Did homosexual behavior happen in WW2 armies?

I read "Exodus" by Leon Uris decades ago. I also saw the movie. One of the heroes is a young teenager and survivor of a concentration camp. He had been forced by the camp administrators (i.e. SS and assistants) to become a male prostitute for the homosexual

If all animals suddenly gained human intelligence, which species would come on top in a world wide war for dominance?

A very good question and one which I remember being posed years ago: I think it was in BBC Science Magazine Focus.Anyhow the answer mentioned (and one which I believe in) is the answer to this question would be (drum

Is Indian military underrated?

How can you say that Indian military is underrated , it has glorious and legendary past look at the wars of 1965 , 1971 and 1999 wars .We all know about our surgical strike it tells about dare of our army to hit enemy in their own area .Look at the no. Of applicants for NDA , Cdse

The Manhattan Project: Why, although USSR was one of the Allied Powers, did US keep its Manhattan Project a top secret from USSR?

I want to quote a very famous phrase that aptly explains the question.                      "Enemy of an enemy is a friend!"In 1941, when Germany was at its peak, the USA had not actively entered WW2 against the

What are the chances for a new World War?

Fairly low.Another world war will, be very costly for every country fighting, no matter who wins.During the next 4 to 8 years of President Trump's administration, we can expect an unquiet peace. Trump's hostile attitude towards China is really the only thing that could trigger World

What are the most overrated and underrated militaries in the world today?

Overrated: North Korea. While they have a huge army with a million plus soldiers, many artillery pieces and tanks, much of their equipment is terribly outdated. Due to economic constraints, they rarely train and there is a critical shortage of fuel. Also, much of

What are the most underrated special forces?

Anyone who follows a bit of politics, global news and world events are well aware about the instability and dangerous Pakistan and Afghanistan possess in South Asia, especially for India. The Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan is going on since 1947 - , which has seen several

What are the most unknown facts on the Second World War?

1. Canada declared war on Japan before the US did.2. Col Wenck, chief of staff for the 1st Panzer Division, composed the daily situation reports in rhythm during Operation Barbarossa.3. Col Wenck created a unit out of nothing. After the encirclement of Stalingrad, he rounded up stragglers and anyone or

What is the biggest moment in human history?

I think the biggest moment in the human history was that when we realized that we are not the privileged children of God but rather our existence has only been for 50 million years and whereas the earth and Universe is around 13.5 billion yearsTill the age of my grandfather it was believed that there were 9

What was the biggest regret of WWI?

World War One destroyed what is known as the

Which is the most powerful military unit in the world?

May be we all have different views regarding this answer but according to me our INDIAN ARMY is the most powerful army in the whole world.1. I remember one famous saying by Mr. Saddam Hussein on INDIAN ARMY ' if I have 300 soldiers from INDIAN ARMY

Who was the most overrated military commander in World War 2?

Churchill.  A good orator and morale leader, but an atrocious supreme commander.  As both Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, he also involved himself intimately in the intricacies of war planning in a way that Roosevelt or other Allied war leaders never did.  The

Why is the divorce rate lower among members of the military?

I don't have any reliable statistics but 20 years in the army and airforce gives me the idea that the opposite is true. Probably a higher rate due to many different factors. The mission comes first. Frequent separations. financial considerations,lots of overtime,stress that comes with raising

Are there still US ground troops fighting anywhere?

Yes there are.Active US ground troops (I assume you are talking about the main four branches) are located in Africa (AFRICOM - Arica Command), Middle East (CENTCOM - Central Command), Europe (EUCOM - European Command), Asia (SEAC - South East Asia Command), South America (USSOUTHCOM - U.S. Southern Command) and of course North America.There are many US military

Can non-Americans find the American Civil War interesting?

Of course they can.  And, of course, your innate personality and national identity will certainly affect your level of interest in an inherently American conflict. Anti-Americanism is the most in vogue of in vogue things right now.  To even be honest and admit an interest in American history (the good and the bad) is political and social

Could the South have won the U.S. Civil War?

Yes, of course they could have. If the Thirteen Colonies could beat the world's strongest power in 1776, then certainly the Confederacy could have defeated the Union in the Civil War. However, they made a number of mistakes that greatly reduced their chances of securing their independence.One of the

Did the US win the war in Afghanistan?

The US, it seems has achieved most of its goals in Afghanistan.It destroyed Al Qaida and killed its dangerously popular leader, it established intelligence networks that will be helpful in the long run specially if a conflict arises with China or Russia, it has established necessary airbases in Afghanistan and has even signed the

Do submarines have gyms?

Do submarines have gyms?Good Question... Theres a video in some of my other articles about life on a Virginia Class nuclear boat and they show a gym of sorts ( well 3 stationary cycles next to each other).Older USN ships used to have a variety of options throughout the ship to exercise

Has Japan ever accepted responsibility for its atrocities commited during World War II? Have any reparations been paid to victims?

While they may have apologized after the war, the overall feeling Japan has to the war, specifically that with China is more about covering up the atrocities as opposed to accepting what happened and moved on from it. This action can be explained by several reasons, the ones coming to my mind being the lack of major consequences

How did Subhas Chandra Bose recognize Hitler?

When Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose went to meet Adolf Hitler for the first time, he was asked to wait in a hall by his men.Netaji started reading a book in the hall.A man, who was a duplicate of Hitler, entered the hall and he went back as he wasn't entertained by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.Many duplicates entered the

How good was the Red Army in late WW2?

The Red Army in the last 2 years of the war was a whole different beast from that of the first two years.In Barbarossa alone, the Soviets lost 4 million soldiers, along with the majority of their equipment. These were their most experienced and best equipped soldiers, and they were almost completely wiped out. It was therefore necessary to

How would World War II have been different if Stalin hadn't killed off a lot of his generals and other officers before the war?

Stalin would have been overthrown.  He was a despot and a tyrant.  His purges made sure he was never lobbed a hand grenade during a meeting.  Once you purge an officer, you have to purge his cousins too.  Possibly Stalin altered the racial/ethnic profile of the overall leadership with his

If all animals suddenly gained human intelligence, which species would come on top in a world wide war for dominance?

A very good question and one which I remember being posed years ago: I think it was in BBC Science Magazine Focus.Anyhow the answer mentioned (and one which I believe in) is the answer to this question would be (drum roll).....BacteriaYet, these little microbes

If you could assassinate Hitler during WWII, what would be your last words to him?

*It's 1942 and Agent Kyle is deep undercover at the Berghof, Hitler's mountain lair in Obersalzburg, Bavaria for Operation Potato Cannon - a daring plot to assassinate the Nazi queen bee himself, Adolf Hitler. Using a clever disguise and posing as a simple chambermaid, Agent Kyle has gained the trust of the staff at the Berghof over

Is there a reason why nuclear bombs were only used on Japan and not on Germany?

The Germans had already surrendered. Ironically, if you read Joseph Farrell's

The destructive force of the atomic bomb is clearly demonstrable without actual casualties. Why did the US still opt to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

An alternate-history story by Barbara Delaplace, "No Other Choice" (appearing in the collection Alternate Presidents, edited by Mike Resnick, Tor Books, 1992), has President Thomas Dewey, elected in 1944, faced with the same choice about where to drop the first atomic bomb.  He, unlike Truman,

To what extent was the American Civil War fought over the issue of slavery?

I've spent twenty years of my life (and I'm 33) going back and forth on this matter.  I have studied the civil war in depth.  I have considered modern textbooks, hardcore conservative circles, defenders of the "Lost Cause," and more mainstream historians like Shelby Foote and George Catton.I consider myself a hardcore conservative; I bear no

Was it ever possible for Germany to win World War II?

Yes.In fact, in the 1939-40 war against the original allies of France, Poland and Great Britain, Germany did win. Today, we see these victories as inevitabilities. To the world in 1940, they were nothing short of unimaginable. These victories are not just tactical:-Poland ceases to exist;

Was the American Army overrated in WW2?

Armies improve over time with equipment, leadership, training and experience. The American Army in 1939 was vastly different than the American Army in 1945. In addition, the Army Air Corps (which was part of the US Army and later became the US Air Force) is technically an element within the US Army.The question also bears analysis

Was the U.S. Civil War avoidable?

The basic cause of the Civil War was slavery. However Lincoln's immediate goal was to save the Union.It was the South's decision to break free and it was a miscalculation on their part. Had they stayed in the Union it is likely they could have kept their institution far into the foreseeable future.Lincoln would not have gone

What are little known historical facts from World War II that most people do not know about even today?

The Dieppe Raid was always considered to be a complete failure, with no reason for the raid even being offered. Recently, records were opened to public scrutiny, which show that the raid was being used as a cover for an attempt to do a snatch and grab of intelligence from the Germans. They

What are some interesting facts about Nazi Germany?

I am sure there can be thesis's written about the horrors of the Nazi regime, but as a history fan it's always advised never ever to get judgmental, because history can only reveal so much. "What is history but a fable agreed upon?" - Napolean BonaparteI have read a lot of

What are some interesting (military) facts about the U.S. Civil War?

It showed the world how hugeeee the US Military was going to be. Few years ago Europe was bleeding because of the Crimean War (1853–1856) Russian, British, French, Sardinians and Ottomans ended up with a body count of 562,000 deaths. The US CW (1861–1865) body count was for about 620,000 deaths.A single young nation

What are some lesser known events surrounding the U.S. Civil War?

The Civil War was between the racist, spiteful Democratic Party and the very religious Republican Party, which was mixed-race.The last Confederate general to surrender was a Cherokee, Stand Waite, or Oklahoma Territory.A lot of African Americans eagerly served on the side of the Confederacy. These were free, often wealthy

What are some lesser known facts about the Civil War we wouldn't learn in school?

I would suggest the whole Tennessee Campaign.  Both Lincoln and Davis were obsessed with the capture and control of the middle section of Tennessee (Middle Tennessee). Indeed, both sides continued the fight until the end of 1864, long after the Union's

What are some of the most amazing incidents of World War 2 and World War 1?

A French officer's spectacular escape and a display of German chivalryIn 1940, after the Werhmacht's impressive victory over the British-French forces and their allies in the Western campaign, hundreds of thousands of French servicemen were captured by the German Army. The

What are some unknown facts about kargil war?

I am not sure if you can call these facts unknown, but... here are some not talked about regularly:The Indian army would usually vacate from its forward posts and bunkers which were between 14000-18000 feet owing to the harsh winter weather conditions. Pakistan used this chance and its northern light infantry, armed with small arms,

What are some unknown facts about the American Civil War?

The historical facts concerning Lincoln's policy decision not to use Compensated Emancipation to address the secondary purpose of the War ( the first was, of course, to continue tariff collection at the ports of the seceded States by force as needed) aren't unknown, but are not at all

What are some unknown facts about the planes used in World War 1?

At the beginning of the war airplanes were used for recon only and had a 2 man crew, the pilot and the recon officer. The pilot was an enlisted man and the recon person was an officer. This is because cars at the time

What are the best photos of World War II?

I think the best photos are those that tell the stories.  The answers so far had very few pictures from the Eastern front. This side of WW2 seems less familiar to many people in the West, and I would like to "tell" it, as it happened, in photographs. 

What are the most disturbing facts about World War II that most people do not know?

The skewed lies of the victors in World War II, lies told by both the Americans, Soviets and their allies. I have met many American people on the internet, many who believe that America was the driving force behind the Allies of World War II - one of the major two, yes, but not the sole driving

What are the most unknown facts about World War II?

On behalf of Germany and the Soviet Union, foreign ministers Ribbontrop and Molotov signed a non-aggression pact between the two countries on 23 August 1939. So sudden was the event that for the signing ceremony in Moscow four swastika flags were borrowed from a film studio in Moscow which was actually producing anti-nazi propaganda films.

What are the most unknown facts on the Second World War?

1. Canada declared war on Japan before the US did.2. Col Wenck, chief of staff for the 1st Panzer Division, composed the daily situation reports in rhythm during Operation Barbarossa.3. Col Wenck created a unit out of nothing. After the encirclement of Stalingrad, he rounded up stragglers and anyone or thing he could get his hands

What happened to Britain after ww2?

There are two answers depending on the time frame you use.  This answer looks at the immediate aftermath Immediately after the war, Britain demobilised millions of people who had been conscripted.  Those people returned home to try and rebuild their lives. Until

What happened to Hirohito after WW2?

Nothing bad. In fact, he was highly essential to the postwar occupation by the Americans, believe it or not.Upon surrendering, basically the only concession that the Japanese walked away with was the fact that the emperor wasn't going to be removed as emperor. However, under the Shinto Directive of 1945, he was removed of any power

What happened to wild animals during WW2?

Here in the netherlands is not much bigger game, what we do have are birds. In WWII big parts of the country were inundated, overflood with water. There were not many pieces of land left. On these litle islands aal the birds had

What if animals go on a world war with humans?

That would be interesting to see... The way humans have been treating the animals ... They ought to wage a war. As they are inadequately equipped with a voice to express their thoughts , they don't seem to be starting a war.

What is the least known World War One fact?

1. Zimmerman Telegram:This eventually turned out to be a major reason as to why USA decided to get involved in the war. In January 1917 it was being anticipated that Germany would resume unrestricted submarine warfare in February which would lead to a

What is the most creative way humans at war have killed each other?

The ancient Chinese were absolutely sadistic when it came to killing one another during war. They used whatever means possible to win. After all, the alternative would be the extinction of your state and people.Death facilitated by emotional shockDuring the Battle of Zuili in 496 BC, the king of Wu was about to defeat the king

What nation started World War 1?

I totally agree with Eddie Haymaker.Austria had no intention to start a war. The conservative Emperor Franz Joseph did not like his more progressive Crownprince Franz Ferdinand very much but they were of the same opinion. After all Austria had lost the battles with France over Italy and

What started World War II?

OH BOY!The lead up to WW2 is, in my opinion, more interesting than the war itself.LET'S DIVE RIGHT IN!The first event in the lead up to WWII was the end of WWI. Ironic, I know.The Treaty of VersaillesThe Treaty of Versailles wasn't made to be fair. It was made with the

What was life like for German soldiers in Germany after WW2?

A lost war is a heavy burden. Some added up to 10 years as a POW in Siberia. Many died in the camps, some died after returning home when eating their first big meal for years. Others discovered their wife had remarried

What was the most important battle in the U.S. Civil War?

The usual answers you'll see here are all good options.Gettysburg marked the end of the Army of Northern Virginia's ability to take the strategic offensive. From that loss to the very end, Lee was limited to reacting to the operations of his Union counterparts. The Army of Northern Virginia never recovered

What was the U.S. Civil War really about?

The Confederacy chose to first secede from the United States and then attack at the Battle of Fort Sumter. The Union objected to the undemocratic secession that in all cases was either against the will of even

What will most likely cause World War III?

First of all, let's get the players into the fore-front. Unlike the first two world wars, where the goal was either world domination or imperialism/nationalism, this war would be about social dominance. You'll likely see countries aligning primarily on social or

What would have happened if the US had decided to invade Japan with full military might, instead of dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

The invasion would have ended in a bloodbathAnd I have hard facts to corroborate my argument.This is one of the most complex questions I have ever answered because of the HUGE amount of data and facts that must be synthesized

What would the world be like if Nazi Germany had never lost the war?

The world if:GB made a nonaggression pact with Germany after the fall of France. Hitler never wanted a war with GB since they were Anglo-Saxons. USSR eventually surrenders to Germany. Germany realizes it cannot occupy all of the USSR so the Soviets remain in

What's your most controversial opinion on history?

Lincoln was a son of bitching despot who managed to get 700,000 of his governed killed or maimed and as many families ruined, allowed his generals to rape and pillage the southern states, and burned Atlanta to the ground.THIS from a vaunted great negotiator.If Lincoln were alive today he would

Who won the American Civil War?

The easy answer, of course, is the North, the Union, won the war by defeating the South on the battlefield and forcing its armies to surrender. But, there is a more complicated, nuanced answer we need to look at as we are over 150 years past the end

Who won World War 2?

In the most traditional sense, the Allies won and the Axis lost. But if we look deeper we can find that some who, "Won," really did not and some of the biggest winners did not even have to fight.United States: The U.S. most definitely won WW2. They were

Why are Spartan warriors depicted as muscular when they were barely fed (which stunts height and muscle growth)?

Every Spartan male citizen was allocated land as a birth right, even though they probably never did anything on that land. Managing the land fell to the Spartan women, who might well also own land in their own right. The actual work was done by the enslaved Messenians who they called Helots. The Helots would

Why did the United States drop two atomic bombs on Japan in World War II?

It was the only way to get the Japanese to stop fighting. The people who argue against the use of bombs seem to have no idea of the circumstances of their use and no idea of what the alternatives were. Apparently, people who take

Why did the US invade Iraq in 2003?

Long story, but let's make it short.Several people in the US government (including Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney) had a plan to change the political dynamics of the Middle East. Iraq was obviously a problem, and complicated efforts on Syria and Lebanon, as

Why did World War 1 take place? What were the political causes?

I would say the Sarajevo Incident in 1914 was only the last straw of WWI and there were other underlying causes should not be neglected.For example, the alliance system in which the Triple Alliance was formed by Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1882 and the

Why has Afghanistan always been a war torn country?

Q:Why has Afghanistan always been a war torn country?Ghengis Khan conquered it, British and Russian empires attempted, past 40 years there's been the Soviet invasion, civil war, Taliban uprising, US invasion.But why has it been such a war torn country that always gets invaded? Is its location valuable?A: Superb Question.Disclaimer: This is a picture

Why is Afghanistan still at war?

This isn't a simple question, and doesn't have a simple answer. Afghanistan has no railroads crossing it from Iran and the Persian Gulf to India. No significant highways as well. The pipelines you would expect between the Middle East and South Asia - simply are not

Why was America at war with Iraq and Afghanistan?

Iraq1)First Gulf War (1990-1991)All started when Iraqi´s President Saddam Hussein accused Kuwait from practicing a super oil-extraction policy causing a fall in the oil´s prices and hurting the Iraqi economy. Saddam also resurrected old problems and demanded indemnity. Such as Kuwait did not accept,he was invaded by Iraqi troops.Another Motive Saddam won the Iran-Iraq War

Would there be wars in female-dominated society?

Very hard question to answer. In short, I would say not really.The women we have seen in power throughout history (Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Joan of Arc, Margaret Thatcher) have risen to power in patriarchal societies where violence and war are the main forms of conflict resolution. They have risen to success in such societies

Would WW2 have happened if WW1 never happened?

Definitely,By that time, there were strong feelings of nationalism between countries. Especially, Britain and Germany had a rivalry which can be shown by the

Do camels scare horses?

Ever hear the expression ‘fighting like dogs and cats'? Sure, we've all heard that.My dog and my cats are routinely snuggled up together on the couch behind me. Sometimes they'll even clean each other. My dog has such a fancy for cats that when a person he's never met before shows up he tries

How has war changed over time?

War never changed until 1945. It remained the same through the ages, changing only in the weapons used and the numbers (of men, of distance, of supplies, of money) involved. Yet, it remained the same, and the teachings of Sun Tzu, Ceasar,

How historically accurate was the Siege of Jadotville movie?

As someone who is personally extremely interested in the Congo Crisis, I found this movie to be a disappointment. The action was fun, but much of the larger political situation is blurred over. I do not know very much about the Siege of Jadotville itself,

How many arrows would it take to blot out the Sun?

1 to infinitely many, depending on your perspective and place in the universe.If you're referencing the 300 line (a quote from Dieneces) there were between 80,000–300,000 Persian troops at Thermopylae. I could not identify the number of archers, but I would assume at least 8,000–30,000 were armed with bow

What are some common misconceptions about World War II?

One very common misconception is that battleships were highly vulnerable to attack by aircraft.The modern version of events has it that battleships were easy targets for dive bombers and torpedo bombers and that they succumbed easily to such attacks. This is why battleships vanished from the navies

What are some misconceptions about World War Two that really set you off?

Every time my ex-husband would watch a WWII movie from the 40's, 50's and 60's, the veins would stick out of my neck. The sanitized movies depicting the unfailingly good Allied soldiers pitted against the evil Germans and Japanese pissed me off. My blood would boil. I understand the 40's movies

What are the biggest misconceptions about desert warfare?

Navigation and concealment. Many decades ago, just prior to the kickoff in Iraq, we were staging in Saudia on the border with Iraq. It was early evening and I was tasked to drive my XO out to the airfield, a few

What are the biggest misconceptions about France during WWII?

Before the war, in 1938-39, the biggest misconceptions were :France would beat Germany easily if not quickly;true until 1938 but false after.Germans would never do the blitzkrieg and the Maginot Line will be unbeatable.This last one has been true as the Germans invaded France by violating Belgium's

What are the biggest misconceptions about naval warfare?

That the purpose of a warship is to defeat its counterpart (i.e. all the

What are the biggest misconceptions about urban warfare?

Having done a little MOUT - military operations in urban terrain. I can tell you its a blood bath - seemingly every defended building produces casualties. IN Iraq they built fortifications in houses and had BB-IEDs (building-based improvised explosive device). Entire buildings that were wired

What are the most controversial wars?

Two of the most controversial are Iraq and Vietnam.Both are wars many feel should not have been fought.  Both were initiated with false or tainted evidence.Vietnam was fought on the basis of doctrine of containment.  North Vietnam was

What did other nations respond with when they found out about The Manhattan Project during WWII?

A great big shrug. Contrary to national myth, you'd have to have lived under a rock not to know about the Manhattan Project.* You would also be able to do the back-of-the-envelope calculations that showed that building your own atomic bombs would require a Tennessee Valley Authority's worth of electricity, lots

What is the best kept secret of WWII that we should be ashamed of?

Well there's a few if you're American.American firms were happy to supply the Nazi regime with strategic minerals, oil and equipment right up until the start of the war. Standard Oil went out of its way to purchase tetraethyl lead for gasoline from a British company so that

What is the oldest weapon still in service today?

There are numerous 18th century dress / ceremonial swords, maces, and axes carried daily by officers, in almost every Western military service, and I believe there are a couple of 15th Century Katanas, owned by officers in the Japanese defense force.The King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery

What motivates some people to fight in the armed forces?

If you had asked me this question 23 years ago, my answer would have been different.  I left for boot camp shortly after high school ready to see the world and be a hero.  Typical 18 year old testosterone riddled male. As the years

What was Britain's role in the Manhattan Project? Did the British gain knowledge from it to create its own atomic bomb?

The UK essentially already had the base knowledge of how to utilise nuclear materials for a potential weapon, and already had a programme to develop one by the time the US entered the war. It was the first nuclear weapons programme in history.A series of experiments at Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham in early-1940 produced several

What was the weirdest restriction placed on people serving in the Los Alamos installation during World War II?

No more babies.Well, almost. It didn't reach the level of restriction per se, but General Groves and Oppenheimer tried to make Los Alamos a sort of

What would you say a common misconception about war is?

Common misconceptions of war are:War is a part of human nature.War is unavoidable.War solves problems and peace is the resultWar is necessary every 20 years or so. It is a psychological need.Peace is a pie-in-the-sky liberal idea that can never be achieved and

What's the longest war that has ever been fought in the history of the world?

There was this cross - Mediterranean disagreement.Rome and Carthage Sign Peace Treaty Ending Punic Wars After 2,131 YearsABIB FAKHRI February 5, 1985TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) _ More than 2,000 years ago the Romans overpowered the Carthaginians, razed their ancient capital, plowed its ruins into the earth and sowed the soil with salt so nothing could grow again. On Tuesday, modern

Who made the greatest contribution to the Manhattan Project?

As the Manhattan Project was created and funded by the United States government, it might be difficult to assign credit to one person. Oppenheimer does get a lot of credit, but, the breadth of the project suggests that many deserve acknowledgement for their involvement.An issue with this discussion is that the MP is essentially the birth of the Defense

Who of the Manhattan Project scientists was the most brilliant?

Probably von Neumann. He came and went as he pleased to solve problems. Teller was placed in Super Theory after some initial work, to get him out of the way of the people doing real work.The bright could be identified and separated into the past and future Nobel Laureates: probably Fermi, as

Who were the main scientists behind the Manhattan Project?

I'll make this answer as short as possible, since there is a lot of information on it and a lot of personnel were involved. Albert Einstein wrote a sealed letter to FDR in 1939 about uncovered projects in Nazi Germany that were focused on purifying uranium-235, which could be used to make an atomic bomb if they made

Why did France join the American Revolution?

After 1066, the King of England was also the Duke of Normandy. The Duke of Normandy, however, was a subject of the King of France. This caused numerous wars between the two nations, culminating in the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453), when the

Why did the United States lose the Vietnam War?

Two words lost the war in Vietnam: Body count.At the end of the day, while North Vietnam won the war by political means which borrowed, expanded on, and were embedded into tactics evolved from communist Chinese guerrilla warfare doctrine, America lost the war through inefficient tactics and strategies which led to a

Why weren't large backpacks ubiquitous of modern soldiers not used by soldiers of the WWII era?

Several reasons. You can find a number of good answers here, but in addition the soldiers of that era were physically smaller AND high mobility was not as much of a priority in most units then as it is today. Today, you take

Are US Marine Reserves considered 'real' Marines?

One day our senior drill instructor had the entire squad line up. He asked which of the recruits was going in to the reserves. After a few guys raised their hand he yelled

How hard was basic training back in WWII and Vietnam?

How hard was basic training back in WWII and Vietnam?I can only speak for U.S. Army basic training taken during the Vietnam War.I attended Army Basic Combat Training at Ft. Dix, N.J from 1 Jun 71 to 6 Aug 71. I was already physically fit