Do a lot of of Navy Seal candidates, who would have otherwise made great Seals, get washed out during training due to atrophy?

Do you mean muscle atrophy? I would say no. I wasn't a SEAL (mere Special Forces was I), but I have worked with enough of them. I have always seen and heard that if a SEAL candidate can pass the PT test to get into training then he's

How to survive military basic training

Military basic training is intended to break a recruit down and rebuild them as a soldier. The new soldier is imbued with a New ethos, sense of duty, obligation, group identity. All this in addition to learning

How many weeks of training does it take to become a Navy SEAL?

All SEALs must go through the 24 week Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school and then a 28 week SEAL qualification training program. But this is common knowledge. If you include my two year pre-training then 76 weeks total. I also went through sniper school which, to me, the suck really began but rewarding in the end.

How many years of training does a Navy SEAL get?

Daniel is correct about the initial training. However, like any other occupation in an elite field of study or practice, the training never really stops. BUD/S and STT take the raw Navy member and transforms him into a SEAL, but after that, you don't stop being thought of as a new

What is U.S. Marine Corps boot camp like?

Imagine if you and I were sitting at a table, and, for whatever reason, you had to do what I told you to. You knew I wouldn't physically harm you in any way, but you had to do exactly what I

Which is the hardest military basic training?

We have to differentiate between the regular basic training that every new recruit in every country has to go through and specialized training that is only completed by volunteers who report to special units.Most special forces do not take people "off the

During Basic Training when do we do the fitness test? Should I go into basic being able to do 42 or will basic training get me in shape to be able to do 42.

Training now is a very good idea, but if you can do about 15 and you aren't a fat body (the term they actually use in Basic, there is no PC while there), then you will be fine. My tiny twig stick arms struggled with all they had to do 15 on the day we got

How difficult would it be if you took an army fitness test without practice or training?

No problem at all. A friend of mine serves in the Kosovo Army and last year, he needed to pass the US Army Physical Fitness Test (PFT). He was going on a training course in the United States and passing the PFT was one of the entry requirements.As I passed

How is the military training from domestic and international joint military war exercises preserved and carried forward as personnel filter in and out of the different services?

Training exercises are ongoing, continually training the new troops that enter a unit and letting them learn from personnel that have been through the training before. For example, the former exercise Team Spirit and it's successors, on the Korean Peninsula, not only taught new troops and new officers, but also refreshed personnel that had gone

How many hours do people in military training sleep each night?

This can depend on where you are in your recruit training (rather than once you've completed recruit training where there will be some differences).In the field you'll be lucky to get more than 4 hours of total time

What is the most difficult U.S Military training program?

This is an impossible question to answer.As Michael pointed out, there are different aspects that make things more difficult. And as I haven't been through every military school, I can't pass judgment on all of them. So I'll tell you the hardest ones for me.Pathfinder School:

What's the US military daily physical training regime?

Each service has a slightly different set of "normal suspects" exercises;  this is the Army's: Physical Training Guide  I can tell you from three years' worth of observation, in Basic training you will learn how to do

Are phones allowed in basic training?

I can only answer for army basic training. I went to basic training this last February*, and I can tell you how it was then.While we were at reception they let us keep out phones. We had to keep them in the bay (barracks), and we were told that if a drill sergeant walked in they

Can you get military training as a civilian? Is there any way to get good quality combat/survival training as a civilian?

You can get better training in the civilian world than you get in the military. You can get a real subject matter expert (SME) instead of a guy who is teaching from the book.For firearms you can get real experts who are somewhat better than the guys

Can you go through basic training without joining the military?

On its basic level, the answer is a "NO!"If you want to go through a military basic training, you will be required to join a military branch on some level.On an expanded level, anyone who really wants out of the military will be able to get out.

Do navy SEALs go through harder training than Delta Force?

Let's put it like this; There are former Navy SEALS that are current members of Delta Force but there are no former members of Delta that have become SEALS.Delta Force is the pinnacle of a Tier 1 Military Force. Once someone becomes a

Do the Marines really have a harder training than the other military branches?

I was a 19-D Cavalry Scout. 16.5 Weeks OSUT. The Drill we had. Was a Green Beret and his partner was a Haitian man with deep Accent. AnywaysThe Marines go to a 12 week Basic and that is all they offer.The Army has a Ten week Basic and that is for Support Soldiers and many of them are

How bad is Navy Basic training, really?

Emotionally? Tough.Physically? Tough.Intellectually?........... Let me put it this way.I know of AOs who made it through not knowing when they could retire-with-pension from the military (after 20 years, ergo, joined at 18 years old, you can retire with a pension after 20 years of service), after their friend told them they were retiring

How to train like a Navy SEAL at home

The short answer to your question is you can't, but let me explain.The answer will depend on what you have in mind. It will be helpful (and hopefully interesting) to point out that the physical training (PT) that SEAL's do is only a small part of

How did military basic training change your personality?

It didn't really.In the UK Royal Marines recruit training is considered the longest and hardest ‘basic' training regime in the world. People from the armies of every nation come to do our Commando course.The RM has the longest and hardest basic training package of any

How to survive military basic training

Military basic training is intended to break a recruit down and rebuild them as a soldier. The new soldier is imbued with a New ethos, sense of duty, obligation, group identity. All this in addition to learning

How to train for military

You already have several recommendations that will obviously help you. I just want to point out to you that joining a gym and having a personal trainer if you can afford it is probably one of your best options. But if you cannot afford it, than just start working out by building up your cardiovascular system first, than once

How does each of the US military branches basic training compare to each other?

In terms of physical difficulty, it goes Air Force -> Navy -> Army -> Marine Corps.Other than that, each is tailored to the skill set needed for that branch.All of them are designed to grind up a group of individual civilians, mash them into pulp, and form that pulp into a unit comprised of military servicemembers. The

How efficient are the navy seals are?

I can say absolutely without a don't I am the best at diffusing several carne asada burritos a day with very efficient pre salsa mix and pre water or ect drain at corner of bottom burrito I have even upt my game to include a couple of pauses to chip and salsa and soda drink highly secretive

How hard is basic training for the army?

All I can say is... it's doable. Millions of people have successfully gone through basic training.Here are my advise - as someone who went through training and also have commanded two cycles of trainees.Don't give up - unless you have

How long is basic training in the military?

Basic training and time frame for the Air Force is based on how many training days did you complete everyone will tell you that Air Force basic training time is a flat six weeks it falls in around a that six week

How long is military training?

In professional armies, where soldiers are paid to be there, training never stops.When you have trained enough to know your job in and out in your sleep, you start learning the jobs of the people around you in case shit really hits the fan. Then if you are still in

How was your experience in basic training?

Well for me it was a cake walk. Except for the home sickness the first night. But I had an unfair advantage. You see, I was born and raised on a farm, and we raised both grain crops and all the animals. Like it

How would you recommend training to be ready for military basic training?

Physical fitness, physical fitness, Ummm, did I say physical fitness?Develop the ability to run 3 to 5 miles nonstop, aiming for 7-minute miles or faster. Work on upper body strength - especially pushups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. The better one's physical condition

In military training, how do females perform compared to males?

I know in the Marine Corps, women have significantly easier PT tests than their Male counterparts.For instance...For a males pullup, the female executes a flexed arm hang (chin above the bar and hang there).For a males 18 minute 3 mile, a female runs

Relative to the needs of the era, how well trained was the typical infantryman upon leaving basic training during the height of WWII, compared to today's fresh recruit?

I'll focus my answer for this one on the British-Indian Army, which was in many ways unique.When WWII began, the Indian Army was rather small, and although a few divisions could be sent out, immediately, to bolster the British force in the Middle East, it was clear that several new divisions would have to

What are the benefits of military training?

By FAR, it's learning discipline. That means doing things you don't want to do, when you don't want to do them, perhaps in ways you don't want to do them. That means learning how to endure suffering, whether mental or physical.Second, the

What do you think of military training?

Fantastic way to improve a person in every way. It sharpens you physically, mentally, and spiritually, making you aware of just how much you can accomplish with well-thought out planning. It is an awakening process that you will never regret.In today's world of self-absorbed, fragile, snowflakes it offers a cure for naive stupidity. The Soros-paid thugs that gather for

What does hell week feel like during a military training program?

What does hell week feel like during a military training program?First, Hell Week is a particular part of the training program for what used to be called (and may still be, for all I know) Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S), the training program for the US Navy SEALs at Coronado Island in California. To my knowledge, this is the

What happens if you don't pass basic military training?

Well, the way it worked in the Navy when I served was this: If you could not complete basic (boot camp), you simply were processed out. There's no shame in that. The military isn't for everyone. Lots of people fail to make the cut for many different reasons. Also, if your reason for failing was

What if during army basic training, you do everything just about perfect, but during the 2 mile run you come maybe 5 or less seconds after the time given? Do you fail basic training?

There are some tested areas that you can score a no-go and still pass the section, hence passing BCT. I think I go one no-go on a first aid skill (funny that I was going to the Combat Medic school right after). The Army PFT is not one of them; you must pass all

What is basic Training like in the Military?

Basic Training in the US Military is just that: Basic.Think of it as an initiation to an exclusive club. You learn something of the tradition of the branch you are training for, and you become more physically fit. You learn about the chain of command. You learn what some of your rights are as a soldier. You learn how

What is military training called?

It depends on the branch of service, enlisted or commissioned,the type of training, and time it was done. When I was in the US Army Reserves, training was done with Active Duty and National Guard. Boot Camp or BCT (basic Combat Training) came first. We mostly referred

What is the Navy SEAL SQT training?

SQT stands for SEAL Qualification Training, and most would consider this the actual "training" course for becoming a SEAL. BUD/S gets all of the attention, but it's really just the selection process to see if you're even allowed to start the real training to become a SEAL.SQT is currently

What is the toughest part of passing military basic training?

For me I was already physically fit. I had no problems with that part. The mental part is what got me. Leaving home and having to contend with new surroundings and new people from across the USA was a big change.

What is U.S. Marine Corps boot camp like?

Imagine if you and I were sitting at a table, and, for whatever reason, you had to do what I told you to. You knew I wouldn't physically harm you in any way, but you had to do exactly what I told you, and this unknown stimulates a

What is U.S. military training like?

Great brain washing. You're told when to shit, what to shit and how much to shit about everything you do. The game and it's rules only get more strict the deeper you go into the training. More strict the higher you move up the ladder. More strict the more you give in to and accept the brain washing you're

What makes the U.S. Marines such an elite fighting force?

Speaking as a hospital corpsman attached to various units across my career:The navy's SEALs are true Special Operations, ie: little groups of men doing big things. The Rangers Delta 160 SOAR and a few other organizational units meet the same definition.

What's the most brutal training by the NAVY SEALs?

I recently stood and viewed the infamous

What was military basic training like for you?

Army Basic Training was an eye-opening event in my a very positive way. Basic Training, or Initial Entry Training, was nothing like what you watched on television or movies (I.e. Full Metal Jacket). I enlisted during the height of the surge in Iraq, so there were several changes since the IET image I was exposed

Which branch of military has the hardest training?

***I'm not considering special forces for my answer, because that debate is more or less just a giant dick-measuring contest that gets boring quickly***This question needs to be re-framed. Breaking down training by branch is an ineffective way to compare training difficulty. For example, the pipeline for Para-rescue Jumpers in

Which country has the most difficult military training?

This is a tough one to answer. Every military has its own training policy and durations.Militaries get highly trained either due to war or peace time operations.From the information available to the common public, I would say Israel has the highest trained military due to peculiar position surrounded

Which is the hardest military basic training?

We have to differentiate between the regular basic training that every new recruit in every country has to go through and specialized training that is only completed by volunteers who report to special units.Most special forces do not take people "off the street", but require that each

Which military force has the toughest basic training in the world?

I've never seen anything as tough as what Nepali kids go through to become British Gurkhas. Beyond ferocious physicality, they have to learn a second language, rifle skills, how to use shoelaces, how to eat with a fork. They're absolutely fearless, and the only thing they won't put up with is harsh language. It's the only basic training I've

Which military has the longest training?

Which ever military allows people to server for the longest duration because all military professionals will continue to receive training on numerous subjects throughout their careers.If you're talking strictly about initial entry training, jobs in the US Navy nuclear career

Why do U.S. Marines often come back from basic training thinking they are badasses?

I'll only speak for myself or my older brother. My younger brother came back from boot camp when was in Vietnam so I never saw him as a new Marine.I was not a badass when I joined the Marines but if you tried to bully me you would have a fight on your hands,

Why do we train things in military training that are rarely used?

Here's an example of why we do this. I was in radio communications. Our particular group was expected to deploy on a moments notice. Once we arrived at our destination we needed to erect a portable radio antenna, set up our equipment and establish communications within an hour. All of this in

Why is basic training in the military so hard?

You are being inducted into a culture (not a job, career, or any other way to term it) where your life and the lives of those around you WILL rely on you. We are training warriors to potentially be in combat, but everyone WILL be in harms way...even in training.You are also being inducted