Can a Marine be a Navy Seal?

Yes.I was in Ranger School with a Marine SEAL, and a couple of regular Seals.The Seal in my platoon was a landnav genius, and so took point on almost all of our night movements.Edit: In Ranger School, you wear no insignia on your uniform, except name

Can a Navy SWCC operative join the Navy SEALs?

Can a Navy SWCC operative join the Navy SEALs?Sure, a US Navy Special Warfare Combatant craft Crewman could join the SEALs, IF he could pass the selection process and the basic BUD/S SEAL course. Of course, the SWCC qualification course is pretty much the same as SEAL training, and nobody

Can a non-American join the US Navy SEAL?

Although many answers here says that only US citizens can join the Navy Seals, there are Singaporean commandos who also went thru BUD/S and survived! Singapore's naval divers special: Tested, Brandon Choo is among best of the bestI

Can Navy Seals become officers?

So I am assuming you think all Navy SEALs are enlisted. In fact a good percentage of them go to BUDs as officers. They still have to complete BUDs just as all the enlisted do and get additional training and

Can Navy Seals become pilots?

Can Navy Seals become pilots?A Couple things here...The navy does not have pilots they have aviators, naval flight officers and aircrew.Aviators and naval flight officers are all commissioned officers.Aircrew are the various enlisted personnel who may served with LAMPS helos, P8 aircraft, TACAMO

Do a lot of of Navy Seal candidates, who would have otherwise made great Seals, get washed out during training due to atrophy?

Do you mean muscle atrophy? I would say no. I wasn't a SEAL (mere Special Forces was I), but I have worked with enough of them. I have always seen and heard that if a SEAL candidate can pass the PT test to get into training then he's

Do all Navy Seals see combat?

No. Wether you're at war or not the training is virtual reality. Testing the strengths of vigilance to updating and perfecting all skills weak to excellent. Soldiers experiencing combat and

Do elite military units and special forces teams in the military get higher salaries?

Navy SEALs are paid a set monthly rate that is determined by their rank and length of service. Military salaries broken down for commissioned officers, warrant officers, and standard enlistees. At the lowest levels, an O-1 commissioned officer who has fewer than two months of experience makes $2,876.40 per month which is the

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

No, not only NO but HELL no!!!!! There are no fees for any paperwork needed in the service. I have 30 days of leave a year. If I want to take some, I request it from my supervisor by email. He approves and then kicks it

Do Navy SEALs get deployed on ships?

First of all, no two days in the teams are alike. Every day and every week of every year varies according to the current world situation, and the cycle a particular team is in - for example, deployed on a mission, pre-deployment, post deployment, Team training, Special Skills training or leave.Spec Ops Video: Spec Ops ShootingBefore planning

Does the Air Force do rest days after working-out?

In basic training? Not really. You do calisthenics 3 days a week (push-ups, sit ups, burpees, etc.) and then you run 3 days a weeek. On Sundays you get a "rest" day, but you still might end up doing push-ups or other exercises to include marching. In tech school we did squadron PT three days

Does the military frown upon military wives reporting their husbands for cheating or domestic abuse?

No. The military is the most corrupt organization funded by the government out there. They will do any and everything to protect their investment while dumping on anyone that tries to discredit them.Until it's inconvenient; then they harass, hassle, and neglect their members until

For $1,000,000, you have to be locked in an empty warehouse with a grizzly bear. You will only be armed with a can of Bear Mace and a Swiss Army Knife. Do you accept the challenge? If so, why?

I'd need to know:How long has it been since the bear last ate?For how long will I be locked in the warehouse?If the bear ate recently, and I wouldn't be locked in for very long, I would happily accept, because I think my chances of surviving the experience would be pretty

Have most Navy SEALs killed people?

Short answer: Yes.Long answer: Navy SEALs are some of the most expensive and rare ground units in terms of training costs, equipment costs, and personnel numbers. We use them when we need their specialties (stealthy, moderate-or-long-preparation, direct action objectives) and this in turn pays for their costs. SEALs aren't supersoldiers, and in some instances are LESS EFFECTIVE than traditional

Have there been female SEALs?

With respect to Maury, I think the answer sought is why are women not admitted into the SEAL program. I'll try to answer as best I can, ignoring the highly subjective and contested social dynamics of women in all-male atmospheres, as

Have you ever tried the military diet? Was it effective for you?

hello Zoner,i have already experience in following military diet and its a proven results so i made a blog to help others to lose their weight that helps and improves the digest system. that will improve your body structure3 day military diet plan and see how u

How to prepare for joining the United States Marine Corps

I'll keep this really simple. Arrive at boot camp dressed neatly. Have a short and conservative hair cut. Do not have any sayings on your shirt. Do not wear anything with

How come the military does not incorporate strength training into their basic trainings?

Basic training is usually run on a tight schedule, quite literally a simple problem of herding cats to an extent. And unless there will be a barbell, kettlebell, etc. for every person...or half of them, then the time spent gets prohibitive. Especially when

How did Chris Kyle see his target when lining up his 2,100 yard shot (in the American Sniper movie his target is literally not visible to even his sniper's scope)?

I wasn't with Mr. Kyle at the time of the shot. But I'll accept the premise. How can you see something when you can't see it in your scope.I was having a conversation about the worst wind people had shot on. Several stories about

How to improve the army PT run/pushups

Anytime I had a school coming up that had PT requirements, it just wanted to lose a couple of pounds, I'd do this;Every time I walked in the front door to my home I would knock out the 18–21 year old standard for push-ups and sit-ups. If I wanted a

How to prepare to become a Navy Seal

How old are you?If you are 16 or so join the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. (you are too old at 18)Then pass the Sea Cadet SEAL test you could possibly be one of the Cadets that gets to train for 2 weeks with the SEALS.That's about the best way to train PHYSICALLY.Mentally, you need

How to survive military basic training

Military basic training is intended to break a recruit down and rebuild them as a soldier. The new soldier is imbued with a New ethos, sense of duty, obligation, group identity. All this in addition to learning

How does being in the U.S. Marines compare to being in the U.S. Army?

Well, I was in both.  I did 6 years in the Marines first, then moved over to the Army where I served another 9.  There was quite a bit of culture shock after the move and I'll detail a lot of that shock here as it

How fit are people in the armed forces physically?

I believe that US armed forces are in a lot better physical shape than during the Vietnam Era.During Vietnam, humpback whales were accepted directly into basic training. Today, people are required to meet physical standards before enlistment.Based upon that alone, I have to say that today they are very

How good are Navy Seals?

SEALS are first class they have all the attributes of (for example) the SAS and SBS in the UK because in the UK the SBS special forces deal theoretically with marine operations where the SAS historically concentrated on land-based operations whereas ,

How is Chris Kyle viewed among the Navy SEAL community?

He was providing Overwatch sniper support for US Marines going door-to-door in Iraqi cities declared

How is teasing or bullying handled at a U.S. Marine Corps boot camp?

I went to boot camp in 2004 . I know the Marines has changed alot so I'm told since then but your so busy in boot camp there is no time for that.... If you are a reAl shtbag in boot camp like gomer pile in full metal jacket and the drill

How many pull ups should I be able to do and how far should I be able to run before going to Marine Corps boot camp?

The more the merrier, but on a more serious note, the Marine Corp physical fitness test (pft) consists of a 3-mile run, timed crunches, and pull ups, as for the run-you will need to be able to run 3 miles in 26 minutes (18 min for perfect score), but

How many weeks of training does it take to become a Navy SEAL?

All SEALs must go through the 24 week Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school and then a 28 week SEAL qualification training program. But this is common knowledge. If you include my two year pre-training then 76 weeks total. I also went through sniper school which, to me, the suck really began but rewarding in the end.

How many women Navy Seals are there in 2015?

None, and there will never be unless a woman can pass the training. The Navy and All branches even our 1st Responders should NEVER lower standards just so a woman can pass. If she can't do exactly what her shipmates are required to do, Time to choose another path.It is not

How many years of training does a Navy SEAL get?

Daniel is correct about the initial training. However, like any other occupation in an elite field of study or practice, the training never really stops. BUD/S and STT take the raw Navy member and transforms him into a SEAL, but after that, you don't stop being thought of as a new

How much harder is it to become a Navy SEAL officer instead of an enlisted SEAL?

Well we all go through the same training pipeline initially (I.,e., we all go to BUD/S, Jump School, STT (or SQT now), etc. However, Officers also go to some Army school as well for some sort of leadership training (but doesn't make it any

If you need to rest in between working out, why do people in the military work out daily?

This is a trick question. I have three brothers in the US military and I can assure they do not work out every day. However I understand what you're getting at. As others have already stated, military training is intended to push the mind and the body,

I'm considering going into the military before college. Is that a good idea?

I'm considering going into the military before college. Is that a good idea?From my experience, both personal and vicarious, I'd tell you that it's definitely worth investigating, but you absolutely need to be aware that there's a lot of potential for things to

In a battle between a Gurkha regiment and the U.S Marine Corps, who would win?

I was in the US armed forces for 26 years, to include four years as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps.If they have the same weapons and numbers, the Gurkhas would win easily.Gurkhas = Special Operations Forces - Most westerners don't know about Gurkhas. Gurkhas are small

Is Indian military underrated?

How can you say that Indian military is underrated , it has glorious and legendary past look at the wars of 1965 , 1971 and 1999 wars .We all know about our surgical strike it tells about dare of our army to hit enemy in their own area .Look at the no. Of applicants for NDA , Cdse

Is it better to join the Army infantry or Marines infantry?

No your question is actually normal for a smart young man who is anxious to see some action, my answer on the other hand may not be to your liking. It will also be as direct as the military, lol.Both branches of military

Should I join the Marines or the Navy Seals?

Depends on what you want to do. I enlisted in the Marine Corps back in November 2017, shipping out for boot camp next week. I don't have active duty experience (yet), but what I can tell you are the reasons I picked the Marine Corp over all the other branches.1. The Marine Corps legacy is incredible. Men and

Should I move in with my military boyfriend?

I can understand why you are having a hard time deciding. I would say, given that you are both extremely young, you should seek approval from your parents first. If they are neutral or positive with the idea, and you both feel emotionally and financially ready, then follow

Was Chris Kyle really that good?

Let's put Chris Kyle's career into perspective. US Navy Seals are Tier 2 operators within the Special Operations community which make them the 1% of military personnel capable and willing to perform these kinds of operations. The fact that a guy from Texas

What are some day to day life hacks that armed forces and law enforcement people know but civilians don't?

To preserve your night vision when a car approaches you with its high beams lit, close one eye. When the car has passed, switch eyes until the eye exposed to the bright light has recovered. This probably won't affect many non-cops (and for

What are some incredible facts about the Indian armed forces?

Let me give some very interesting stories which every Indian should know, as most of the answers here have covered the stats and data and wars:Under Water Ejection by Pilot - Lt Cdr Debrass, a Naval Pilot, was serving on INS Vikrant in 1976. During one take off, his plane failed to get the momentum and landed

What are the common misconceptions about snipers?

A common misconception is that snipers are invincible supermen whose job is to mercilessly slaughter large groups of enemy infantry who will be bumbling around like fools looking for the sniper. Not so.Let's address a few of these. A sniper's greatest asset is not his weapon. Rather, it is his ability

What are the differences between Marines and SEALs?

The US Marines are an amphibious expeditionary force whose main job is projection of power using the mobility of The US Navy. Basically, if you go to war with the USA, they're the first guys your soldiers will see and they'll be delivered by the US Navy. The Marines are capable of

What are the most disturbing facts about the Navy Seals that most people do not know?

All information and more here:42 Badass Facts about Navy SEALsDuring filming of The Grinch, Jim Carrey consulted a Navy SEAL to teach him how to handle torture so he could withstand the grueling make up process.SEAL training isn't particularly secretive, and San Diego tourists can visit local beaches and watch prospective SEALs haul

What are the most overrated and underrated militaries in the world today?

Overrated: North Korea. While they have a huge army with a million plus soldiers, many artillery pieces and tanks, much of their equipment is terribly outdated. Due to economic constraints, they rarely train and there is a critical shortage of fuel. Also, much of

What are the most underrated special forces?

Anyone who follows a bit of politics, global news and world events are well aware about the instability and dangerous Pakistan and Afghanistan possess in South Asia, especially for India. The Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan is going on since 1947 - , which has seen several

What do U.S. Army soldiers think of U.S. Marines?

We had some working with us at Kunia. They were competent, hard-working but unwilling to mingle with us unless it was strictly work related.I spoke to one lance corporal who said they were under orders to keep their distance because their command didn't want them catching any of our bad habits. He seemed afraid to be

What do U.S. Marines think about US Army soldiers?

I am probably going to get some heat for this, but I'm going to give an honest answer.... Also, to be fair, this is from the early 2000's era. The Army has acknowledged the problems I'm going to speak about, and has hopefully taken

What does it take to train to be a Navy SEAL?

Take the ASVAB test so the Navy can determine if you're suitable. I believe every branch is going to require you to take it in order to enlist, so this step isn't unique to being a SEAL.Talk to a Navy recruiter about joining for the

What happens when Navy MPs are ordered to arrest a Navy SEAL?

I just shake my head at all of the misconceptions and ignorance that most US civilians have about the US military.One of those misconceptions is about what a special operator is like. Most civilians think they are big, muscle-bound, hulks who walk the street with a swagger and a glare that says

What is a good all-around exercise routine for someone preparing to go into the military?

Running is the most important (and most difficult) exercise you should conducting regularly. I see a lot of answers here just simply telling you to run 5miles with some body weight exercises and you'll be fine. Preparing is simple and if you want

What is a good daily military exercise routine (the physical)?

Preparing for the military involves endurance, strength, and trusting the instructor is there to improve you by pushing you.So, how do you train for this?With intense and challenging workouts.Intense refers to keeping rest short between sets, around 2 minutes, less if you can.Challenging means maximum effort. Regarding resistance training, for every rep of every set your

What is it like to be a U.S. Marine?

There are periods of intense pride mixed with a sense of entitled arrogance, followed by periods of massive disillusionment, followed yet again with a calming pride in your achievements and the meaning that they had. At times we feel like the saviors of all humanity, at others

What is military basic training like during the Winter?

I reported for Army Basic Combat training at Fort Leonard Wood in January. At first there were periods of indian summer, but then it got cold. To further complicate the situation, my company was issued COTTON long underwear. Why not polypro long

What is Navy SEALs salary?

It really depends on their rank and how long they been in. I'm E6 and my yearly salary is only $58k a year and I have been in for 15 years. Actually make less than that. This is only base pay. With BAH it can go up to six figures

What is the most underrated military in the world?

A lot of militaries are under or overrated depending on where you come from. Generally the consensus is that your enemies have bad militaries and your military is the best. While those with more knowledge of the subject will give more nuanced opinions the general opinions are along those lines.One of the ones that sticks out is

What is U.S. Marine Corps boot camp like?

Imagine if you and I were sitting at a table, and, for whatever reason, you had to do what I told you to. You knew I wouldn't physically harm you in any way, but you had to do exactly what I

What is your Strength focused workout regiment?

I do body weight training, pullups, pushups, dips, squats, bridges, leg raises and handstands mostly. Usually an upper, lower body split, or sometimes full body. I change focus from time to time, from more strength based workouts, to more muscle building

What percentage of Navy SEALs are killed/wounded in action?

Less than 1% are killed, maybe somewhere around .8-.9% or 1 in 115-120. Typically you would expect the number of wounded in a combat intensive unit to be at least 3–5 times higher if not 10 times higher. So maybe 2–10% of SEALs have been

What would happen during military exercises, in spaces open to the public, if a member of the public was walking through the area?

My brother used to work on a boat in the Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental and Test Ranges CFMETR, Nanoose Bay - Wikipedia in Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island. One of his jobs was to rush out to idiot recreational boaters who blundered into the test range when active weapons testing

What would happen if someone tried to rob a Navy Seal?

There are a number of examples of similar scenarios on this page on TV Tropes: Real Life / Mugging The Monster - TV TropesTwo teenage car thieves broke into a van parked on a council estate in Manchester, only to discover that

When training for the US Navy Seals how can I get more of a situp, pushup, and pullup count?

I'm not a SEAL and I've never been in the military.BUT...I've interviewed Admiral McRaven, Jocko Willink, Cade Courtley, Mark Divine, and several other elite warriors.And my Editor once had his sights set on being a SEAL (a goal he's since dropped) and successfully got his pushup, pullup, and sit up maximums to 96, 35,

Which are some of the most elite military units in the world?

MARCOS is short name for 'Marine Commandos'.It is an elite special operational unit  of Indian navy.It's previously known as MCF or 'Marine Commando Force'.MARCOS are heavily trained and well equipped.They are capable to undertake missions in all types of terrorist attack. As their structure&size are classified some 'unofficial' reports

Which is more legendary, the Ghurkas or the U.S. Marines?

The timing of this question is fortuitous, because in my spare time I've created a new software app that, in a side by side comparison, assigns an empirical Legendary score to two like entities. I call it a Legendometer. Rhymes with barometer.Comparing the US Marines to the Ghurka Rifles, I ran the app for the

Which is the hardest military basic training?

We have to differentiate between the regular basic training that every new recruit in every country has to go through and specialized training that is only completed by volunteers who report to special units.Most special forces do not take people "off the

Which is the most powerful military unit in the world?

May be we all have different views regarding this answer but according to me our INDIAN ARMY is the most powerful army in the whole world.1. I remember one famous saying by Mr. Saddam Hussein on INDIAN ARMY ' if I have 300 soldiers from INDIAN ARMY

Who was the more feared, the British SAS or the US Marines?

The British SAS and the US Marines are entirely different mechanisms, filled, trained and equipped entirely differently. To become a ready-to-fight Marine might be 24–36 weeks (longer for specialized fields). To become an SAS operator is LITERALLY on the order of

Who was the most overrated military commander in World War 2?

Churchill.  A good orator and morale leader, but an atrocious supreme commander.  As both Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, he also involved himself intimately in the intricacies of war planning in a way that Roosevelt or other Allied war leaders never did.  The

Who would win in a bar fight, one Royal Marine or one U.S. Marine?

Depends on size and skill. I knew a guy in the Coast Guard who could kick the shit out of 3 Marines at will...he was huge. I knew Royal Marines that were barely 150 lb soaking wet. The services aren't

Who would win: Spetsnaz or Navy SEALs?

Depends on situation.The US seems to be more humane than Russia. America will be able to compromise if innocent lives are at risk during their operations. Spetsnaz... not much. So, US gets a point.But, it is Spetsnaz brutality that scares off the assholes that dare terrorize innocent people. America has the tech, but not the

Why aren't there any women in the Navy SEALS?

Because we are looking for the intersection of two very small numbers:The number of women who are qualified to be Navy SEALS.The number of women who want to be Navy SEALS.The first point is talked about extensively in other answers. The simple fact is that the number of women who have the ability to pass

Why did you become a Navy SEAL?

San Diego is where I discovered what I am made of, how amazing and resilient the mind and body are, and where the best of the best are selected for the worlds toughest, most rewarding job. San Diego is where I took my first steps to becoming a Navy SEAL.Video:

Why do Navy SEALS have such an elite status in comparison to other special forces?

Because of media and propaganda, they have achieved a lot of publicity and attention from mostly ignorant people.The Navy SEALS' elite status is not something that is universally agreed on, having been lucky enough to work with a fair number of Singaporean Special Operations personnel, I always

Why do they time push ups but not pull ups for military PT test?

Pullups can actually be dangerous to do too quickly, particularly USMC-standard pullups and kipping pullups. A lot of people think they can do pushups and pullups, but they're not military-standard. A military-standard pullup means starting at a dead hang, pulling all the way up, and returning to a dead hang. A dead hang can

Why does the USA still have troops stationed in Europe?

US military bases in Europe now number only about 70, down from a few hundred during the height of the Cold War. Most US bases closed at Washington's initiative because of US defense budget cuts, such as the US Navy base at La Maddalena, Sardinia, and the US Air Force facility at San

Why is the U.S Marine Corps awesome?

Who says they're awesome? The Marine Corps is awesome because they never miss a chance to tell you how awesome the Marine Corps is.The truth is that the USMC is pretty exceptional at what they do, and the real secret is exclusivity. The Corps is much smaller than the other services, and doesn't face the pressure

Aliens visit Earth and declare a Free For All. Every single creature larger than an ant suddenly becomes extremely aggressive to other species, is able to develop basic tactics and feels the need to conquer. How do we fare?

They're all dead. We have far too much knowledge and materials (and the use of opposable thumbs) to die easily. Remember, knowledge is half of the war won, and we have loads of knowledge on most things larger than an ant of a biological nature already. We know their weaknesses, we

Are there still US ground troops fighting anywhere?

Yes there are.Active US ground troops (I assume you are talking about the main four branches) are located in Africa (AFRICOM - Arica Command), Middle East (CENTCOM - Central Command), Europe (EUCOM - European Command), Asia (SEAC - South East Asia Command), South America (USSOUTHCOM - U.S. Southern Command) and of course North America.There are many US military

Are there too many or too few US troops stationed in Europe?

"Are there too many or too few U.S. troops stationed in Europe?"In my opinion--and this is just my opinion--there are too few U.S. troops stationed in Europe. But if the U.S. sends exactly seventeen more troops, then I think the number present will be juuuuust riiiiight. Eighteen would be too many. Sixteen would be too

Do marines train every day?

Can't speak to all the different Marine MOS' out there, but I can give you some insight into a day/week in the life of a Scout Observer. Not in combat, we are normally assigned to artillery battalions but then we form

Do military senior officers have physical fitness requirements?

Yes senior officers have physical fitness requirements. In the Marine Corps, there are different classes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd. First is the best class, than goes down from there. It all comes to the general idea of leading by example. Also, their fitness score is essentially

Do soldiers stretch before combat?

Soldiers (and you could include Marines, combat arms Airmen, Sailors, etc.) who are engaged in active combat are already in shape. While in garrison they run, do calisthenics, stretch, and generally maintain good physical conditioning as a matter of course. So, when there is

Do submarines have gyms?

Do submarines have gyms?Good Question... Theres a video in some of my other articles about life on a Virginia Class nuclear boat and they show a gym of sorts ( well 3 stationary cycles next to each other).Older USN ships used to have a variety of options throughout the ship to exercise

How common is homosexuality in the military?

About as common as anywhere I suppose. I served in the 1980s so I can only relate my own personal experience. Perhaps others will pass on more contemporary accounts.Every unit I ever served in had a small circle of gays who were more or less known to one another. These were the days before Don't ask

How do average US Army soldiers compare to professional athletes in terms of physical fitness?

I guess it really depends on the unit, or line of work. I've seen fat SF guys. I've seen in shape paper pushers. There are all kinds of different types of people in the Army which makes it so interesting. Most of the infantry guys are in good shape, but not super strong

How to get physically fit for the army in two years

Depending on your intensity, it can take from 6 months to 1.5 years at max to completely transform your physique, no matter where you currently are, given that you stay consistent. My brother just went for the SSB, he's an

How effective are camouflage uniforms?

Your assumption is that IR and other such technologies are carried by every soldier and it isn't. Most soldiers and other combatants don't have access to the technologies that would render camouflage useless. This is why the US and other militaries

How is the Indian Armed Forces regarded by other countries?

Thanks for asking me to answer this one.I can only answer from the perspective of an Israeli military professional of course, and I guess that alongside some of the wonderful answers given already, such as those by Jon Davis, Nigel Mountford, Graeme Shimmin and

If the United States disappeared, how would the world be affected? Which nations rely the most on American support, patronage, partnerships, trade, and military protection?

Other than the sudden drowning of some 315-odd million people, lots of bad things that would probably kill tens of millions of more people. First off, the planet itself would hardly notice. The total mass of the US is [math]2.28*10^{16}[/math] kg†. If we go further and axe

Indian armed forces: Can I serve Indian armed forces?

Yes... Please apply for and join the mechanized infantry of the Indian army.Regimental Center is Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.There are a lot of positions to fill.Right now there is a big push in the Indian army to increase the number of armored divisions and mechanized infantry.  What is your specialization in mechanical engineering ? Did you work on internal

Is army cargo pants good for trekking?

Thanks for A2A..If the objective is trekking, then any light-weight, breathable, easy-drying pant is good for trekking.The choice should depend on the region in which you wish to trek, not if it is a cargo pant or not. I have trekked all my life in shorts, track suit

Is it physical fitness is necessary for joining the army?

YES! Army( Navy, Air Force-in short The Armed Forces-in brief-MILITARY)- The Prime Role is to Defend one's Country from External Aggression. The service conditions in Military Life are entirely different from that of Civilian Life! In order to withstand and accustom to the rigorousdifferential life conditions one's health must

Is the AR-15 a civilian version of the C7 gun that's a standard infantry weapon in the Canadian military?

The C7 is a Canadian version of the M16 rifle. They are very similar. Both are manufactured by Colt (Colt Canada in Ontario in the case of the C7, and Colt USA in Connecticut in the M16's case. The C7 has been in service to the Canadian military since 1984 while

Is there anything stopping the 1st nation that lands on Mars from using armed astronauts & declaring the planet entirely for itself as a military base of operations in space?

yes.Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial BodiesBUREAU OF ARMS CONTROL, VERIFICATION AND COMPLIANCESigned at Washington, London, Moscow, January 27, 1967Entered into force October 10, 1967NarrativeThe Outer Space Treaty, as it is known, was

Should more American troops be stationed in Europe?

As a Russian living in Lithuania i'd say damn YES. We need those American troops to protect us. Lithuanian military is as good as nonexisting, and EU has little resources, very little will, and no legal mechanisms to protect us. It is only the U.S. who is capable of doing so. Probably other EU countries except the Baltics could

What are some incredible facts about the Indian armed forces?

1. Indian Army ranks third in the world after US and China. Indian Army currently operates at astrength of 1,129,900 active personnel and 960,000 reserve personnel. Of those in reserve 160,000 are in the Indian Territorial Army; however, only 40,000 of those regularly report for duty. This makes the Indian Army the world's largest standing volunteer

What do Americans think of Indian Armed Forces? And what do Indians think of the U.S. Armed Forces?

An average Indian soldier thinks a lot about American army. Whenever we compare armies, US Army, being an army of the most powerful country in the world is (for obvious reasons) discussed as datum. And the general feeling is:In spite of being one of the