Which company is worse in its practices? Apple, Google, or Microsoft?

All of them have some bad practices but for the most part all three are great companies. Can you imagine what the world would be like today without some of the great products these companies have produced?Google SearchiPhoneMicrosoft OfficeGoogle may use your personal info to sell to advertisers but do you remember driving without Google maps?Apple

How Google/Microsoft/Facebook etc store clients password s?

No, big companies wouldn't store plain text passwords. They most likely use some method of encryption to encrypt the passwords. These hashes can't be decrypted, and passwords are checked by encrypting the string the person entered using the same method and seeing if it is a match.

How is UX design and research at Apple, in comparison to at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft?

I don't work for the above mentioned companies, but one thing that I can say (and you will read) is that design always has to start at the top. Companies are gradually learning this, but establishing design as a culture is not something

When, in your opinion, did Apple become a better company than Microsoft?

It is like asking when did human become better species than dinosaurs. Obviously that question is nonsense, as you can't compare species and who's better.It is the same for Apple and Microsoft. Apple was always way better consumer company than Microsoft.

What is the story behind Windows Me?

During this period at Microsoft, there was an ongoing tug of war between marketing and engineering in terms of what actually went into the Windows releases.  Windows 95 was probably the one release wherein both marketing and engineering were happy with the results.  Windows ME, on

What is Apple, Google, Microsoft organization structure?

The pecking order :: bottom to top :Software Engineer → Software Engineer II → Sr. Software Engineer → Principal Software Engineer → Partner Software Engineer → Distinguished Software Engineer → Technical Fellow ( the buck stops here ).The VP, and SVP, and the directors are redundant, and no one really cares about them (

Which stock is the best to buy now, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft?

Facebook has remained a high-profile company that has consistently captured the public's imagination since its initial public offering in May 2012. Facebook stock is the key member of the popular FAANG group of tech industry superstars including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet, Stock of Facebook has enjoyed an exceptionally strong and relatively smooth rise during the several years

How to exclude text from word count in Microsoft word 2007

You can use the [Ctrl] key with your mouse to make a dis-continuous selection and then choose [Review] → [Word Count] as shown at ‘A' in the example below.Here are results:With all text on the page included (on top)With 1, 2, 3 and then 6, 7 selected while holding the [Ctrl] key (below)

Will Microsoft Continuum succeed?

It is like asking 15 years ago when you see Windows Mobile phone whether touch screen will succeed.And the answer is one day when everything gets right it will for sure. But it will take many years and it is not granted to be done by Microsoft at all. Though at least it seems that they are

Who was a better person, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are important in the field of technology.They do a lot for the modern technology. But i will for Bill Gates because he deserve the most respect from the world. How Microsoft change our life we have seen that last 10 years.Made the technology easy and they tried to reach it

Can Google ever beat Microsoft in hardware?

Google already has. Google's data center technology is second to none in the world. For many years, Google's data centers have been their not-so-secret competitive advantage. Combined with specialised software to take advantage of those massive computing resources and use them efficiently,

Who has more patents, Apple, Google or Microsoft?

Apple: 91,194, Source: Google PatentsGoogle : 52,724, Source: Google PatentsMicrosoft: 613,238, Source: Google PatentsHere, I have retrieved number of patents each technology giant has. The above number of patents are retrieved from assignee based searches** on

What kind of cell phone does Bill Gates own/use?

We all are familiar with the Android vs iOS battle, both the platforms have their own set of advantages as well as disadvantages and yet, we haven't had a winner yet.

Is Apple poised to become first trillion dollar company, ahead of Google or Microsoft? How so?

No. The first one to get to 1 trillion would be the one either unlocking next big new market, or the one occupying the existing market with biggest potential, or combination of the two. My guess is it's likely to be Google

Do you ever use cracked Microsoft Windows systems? If yes, do you fear that you will be sued some day in the future?

A few years ago, I bought, from Microsoft, a copy of Office 2010 (it was on special offer so I got it cheap). It was the download version, I stupidly didn't bother to pay the (small) extra for the discs. More stupidly , I lost the email with the licence key in.When I came to install it, I found

What is Microsoft Windows Advanced Server?

advanced server is aimed at being a network operating system server and/or an application server, including those involving large databases. This server facilitates clustering and load-balancing. NT 4.0 servers with up to eight-way SMP can upgrade to this product.It falls

Do I need to know about parallel programming for my technical interview at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook?

The questions depend on the role you're interviewing for, but I don't think anyone will ask you to write code of a parallel algorithm. However, these companies work at huge scales. It's often asked how you would do

When will Microsoft buy Citrix?

Hopefully in 2016-2017 or never. After Eliot Management started the so much needed cleaning back in 2015, now it seems that a former Microsoft executive, Kirill Tatarino,  is taking the CEO role of what remains of Citrix.If you remember Nokia story, I would say that this have

Is it hypocritical of Google to call out Apple, Microsoft and Oracle for buying software patents to keep Google uncompetitive?

In my opinion it's never wrong to name and shame the misuse of a patent-system, which is meant to drive innovation and is not meant to be used for  preventing competition in the first place.So if someone's misusing it, a

Why did Microsoft buy Linked In?

You are asking the wrong question.It should be Why did LinkedIn sell?LinkedIn couldn't make enough money on its own. It had a lot of data, and it's only pertinent method of monetize was through advertisement. It's data is precious to business users and I bet companies like Salesforce and

Which of these places is the toughest to get an internship in: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox, or Facebook?

I interviewed at all of the above this past fall with the exception of Apple. Remember that Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook all have considerably larger internship programs than Dropbox that hire hundreds (if not thousands) of interns each summer so this is an unfair comparison.That being said, the Dropbox

Who will lead the world: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or any other company?

Please do note that I'm no pro on this topic, so some statements in this comment may be inaccurate or biased.To understand how these technology companies could

Why did Microsoft buy Yammer?

My analysis:Yammer is Microsoft's investment in the growing sphere of enterprise social software. There are a number of specific ways in which it could use it:- As a stand alone product, to serve the demand for enterprise collaboration

Is Microsoft Windows becoming unusable?

I could not disagree more. Windows keeps getting BETTER. In fact, all technology is constantly improving. You give skimpy details on your laptop, but you do realize this is 2016, right? 2012 was 4 long years ago. Time does not stand still! Those specs were not impressive in

Why don't Microsoft and Apple join together?

It's impossible and it's not good for growth. Good and innovative products only take birth due to competition between Giants.

What is the difference between margin and orientation in Microsoft Excel's page layout?

Orientation is the way on which your spreadsheet will print on paper. Either horizontally or vertically.Margin is the distance from the edge of the paper that printed content can appear on the page.

Will Microsoft buy Adobe?

I work at Adobe, but have no special insight into it at all. I highly highly highly doubt it. Adobe has a $21 billion dollar market cap, the acquisition would have to be one of the biggest in tech history.

Who is more powerful in influence: Disney, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Google?

Google is the most powerful. They not only are a critical piece of the worlds information system. (Not sure if the internet or most applications would work if google disappeared, since many applications use google apis, infrastructure, etc.) to exist. They also hold data about everyone and everything. Amazon is second, they are

If Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft designed human languages, what would they be like?

Apple would be some Scandinavian language like Swedish: beautiful, but not many people speak it.Google would be English and Spanish almost everybody speaks one of these, they get the job done And why learn others languages ( like Yahoo's or Bing's languages) when at the end of the day they are the most widely used in the developed

Are Apple products easier to setup and use than Microsoft or Samsung products?

Assuming someone never used any of these products, Apple devices are easier to setup and connect to each other, a lot is done automatically (your Mac recognizes your iPhone because they share the same credentials/Apple ID) and asks if you want to

Why is AWS beating Google, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM?

A bunch of reasons, some specific to Amazon and some to cloud computing.Unique position : There are only a few companies in this space that can scale (because they have capital and the engineering minds) and at the same time have

Can Microsoft make R easy?

I believe the question means "Can Microsoft make R more accessible and simpler to use?", and the answer is yes.Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics in 2015, and since then, they have released Microsoft R Open (For the details of how Microsoft R is

Do Apple and Microsoft work together?

Thanks for the A2A.Absolutely! Believe it or not, Apple and Microsoft have pretty much always worked together. In fact, Microsoft has a dedicated business unit that operates almost like a separate entity that does nothing but do stuff for Apple products.Apple also has

Is Microsoft more successful than Apple?

It depends on your perspective. Both are incredibly successful.In terms of net worth, Microsoft is under $300 billion dollars whereas Apple is nearly triple that in value.However in terms of market saturation, about 20% of the world uses a Mac and the market saturation for

Who changed the way we work, Microsoft or Apple?

My answer will be "Both". There are many silent players who changed the way we work since the beginning. Only top brands gets highlighted easily. And a big +1 for User answer.

Why does Microsoft have a worse reputation than Apple?

I've never answered a question here before, but would like to offer my opinion. Microsoft and Apple are two companies that took divergent paths over the last four decades. Microsoft was founded by two programmers. Apples was founded by a programmer and, essentially,

What is Microsoft Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows10 is powerfull operating system comparison than window 8.1to window 10 has more features like as looks and when open his system y get a special features for open the background lock sytem anf more than more features are provided for our...one more thing is we can ask every questions in like as what do you want

Is Microsoft out-innovating Apple?

A2A.Hmm... Well, it has definitely not been Apple's year, or few years.Microsoft has actually shown some (debatable) signs of innovation, rather than blatantly copying or ripping off everyone in sight in the time-honored Bill Gates tradition. Their biggest innovation in recent years is

Why doesn't Microsoft purchase Apple?

Because they can't afford it, and if they did buy Apple, they wouldn't know what to do with it and they'd be wasting a ton of money buying the company and then killing it.

Which company's precence is more important for the whole IT world, Apple, IBM, Microsoft or Google?

As of this moment I would say Google. First let me say why not the others.IBM: IBM is in a weird phase right now. Currently they are restructuring their business model to work specifically on Cloud computing as that is

What would happen if Microsoft bought Apple?

Even if MS did have the money, not only would they not do it, the Feds more than likely wouldn't allow it. It would be a monopoly at that point. If MS ever had the opportunity, it was back in '97 when a loan was made to Apple by MS to

What will happen if Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook merges together? Will it be useful to people?

Its the same thing , If all 200 Countries come together under one roof ! or If lets say a city in Delhi- all business comes together under one name ?If I see the history, I don not recall any such instance ?, Its too hypothetic ? Lets say one case they are together, may be Google

Which tech company came first, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or others?

IBM goes all the way back to 1911, as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. (It was renamed

Can Microsoft beat Apple in valuation?

The current difference in there net profit is huge. According to a recent article I read Apple's current brand value is $104.7 billion, by far the most of any company in the United States. For comparison, second-place Google's brand was

Which company is more profitable, Apple, Google, or Microsoft?

Ok let's face it!Credits : CSTechFans - Exclusive News & Leaks about TechnologyApple today's Total Market Capital is $815.39B. Way ahead of its Legacy Competitors