gentlemen now, and the topics of our discussion have varied as we grew up. We live closeby and meet very often.Dheeraj, Vipin

What fashion advice would girls like to give to Indian men?

Contrary to the popular belief, I think most of the Indian men have a good dress sense. (At least, they're not wearing boxers, Yoga pants or Justin Bieber kinda low waist pants to the mall).Unless Govinda is your fashion icon, you're doing pretty much alright with

What is a good fashion site for men?

Fashion is one of the most common word used in women's discussion. We are confused with the fact that only women are concerned with fashion, infact, nowadays , men are equally participating in fashion. Where women carry handbags to look fashionable, men carry tote bags . Men try their best

What is a grooming tip for men I can learn in 5-10 minutes?

Thumb rules for Men, It's easy to Memorize them all:The seams of the shirts shoulders actually should rest on your natural shoulder to give you that perfect fit.A good rule of thumb is to get a shirt that fits as close to your

What is it like for a man to look younger than his actual age?

I have always looked far younger than I am. As I got older I started getting more and more reactions until I finally turned 70 and it was like the flood gates opened. Now I get a shocked even from physicians where I go. The female physicians react the most. I am 71 now and the extreme reactions to

What is life like after a divorce for men?

Everyone is different, but this is my story. I am still currently going through the divorce, but it is essentially the same.-------------------------------The first month after the divorce, it was shock. I was still in disbelief that it was happening. After almost

What is some fashion advice that men should implement in their style?

HiI hope you are well, I just wrote a post about different male body types, shapes what to wear and what to avoid.Different male body types are in need of different styles of clothing. In this post I'll break down various male body types and cover styles, shapes and sizes for the maximum image advantage, regardless of your

What is some timeless fashion advice for men?

Thanks for the A2A! I'll break my answer up into categories. Suits, shirts, ties, shoes, outerwear, accessories, and casual.Suits- The most classic of wardrobe pieces. Buy the best you can afford in navy, grey, or black. I'm not sure

What is the best blog to follow for mens health?

I would say Men's health would be incomplete if we do not mention little information about grooming & style. The fashion trends are so dynamic these days that in the race of being in the herd we often neglect our health and end up using product that are harmful to our skin and

What is the best fitness/nutrition website for men and women?

Unhealthy lifestyles are on the rise more than ever before, as our ever fast-paced lives leave little room for healthy eating; meaning fatty foods are easier to access; and consume. Keeping healthy can be a difficult task, as you need to combine a good diet and exercise. If you're working towards

What is the best style for men?

Mmmm...tricky one to answer definitively for obvious reasons. But I can authoritatively state the best style for this man. For me it's  well fitted shirts, ( loose baggy shirts are circa 1990 ) trousers/ jeans again fitted, but I have yet to be seduced by ( for me,)

What is the best workout for men?

Hi There, A Little more information would be needed to answer this question thoroughly. Could you let me know what body type you are from the choices here: What Is Your Body Type? Take Our Test! - Bodybuilding.comThen I will edit my

What is your dream life?

Umm I think explaing details of my dream is not an good idea but let me tell you a motive that every one should consider achieving it.My only motive is getting financial freedom in my life. It means getting a retirement early to enjoy my life to the full extent. Just imagine why our childhood was great because

What should be a bald man's fashion?

Rather than worrying about the hair which has left you and make you all alone with the shining baldness here are the wonderful tips that can save you from the fashion worries. Like the men with head full of hair your set of fashion varies. Not everything works great but there are some fashion trends

What should men know by age 22?

That parents are not gonna be there for you forever, care for themLearn to let go of her memories, yes you know who.Learn when to speak, when to shut up.Learn not to give a shit about what people/ society think. (very useful)Learn to cook, master 1 or two of them. Cooking is an serious Art.Learn to drive, a skill

What types of men make good husbands?

I don't officially qualify to answer because fiancé and I are yet to be married! But well, emotionally we are connected like any other married couple in any part of the world! (So why not) ;)Coming to the question,

What's the best grooming tip for men?

Grooming is as essential for men as it is for women. So here we are with a list of some useful grooming tips for men.Keep your teeth clean:In a group of friends, you immediately mock the one who does not have clean teeth, or has a strong odor coming out of his mouth. Similarly, someone can

What's the best way for a man to lose hip fat?

You can't target "hip fat" -- you need to lose fat all over. But if you're at the point where you're only worried about "stubborn" fat, then you are now at the stage of fat-loss where you need to hack your body. Simply dieting or working out more might just kill muscle.

What's the biggest challenge or frustration women have with talking to men?

Let me just start off by saying, that I really enjoy talking to men. There is something very reassuring and natural about it and I love it when they aren't afraid to go further then shallow small talk.But since you asked, here are my small

What's the hardest thing about being a dad?

According to me the hardest thing about being a dad are:1)  In fights between a daughter & mother, no matter who is right a father can never directly take side of anyone & no matter how hard he tries to stay out of their argument he is dragged in. 2) After

What's the hardest thing about being a guy?

I would like to narrate a story of my friend to provide an answer to this question. An incident which took place a year ago.A year ago, my friend (say Rahul) got a call in early morning, when he was still on his bed. A guy was on other side of call.He: Is this Rahul I'm talking

Who are some men aged 60 and older who look amazing?

Kahling Andreas – a living monument to the outgoing "Golden Age" of bodybuilding. For several decades, he never misses a workout, but if you can not visit the hall – holds her home, using the method of static electricity. Curiously, Andreas Kahling for many years is a staunch vegetarian, refuting the myth that

Why are guys so obsessed with six pack abs?

Because they are a sign of good health and physical fitness. They may also have been the key to our evolution of larger brains and would thus be a potent marker of genetic fitness. See: Noah Harmer's answer to Who was the first person with six pack abs? and all the links in there for more

Why are kerala guys shy?

"Kerala guys" being shy will be a broad generalisation. Before I answer, I assume this question is from a female who wants to know why a Kerala guy can't initiate a conversation with her or look her in the eye. I'm that guy.If you're in school and

Why do guy's in their early-mid twenties suddenly start working out a lot?

I'm 25. Some men realize this earlier but most realize around their early mid-twenties that there are multiple very serious benefits from working out consistently.Muscular power commands respect by both men and women. People will not mess with you.Increased testosterone = dominant attitude that spills into all facets of life.

Why do people respect tall men more than short men?

It is a non-verbal communication thing. Tallness in a person is a quality that has a high value placed on it. Tall people command more presence than short people. We grew up literally looking up at the people we respected most (our parents, teachers,

Why do some middle-aged men wear baseball caps?

1. Everyone gets cataracts if they live long enough--clouding of the lens in your eye. This lowers the contrast of the image reaching your brain. The brim of a baseball hat improves contrast by keeping stray light rays from boucing around in your lens,

Why should a man marry ?

Marriage is a social institution which was evolved out of the needs of nascent society, as primates are all social animals. It is a useful but imperfect system.  The primary reason for a man to marry is biological which is to pass on his genes to

Will push ups and squat daily make a nice shaped body for a men?

Anything is better than doing nothing. Realistically speaking this is a naive question from someone who should really spend some time learning how to resistance train properly in general (don't get so fixated on exercises only) whether or not that's from

Are men more attractive than women?

Well first and foremost attractiveness is very subjective. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, there is a general perception of what is perceived beautiful and what is less beautiful based on sexual selection pressure, in relation to good genes and

Are women dominated by male words?

Your examples confuse accidents of vocabulary similarity between different languages with the effects of male domination. I'd suggest you spend some time comparing roots using a good etymology reference, such as Online Etymology Dictionary, to see what I

Are women more emotional than men?

No, that's actually not true. Emotion is a wide category of different mental and cognitive processes that form both the motivational mechanisms/priorities to act in the world as well as internal tracker that responds to events happening in the world. Emotions

As a male do you lie about your age?

My ex is a Narcissist and he is petrified of aging and dying. He always ate well, never touched alcohol or drugs so he remained young looking. Prior to the No Contact, I went on Skype as it was where we usually talked and clicked on his profile. He gave his

Can two average healthy men lift 465 lbs together?

Let's see what google shows me:465 lb is around 210 kg, devide that over 2 people and you have 105 kg to lift for each person.Rule of thumb: averge Joe can lift 1,5 times it's bodyweight. The average size of a healthy

Could the evolution of the human race have happened in a way that would have made our society female dominant rather than the male dominant (as of today)?

Our society was female dominant at one time:When God Was a WomanAlso, many social groups are still organized around matrilineal relationships:MatrilinealityPage on

Do guys prefer a chubby stomach or a flat stomach?

Most definitely a flat stomach. Also in America, where the average person is

Do guys think skinny girls are the most attractive?

I get really tired of people speaking in absolutes. There have always been a variety of body types, and the proportion of these varies with different population groups. The Polynesians, for instance, are predominantly robust, ie large boned and fleshy. The French

Do men own most gyms?

There's really no way to know exactly, because almost every gym ownership operates through a corporation or LP or LLC for business purposes. Anecdotally, in the two gyms that I worked for, one was owned by Mother and

Do skinny jeans look good on men?

Say NO To Skinny Jeans | 3 Reasons Why Men Should Not Wear Tight PantsImagineYou were putting on a pair of pants...While lying down...And WIGGLING your way into them(like some bizarre dance in a ritual).Does that sound comfortable or painful?That is the thing that you get when you're wearing thin pants.They're called "thin" which is as it should be.The

Do some men find feminism a turn off?

As a man, I do not feel that there is anything bad or wrong about the idea that women and men should be equal. I believe it is good for society, and from a moral perspective everyone deserves equal rights.However, in social movements for equality, sometimes you will come across a sub-group that goes too

Do some men hate feminism? If so, why?

Adapted from: Gabriel Seah's answer to Why are you not a feminist?I don't know if hate is too strong a word, but I strongly disagree with feminism; I believe in gender equality, but I am an anti-feminist. Primarily, this is because feminism (not in theory, but in practice) is not about

Do squats work for men?

Squats are arguably the single greatest exercise any man can do. When the load is significant, essentially every muscle in the body is called upon to move the weight through the range of motion. The hamstrings, quads and glutes are the primary movers, while the core, upper, lower back and shoulders are

Do women like to dominate men?

It depends on the impression that has been created in a women's mind about the men.If she thinks you are more capable then her in any domain,she will never ever dominate and if she thinks it is she who scores over you then she definitely will.This is

Do women suffer more than men do?

If the intent of the question is to note if women, as a group, experience more chronic pain than men, the answer is a definitive "yes". The medical clinical and medical scientific communities are of one mind on this issue.

Has feminism made men afraid of women? If so, how?

Oh, boy, yes: extremely so. At least to me and many guys I have spoken to, we are terrified to fully express ourselves around women in a natural, healthy way. We can't hardly go around or speak to some individual women (the hardcore feminist variety),

Has the world ever seen a female-dominant society in history, in contrast to the male-dominant ones in present times in almost all countries?

First of all thanks for the a2a shrey kalra .Most of us are in a perception that today''s world is predominantly male dominant or is a type of society where men and women have a 50-50 share.You would be surprised to

How did India become a male dominated country?

If one look at the human evolutionary chain , one would observe the different daily life activities have been segregated between the two genders. The man is to look after the food ,fuel & shelter , and the other kind to nurture the babies & to look

How to increase the size of a man's butt

Whether your behind is too flat or simply not round enough, exercise can increase the size. With regular use, these exercises to make your butt bigger will give you a firm, round derriere. The muscles in the butt area are known as the gluteus or glutes. Building

How does it feel for men to become bulky/muscular from skinny?

I can't say for sure, I was never skinny to begin with, I have always been on the chubby side, even now after being at the gym for about 3 years, i still have baby fat. However, I will say this, it definitely makes you feel more masculine, it makes you feel untouchable. Your presence becomes noted more often,

How would you describe the perfect male butt?

Male butts of many different shapes and sizes are appreciated by women. There isn't one specific butt type that is better than the rest. Nice boy butts are round and firm, not flat or misshapen. They can be jiggly or muscley, as long as they are firm.

How would you redesign the male human body?

Well, for starters... balls. I want those under lock and key at all times, until they're needed. I want them safely pulled up into the body, preferably behind some kind of bone shield, and have them emerge as the penis grows erect

I am a skinny guy and after reading a lot of advice I started going to gym, Now I have started losing weight drastically. Should I continue going to gym or not?

Yes you should, but you should eat more. Actually you can eat almost anuthing you want right now, just to gain weight, but preferrably healthy food. Drink alot of whole fat milk, many good calories in that. And stick to lifting weights, don't spend much time on the treadmill and bikes. And do not train for more than max

If your growth plates haven't closed, can you stimulate growth?

Talk to a doctor. A doctor who in interested in this field. My feeling is that there are more easily found in the US than in Western Europe.Female hormones (estrogen) are responsible for the closure of the growth plates in men

In India many speak of male dominance but not female dominance, why?

Male dominance is not India specific, but exists all over the world. Somewhere it is more, and somewhere it is less. Male dominance is also not human specific, it is also seen among all animals. If one is to speak of dominance, it has to be with different parameters. In India, the

Inequality: Is 'Straight White Male' the lowest difficulty setting?

I think it's bullshit, clear and simple. Yes, been male, white and straight can make a few things easy - there is still some prejudice against people of color (what a ridiculous name), homophobia and sexism. There are more people like you in higher-up positions, so if you are

Is it possible for a guy's butt to get a lot bigger naturally over time?

Exercises is great way to get bigger butt. For people who want to get bigger butt fast, you can try Imodstyle Bigger Butt Fast (please search on google) . I have got great results with it. I've *gained an inch and

Should thin and skinny guys try gym?

Yes you can. 2 years ago my weight was 50 kg when i took admission in gym and now my body weight is 67 kg. You just need age above 19 years and dedication towards exercise with a resolution to make a body like Arnold. when you prepare for 100%

What are some unknown facts about men?

1. There is a method to find out whether your boyfriend is unfaithful or not. Find out your boyfriend's IQ, studies show that unfaithful men have lower IQ's.2. It is funny to know that staring at women, men spend almost a year of their

What are the benchmarks of a fitness for men?

Here is your answer 9 Essential Strength Benchmarks for Men | LIVESTRONG.COM .I am doing this short for you :1. The Plank for 2 Minutes2. The Barbell Bench Press for 1 Rep at 1.5 Times Your Body Weight3. The Standing Barbell Press for 1 Rep at Your Body Weight4. The Push-Up for 50 Full-Range

What are the best and effective exercises for widening chest and broaden shoulders within two or three month?

A month is a really short time to see serious results. However if you want to broaden your frame, you need to focus on your back, shoulders, and chest. If you want to see serious results quickly you're going to have to hit these areas more often than a normal training program would (I'm assuming you have some