What's the cheapest way to send messages to outer space?

We are delivering messages into space constantly. That's what radio waves do. Some of our inadvertent transmissions are powerful enough to be detected through technology that we possess at distances of a few light years. We can use directed radio transmissions if we want, to communicate over distances of

Will it one day be possible to send electrical power online the same way we send messages and files?

Well there is no point really to send electrical power to an individual. Just transfer some money virtually or pay his electricity remotely with debit card/paypal etc.On the other hand, there are companies such as 21inc or Ethereum which propose smart

Is it possible to send a message to another user who uses the same computer?

Assuming you meant to leave a message to the next person to use the computer you are currently using, I would create a text file or a word file an place it in the start up folder so it pops up when the person starts the computer. As long

How do we send messages to other planets?

Well we sorta can and can't at the same time.We need to make sure that the other end has the ability to receive the message. So that means we have to send a physical message and hope they can play it or a radio wave based message and hope they have the tech levels to

What's the rudest private message you've ever gotten?

Ohhhhh does online dating count?!I assume you to mean impolite as opposed to sexually vulgar? I've had a few of each! Man, more than a few doozies! But I'll just share the one I received 10 minutes ago... not the rudest but a WTF...On this dating site, you put forward the requirements you have in your