After how many hours of sleep do you stop functioning?

After how many hours of sleep do you stop functioning?I don't think anyone knows for certain.And it depends on what you mean by stop functioning. Do you mean death. function can refer to a sliding spectrum of behaviors and things. like work. Please don't drive if you've not slept in 18 hours. use your best

Ambition: Why isn't everyone ambitious?

Lack of self-efficacy.Turn on the TV or read the news and you are presented with this reality:"Here's some people doing a lot better than me in life, in every imaginable sense."Most people respond with this thought:"I don't have the means to do the

Are people with depression always depressed?

I have been living with diagnosed depression well over ten years, and likely a good while before that.Except during my worst episodes, I can act like a well socialized human for a few hours, carry on small talk at parties, laugh at stupid jokes, pretend I enjoy meaningless chatter, and even be a productive member in work

Are there any diets that can help mental health?

Hands down, Hashi MashiHow do I know?Because before Hashi Mashi, I struggled with suicidal ideation and had to use antidepressants to try and manage depression.The antidepressants had catastrophic negative side effects.For mental health, I'd tell anyone , please first try out a plan like Hashi Mashi before ever filling

Are there any drugs that can cure depression immediately?

There is no treatment for depression that is guaranteed to work for everyone. But the FDA did recently approve a new medication, esketamine, that can relieve depression symptoms quite rapidly.The version of esketamine that was approved by the FDA this year comes in the form of a nasal-spray. You would need to have it administered at a

Are these signs of depression?

·Feeling Unhappy : When any feeling unhappy it signs of mental Health issue.·Feeling Upset: When without any reason someone feeling upset this is also a sign of mental Health.·Bad Thoughts: When someone in Religious Site and bad thoughts are in mind, it's also a sign of mental health issue.·Negative Thoughts: When someone always negative thought its is also

As a psychopath, what are your greatest pleasures in life?

A good, satisfying mug of tea is quite enjoyable, although rare. I've found it's quite hard to make the ‘perfect' tea, and only occasionally stumble into making a good one by accident.Sex tends to be quite pleasurable even when it's bad, but I've

Can an emotionally abusive person really change?

Let me give you this answer:An emotional abuser would be able to change, if he were an empathic guy, who really and sincerely felt sorry for all the hurt and the humiliation he had caused his victim.But then again: An empathic, loving guy, who is willing to work on himself and who treats

Can antidepressants really cure depression and ocd?

NO--Taking allopathic medicine for any psychiatric disorder is waste of time money and energy. to watch the truth see the following documentary "MARKETING MADNESS" made in USA The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic DrugsMy story might help you. My life was living hell due

Can Ativan be used to treat OCD?

Ativan is an antianxiety drug, similar to Xanax or Klonopin. Ativan is chiefly used for the treatment of anxiety, not OCD. However, because anxiety usually accompanies OCD, Ativan can be used to lessen the anxiety associated with OCD. I would say, given the choice of Ativan or Xanax, Ativan is the

Can cannibis cure OCD?

There is no cure for OCD. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most important part of treatment. Sometimes medication is also used but only a few seem to be useful and there are small groups of us where they not only do not work they make us more unstable.There are no studies that I am aware

Can coffee help with depression?

Coffee is a two edged sword. When I was at my most depressed I didn't have the energy or motivation to make or even drink coffee- so no it didn't help me then. When I started to feel a bit better I drank lots of coffee and it increased my energy

Can depression turn bipolar?

Depression seems to manifest in 2 specific flavors.Situational depression which might be caused by the death of a family, a divorce or romantic break up or something as simple as a failure on a test. This type of depression will typically dissipate overtime; as time heals most wounds.The more sinister type of depression, the illness which

Can ECT help with the treatment of OCD?

Thanks for A2A @suriya suriECT or electroconvulsive therapy are not conventionally used for treating OCD, however they can be used.Usually patients of OCD are primarily treated by behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy and some pharmaceutical help. In whatever cases I have read about OCD, some amount of obsessiveness stays Even after long courses(as long as 12

Can exercise improve mental health?

I'm not sure if exercise can but this is the speech given by Kate Middleton on improving the mental health of children.

Can I cure my OCD without going to a therapist?

Many people with OCD find Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) really helps them manage their symptoms. Medications can also be very helpful. As I understand it, OCD can go into remission, though may never be completely ‘cured'.In my clinical experience, few people are

Can I see one therapist for OCD and another therapist for something else?

Yes and no. Yes, if you have cash and pay out of pocket, you can do that. It is like going to a doctor for your kidneys and not letting that doctor know about your heart problem or talk to your heart doctor

Can OCD be cured through self-control?

The answer is a ‘Yes' and a ‘No'.It is a no because OCD thoughts are intrusive, irrational and unpleasant. Even if the sufferer wants to avoid, he cannot. He feels a very strong urge to perform some actions which give him temporary relief to get rid of that anxiety. The person may be rational, have self

Can OCD be inculcated?

No, not really. OCD symptoms sometimes appears in parkinson, huntingtons, and it may appear as a result of the neurodegeneration in the basal ganglia caused by excessive methamphetamine use, so you could try getting one of those diseases if you want. But really, you misunderstand OCD, it is NOT SOMETHING

Can OCD be treated by brain surgery?

Freud said that all disorders of the brain would eventually come down to chemical imbalance (I don't think he understood the electrical issues).Unfortunately, or fortunately - depending on your point of view, surgeons have experimented in alternatives (to chemical or electrical re-balancing), by

Can OCD be treated with medication?

OGenerally the recommended treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and sometimes medication.As a layman who has undergone tons of treatment, talked to many about their experiences and read lots of research papers I can offer a few non professionals guesses why it is only sometimes medication.With us there is a physical difference with how the

Can one fight depression with exercise?

There is overwhelming evidence that the body and the mind are intertwined. And there are many healthcare professionals who conclude that an unhealthy body may reflect an unhealthy or undisciplined mind. So it's safe to conclude that a healthy body increases your chance of having a healthy

Can one overcome depression/anxiety etc. on their own and with just medication, no therapy?

The best way to battle your own depression is to focus on nutrition, exercise and meditation.Nutrition and exercise will offer positive signaling to your brain to produce more positive thought processes and perspectives. These are two great approaches to changing the way your mind and body will think

Can people suspect that I have OCD?

Hello,Thanks for the A2A.  It really depends on the severity of OCD, and let me make sure we're talking about Obsessive Compulsive disorder versus Obsessive compulsive personality disorder.  OCD:Obsessions/Compulsions or both: 1) Obsession, recurrent and persistent thoughts, urges or images that cause anxiety or distress; and

Can someone help with my mental health issues?

Being a teenager just sucks PERIOD. You have so many hormones fluctuating throughout your body all day every day. The anger you feel is normal even though you think it is not. That testosterone is probably coming to a peek and will level off probably by the time you are 18,

Can someone recover from depression without having therapy or medication?

Pardon me for being frank, but if your depression is to the point where you don't believe therapy or medication is warranted, it must not be very bad.Clinical depression is often genetic. The research shows that as much as 40% of depression is genetic; consequently, one should focus on managing rather than overcoming depression. Too,

Can someone successfully get rid of bipolar depression?

You can´t get rid of bipolar disorder . You have to get a diagnosis first. So the first problemis how do I get to a doctor or preferably an outpatient clinic specialising in affective disorders or just bipolar disorder?Then if it is bipolar disorder:

Can we prevent OCD?

We can certainly create conditions which are conducive to thriving rather than becoming walking wounded. OCD, in my opinion, like many other so-called mental illnesses are merely a symptom indicating the presence of a deep psychic or emotional wound. A wholesome environment with stability, healthy boundaries, open

Can working in mental health burn you out mentally?

Absolutely! It can be both mentally and physically taxing. There is a reason

Can you die from depression?

Actually, yes. Depression is like slow poison. It kills you slowly and slowly. It's a mood disorder causing a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and will. It weakens you from inside and when it bursts, people think of suicide. Eventually it leads to death. And death from depression are not so easy. Depression itself doesn't

Can you fight bipolar disorder without medication?

Well, I believe that the first thing I would, personally, advise a Bipolar to do, is to accept your Bipolar Disorder, not fight it. It's not going anywhere. You must accept that It's your lifelong companion. However, you can become very familiar with its tendencies and nature, and the subsequent and predictable outcomes IF you pay close attention.

Can you get rid of depression in 4 months?

Yes, if you are a tamagochi.There's no pleasant answer to this question. No, you can't get rid of depression in a definitive time frame. The chemicals in the brain just don't work that way.There are plenty of avenues to go along with when diagnosed

Can you heal permanently from bipolar disorder?

That depends entirely upon your definitions and modes of interpretation.There are some important points to address before coming to any sort of coherent conclusions on the matter. I will write on some of them below, followed by a section which evaluates their collaborative usefulness in responding to your question..1. There is no physical,

Can you treat OCD with no medication?

Hi Ashma,Thank you for an A2A ..There can be two ways to cure OCD without medication:CBT as it is known commenly, is an Exposure and Response Prevention method.By alternative medication such as Homeopathy, which cures OCD completely in a holistic way with NO side effects.OCD can dramatically straightjacket

Could depression and ocd be cured permanently?

YesDepression and OCD(obsessive compulsive compulsive disorder) are temporary psychiatric conditions. Depression depending in its gravity can be treated with a variety of drugs like tricyclc antidepressants, serotonin reuptake inhibitors etc, along with counselling therapies.OCD can be permanently treated with drugs like fuoxamine clomipramine. These drugs

Do all teens get depression when growing up?

Whether Right or wrong I give my best answer to this question .My point of view not all teenage get depressed. Its depend on how they grew up in surrounding or family side.Let me know you that the age 13–19 (7 years) is exactly said to be teenage .I am right know 23 , I too get

Do astronauts go insane?

Maybe not insanity, but Buzz Aldrin ran into plenty of problems back on Earth after Apollo 11.From a review by Thomas J. Burns of Aldrin's book, Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the MoonAldrin was an alcoholic, most likely before Apollo XI and certainly afterward, but the astronaut

Do benzodiazepines (Xanax) work for severe OCD?

First of all, let me express my sympathy. I've been where you are (high school student with severe OCD) and I know how tough it is just to live with it from day to day. Kudos to you for making it this far.How long have

Do insecurities correlate with depression?

I can't say for everyone, but depression has definitely made me insecure.It's not that I thought my friends didn't care about me anymore, it's that I used to not care that they didn't. Why did it matter, as long as they were willing to talk to me?Now, I'm constantly wondering,

Do narcissists get depressed?

Absolutely, yes. They may not admit how severe their depression is and try to escape their abyss in unhealthy ways which may involve you. Urge them to get professional help. Group therapy may help as well. You don't have to like someone or even understand them to steer

Do people realize mental health is affected by physical health?

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being. If we are talking about healthy living, we must not consider mental and physical health as two separate entities rather both are interdependent.Effect of mental issues on our physical health can be easily related. But it appears

Do psychological disorders cause other health problems?

Yes, it's common for people with mental illnesses be afflicted with other health problems that are exacerbated or caused by their mental illness. For example, people with depression have pleasure-reward centers in their brain that do not produce as much

Do those diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder ever discard people permanently?

I had to edit this answer because I didn't realize how brilliant your question is. Let me start by saying your question is awesome. I don't need to change much else.As I have said many times on Quora NPDs never truly discard.

Do you think hate is a healthy emotion?

Hate - a double edged sword that depends on your mental state and how you exercise your emotions.Why is it a double edged sword? Because hate, regardless of the outcome, can blind someone to their actions.This, however, can be manipulated into doing something that is

Does a morning walk help mental health?

Yes. all means! I witness this every day. I go to my clinic every morning by Mumbai suburban train. I decided long back that the best time to share with my family will be mornings. So I

Does anxiety cause depression?

Fоr many, anxiety аnd depression hаvе a type оf chicken аnd egg issue. Sоmе people suffer frоm depression аnd develop anxiety. Othеrѕ suffer frоm anxiety аnd develop depression. Othеrѕ experience bоth аt thе ѕаmе time. Mаnу people аlѕо hаvе temporary comorbidity –

Does bipolar disorder get worse with age?

It can. Mood episodes (especially mania) cause ongoing brain damage. But of course, everything varies a lot by individual.We have four generations of bipolar in my family (mother to daughter), so I have an interesting perspective of how our symptoms change with age. Every family

Does cognitive ability decline from age 20 to age 30?

Nope. In fact, our brains aren't even fully developed until  we are in our mid to late 20's. This does not mean you will gain IQ points per se but your prefrontal cortex just simply is not finished yet and

Does depression cause permanent brain damage? I've been depressed for 5 years now.

I had the same issue where my depression developed into an intense brain fog. Thinking and concentrating became a chore. Even my inner narrative would struggle to find the words and would be really slow and incohesive. Socialization was incredibly difficult since I

Does depression make you physically weak?

In my experience, it definitely does.Depression robs you of the will to do anything. To get up, to dess yourself, to eat, to go outside, to take care of things that need taken care of. It makes you miss appointments and classes, prevents you from getting yourself to the store even though you know the fridge is empty.You're paralyzed

Does depression makes you age faster?

Yes and no.  Time doesn't speed up for depressed people so they don't age faster, but the effects of depression can "age" the body and mind prematurely. Depression not only depresses mood (as the definition goes), it depresses the immune system. It makes you more susceptible to illnesses, all of which take their toll on the body.

Does diet affect depression?

It can: obesity involves a lot of fat tissue, and that causes chronic inflammation, and inflammation in the brain seems to be one cause of depression. And then a vicious circle can result: the depressed person starts self-medicating with comfort food (e.g., macaroni and cheese), becoming more obese and

Does Effexor treat OCD?

Effexor (and Effexor XR) is sometimes prescribed off-label to treat OCD, but it is not an FDA approved and backed usage of Effexor/Effexor XR.Effexor is thrown at pretty much any diagnosis on the anxiety or depression spectrum, just like most psychiatric psychotropics.  Your personal results may vary greatly from those of other patients and non-patients.

Does exercise help with depression?

Yes it does. It releases endorphins which are the body's natural antidepressants. Unfortunately, if depression is bad enough, it's very difficult to get motivated enough to exercise. Best bet, find a friend who also wants to start exercising and is at about the same

Does fasting/intermittent fasting help depression or anxiety?

I am a chronic depression sufferer that recently tried fasting for 4 days.( Update ) Here is an update on how fasting has been helping me: 5 WAYS FASTING FOR DEPRESSION HAS HELPED MY MENTAL HEALTHI have to say the results

Does intelligence affect sleep?

You're Probably a Night Owl -- And That's a Bad ThingRecently, scientists discovered a quirky side effect to having a high IQ: You tend to stay up until later hours and get up later in the morning. That's right -- the more intelligent are

Does study abroad causes depression?

There are no answers to this question. You could go and get so busy that you forget all about your depression. But that might not happen. Either way, there is no way to knowIf you are close with your parents and take

Does travel help overcome anxiety or depression?

TL;DR: Yes. If you feel anxious, travel. If you are plagued by depression over anything, travel. If the world is falling beneath your feet, just leave that world and travel.Oh yes it does ! Travelling takes your mind off the hardest of situations and gives you an entirely new perspective to envision your life. Our

Does working out help in curing depression?

Yes I am 100% sure without any doubt.The doubt generated at the first point is defeating attitude which needs to be avoided.

Has an astronaut ever had a psychotic episode or mental breakdown while on a mission in space?

I don't think there have been breakdowns, but there have been a few astronauts who reported reaching a bit of an epiphany the first time they saw the Earth from afar.  Seeing it as "one Earth" out there made a couple of them question the conflicts and controversies that were going on during the time.  I

Has anyone recovered from depression? I am currently on a high - dose of anti depressants and am seeing a psychologist weekly. I have very supportive family and friends. But I am still not recovering. Is there any hope?

Absolutely, although some people need to stay on antidepressants for a long time.I don't know how to bring up old answers here on Quora, but I gave a lengthy one several years ago, and it was fairly complete. You might try to access it.Briefly, as you know, clinical

How can a person be mentally fit?

Exercise: It releases many beneficial neurotransmitters into your body and can increase your general feeling of well-being. Changing up your exercise routine or walking route also keeps you from falling into a rut, and carves out new patterns in your brain. It

How can a person overcome his/her OCD, when it really starts getting serious?

By realizing that it is an Illness no matter how severely it affects, be confident though it feels like it would carry on forever, believe and trust me that OCD will not be THIS severe every day. Even though it is, believe me that you will get used to it,

How to be helpful to my bipolar wife

My wife has Bipolar Affected Disorder. I just asked this question of her and she suggested shoes and chocolate!I had a really enlightening conversation with her once. She said

How to beat OCD without drugs

Firstly, do ascertain if it is OCD. Have you gotten it diagnosed? Have you taken the YBOCS test? If you have mild to moderate OCD, there's a chance you may be able to beat it yourself. If it is severe, you may need to be in medication.Secondly, if it is mild to moderate, you can

How to cure my OCD fear of the number 13

OCD is one of the most painful disorders because one feels so powerless and so dominated by the obsession which is always unwelcome.You can't treat the obsession on its own as it is not the problem. If you were able to get rid

How to cure my severe OCD

I suffered from severe OCD. Now after years of inner work, I can say that I still have OCD but this has no longer a big impact in my life.In my opinion, the first step is acceptance. When you accept your thoughts and understand that

How to cure OCD at home

Roots of o.c.d(obsessive Compulsive Disorder)We all possess some type of compulsive habits, Habits which may or may not have a logical premise.But how does these habits become obsessive?The value system of an "ideal individual" created by the culture or society demands everyone to

How to deal with depression

We are a depressed generation. According to Forbes, 47% of millennials are going through depression. I often get calls, messages from people who are very very dear to me and they share how hopeless and depressed they feel all the time. Not that I am

How to develop and maintain a healthy emotional state

A lot of people don't talk about this, but your emotional state is driven more by our biology than we admit. We like to think it's all about mindsets and mantras and meditation and happy thoughts. In reality, it's much more boring. It's helpful

How to get rid of bipolar depression

In short the answer is you can't!Bipolar phases are managed, you cannot just end them, sleeping fourteen hours a day requires you to lay down so to solve that one when you feel like lying down, don't! Go for a walk

How to help my friend with depression

Advise your friend to seek professional help. Also, know that this can be pretty difficult, because of a lack of mental healthcare professionals, but he can start by going to his primary care physician and getting advice.Our society sees depression and anxiety as some sort of weakness of character. The world

How to help myself overcome depression and social anxiety

What I am about to suggest may sound crazy.The reason you feel depression and social anxiety is simply due to a mistake in perspective.You, like everyone else, have been told you are a separate person with a separate personality, brain, body and wants and needs.In other words, you have been

How to overcome an anxiety, depression and over thinking

Depression comes from failure, regrets and inability AND Anxiety comes from fear mainly. Fear of doing new things, fear of failure, fear of tomorrow etc.. Both of these mental state can be fatal for life if actions are not taken and left to be healed by itself. If one

How to rid myself of hopelessness and depressive thoughts

First thing first.You may need to watch out your self-talk mechanism.Self talk cuts both ways, negatively as well as positively.In your personal case, all it does is keep pushing - and reinforcing - your self-fulfilling prophecy on a downward spiral.Next,

How to rid out from my depression

Hi Yashwanth,Please refer to the answer below. I keep posting this answer as much as I can to help people with depressionThere is no set of steps or rules o follow to come out of DEPRESSION. Go through the PAIN, FEEL IT ,ACCEPT IT and then MOVE ON.Here are few things I would like to

How to stop aging, mentally

Well, I think four most important ingredient would be:1. Build the passion to learn as much as possible2. Gain as much experience as you can.3. Travel a lot,4. Most importantly, never feel old.This reminds me of a very interesting chat with a peon, he looks like he is in his 50s:Him: Hello,

How to tell if my husband is mentally and emotionally abusing me

Some emotional abuse is subtle or may be in the form of a statement that when you question the abuser will reply with,

How to treat OCD without a therapist

Your parents sound pretty irresponsible to me and that is unfortunate.I believe one can only self treat OCD poorly.There are a lot of skills that one will just need help from that only a mental health professional who specializes in anxiety and OCD can provide.Sure you can read books, get online support, trial and error. You can make progress

How can one get through bipolar disorder and depression quickly?

Depending on your severity of your depression there are many things you can do. Speaking from experience dealing with depression I can tell you it's no easy task.There were days in the past that didn't want to get out of bed,

How can running every day improve me physically and mentally?

There are plenty of ways running can improve a person, but for me I notice most the stress levels and endurance I have being trained. So getting up in the morning every day to run gives me that needed break of alone time, quiet time, exercise, time with my favorite playlist, and just a nice get-away before the

How to deal with the stress of your family-in-law

Think about what the right amount of time to spend with your family-in-law is, and make a strategy to get away from them at this point (don't leave it until you're in the situation). Be prepared so you can say you'll

How to get rid of depressive guilt

Depressive guilt is something which would Trigger you again and again and take you to a bad mental state which could be quite harmful for you.In order to get rid of depressive guilt you should not think of past mistakes or the past incidents.Keep yourself in a

How to go about bipolar depression

There are a multitude of things I had to learn to manage when I got sick. There are lots of practical, everyday tasks that must be fulfilled in order to stay in the game. In all of my trial and error learning, I've figured out some very crucial things. If you're mentally ill, I hope

How common is major depression?

This  is an incredibly complicated issue, and not even doctors are sure of  the answer. What makes you think you're going to get more accurate  answers on this website?Yes,  it's true that most people will experience depression at least once

How common is polyamory among those with borderline PD?

In my experience, when I was younger I desired adulation from ALL men. But I never desired love, intimacy and sexual connection from more than one man.For me, growing up feeling / being loved ny no one made me fall in love quickly when the Eros stage hit me.I now understand

How did exercising affect your depression?

I truly believed it saved my life, and continues to keep me safe from the worst parts of my depression.I had only been lightly active before 2011, when I was very abruptly taken off an anxiety medication known to cause physical dependence. The symptoms were so severe that I

How did people who cured their OCD accomplish that?

There is only one evidence based way to treating OCD, and it is through CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). Please ignore any other answers.Anyone who has done it by themselves, and yes, there are a few, will have used similar methods.Buy yourself a CBT book on

How did you know that you were bipolar?

I can share my personal experience. I was four doctors. I did not want to believe it. So I kept fighting it and going to other doctors. When I started taking the right medications, my life changed. I started to regain control and clarity, although I also started to lose some of my

How did you overcome severe depression without medication?

I healed my gut! I have a big story to tell the world and I share it when I can. Nothing was helping me, when I was sick. I tried the conventional methods. I turned to natural medicine and so glad I did. Recent science discoveries are showing us

How do entrepreneurs fight depression?

Meet other inspiring entrepreneur and your energy will come back. Listen to leaders may be through online videos, or attend seminars and events. To keep yourself up always, keep learning now things, and generate new ideas , new ways to work out things. Have business analysis which will

How to avoid getting depressed

Oh my. This is a big chunka change, as we would say in New York.The extent of my formal education in psychology is one semester of Psych 101. I have, however, lived with depression all my life. Literally. I can remember being very young (perhaps five) and not wanting to live. Putting

How to beat social anxiety

Social anxietyOne of the most common conditions which prevelent in many people.It is a mental condition that arises because fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people,Yes, it can be treated , the sooner the better because it has potential to escalate into phobia.First try to understand what

How to cope with severe depression

Hi,I understand completely what you are going through. I had severe clinical depression under circumstances similar to yours. I will first tell you my story and then give you some tips on how to cope with depression.In September 2010 I received a

How to cure chronic depression naturally

First of all, I would like to express that my viewpoint on this topic is very personal and driven by my efforts to challenge the status quo on mental

How to deal with someone who has severe OCD

This is a question best answered by the patient's therapist who will take everything into account and then advise. Because you should not give in to the demands of the patient (because that only exacerbates the situation) and on the other hand, you cannot always be stuck-up and

How to exercise mentally

There has been a little research over the past year or so debunking a few of the claims of a few of the most popular

How to get my wife with BPD back

#Question name: How do I win my BPD wife back?TOP 11 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WIFE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Heyyy friends, I checkedd all Quora answerrs and marriagge tips on the internnet and below are besst tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1.