Can someone help with my mental health issues?

Being a teenager just sucks PERIOD. You have so many hormones fluctuating throughout your body all day every day. The anger you feel is normal even though you think it is not. That testosterone is probably coming to a peek and will level off probably by the time you are 18,

Can you die from depression?

Actually, yes. Depression is like slow poison. It kills you slowly and slowly. It's a mood disorder causing a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and will. It weakens you from inside and when it bursts, people think of suicide. Eventually it leads to death. And death from depression are not so easy. Depression itself doesn't

Does one gain confidence by working out?

I run regularly, usually around 5km (3.1 miles) at a time.All my life I've done team sports, like netball, which kept me fit. But they never raised my confidence the same way running does - there was always someone better, and most of my teammates were fitter, than me.But running is different. It's

How to be helpful to my bipolar wife

My wife has Bipolar Affected Disorder. I just asked this question of her and she suggested shoes and chocolate!I had a really enlightening conversation with her once. She said

How to build confidence in myself

I had a friend. She got a degree from a tier-2 engineering college and found a job on graduating. The job allowed her a sense of financial independence, handing over a fat paycheck. She could travel to a few locations on everyone's bucket list. Her life looked rosy on Facebook.Despite that, she

How to rid myself of hopelessness and depressive thoughts

First thing first.You may need to watch out your self-talk mechanism.Self talk cuts both ways, negatively as well as positively.In your personal case, all it does is keep pushing - and reinforcing - your self-fulfilling prophecy on a downward spiral.Next,

How to stop hating someone

HATE is such a strong word.It's one of the worst things you can keep in your vortex. If you have decided to stop it then first step is done, let me help you with the second one. Identify your story and apply the solution.BETRAYAL is the story and Hatred is your vengeance.You loathe the person

How to avoid getting depressed

Oh my. This is a big chunka change, as we would say in New York.The extent of my formal education in psychology is one semester of Psych 101. I have, however, lived with depression all my life. Literally. I can remember being very young (perhaps five) and not wanting to live. Putting

How to get rid of depression for a kid like me

Hi Miggy. Kids can get depressed. I think it first happened to me when I was 8. I didn't start therapy until I was in my late 20's so I have no clear idea of how treatment is different for kids. I think it's

How to overcome depression without getting help from anyone

As wonderful as some of these answers have been, I have to disagree with simply putting forth effort or the will and you will therefore be cured of your depression. As great as that sounds on paper, it isn't the case. You are not in control

How to get rid of depression

Please spare at least an hour daily before sunrise to critically and thoroughly read Shrimad Bhagavat Geetha in original Sanskrit text with translation of your choice along with Mahabharata to understand its background and the Upanishads to properly understand its teachings.You must follow its teachings to the

How to get rid of depression

Please spare at least an hour daily before sunrise to critically and thoroughly read Shrimad Bhagavat Geetha in original Sanskrit text with translation of your choice along with Mahabharata to understand its background and the Upanishads to properly understand its

How to stop/prevent depression

If you are suffering from depression for a very long time or if you are suffering from a major depression also known as clinical depression then anti depressant medicines are must as during these times brain gets physically changed. Only anti depressant can correct it. Later on you may change to natural remedies given below

How to walk out of depression

I believe some depression is good. Yes, in bold.Depression is an evolutionary mechanism that is present in humans just because it has helped our ancestors survive adverse conditions and prosper. It is definitely not a disorder any more than you want

I am a high school senior and I'm depressed. Should I go to college?

That is a difficult decision, and only one that you can make.You can always wait and go later if you don't feel you are ready.But I'll share my experience: I have had schizophrenia (and sometimes depression) since I was 15. I didn't wait to go to college, and I had a difficult time. Still, going to college was one

I am going through divorce, it is destroying me mentally. What should I take care of?

This is what you can doMade sure you have a place to stay and finances to live onCall your bank and remove your ex as the second holderAlso from policies if you have him/herSpeak to loved oneesDo not keep rage, anger, sadness bottled up speak to a sibling, relative,

I have began hating myself. What should I do to avoid it?

Here are five practical things you can do (I've tried myself). Hope you find it helpful.Stop criticizing yourself. I know it's hard, but you have to. Everything you do (that makes you hate yourself) take a step back and contemplate on it's positive aspect. There has to something positive

I have cured from OCD and got OCD again many times. Why its not permanent?

Thanks for the A2AIt's not permanent because you weren't "cured." My OCD changes, but it doesn't go away. Something that I did compulsively six months ago may have stopped, but they I start something new.So, it isn't "cured," it's just changed. Most

I keep relapsing. I was diagnosed with depression after my breakup and probably haven't recovered totally yet. It's nearing 2 years still I miss him and keep getting depressed. Nothing seems good in life. What can I do to stop relapsing?

Felt like I was asking this question..I was n the same position about five years back..the love of my life got married to another girl n an arranged marriage.I became extremely depressed..I didn't prepare for my pg entrance exams..failed utterly n life and studies..the worst party family didn't know tat I was

I suffer from magical thinking OCD and intrusive thoughts bother me very much, I feel like I have to do compulsions and I am scared of those thoughts. What should I do to calm myself?

If you are not in OCD treatment already you may want to consider it. There is no avoiding this stuff. Any attempts to ritualize will offer only temporary relief but in turn make the condition stronger. This disorder learns from your actions. If you show it

I'm 24, I feel like I'm getting dumber. it's like I'm having only half a brain and I can't focus. What's happening with me?

As per your post, your current problem is loss of focus and not able to think clearly.  You also say that you were pretty upset about something a few months back and were depressed for sometime.  It is likely that you have suffered an episode of depression which has

Is it wrong to listen to depressing songs when I feel depressed?

No it isn't wrong. But I do notice that when I was younger and suffering from depression more, I also listened to really sad and moody and dark music. As I learn to manage it better in my life I do notice that surrounding yourself with people that are happy,

Mental Health: How do you forgive and forget an abusive husband or boyfriend?

I am answering this question because I had to do this and I had a Clergy assigned to me to be able to understand why I needed to do this.. The why; the Abuse continues as Self Mental Abuse. You begin

My grand son has a serious case of OCD. How do I initiate treatment to reduce the OCD?

It depends on his age and your relationship to him and his parents.Unless you are his legal guardians or caretakers, I believe it would be he or his parents who would seek help.Depending on the severity (as diagnosed by a

What are some 'body hacks' that help with mental health?

A healthy body is a premise for mental health.To keep your body healthy you'll need:SLEEP Sleep deprivation causes a decline of cognitive function, and depression and irritability. Make absolutely sure you get enough sleep. For most people this means 8 hours a night, between 11pm

What are the best ways to keep yourself from depression?

The Arts and Sports.I was very depressed at 17 after 3 major setbacks in the space of 2 months. but I snapped out of it in about 2 months using music. Since then, I have learned more things about it and I will offer

What are the top 3 ways to overcome depression?

Once you have come to the realisation that you have Depression, you can eitherA. Ignore your depressed feelings and live life in denial of your true self (become inauthentic, shallow, and invulnerable)B. Medicate the pain away either with prescription drugs or other habits and become a neurotic version of yourself (and keep spiralling in

What can I do about my very controlling parents?

I had some experience with controlling parents. Not mine, but a friend's.First and most important of all - you're an adult. Adults have to make difficult choices.You are not happy with the situation you are in - change it! It's that simple.But simple doesn't mean easy - it

What can I do to help myself when I'm depressed?

I have lots of practice dealing with depression, and I hope I can help you with what I've learned. When you're depressed, not much appeals. Nothing sounds fun. Nothing seems worth doing. When that happens to me, I know I'm depressed. Losing interest in things you usually care about is a normal and typical symptom

What do I do now that I have figured out the cure for OCD?

Share it with the world, it would really really make it easier for me to stop reliving and constantly obsessing about things I've said these days that have probably cost me the start of a would be relationship. Sorry, venting. Been diagnosed for over a decade and a half.If you had such a cure, you should share it with

What is your biggest frustration?

I took my A/l in 2015 August. The results came on January 3rd 2016! until that what am I supposed to do? I am a math student, kept calculating my marks again and again and tried to guess if I would get engineering

Why do I hate myself and how do I stop? I have near constant obsessive, self loathing thoughts, sometimes coupled with suicidal ideation. These thoughts come and go and sometimes I have days without them.

Your queryWhy do I hate myself and how do I stop? I have near constant obsessive, self loathing thoughts, sometimes coupled with suicidal ideation. These thoughts come and go and sometimes I have days without them.Well, I have to say that you are under depression and that you need to move on.When there is depression

Why have I started to hate myself?

I would like to tread over this question very carefully because you must have had your own reasons to behave as you do but there is a general pattern here on which I would like to elucidate my opinions.Why does one hate oneself?When there is a deep rooted helplessness on their present

Can you tell if someones depressed by the way they walk?

I think that you can. But let me qualify my answer, please.A formal diagnosis of depression won't be given just on the way a person walks (or talks, sits, stands, or any of that type of thing). A formal diagnosis will be done by a medical professional who is trained in that field.

Could my depression really be making me bedridden?

Yes, it definitely could. During my last depression, doing anything at all was such an onerous chore that I needed my husband to help me take a shower - it felt as if I could barely move, or walk, and I was terrified that on the slippery shower floor, I would fall and injure myself, I was

How can depression affect intelligence/IQ?

Obviously, this is a very complex topic. But it is known that depression very strongly negatively affects several important cognitive processes. These include attention, memory (which is strongly tied to attention) and judgment. This does in fact impact any intelligence tests that you take while you are suffering

How to cheer myself up when in a depressive bipolar episode

First stop labelling yourself with these really insane titles and disorders. There isn't, till date, a definitive way to diagnose these so called

How to help my friends who have depression

Support them; in whatever way you can, just be there for them. People with depression have a hard time getting out of bed, they may have an incredibly messy room which further gives them a feeling of shame, they may have thoughts of feeling worthless, they may want to go get help but are too scared

How to improve myself Physically, Emotionally and Mentally

Practice makes a man perfect.On physical level exercise daily will make you strong.but strong determination is will get results only if you do it can start with simple running.start watch your body how much you can endure.then with time you keep

How to know I am just sad and not depressed

I have a counter question: How do you know that you are depressed?Do you:Feel a degenerating mix of anxiety, sadness and hopelessness possibly at the same time? If not then you may not be depressed.Have been feeling the same way for a reasonably long period of time or is it only momentary? If not then you may

How to stop thinking that people may hate me

Don't make your thoughts so precious.There's a wides spectrum in current thinking about thoughts. It ranges from classical Freudianism - your thoughts are important products of your past, you should dig into your thoughts and resolve past issues that condition your current thinking.To cognitive behavioralism - you should challenge

How can people recovering from depression rebuild their lost confidence?

Often never thought of, but very important: You must have compassion for yourself and forgive yourself for your depression. Realize that you are a human being and that it's ok that you were in this place. A common human place, but now you refuse to stay in that place anymore, that is what matters. It's like now lifting the

How to tell if someone is depressed inside

If they are clinically depressed you could tell from symptoms. The easiest to pick out is how people present themselves. Someone dealing with depression might be a good actor and be good at pretending to feel normal. They won't be able to do everything they once were. They'll look like they've lost sleep

How to avoid getting depressed

Oh my. This is a big chunka change, as we would say in New York.The extent of my formal education in psychology is one semester of Psych 101. I have, however, lived with depression all my life. Literally. I can remember being

How to gain constant self confidence

I hate to break it to you - but there's no such thing as constant, unwavering confidence that lasts throughout your life.Confidence varies depending on your skills, abilities, thoughts, and doubts.At best, you can be very confident in some things, and lack confidence in others.If,

How to gain self confidence again

Thanks for asking Sahil.See if the following way of thinking helps -A. Every one will never be confident in every knowledge areaB. In your case if you are weak in Math - doesn't mean you have lost your self-confidenceC. When a subject tricks us - that is when we need to meet it as a challenge and spend more

How to get from being a skinny guy to muscular

Here's the simple answer: Head over to my website, check out my eBook series "Skinny to Shredded," follow those programs to a T and you will have the body you want.Here's the answer you don't want to hear:It's not going to change

How to mentally toughen myself

Don't be a quitter. Train yourself to see things through to the end, even if the outcome is negative. Don't be a wimp. Stand up for yourself, don't take anybody's shit. Train yourself to be a go-getter and self-advocate. Try to instill a sense of self control and self discipline in yourself. Life's a bitch and we all know

How to start living after 6+ years of depression

Dear Op, Let me start by saying, how proud I feel just reading your question, you are not a surviver, you are a winner and we need more of you to make this world a better place. Congratulations on making it happen! I see, you have already received some wonderful suggestions, here are a few things I

How does true confidence show?

True confidence I'm not sure is ever 100% achieved but in the time when I'm truly confident it shows in every way , i.e., body language, facial expression, tone of voice + pitch of voice and what is said! People who are confident, & usually along with

I am in depression since last 8 years, I don't like anything, I don't want to live, How can I get out of it?

I was in depression and had suicidal thoughts for long time... so I'm just gonna tell you, what i did to felt betterI stopped taking weed and other stuff that actually caused more harm than good.I joined the gym which i still continues to go , tip: also get membership along with your friend so you won't quit or

I am suffering from the most serious depression and no one can help me. Why is that?

You have asked me to answer, so I shall, but I predict you won't like my answer.   I am a psychiatrist.  I specialize in psychopharmacology but believe that medications are usually not the answer.  I evaluate, treat, & (mostly) help people like you.Let me say first that I am very sorry that you are feeling so

I don't have self-esteem or behavioral issues, so I don't think I need therapy. My psychiatrist seems certain that I should go to therapy. But there is no situation causing me to be depressed, so why would talking help me?

Most therapy is actually tool building and/or educationally based. You'll talk about your problems, and they aren't likely causing you to be depressed, but they are likely causing other issues. Smoking, over eating, under eating, drinking, over spending, the impact of various disabilities... but for the most part, it will be more or less

I have been diagnosed with depression, but I do not feel like I have it, but I went to get diagnosed because my doctor recommended it, how do I know I truly have depression?

I carried that diagnosis for a long time. I felt I had a physical ailment but the doctors, with a rather condescending smile, told me I was "just depressed." They pushed meds. I resisted at first but eventually gave in. Eventually I was

I just started seeing a doctor who has tried to get me to see a therapist or take medication for my depression. When I told her I didn't want to, she seemed either concerned or disappointed. Why would she react this way?

What kind of doctor did you see? Was it a psychiatrist or a general practitioner? If you have just started to see a doctor, it sounds like you are planning to see this doctor regularly. Did you see this doctor specifically for depression? Or for some physical ailment? There are

I need a job but I hate to work. I hate people and socializing. What should I do?

Most of these answers are annoying, condescending, rude. I don't know what you're doing now, but I hope it's something you like.What I find is that when people give advice about things like this, they either want you to change and be more like them or give you

I suffer from depression. How do I tell if a therapist is good or bad?

You need to talk to them and see what you think. Read their reviews if they have any and see what type of methods they're using (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis etc), then read a little about the method to ground yourself into some knowledge. You

I think I am suffering from depression. How can I help myself?

I can't know your situation exactly, but I can tell you what clicked after living in darkness for over two years and suffering from suicidal ideation.I calculated the number of pills I had to take to trigger a total organ failure, figured out the dosing over a 24 hour period so

I'm almost 24 this year and I haven't got any decent job. I feel so depressed. I'm getting older. What should I do?

May I ask how long have you been unemployed since you graduated?Can I suggest you purchase this book and read it: What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles. Having no meaningful work to do is most demoralizing. It is easy to fall into depression. May I suggest you take care of yourself while searching for the

Is going through depression necessary?

No, depression is not at all necessary to go through. What I would say is, the 1st cause of depression is necessary.Let me explain.The first stage is self-awareness. The awareness about you, your surroundings, your place in the social world. After

My social anxiety is really bad, what do I do?

A few years ago, after a particularly rough night, my mother looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, I dont know how to help you. I keep saying the wrong thing.See also: 13 Confident Ways to Overcome Your Shyness - MolditeOne of the biggest problems concerning mental illness is the lack of guidance. Unlike

What are some tips to improve your confidence?

Stand tall with your shoulders back and chest out(even if you feel uncomfortable you will look more comfortable to others)Make eye contact when you are speaking with someone(especially when they are speaking)Smile & be friendly(calm-friendly, not anxious-friendly), particularly when meeting someone, or thanking someone(if this is hard for you start with

What bad things should we cut off from life and what should we inculcate in our daily routin if we are suffering from anxiety and depression ?

Many of those suffering through depression do so needlessly because they wrongly believe pharmaceuticals are the only solutions. Thankfully, safe, gentle alternatives exist that can bring your mental well-being back into balance - holistically and drug-free. best results will be obtained using exercise, sunlight exposure, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. In

What can I do for depression?

First and foremost, I would seek help. You have two choices for a mental health professional. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental illness. Most of them only prescribe medication these days. For psychotherapy, you would need apsychotherapist. They are usually a psychologist or social

What do you do when you realize nobody truly cares about you?

Listen up. I'm going to let you know a secret.The answer to your question is so simple, yet sooo many people seem to dance around it. That's okay. Most people never see the obvious anyway.In this case, people fret so much about what other

What is it like to live without depression?

It was the time when i was in 11th class and a girl came into my life. Everything went smoothly till the end of class 12th. We use to hangout, celebrate and share love with each other. But a moment came when we had a breakup and i got depressed

What is the best advice to overcome social anxiety?

I personally believe each one of us has experienced a certain amount of social anxiety at some point in our lives. The intensity and frequency varies.I have my range of social anxiety as well. I can rarely be the center of a dance party, sometimes I'll take a safe corner while most of the times, I avoid

What is the fastest way to ease emotional pain?

Thank you for the A2A.In my POV, your emotional pain is the response of your spirit to the stimulus that harmed you.If your emotional pain is an experienced-based response, it's generally healthy. It's analogous to feeling physical pain when you touch something dangerously hot. It helps you

What kind of books help in calming my mind?

Mind relaxation totally depends on an individual.. It is not necessary that what method works for me, works for you as well. Besides if you are worrying about something, nothing will go in your head whether it is spiritual, fiction or

What should a person do when he/she feels depressed?

In today's World of Social Media, we have became obsessed by seeing other peoples life. That can often lead to depression and anxiety. There are different reasons for depression. Being a subjective term, it will vary from person to person. Heartbreaks,

Why do I feel depressed after exercise?

Why do you think you feel depressed? What, specifically, depresses you? What makes you anxious? Do you notice how I'm asking you this question and not asking myself? That's because I can't know why you specifically get depressed or anxious after working out.It could literally be anything. If I were a doctor,

Why do I feel that people always hate me?

Why don't people like you? It's their perception.But you can surely make a change in their mind.Here are few advises which could help -i. Make yourself a hero. This is not a great deal of hard work

Why do I hate people?

I hate people.People are proud, rude, obnoxious, and downright evil in my mind.When I was in elementary school, I was only mildly bullied. However, my best friend (now, he wasn't then), Dominick, was. He was supposed to have 3 step brothers

Why does pop music makes me anxious?

As a human our experiences are stored as memories which take place in our brain. Memories sometimes fragmented as we don't give meaning to all experience or the experience is too severe to be recorded as a whole. The fragmented memory could be only consist of image, body

Am I bipolar? I constantly feel both depressed and super joyful at the same time, constantly forget things because of my thoughts, can go from being very happy/excited to crying/depressed in minutes.

Sounds that you may be. Please talk with professionals on this matter. Mental Health in any city, county or country can help you. You do not need to pay if you have no money or insurance. They can do tests to determine this. Please do so. The sooner you get medication for whatever that you have, the

Are successful people confident?

I write about this in my book.  Here is the answer for you!Six Reasons Why Confidence Leads to Success

Can antidepressants make me even more depressed?

It is possible, and fairly common.All antidepressants have the potential to cause new or worsening depression and suicidality, no matter someone's age, gender, diagnosis, or present state. They also have very common (as well as less common) physical and neuropsychiatric side effects which can be mistaken as

How can a person with OCD prevent their disorder from taking over their lives?

This is difficult because by the time you have allowed OCD behavior to take over your life, it has become a deeply habitual and engrained way of dealing with stress that is very difficult to shift.The stress the person suffering from OCD experiences

How to become confident

Its all mind games . Its all up there.. in the stuff between your ears.Most of the answers to this question are suggesting to take actions like cold showers, dress better, make victory pose and the likes that can be found by a simple google search. I do believe in all these techniques.But what I

How to motivate myself to exercise if I'm severely depressed

I'm late to the party but I want to toss in my two cents anyway because from what I've read, I like you already. I'm not just doling out gratuitous praise. You seem like a very conscientious person who takes responsibility for themselves, and I have immense

How to prevent excessive worry

ok ... I am an Indian, from one of the best educational institutions in India (IIM A, IIT D). I've worked in India and abroad. I am sitting on a small fortune at the age of 35. I have no kids, no liabilities of any sort. Am happily married (and

How to stop myself from hating gay people

I am so sorry that you had to endure such a thing. Regardless of the gender or sexuality, it was wrong and should not have happened to you.I may be wrong, but the person you very briefly describe sounds like a pedophile rather than a gay

How to improve myself a bit every day

Everyone suffers at this stage of life.Most importantly never get Demoralized and never be the part of rat race.Just be what you are.Yes if you want to improve your English the best way is to read books and learn a new word daily and

How to overcome cleaning OCD

I was a "clean fteak". I kept everything spotless and I did not own anything I could not use. No clutter, no knick-knacks, everything had its place, no extra Anything! I got over it. I married a "Hoarder". She just turned 60 and still has the

I don't like odd numbers. Does that mean I have OCD?

No, not necessarily. I understand why you would think this though - the media has some seriously fucked up ways of explaining what OCD is. Not liking something is normal. Preferring something over another is normal. OCD is an anxiety disorder, and it's not a

I feel that a lot of the self-help and motivational gurus don't take into account, people with mental illnesses, like Major Depression. Any thoughts on this subject?

If any of these self help authors had a chapter on major depressive disorder it would be a short chapter that just says go see your doctor and get prescribed medication because thats basically what you do. All the other information they have about positive thinking and stuff still applies to people with the disorder. Plus, it's

I hate humans (including myself). How do I stop hating people?

I used to be you.Hell, some days, I still am. Or so- I feel like I hate the world.It's mostly because seeing the good in humanity is so much harder these days. I am easily irritated by rudeness and selfishness.Sometimes,

I hate myself. What should I do?

Hi,The reason you hate yourself is because you are trying to live up or down to someone else's standards or ideas of what your life should be.Absolutely no one knows you better than you know yourself.If you are like most people, you do not know

I have been diagnosed with depression. After getting treatment when I finally got better I realised that living with depression is actually better for me. Now I want to self induce depression. How can I do it?

Ironically I do understand this somewhat, there are certain advantages to depression (which I won't get into in this post). However, I think you need to ask yourself if this is actually BETTER for you or you just THINK you function better because it is your comfort zone to

I have OCD, and every time I fight the urge to perform certain rituals and place objects perfectly, I have nightmares. Sometimes I forget to do them and still have nightmares. How can I overcome this?

OCD rituals are in many cases a way of warding off terrifying anxiety. Like some religious rituals, they arise because the person unconsciously or consciously believes that performing them will prevent bad things from happening to them. Those bad things may in fact simply be bad

I have OCD. Should I hide it from people?

I am torn.  Part of me says that your diagnoses is no one's business but your own and that you should not feel obligated to discuss it with anyone.  However, depending on the severity of your symptoms, discussing it with select people may be beneficial. 

I have read that there are subtypes to borderline personality disorder (BPD) but can not find much reading on the subject; could you help explain what kind of subtypes of BPD are out there?

The Question: I have read that there are subtypes to borderline personality disorder (BPD) but can not find much reading on the subject; could you help explain what kind of subtypes of BPD are out there?Bordeline personality disorder is also referred to as emotional dysregulation. The affliction is based on and occurs through early childhood trauma.The afflicted

I have severe OCD, what can I do?

I have trouble with this, and have had even more trouble with it in the past.One of the more effective things I've found to try is:Remember that these thoughts aren't really coming from what you want to be doing. They're most likely coming from an over-reactive brain warning system, for lack of better words on

I just got this really good job but think I'm almost dooming it? Missed 2 days of work already, but sometimes I feel like my anxiety or depression gets in my way of going. How can I explain this to my superior in hopes he'll understand?

IMHO, you should explain your predicament to your boss, in a quiet, relaxed environment, like a nearby coffee shop, or perhaps in your boss's office over a cup of coffee. So many people suffer from anxiety or depression and we

I suffer from magical thinking OCD and intrusive thoughts bother me very much, I feel like I have to do compulsions and I am scared of those thoughts. What should I do to calm myself?

If you are not in OCD treatment already you may want to consider it. There is no avoiding this stuff. Any attempts to ritualize will offer only temporary relief but in turn make the condition stronger. This disorder learns from your actions. If you show it that you are afraid of these thoughts your brain

I think I might have anxiety disorder, but how can I bring it up to my parents? I feel like they would deny it or just tell me it's a 'phase' and I can get over it.

It is very important for you to talk with your parents about how you are feeling and what is going on in your life.If your nervous maybe don't come out and say

If I fast too long will my brain eat itself?

There seems to be an epidemic of people on Quora curious about starving themselves. Perhaps their brains have already begun self digesting. In all seriousness, however: the purpose of eating is to provide energy to your own body. Energy comes from sugars, mainly, and those can only come from sources outside...This is probably one of the best answers.

If you are mildly OCD should you try to overcome it or just live with it?

I think it depends what you mean by mildly ocd.OCD in mental health circles is a serious mental disorder which can affect every area of the person's life, so in this sense there really is no mild form of it (by definition), although it can be treated and managed so the person lives