Are there any cool tricks or tips within Microsoft word?

10 Tips and Tricks to Become a Master of Microsoft WordWhen it comes to word processing, Microsoft Word is the gold standard. As part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, more than one billion computer users rely on the program every day. That's nearly one in seven people on the entire planet - an

How is Microsoft Word used in business?

Its the default word processing software for almost entirely historical reasons.Somehow Microsoft gets away with it and this broken-as-f*ck piece of garbage remains the most commonly used word-processing software for businesses despite:Endless problems with making images, tables etc stay where you want them.Section breaks cause headers and footers that are supposed to be identical (because

Is it easy to write complex equations in LaTex as compared to MS Word?

Yes, it is. For example, see this code,\lambda^4 = \frac {\hbar ^2 \nu_{no} }{c^{x^2}}The output will be,[math]\lambda^4 = \frac {\hbar^2 \nu_{no}}{c^{x^2}}[/math]Note that the above equation is a totally made up one. By simply typing the above code in LaTeX, one can create the equation. But in MS Word, one has to select a tab, choose

What are some good graphic design tricks for Microsoft Word?

I'd agree with other comments that Word isn't really intended for good graphic design. However, it can be used to do a quite acceptable job of producing a well-designed layout for large and quite complex books. The key is to have

What are some uses of Microsoft Word in business?

Microsoft Word can do many tasks includingWord ProcessingDocument CreationTemplates to save time and efforts on repetitive tasks, documentation, and processesImproving Business Processes by leveraging advanced featuresDocument StoreUse with Excel or other services for Mail Merge and such tasks which can save a lot of manual effortsI use the word to even update images, create

What are the most common uses of Microsoft Word?

1. Business and workplace use of Microsoft Word: – You can create all types of official documents in Microsoft Word. You can use template function in Microsoft to download letterhead sample, bills, and cash memo, joining letter, receipts, letterhead and all various types of accounts management related

What are the new features or tips and tricks of Microsoft Office 2016 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)?

This is a useful trick which can be a time saver in many situations. Do you guys know you can select & Format text ‘off grid' without selecting the entire text of Line/File/Paragraph?Here is the way to do it:Let's suppose, as shown

What are the uses of Microsoft Word?

MS Word is essentially a word processing application, like Zoho, Google Docs, ThinkFree, Etherpad etc. You can get similar desktop applications (that can be installed on your computer) from Open Office, Neo Office or IBM Lotus Symphony etc. MS Word is an application which is

What are tips and tricks for Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel?

1. Copy, paste, and cut with keyboard shortcuts.Ask anyone who knows these shortcuts - Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste, and Ctrl + X to cut - and they will testify to their critical timesaving nature. Master these three basic commands first and you'll find yourself zooming through document creation at surprising speeds.2. Quickly zoom

What is the most frustrating thing about using Microsoft Word?

Having to deal with documents created by people who don't have a clue about how to use styles. Styles have been overlooked and undersold since the start of Word even though it is probably the most important design feature of the program. Correct use of styles makes it easy to attain and

What are the advantages of LaTex compared to MS Word?

Thank you for the A2A.In my opinion, the advantages of LaTeX are that:it is much easier to write and present equations or complicated mathematical expressions in LaTeX than in MS Word even though MS Word's equation editor has improved significantly over the years and in fact takes in LaTeX-based expressions,it is more convenient

What are the benefits of using LaTeX over MS Word, especially for a scientific researcher doing a lot of biology and mathematics?

As well as the general benefits others have mentioned I'll try and show you why LaTeX can be better from my own work.First off is general appearance. By default, LaTeX just looks nicer. It's easier to format professionally whereas MS Word takes a lot of effort to look good.

Which is faster and easier for college lab reports involving equations or chemical symbol writing: [math]\LaTeX[/math] or MS Word?

This question is one of those types of questions for which there is no absolute answer. In a way, it's like asking

Would you use LaTeX if you're free to use MS Word for academic purposes?

No.I do use Word for academic purposes.The commenters who say Word ‘is a monstrosity and it can not handle large documents efficiently and is just a collossal waste of time and money