Are there any diets that can help mental health?

Hands down, Hashi MashiHow do I know?Because before Hashi Mashi, I struggled with suicidal ideation and had to use antidepressants to try and manage depression.The antidepressants had catastrophic negative side effects.For mental health, I'd tell anyone , please first try out a plan like Hashi Mashi before ever filling

Can someone help with my mental health issues?

Being a teenager just sucks PERIOD. You have so many hormones fluctuating throughout your body all day every day. The anger you feel is normal even though you think it is not. That testosterone is probably coming to a peek and will level off probably by the time you are 18,

Can someone successfully get rid of bipolar depression?

You can´t get rid of bipolar disorder . You have to get a diagnosis first. So the first problemis how do I get to a doctor or preferably an outpatient clinic specialising in affective disorders or just bipolar disorder?Then if it is bipolar disorder:

Can working in mental health burn you out mentally?

Absolutely! It can be both mentally and physically taxing. There is a reason

Can you fight bipolar disorder without medication?

Well, I believe that the first thing I would, personally, advise a Bipolar to do, is to accept your Bipolar Disorder, not fight it. It's not going anywhere. You must accept that It's your lifelong companion. However, you can become very familiar with its tendencies and nature, and the subsequent and predictable outcomes IF you pay close attention.

Can you heal permanently from bipolar disorder?

That depends entirely upon your definitions and modes of interpretation.There are some important points to address before coming to any sort of coherent conclusions on the matter. I will write on some of them below, followed by a section which evaluates their collaborative usefulness in responding to your question..1. There is no physical,

Do astronauts go insane?

Maybe not insanity, but Buzz Aldrin ran into plenty of problems back on Earth after Apollo 11.From a review by Thomas J. Burns of Aldrin's book, Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the MoonAldrin was an alcoholic, most likely before Apollo XI and certainly afterward, but the astronaut

Do benzodiazepines (Xanax) work for severe OCD?

First of all, let me express my sympathy. I've been where you are (high school student with severe OCD) and I know how tough it is just to live with it from day to day. Kudos to you for making it this far.How long have

Do people realize mental health is affected by physical health?

Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being. If we are talking about healthy living, we must not consider mental and physical health as two separate entities rather both are interdependent.Effect of mental issues on our physical health can be easily related. But it appears

Do psychological disorders cause other health problems?

Yes, it's common for people with mental illnesses be afflicted with other health problems that are exacerbated or caused by their mental illness. For example, people with depression have pleasure-reward centers in their brain that do not produce as much

Does a morning walk help mental health?

Yes. all means! I witness this every day. I go to my clinic every morning by Mumbai suburban train. I decided long back that the best time to share with my family will be mornings. So I

Does bipolar disorder get worse with age?

It can. Mood episodes (especially mania) cause ongoing brain damage. But of course, everything varies a lot by individual.We have four generations of bipolar in my family (mother to daughter), so I have an interesting perspective of how our symptoms change with age. Every family

Does cognitive ability decline from age 20 to age 30?

Nope. In fact, our brains aren't even fully developed until  we are in our mid to late 20's. This does not mean you will gain IQ points per se but your prefrontal cortex just simply is not finished yet and

Does ketamine help in treating depression?

Yes Ketamine is a very effective way to combat depression. Ketamine for depression is being hailed as revolutionary,the biggest breakthrough in 50 years for the field of psychiatry.  Unlike any other availible depression treatments, Ketamine's efficacy is instantaneous and studies report about a 75 percent success rate. Standard depression treatments, anti-depressants like

Does someone with narcissistic personality disorder always blame the spouse for their divorce and never themselves?

They do !!! They blame their spouse of everything else for that matter ! They try so so hard to picture themselves in a perfect figure to the world and defame their spouse as the cheater , the looser, the aggressor , the spender, the lier .. u name it ! And

Has an astronaut ever had a psychotic episode or mental breakdown while on a mission in space?

I don't think there have been breakdowns, but there have been a few astronauts who reported reaching a bit of an epiphany the first time they saw the Earth from afar.  Seeing it as "one Earth" out there made a couple of them question the conflicts and controversies that were going on during the time.  I

How to be helpful to my bipolar wife

My wife has Bipolar Affected Disorder. I just asked this question of her and she suggested shoes and chocolate!I had a really enlightening conversation with her once. She said

How to treat OCD without a therapist

Your parents sound pretty irresponsible to me and that is unfortunate.I believe one can only self treat OCD poorly.There are a lot of skills that one will just need help from that only a mental health professional who specializes in anxiety and OCD can provide.Sure you can read books, get online support, trial and error. You can make progress

How can one get through bipolar disorder and depression quickly?

Depending on your severity of your depression there are many things you can do. Speaking from experience dealing with depression I can tell you it's no easy task.There were days in the past that didn't want to get out of bed,

How common is major depression?

This  is an incredibly complicated issue, and not even doctors are sure of  the answer. What makes you think you're going to get more accurate  answers on this website?Yes,  it's true that most people will experience depression at least once

How did you know that you were bipolar?

I can share my personal experience. I was four doctors. I did not want to believe it. So I kept fighting it and going to other doctors. When I started taking the right medications, my life changed. I started to regain control and clarity, although I also started to lose some of my

How did you overcome severe depression without medication?

I healed my gut! I have a big story to tell the world and I share it when I can. Nothing was helping me, when I was sick. I tried the conventional methods. I turned to natural medicine and so glad I did. Recent science discoveries are showing us

How to cope with severe depression

Hi,I understand completely what you are going through. I had severe clinical depression under circumstances similar to yours. I will first tell you my story and then give you some tips on how to cope with depression.In September 2010 I received a

How to deal with someone who has severe OCD

This is a question best answered by the patient's therapist who will take everything into account and then advise. Because you should not give in to the demands of the patient (because that only exacerbates the situation) and on the other hand, you cannot always be stuck-up and

How to get my wife with BPD back

#Question name: How do I win my BPD wife back?TOP 11 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WIFE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Heyyy friends, I checkedd all Quora answerrs and marriagge tips on the internnet and below are besst tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1.

How to get rid of bipolar disorder

If you leave the label aside and look at the experience called bipolar, essentially it is instability, inability to have objectivity on and self-manage one's ups and downs. When the symptoms are not too extreme and/or when one has the ability to see and manage one's ups and downs, my observation is that it

How to recover from mental abuse

You center yourself around your own meaning and purpose. Because an abusive relationship is, by definition, reducing your self-esteem to the common denominator, you need to fix this. You slowly rebuild your self-confidence in small ways until you gradually move past the point of your abilities when you met your ex began to

How do people get borderline PD?

Our personality characteristics make us who we are as individuals. They are a representation of our mental, emotional and social characteristics. Personality Disorders are long lasting and persistent styles of behaviours and thought. Personality Disorders encompasses a group of behavioural disorders that are different from the psychotic and neurotic

How to think your childhood, relationships, and learning experiences would have been different had you been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as a child a received the correct medications and interventions

I fantisize about the answer to this question a lot. I think my life would've been very different if I was diagnosed as a child.For starters, I think my cousins, uncles and aunties would've respected me more. They wouldn't just know me

How does bipolar affect one physically?

It may be different for others, but it affected me in several ways:1.) When I was depressed, it was very hard to get out of bed. I managed to muster up the energy to go to work but afterwards I had spent all my reserves just to be

How does daily exercise help one's mental fitness?

Physical wellbeing is as important as mental fitness.For overall well being one must have a good mental frame.If you are physically active you automatically feel happy because of exercise happy hormones are released and it leads to good mental health.Whenever you feel stressed

How does exercise improve mental health?

There are many health benefits that can improve a person's mental health from exercise. I believe incorporating exercise into a person's lifestyle can help mental illness immensely. One example would be with yoga. Yoga is known to relieve both mental and physical strain

How does major depressive disorder begin?

For me it happened when I went off to college. It was a big change in my life moving away from home for the first time. I had such high expectations for it. I thought it would be just like

How does physical exercise affect your mental health?

My opinion has always been - better to take a walk, exercise, use a gym, to help with depression, anxiety, stress etc.I find it helps people get the time to think of the problems they have and get them sorted in their mind after I have explained a few things to them.They

How much does physical activity help depression?

A2AI would say this answer has two parts - theoretical and practical.Theoretically, exercise sounds like it helps a great deal.  The combination of the endorphin release from the physical exertion and psychological benefit of moving forward (actually or figuratively) toward a goal (running

How severe is your OCD?

At the moment, not too severe.About a year ago - extreme.I was consulted by a psychologist in a special OCD clinic last July. In order to officially start treatment there, they had to see if I had OCD, and more importantly, how severe it was.

Is a messy house bad for mental health?

YES.Until end of May I was living with my ex roommate in a 50 sqm 2 room flat. The flat is pretty nice, despite that I had to sleep in the living room I enjoyed living there for the 2 years.Well, at least, when my roommate was still doing what he was supposed to do; keeping stuff

Is everyone mentally ill?

I believe the answer to your question is yes, unequivocally. Dr Aldous Huxley believed so too so we'll use a quote from Huxley to elucidate the position that humankind, and at the very least the vast majority of Americans by far, are mentally ill:

Is homosexuality a mental illness?

This answer will be updated soon when more doses of coffee are provided.Yes and No. You see the world is changing and there's a reason to why everything is happeing. I do think being gay is a mental issue, heres how I got to the conclusion:Now, while you read this

Is it alright to divorce my bipolar spouse?

I realize this is old...but someone else will need to hear this if you no longer do:The real question here is has she actually been diagnosed bipolar...and is she taking her medication? A true diagnosis and medication is so key in managing

Is it common for people with OCD to draw correlations where there aren't any?

The thing is, is that many people feel that people with OCD, draw correlations to their thoughts that make absolutely no sense, but in their OCD head, the correlations do make sense. I will show you how, and it may be interesting for you to look at it from this perspective.It is very common for people with OCD,

Is it likely that animals also experience mental illnesses?

Yes. There's a lot less information about mental illness in animals than in humans but one of the first examples that comes to mind is Harlow's Monkeys.If you're unfamiliar with the experiment, basically Harry Harlow took baby rhesus monkeys at birth and stuck them in an enclosure, alone, with two artificial

Is it okay to take a day off work because of mental health?

Yes and noIt really depends on the person, the circumstance and their coping mechanisms I believe. For some people they may be dreading waking up and getting ready for another day at work but they find that once they get in there

Is it possible to go mentally crazy because of loneliness?

I think it is very possible to go crazy from loneliness. Humans are naturally social creatures so it is hard when we don't get as much social interaction and don't have a lot of support. It has even been known that some elderly

Is it wrong to listen to depressing songs when I feel depressed?

No it isn't wrong. But I do notice that when I was younger and suffering from depression more, I also listened to really sad and moody and dark music. As I learn to manage it better in my life I do notice that surrounding yourself with people that are happy,

Is there a difference between depression and major depressive disorder or MDD?

Major Depressive Disorder is a singular diagnosis that is described by a long list of symptoms. It is a pervasive and persistent illness that is easily distinguishable from periods of sadness that usually have a known cause. A person with MDD experiences a multitude of crippling symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain/loss, feelings of hopelessness, isolation and suicide,

Is there natural treatment for OCD?

There are eight elements that different people use in different degrees to help combat OCD. Only two of them are NOT natural.Therapy - Exposure and Response prevention therapy, which is the gold standard for the treatment of OCD. It involves understanding the irrationality

Mr. Robot (TV series): Does Elliot have schizophrenia?

Ok schizophrenia IS NOT the same thing as Dissociative Personality Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder), which the running theory amongst fans. He does exhibit some paranoid tendencies, but I hesitate to label him paranoid schizophrenic. Opiate addiction, a high stress job, a high stress criminal "hobby" and shitty

What should I do if my husband doesn't believe/understand my bipolar disorder?

It can be pretty painful when you feel that your spouse doesn't understand a mental health challenge you are diagnosed with. It's even worse if they don't believe your diagnosis, or worse still if they don't believe that mental health challenges are serious challenges.I think

What are circumstances that may cause serious depression?

Life setbacks. But a very negative person can send you there too.I was very depressed at 17 after 3 major setbacks in the space of 2 months. but I snapped out of it in about 2 months using music. Since then, I have learned more things about it and I will offer a

What are effective treatments for bipolar depression?

The greatest assist in treating manic depression is to be your own best advocate. Diligent Research into the latest clinical trials which can be found in the annals of the National Institute of Mental Health will keep you abreast of the latest discoveries and perhaps

What are some common symptoms of OCD?

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition that involves obsessive and/or compulsive behavior regarding various activities and items. OCD usually begins to occur while someone is a young adult and the severity of the disorder changes throughout your life. Many people are slightly obsessive or compulsive in certain areas, but you may have OCD if these behaviors begin

What are some exercises to practice being mentally fit?

Meditation is about the only thing I can think of.I'll tell you what I did in college. I typed up the nine ‘moral injunctions' of Gestalt Therapy, and taped it to my desk, where I could read it every morning while eating breakfast. Before long, I could quote them all without looking at

What are some good ways to cope with anxiety and depression without using medication?

I have diagnosed bipolar, PTSD and anxiety. I not only manage all of these systems effectively but am doing the best I ever have in my life and have launched a business to help others.I want to be careful and say that while this can work for a lot of people, some people find

What are some of the most effective ways to fight depression?

Depression sucks. You feel unmotivated and it seems as though you are pretty much just stuck in that state forever. So the solution to this problem is actually very counterintuitive, but hear me out.People can give you all sorts of advice on how to get

What are the biggest frustrations that people with borderline PD have about having borderline PD?

(This is just a typical BPD rant, don't pay attention - but oh well, you asked.)"WHY AM I SO DAMNED SENSITIVE?!" People asking me why I "have to" be so damned sensitive, why I "can't be normal", saying that I need to "normalize myself".Not

What are the biggest misconceptions about depression?

Depression means you are sad all the time.False. Some people say depression is more than sad. I'd say it's totally different from sad. Sad is a kind of emotion, often come in an intensive way. Your heart aches, your body reacts,

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

To list common symptoms of bipolar disorder, you must first separate depression from mania. The word Bipolar itself means two poles. So when you live with this, you spend most of your time either depressed or manic. Some can experience normal periods in between, but most stability is a result of treatment.Signs and

What can one do to help people who are going through mental health issues, to feel better?

Read the book and see whether you can advise. Book by Bruce Lipton - Biology of Belief, The Alchemist? The Secret and You can heal your Life.  Your subconscious mind controls your emotions, habits, faith, memories and feelings. Your mind is very powerful. Clink on Best 50D sound fress mind use headphones for best sound effects

What causes body dysmorphia?

People with BDD are preoccupied with one or more aspects of their physical appearance, believing that these body areas look ugly, abnormal, deformed, or disfigured. People with BDD obsess about the disliked body areas for at least an hour a day.

What causes OCD?

This is an alternative view of what causes obsessive compulsive disorder that differs from the current world view which is based on the medical model of illness. A model that proposes something is physically wrong (or has gone wrong) in the brain and has to be fixed, often by medication.Before we consider

What conditions are associated with major depression?

Many theories explain why depression appears. Most of them assert that depression is result of loss or abandant from presciouse persons, objects, relationships, or work.Because the normal human response to any loss or abandant is ((grief).. and in griefing we pass through five

What does it feel like to have OCD?

My OCD started at a young age and turned into an extreme case before being diagnosed around 18. I continued on medication for almost 2 years and left the medication to treat it with self-help. I have improved a lot since.The

What is borderline personality disorder? How is it different from bipolar disorder?

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?Borderline Personality Disorder is the name for a specific pattern of issues that are caused by the interaction of parenting, childhood experiences, and the child's temperament. BPD begins in early childhood and shapes the growing child's personality. It is fully formed by the time the

What is depression?

His name is Sam.You come home one day and he's lying on your couch, his bag propped at one end.You don't know him but he seems at home.You ask him to leave.He smirks.

What is it like to be a mental health counselor?

I worked as a behavior therapist for five years before deciding to change paths last year, though I worked for larger health care companies rather than my own practice. Naturally, a person running his or her own practice will have at least a somewhat

What is it like to recover from severe OCD?

I don't know about full recovery. Actually even if you don't have obsessive compulsive thoughts there still is a fear of falling into that process again. That fear kills you more than anything else. Its like a monster sitting on your shoulder. And because OCD actually alters your way of living.

What is mental health?

There are many answers to this question within the field of psychology. Here are some of them.From the World Health Organization (WHO):"A state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution

What is mentally fit?

It is a range of cognitive and interpersonal skills that significantly determine our level of happiness and success in life.Success in life relies on mental abilities more than anything else. The way we think affects how we make decisions, which creates our actions.We see this in all areas of life, including

What is my mental health?

I have schizoaffective disorder which is schizophrenia and bipolar together which interact to give symptoms a lot like yours when I am not well.I was diagnozed by a professional in my twenties when I had my first complete psychotic break (complete break from reality)

What is the best way to improve your mental fitness?

Many of those suffering through depression do so needlessly because they wrongly believe pharmaceuticals are the only solutions. Thankfully, safe, gentle alternatives exist that can bring your mental well-being back into balance - holistically and drug-free. best results will be obtained using exercise, sunlight exposure, herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

What is the best way to successfully divorce a BPD wife?

Original question and answerWhat is the best way to successfully divorce a BPD wife?Like you would divorce anyone.There is almost nothing that could be given as an answer to this question that would not simply either be saying things are the exact same as

What is the role of nutrition in mental health?

Nutrition plays a very vital role in maintaining our health, either it is physical or mental.Some vitamins and minerals play key role in brain functioning. Moreover, brain uses glucose as its primary energy source, so, abnormal glucose level may lead to abnormal functioning of brain.Good fat sources like omega-3 and omega-6

What is the worst mental health advice/treatment you ever received from a mental health professional?

My bipolar depression became so severe a few years ago that I was hospitalized. While there I met a psychiatrist and his group of med students. After meeting with me he strongly recommended that I should receive ECT.That's Electro Convulsion Therapy. Three times a

What is wrong about hiding a history mental illness before arrangement of marriage?

As a 27 y.o. Indian whose parents have started looking for a suitable girl, lemme write my two cents.In arranged marriages, X and Y doesn't even know each other, not even a least bit. Sure, there will be background checks and detective activities running but history of mental illness could be easily hidden if

What treatment can be done for OCD affected people?

It is not a disorder. Your best bet is, as soon as you can, take him or her to your nearest Church of Scientology.What you want to do when you guys get to the Church are a Stress Test, and a

Why do so many people have mental illness in the United States?

"Mental illness"  is a very big business in the USA.  Big pharma makes many billions of dollars making symptoms of normal living into "mental illness" even on children.  For almost anything wrong with you they have a drug.  And then another and another and another. Notice they never

Why is mental fitness important?

Human body is a system that comprises of mind and body and there is a strong connection between physical and mental fitness and health.Mentally fitness refers to a state of psychological well-being, it means having a positive sense of how we feel, think and act which improves our ability to enjoy our life. It contributes to our

Why is there no permanent cure for bipolar disorder?

Thanks for the question. I have known for a long time that I will have to take medication for the rest of my life for my mental illness, but it still stings to see it written in black and white:........................................Research has shown there is no known cure for bipolar disorder, but

Are mental breakdowns good for your health?

Maybe yes, but preventing them from happening is even better.So... why does a mental breakdown happen?Take an example of a rubber band. It can stretch to a limit. Once over the limit, it'll snap. However, if you let it unload before

Are personality disorders cureable?

In my opinion it would depend on the disorder and how you define the word cure. Some would say that you can in fact cure a personality disorder like BPD for example. I was diagnosed as having BPD in December, so it is difficult for me to give an absolute on whether it

Can a human being be so sane that they become insane?

You mean like taking three rights so you can get back to where you wanted to go in the first place, but didn't know how to back up the U-Haul trailer because it always cranks to the left and knocks over a mailbox and you have to get out of there quick?Or, do

Can animals be mentally ill?

I think Laurie Mc. has it right; mammals are not humans, but they are sentient and can exhibit symptoms of a mental disorder. But since the main way a psychiatrist determines what type of disorder a person has is through talking with them,

Can animals develop mental disorders like humans?

Absolutely dogs can experience similar mental disorders as people do. And there are many different possibilities depending on genetics, environment and experience. More than just

Can depression affect hair?

Hair loss can clearly be caused by high levels of stress.  The hair loss phase is called telogen effluvium, and can cause partial or complete hair loss. Stress can prompt white blood cells to attack the hair follicles, causing alopecia. It can also push hairs into a prolonged resting phase, which is called

Can depression affect self-preservation?

It can affect self preservation but not always very long. There could be still some problems with self destructive behaviors, negative thinking and bad relationships but people can stay preserved over long periods of time provided they are able to find the triggers that can

Can depression cause low back pain?

Thank you for the question!Well, to start off, we have to understand the physiology of depression. Clinical Depression is NOT the same as sadness. You may feel down occasionally when you didn't do well on a test or if u were scolded by your boss but after a while, things start to look up and you go

Can exercise help cure mental illness, depression, stress?

Good Question Actually. Cant explain within quora. I have added a detailed article here. You can check it out if you have some time :)Doing regular physical activity is a good way to help prevent or manage mild

Can smoking weed make someone crazy?

When my sister and brother-in-law were visiting a couple of years ago, one night I was up in the tower bed with them, getting my brother-in-law high (my sister, a previous stoner, still won't touch the stuff since her lung cancer, and eating it does nothing for her).Almost immediately, my

Can someone with a mental illness provide a loving healthy relationship?

Yes, absolutely yes. I met my life partner of ten years when I was in the worst depression I can imagine. Every day was a battle against suicide but even then I was able to maintain a relationship. Don't get me wrong it was crazy difficult and my partner had to

Can thinking cause depression?

I believe that constantly thinking negatively could cause depression, but I also feel like more underlying causes would be necessary.For example, the question

Could my depression really be making me bedridden?

Yes, it definitely could. During my last depression, doing anything at all was such an onerous chore that I needed my husband to help me take a shower - it felt as if I could barely move, or walk, and I was terrified that on the slippery shower floor, I would fall and injure myself, I was

Do animals experience mental illness or are those conditions unique to humans?

I absolutely believe animals can suffer from mental illness, because I have seen it firsthand, in my own dog.I adopted Louie from a bad situation when he was only ten or twelve weeks old--too young, I believe, to have been permanently affected. Besides that, as far as I know, the people who had him were

Do astronauts go insane?

Maybe not insanity, but Buzz Aldrin ran into plenty of problems back on Earth after Apollo 11.From a review by Thomas J. Burns of Aldrin's book, Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the MoonAldrin was an alcoholic, most likely before Apollo XI and certainly afterward, but the astronaut corps of the time was

Do insane people know they're insane?

As one who experiences manic depression with psychotic features, I am in the minority when I say I dissociate from myself, look at myself and can still tell right from wrong (the absence of which would be the legal definition of insanity), but I realize

Do people with mental illness marry other mentally ill people?

Thanks for asking me to answer.Technically speaking, I'm diagnosed as being mentally ill. -- pause for effect -- Do you think less of me? Does it matter what type of mental illness I have, or how mentally ill I am?I'm not cuckoo for

Does depression affect intelligence?

The best answer is probably yes, but. The evidence is quite clear that acute depression can temporary reduce testing scores that measure

Does depression affect one's IQ?

That depends on how you define IQ. Strictly speaking, IQ is our attempt to measure innate intelligence. If you define IQ as the result of a single test, then yes. The score will be lower than on any previous tests when the person was not depressed. If you define IQ as the person's innate intelligence, then

Does mental illness exist or not?

Edit - details were added to this question which changed the meaning. The following is based on the question without any details. Is this a joke? Why would you even question whether mental illness exists? Because you can't see it? Would you ever consider questioning whether cancer exists? You can't see it most