How to exclude text from word count in Microsoft word 2007

You can use the [Ctrl] key with your mouse to make a dis-continuous selection and then choose [Review] → [Word Count] as shown at ‘A' in the example below.Here are results:With all text on the page included (on top)With 1, 2, 3 and then 6, 7 selected while holding the [Ctrl] key (below)

How to add page numbers in Microsoft Word

It's quite simple...follow these stepsDouble-click anywhere on the header or footer to unlock it. ...Click the Page Number command. ...Page numbering will appear. ...To edit the font, font size, and alignment of page numbers, select a page number and click the Home tab. ...When you're finished, press the Esc key.i hope your query is resolved.

How to unlock a word document

Quick Disclaimer: Crack responsibly. Don't break any laws. You're responsible for your actions.Easiest solution is to try out one of the paid and convenient password crackers already listed here (or a quick google search would reveal).If you want to learn some new skills and tools you might try John the Ripper

Is it possible to copy and paste an entire web page into a word document?

Technically no unless you do a screen clip and paste it as an image. You do have the option of saving the web page as an HTML format, and Word CAN open those file formats. But it will likely not look exactly the same

What are the uses of Microsoft Word?

My recent answer to a similar question may be of interest:What function does Microsoft Word serve?

What is the difference between margin and orientation in Microsoft Excel's page layout?

Orientation is the way on which your spreadsheet will print on paper. Either horizontally or vertically.Margin is the distance from the edge of the paper that printed content can appear on the page.

Where can I learn Microsoft Word?

At learnvern you can learn MS Word with best videos which are availables in multilanguages.After completion of course you will get certificate as well.To know more visit Learnvern.

What are some ways to insert a blank page in MS Word?

Insert a hard page break (Ctrl-Enter).Insert a section break (Layout > Breaks, and choose the type you need).Turn on the

Why is a spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel more useful than Word processing or Microsoft Word in calculation?

Both software are entirely different and have different functions and also have lots of similarities. To know the answer of this question you need to know about both software and its differences. So continue reading.Difference Between Microsoft Excel And Microsoft WordMicrosoft Excel vs Microsoft WordAside from Microsoft Windows, you would probably need to have another software suite from

How is Microsoft Word used in business?

Generally, Microsoft Word is used to create a huge variety of documents such as proposals, meeting minutes and related documentation, performance reports and procedure manuals.For some businesses, they might use Microsoft Word to create posters e.g. for events rather than use Microsoft Publisher.

How to alter the page number in Microsoft Word

It isn't clear from your question what you want to alter about the page number, but here are some points to consider.Page numbers are the calculated result of a PAGE field code. You can see this by pressing Alt-F9 to toggle between the

What does a future employer think when someone is certified in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

It's meaningless. It's assumed everyone knows either Microsoft or google productivity suite. These days, everyone has to be competent to complete high school.

Is it possible to use Microsoft Word in the cloud?

Yes, you can use the entire Microsoft Office suite, for free and "in the cloud" (a browser, without installing the software) at This is basically their equivalent to Google Docs/Drive and storage is powered by OneDrive.If you prefer to use the you can also open documents

What are the average words per page of a Microsoft Word document?

It depends on the page size, the font used, the font size, the language you are writing in, the margin settings, and the amount of white space you leave.  But an 8-1/2 x 11 page with normal 1-inch margins and 11-point Calibri text will average around 300 words a page.

If you insert page numbers in a Microsoft Word document, how do you just remove the "1" from the first page?

Either double-click in the header or footer of the document (the top or bottom parts of the page), orClick on InsertIn the Header & Footer section of the ribbon, click on the drop-down arrow on Header and then select Edit HeaderThe header and footer area of the document will display:

Can anyone help me remove the page numbers from only the start of a Word document?

See: key is splitting the document into sections. Each section can be independently numbered or use different page number formats.

How to mix portrait and landscape pages in Microsoft Word

How do I mix portrait and landscape pages in Microsoft Word?You can change between portrait and landscape orientation via the

What are the issues of Microsoft Word?

when i use Microsoft Word then i have following errors..Word crashes and slow performance.the word hangs or stops responding when you use the file.When you type a text in ms - word a solid black bar appears on the page over the line or lines in which you are typing a result, we

What is the history of Microsoft Word?

Without really understanding what you are looking for from that rather open-ended question, I have to say that the Wikipedia article on Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word) covers its history in remarkable and exceptionally accurate detail. (I was involved with Microsoft Word in one way or another for only 23 years of her history, but from everything

How to use Microsoft Word efficiently

I suggest an online tutorial, a book , or an online class - there are literally dozens of good ones in each category online and available via Amazon. When you get stuck somewhere or cannot figure something out, ask us

On Microsoft Word how do you change the page order in a document?

U may try this....Ashwin S Sivan's answer to How do I change the sequence of pages in MS Word 2010?

What does a receptionist use Microsoft Word for?

Microsoft Word is a word processing software. It is a format on which to write and as a receptionist you might be able to use it to write phone memos, date book information, send emails (spelling and grammar correction are standard in MS Word and usually NOT in your email software, also

How to remove the header and footer from more than 1 page of a Word document

If the entire document is one section - in other words, it has not been divided into different sections to have different headers and footers for different parts of the document - you can easily remove all of them by double

Is there a way to rearrange pages in Microsoft Word?

One of my favorite Word shortcuts is using ‘goto' to select an entire pageF5\pagegotoIt's much easier than trying to select it with the mouse or keyboard.

Do you need an internet connection to use Microsoft Word? probably need to activate it online (there is usually a way to do that over the phone)there are lots of features that use online resources, such as images, thesaurus, helpany files you store are best stored in the cloud in many scenariosBut if you just want to type words and keep

How many pages is 603 words?

Times Roman, 12pt., double-spaced, will get you about 250 words per page, on an 8.5 x 11 inch page or A4 page.So, basically - a little less than 2 and a half pages.

How to delete blank pages in MS Word 2013

its not complicated at all . try thisStep 1: Put the Cursor mark at the last word(Character) of the previous page to the page which you want to delete.Step 2: Click Delete button.Another Method:Step 1: Type some text in that blank pageStep 2: Then Select those text along with last word/character from the previous pageStep 3: Press

How to buy Microsoft Word on Mac

Using your Mac, open Safari. You will need to be connected to the internet. Now type into the navigation bar of your Safari browser and press enter.You will be directed to Microsoft's website. Once there, type "Word" in the

How to make an image fill the entire page on Microsoft Word resize a shape, text box, or WordArt, under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Size group, click the Dialog Box Launcher Icon image.Drawing Tools Format tab imageNOTE: If you do not see the Drawing Tools and Format tabs, make sure that you selected a picture, shape, text

Does office use Microsoft word more than Excel or PowerPoint for their daily work?

It is mostly dependent on the type of work and profile of the organization. Having said that, since most of details we deal with are converted to numbers, MS Excel is widely used for creating tables, crunching numbers for reporting and analysis

Was Microsoft Word the first word processor?

No, Microsoft Word was nowhere near the earliest word processor. The earliest version of Microsoft Word, released as

How to delete a blank page on Microsoft Word

Move your cursor to the end of the last word on last page you want to keep, then hit Ctrl+Shift+End then Delete key. All pages after the current page will be deleted.Click on ¶ to make hidden characters visible. Go to the page before the one you want to delete and delete page break. It

When the contents of a Word document are protected, how can I unprotect the Word document?

Your question is not very clear. Contents in a Word document can be encrypted/protected by a password to open which restricts users from opening the document, or by Restrict Editing which restricts users from editing the document. Password can be set when using both of the

How to use Microsoft Word efficiently

I suggest an online tutorial, a book , or an online class - there are literally dozens of good ones in each category online and available via Amazon. When you get stuck somewhere or cannot figure something out, ask us

What is the best alternative to Microsoft Word?

Everyone's needs are different, but Word Online - or another web app - like Google Docs, Pages at etc - may suffice.Access Word Online from Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. or Microsoft Office Home with a Microsoft ID.

How to completely remove page numbering from a word document on Microsoft Word 2007

If you are asking about removing the visible page numbers from the header or footer of the document you can do the following as described in the article referenced at the bottom of my post.1. click Insert tab on ribbon2. Click on Header & Footer3. Click Page Number | Remove Page Numbers

How to remove all page breaks in Microsoft Word

Using Word 2007, the longest possible page is 22 inches. If you are printing to something like a teletype that prints from a long roll of paper, you'll probably need a different publishing tool. (I think PDF dimensions can be much longer, but

Word 2016: How can I get all my footnotes on one separate page?

MS Word 2016, I haven't' really messed with footnotes, since they are meant for the end of the page, but there are also endnotes, they put all your footnotes into a single page. So try converting you footnotes to endnotes, right click on the footnote, a menu will appear giving you the choice to convert footnotes to

If I use Apple Pages is there any need for Microsoft Word?

If you are just using your documents to print and send, then it doesn't really matter. The 2 things that you have to consider are:Are you going to need this data in the future?Do you have to share the files with others, professionally.I used Pages for a few years and liked it. Then I moved away from

What are some programs like Microsoft Word?

ZohoZoho offers around 20 free online applications including Writer for word processing. You can link your Zoho account to your Google and Yahoo accounts as well. The Writer's interface shouldn't cause anyone problems as it is comfortably familiar. Working online can be hazardous and there's always the threat of losing data due to lost network connection,

How to align these lines in Microsoft Word

Select the text that you want to align.On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Align Left or Align RightTo Know More with videos visit Learnvern

How to proofread in Microsoft Word

Holley's response covers the spell and grammar check tools, but Word does have other useful tools that can assist proofreaders. 1. The Outline view(4th icon in on the status bar's right side) shows you a collapsed view of a document. This

What is the disadvantage of Microsoft Word?

There are 2 things you need to learn in Word before you can get anywhere near decent with it:StylesSections and section breaks.They're in that order for a reason.The sooner you understand that Word IS styles - everything in Word has to have a

Will Microsoft Office 2018 have the 97-2003 file format compatibility mode in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to share with someone using Office 2003?

Microsoft has not been talking about future versions of Office. And if you look at the cadence of Office for Windows (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016), it doesn't seem as though Office 2018 fits the pattern.So with no inside knowledge at all, I would point out that Excel 2016 can

How to remove a blank page from Word

I get it, it can be annoying when you are unable to get rid of that blank page in your document. Well, thanks to my project guide, he gives pretty much importance to formatting and thus made us sit for about two hours, when he showed and explained with