What is it like to take an IQ test?

I took a Mensa Admission IQ test in May. It was a two-hour written group test held at a psychologist's office. I had overslept and arrived just in time for the test to start; a little later and I would have stood in front of locked doors, because they don't allow latecomers, probably

Why do people not renew Mensa memberships?

There are two reasons to join Mensa. To prove you can, and in order to socialize with other Mensa members.If you just want to prove you can, then there's no benefit to maintaining the membership.If you want the social aspect, you may find it unsatisfying, in which case there's no benefit to maintaining the

Aside from IQ tests, how would you determine how intelligent someone is?

This has no bearing whatsoever on neurological reality, so be warned, but here is what I would do:Ask them

What are the biggest misconceptions about Mensa?

Well, there's a bunch of misconceptions. I'll include the ones I can think of in this answer, but maybe I'll go back later and add 1-2 more to it.Note that this reply is specifically about Mensa, and not about more general misconceptions about

Are very high (IQ>176) IQ tests reliable? How can a one-in-a-million test reliably differentiate IQ values? If the founder of an ultra-high IQ society wrote his own high-range, untimed tests to test IQ, how can we know those IQ scores are valid?

A2A request about the reliability and validity of the Four Sigma IQ Test.There are professional standards that must be met by test developers to provide evidence of an instrument's psychometric properties. Those standards are published jointly by the National Council on Measurement in Education, the American Psychological

What is considered a good IQ?

       The IQ score of 158 is already within the realm of Genius, this is true. At the same time all people whom score at or above that of IQ score 140 are considered to be that of Genius. Having