Are martial arts a good way to get fit? Or should I just go to the gym like everyone else?

I got an A2A on this:  I don't know much about the Japanese fitness industry.  I do know that as far as physical fitness is a by-product of martial arts as opposed to the primary concern of any particular martial art.     If you go to the gym the primary purpose is to get

How often do MMA fighters lift weights?

This will vary, largely depending upon whether the fighter has a schedule fight and how far out they are from the fight. When in an off-season type of set up, with no fights scheduled, this will generally be the time where a fighter will be looking to get stronger and add on muscle mass to

Is 4 hours a day too much exercise?

That's quite a schedule you've got there. Good job! Lifting weights, Muay Thai AND BJJ? That's the dream!It isn't too much exercise if you're already fit as hell. But remember, during this, you must consume a ton of calories - around 5000.I used to go to the gym in the

What are good workouts to build functional strength for fighting?

As a former professional trainer who worked with athletes including martial arts-specific strength and conditioning (coaching and advising MMA and other semi professionals), it's not so much "strength" that is important, not "strength" that takes down opponents and intimidates, but power which is entirely different and far more demanding to achieve. Power requires but is

What are some practical combat and self defense moves that everyone should know?

#Question name: What are some practical combat and self defense moves that everyone should know?14 SELF-DEFENSE TIPS THAT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE!hi friends, I checked all Quora answers and self defense resources on the internet and below are best tips for you. I hope

What are the best sports or martial arts to introduce to a child in order to increase its flexibility and athleticism from an early age?

If you want to increase a child's flexibility and athleticism from an early age, the best answer will not be what you expect. I have watched young kids martial arts classes over the years. They basically are controlled daycare. Kids with

What is the best workout plan for a martial arts fighter?

Full body work out. If one aespect of your strength is lacking compared to others (for example, your core might be really strong but your arms may need some work), you can tailor your workout accordingly.Also, don't stick with one workout rutine too long. Change it up. Your body will get used to

Anatomically can a person's punch reach your jaw if you kicked them in the chest, stomach or hip just as they throw a punch?

Being able to make contact with a punch if struck by a kick would be difficult assuming the legs are longer than than the arms. Side kicks and roundhouse kicks both move the head away from the opponent making it more difficult to contact with a punch. Other

Are martial arts a good way to get fit? Or should I just go to the gym like everyone else?

I got an A2A on this:  I don't know much about the Japanese fitness industry.  I do know that as far as physical fitness is a by-product of martial arts as opposed to the primary concern of any particular martial

As a sports fan, which sport do you prefer over the other, professional boxing or MMA?

I prefer MMA over boxing.Among the reasons:MMA incorporates a wider variety of skills. Boxing is striking with the arms/fists. MMA involves striking with the arms and legs-and that includes elbows. Plus, it involves throws (such as you'd see in judo), takedowns (such as you'd see in wrestling, judo, and BJJ), striking while on the ground,

Can a natural born fighter defeat an MMA fighter?

This question is a bit vague. What makes a someone a

Do MMA fighters do cardio?

Yes. A huge amount. In fact, stamina is far more important than strength.A funny story: My son is an MMA fighter. He used to go to a relatively inexpensive gym and would work out on the StairMaster there-60 minutes at Level 20 (the highest level). But the gym wasn't well

How are Japanese martial arts better than Chinese martial arts?

My Japanese friends had combat sports like judo, karate, kendo, wrestling, kyudo, naginata fencing, and so on available to them as part of their standard education system.My Chinese friends... some had access to the performance sport of wushu but not combat sports where you strike/grapple armed/unarmed against an opponent . Martial arts schools and sports

How to manage my time effectively? I am a high school student in honors classes that enjoys kickboxing, skateboarding, soccer, weight lifting, video games, and having a social life. I also want to make music. What can I do

You need to shelve some of your activities. You really can't do everything and expect to be outstanding in any of them. School, one sport, music and weightlifting should keep you plenty busy. If you want to socialize a bit or ride your skateboard or play a video game, that's fine, but you really need to keep

How do boxers and MMA fighters take hits so well?

Speaking from 10 years of experience. There are a couple different reasons why boxers and mma fighters can take hits so well.Conditioning: Most people who make the commitment to become a fighter had the commitment to train constantly. Compared to the average person a fighter will have like 2-3 times more cardio. This

How do i stop recurrent shoulder dislocation while training MMA without surgery?

This question is impossible to answer without a full evaluation of the structure of your shoulder. It could be that you have a congenital malformation and even surgery won't help. I knew a woman like that once. She had a shoulder formation that was similar to hip

How do MMA fighters with glasses fight?

There are two ways neither being ideal.1: Take off your glasses and be partly blind. This shouldn't be "difficult" especially if you are use to being blind. You can generally see silhouettes, peripherals still pick up movement well and sight doesn't affect feel (when you

How much money do I need to build an entire MMA gym?

A fair amount. You need to buy a property first. The property's cost depends on the area that surrounds it, and the size of the property. Then, you need to furnish the property to be a gym. You should invest in mats, a boxing and/ or mma

How profitable is an MMA gym?

Probably not that profitable. Boxing gyms aren't either. Fight gyms are usually owned by a trainer or manager and they use them to train their professional fighters, who's prize money, in part, is used to pay the gym's rent.The most profitable gyms right now are probably smaller CrossFit

I watched a video of a guy head butting his opponent in the nose to begin his attack. So many people thought that was wrong. In a street fight, what is considered off limits?

If you are talking about after school bullshit then just make sure you have friends who will keep the other person's friends from jumping in if you start winning. If you mean some real street shit, then anything goes, and I would recommend not getting involved unless you are willing to fight to the death, because you

Is boxing 'street effective'?

I'll tell you something, being an amateur boxer and having good technique's worked well for me in the few times I've had a street fight. When you train so much in a combat sport, the subtle movements become instinct and you don't think or panic about what to do next. So is boxing street

Is MMA dangerous?

Short Answer: YES. Very Dangerous.Long Answer: It is a full contact sport where each fighter will try his/her best to kill the the other fighter (within the allowed rules).In MMA, you have different risks associated with Striking, Ground Fighting & Takedowns. Each category is different but equally dangerous. During my MMA training (as an

Is MMA good for building muscle?

In my opinion. I would say that it isn't, at least compared to a traditional bodybuilding routine. The fact that doing MMA involves a lot of cardio and many repetitions of high intensity does make it a great workout but if your goal is to gain muscle then just stick with weight lifting. I have done both MMA and

Is MMA really effective?

Many fans of MMA, boxing and the UFC have said (or probably have heard another fan saying) that

Is there any top fighter who has extremely good cardio as well as muscular body shape?

No.   I can't remember the lad's name, but I recently watched a fight with a guy the announcers said ran marathons as part of his training.   He was noted for never getting tired!There are, as you may know, essentially two muscular/energy systems

Should I do both martial arts and gym? I do martial arts five days a week.

It depends, the best training is to the martial art itself. Most martial arts will include methods for solo training that help reinforce technique.Its more useful to do some cardio and stretching as well as some calisthenics than going to the gym and just lifting weights. I would stress calisthenics over weightlifting because

To what extent does added muscle mass negatively impact a boxer's speed and stamina? What is the ideal level of muscle mass for boxers and MMA fighters?

I'd say as a fighter you don't want excessive muscle mass, for two main reasons:Muscle tissue requires extensive blood supply which means increased demands on cardiovascular system. With boxing/MMA being to a very high degree endurance events, excessive muscle mass will negatively impact fighter's stamina. That

What do MMA fighters think of pro wrestling?

I think it's silly and ridiculous, just like most of the population over 10 years old. I'm guessing that a high percentage of the MMA fighters were fans of pro wrestling as children, so I imagine some of them are still casual

What do you think is the bodies fastest response to a right front kick to the groin 1) move your left foot left (sidestep) , 2) move your right foot back (spin) 3) move your hip quickly out of the way like a Hawaian sway?

This is why, when fighting, you stand with weight unevenly distributed between left and right (70/30, or possible 80/20).If you must move suddenly, push off the heaviest weighted foot. It's faster than moving from the lighter weighted foot.In Taijiquan we call standing with weight equally distributed being

What equipment is nessecary for an MMA gym at home (beginner)?

If you are a beginner I would recommend you to start up with a basic fitness level like :Running 5–6 Kms (stamina)Sprinting 50–100 m (stamina & endurance)7–10 High knees jumps to chest (power & Strength)Frog jumps & Duck walks (strength, balance &

What is the best way to be extremely fit - learning mixed martial arts, practising yoga or hitting gym?

It all depends on how flexible your body is presently and age. If you are young and a male you should try MMA which will teach you self-defense and help you keep your body fit.  Yoga - If you want a healthy body and mind then you could try Yoga but only under

What is the best way to train your body to take in strikes?

Ah body shots. Everyone's favorite thing to complain about (other than legkicks). Now before we talk about this I want to clarify that there are many different kinds of body shots and you will want to train for them differently. Since this is

What is the deadliest martial art?

I don´t often do this, but since this kind of question is asked a lot in similar ways, i´m gonna copy an answer i gave in another post.I´ve dedicated my whole life to fighting and self protection, i´ve been training for over 19 years.i´ve been into competition fights, street fights and self defense situations and they

What is the process for MMA fighters to cut weight?

I'm assuming you are talking about the water weight cut just prior to weigh-in. Before that happens, the training camp and nutrition should get rid of any excess bodyfat. Then, 4 or 5 days before the fight, the weight cut starts....There are a few things most will do:They drink a lot

What is your experience of joining an MMA gym?

It hasbeen a long time since I joined a MMA gym. And, when I did, it at gym. So, I will tell you what I have learned from people walking through the door.Those who come in believing their skills are excellent and are

What martial arts are good for women and girls?

I have helped train numerous women over the years.It is not the martial art you choose that makes the difference in what fits best. It is the instructor and their methods. Maybe 200 years ago this would have been an

What's a good 'safe' martial art?

You want-safety-full armor sparring???-no rules hindering style-and a consequence of all this to be good at self-defense.I'm sorry, there's no martial art that fits your needs. Whatever

Where does one go to learn martial arts?

The easiest way to learn martial arts is by getting your self-associated with the clan. Those who are practicing martial arts.That's why you have seen that outdoor sports are not taught to you by the coach single on the field there are always players to accompany you.

Which weight class should I be fighting at in MMA?

Definitely not welterweight (170 lbs)Probably not lightweight (155 lbs)Probably featherweight (145 lbs)Maybe bantamweight (135 lbs)Here's some old data (from 2012) that analyzed MMA fighters by height. At 5′9–1/2, your closest match would be lightweight though, from what I've seen more recently both at the amateur and pro levels, it seems that featherweight might be the right

Why are bodybuilders bad fighters?

It's very difficult to have a typical bodybuilder's physique and a high degree of aerobic fitness. Just too much muscle mass to keep oxygenated.Almost any sort of fighting, be it striking or grappling, requires a high degree of cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness if the fight lasts more

Why do MMA fighters make weight cuts instead of training at their weight class?

The motivation for cutting weight in combat sports (not just MMA) can almost always be narrowed down to this one reason: the fighter is heavier at their regular

Why do people enjoy fight sports?

I take your question to mean...

Why is boxing less popular than MMA?

Because boxing has made it extremely difficult to be a fan of. In terms of cultural impact boxing has cemented itself for sure , it has a rich deep rooted history here in the states and it's golden era has produced legendary fighters and fights that fans will cherish and remember forever. I

Would Bruce Lee at his peak be able to contend with today's top MMA fighters?

Back in the 1960s-1970s, MMA didn't exist. There were only boxers, kick-boxers, karate, judo, TKD practitioners. Bruce Lee was the first to cross train in every martial art.Just look at his training partner whom are also his students.He trained wth ;Jhoon Goo Rhee aka Pioneer

Are martial arts or team sports with balls more beneficial to a young child's development?

From my experience with my two sons:One took up Tae Kwon Do for a full year as a 9 to 10 year old. He did fine, but then He determined that the classes were more for making money for the

At what age should kids start learning martial arts?

I find that kids can learn something sensible from the point where they have the emotional maturity to work through something difficult without giving up.  From the sample set I have been involved in teaching, the youngest I see that is around six years old, and for

Can one build muscle just by training in martial arts?

Depends.Like honestly it depends how you train, and what. I'm an amateur boxer, and I don't have a lot of muscle, because the workouts I do are always cardio related, I rarely lift any weights whatsoever! But I know Boxers who do

Could the average male or a male who lift weights regularly take out a female MMA fighter?

It would depend on the female MMA fighter since there is a very wide discrepancy in size, skillset, ability, etc., even at the UFC level. Let's assume you're talking about one of the sport's big name fighters, like current two-division champion Amanda Nunes.Nunes is

Does a punch really hurt?

Hard to put in words... But let me try...To simulate the pain but at the minimum, try holding your fist (doesn't matter vertical or horizontal), place the knuckles on your face (anywhere you think a punch will be coming).Then slowly push your fist against your face, harder and deeper forcefully as much as you

Does BJJ teach strikes? I know a BJJ black belt that is very good at kicks (and very flexible).

Most BJJ schools these days are teaching only IBJJF sport jiujitsu, so the chances of the school teaching strikes is quite low.The original system of jiujitsu practiced by the Gracies did have strikes and kicks, but as already mentioned, it was used more as a tool to facilitate clinching.It has always been the

Has a professional MMA fighter or boxer ever entered the ring then been too scared to fight their opponent?

It almost happened. Ironically, Mike Tyson was known for getting very nervous before fights early in his career. Tyson was just 18 years old when he turned pro. When he was an amateur, he often had to be

How to make my core strong like MMA fighters

Get a six pack and a strong core workout with our mixed martial arts training. This Muay Thai kickboxing routine will get you training tough like the MMA fighters.1 THAI PLANKSets: 3 Reps: 5-10 (each side)Get into pushup position and then bend

How do Martial Arts that propound closed fist strikes, explain the high rate of people injuring their hand when punching?

At least where I trained they taught us how to punch and where to punch to reduce the risk of breaking your knuckles. They taught multiple different strikes.1/2 closed knuckle to the palm strike.closed palm strike.standing hammerfist (obviously closed fist).ridge strike (using the ridge

How many push-ups can you perform in 1 minute -- with exceptional technique (plank maintained at all times; the chest touching floor; and full extension of the triceps), no cheating?

Personally? A bit embarassed to say this, but 10–15, depending on whether or not I lifted weights that day.Keep in mind though, I'm about 60–70 pounds overweight right now, so that puts additional strain on my arms (particularly my elbow joints).The pain in my elbows usually stops me before I'm able

How much weight do MMA flyweights cut?

Talk to your coaches! Your coaches will know you and what you can handle better than I can based off of a weight and a fat percentage.I'll try to throw some advice out there anyways, but for sure how talk to

Is 4 hours a day too much exercise?

That's quite a schedule you've got there. Good job! Lifting weights, Muay Thai AND BJJ? That's the dream!It isn't too much exercise if you're already fit as hell. But remember, during this, you must consume a ton of calories - around 5000.I used to go to the gym in the morning 6am–8am, then work 9am–7am and then Muay

Is calisthenics more effective than heavy weight training?

Not for absolutely anything except maybe rehab.Not for gaining mass. Not for losing weight. Not for getting stronger.Lifting heavy weights (~65–85% of your 1 rep max) for 5 sets of 4–12 (gender dependent, 4–6 for men at 85%, 10–12 for women at 65% ) 3-5 days a

Is doing 2 to 3 hour long martial arts classes 4 times a week enough exercise?

In my younger days I managed to go to classes 5 days a week. Sometimes even 6 or 7 if there was a workshop or a special training session. Each class was about 2 hours, some of the special ones even 3 to 4. I was about 18 at the time, was very fit

Is it important for boxers to develop strong back muscles?

Here is an extract from an article that will throw some light on your inquiry:

Is it possible to learn martial arts at the age of 35?

What martial arts can I start practicing at the age of 33?Depending on the shape you're in, and background, all of them. There are caveats. At age 33, you're at the beginning of the time when injuries start taking longer to heal. Throwing out your back now might take you 2 or 3 days to

Mixed Martial Arts: Does having too much muscle mass decrease endurance and/or cardio in the cage?

It easily can.The size of the muscle mass will depend, but there's a reason that elite boxers and MMA fighters like Anderson Silva and Cain Velazquez don't look bulky like football players. Extra muscle mass will make having good cardio more difficult and makes for more work

Should you do stretching exercises before and after doing weightlifting to not lose mobility for MMA?

I'd highly recommend stretching independently of exercising. I don't train for MMA, but I lift regularly.I work my way into my heavy sets with lower weights making sure my form is on point before increasing the weight.Then I'll stretch later that day or on a rest day. Stretching has relieved a lot of tightness and helped me rehabilitate injuries.

What are the best combinations of martial arts for MMA fighting?

I think the complete MMA set consists of these 7 styles. Learning them will make you a complete fighter but then again, mastering all of them will take a considerable amount of time and experience. I will assign priority to the training programs as well.Striking:1.) Muay Thai (High priority)2.) K1 kickboxing (High priority)

What are the best martial art techniques a girl can use to defend herself?

The best technique is to be aware of your surroundings and keeping from being surprised. Most non-domestic attacks are going to be from someone looking for a target of opportunity. When they see their chance they will try to rush you

What are the best martial arts for a child?

It depends on what the kid wants to do with it, or what the parents want the kid to learn from it. If the child wants an excuse to hit people, boxing would do. If the child wants to get into a fighting sport, then Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Kickboxing would work equally

What are the best sports or martial arts to introduce to a child in order to increase its flexibility and athleticism from an early age?

If you want to increase a child's flexibility and athleticism from an early age, the best answer will not be what you expect. I have watched young kids martial arts classes over the years. They basically are controlled daycare. Kids with short attention spans in groups, with their parents watching, the instructors

What are the best striking martial arts?

James McKaye - Martial Arts and Firearm Instructor.There are only so many ways to strike with the body's weapons. Boxing, Kung fu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Tai, Krav Maga and Escrima all have effective striking as their primary methods. Each of these arts may emphasize differing types of strikes over others though. I believe which art

What are the top 10 martial arts?

Below are some top martial arts :Muay Thai : Muay Thai is national sport of Thailand. This is more brutal form of martial art as fighters are allowed to use elbows and knees too that make this style more lethal.Brajilian Juijutsu: This kind

What are ways to get into wrestling if you did not wrestle in school?

What are ways to get into wrestling if you did not wrestle in school?Lots of ways. Among them:Go to a wrestling camp. It'll help if you have some experience. But just browsing online, one of the nation's top camps says: All AGES and SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME. There are plenty

What is the best martial art for cardio?

Any, trained hard, are very good.My mates and I used to joke about belts, because whatever we were wearing (unless it was a heavy judogi) needed to be binned after a three hour evening session. Mostly from the stink.A GI can at least be shoved into a bucket of water, hung out to dry

What is the most powerful punch?

People differ so much in height, reach, physique, weight, structural functionality, and ability, that it is impossible to specify one punch that will be the most powerful for every person in a group of 100. A little thought should tell you this.People are individuals and a single method for all may produce

What martial arts does Jason Statham practices in real life?

He basically do calisthenics, it's not martial arts. Using the body weight on ground and bars are the perfect way to shape up, well in the end it's all on diet and the biological cycle of the person.Most of the people are now practising mixed martial arts too,

What's the best martial art to teach one's child?

It's admirable for a parent to want to enroll their child within the martial arts; it comes with many benefits such as self discipline and the ability to defend oneself.Because you state that you want your child to learn a martial art that emphasizes something

Why do boxers have their abs punched as a part of their training?

Getting their abs punched is not a kind of training.If someone gets his abs punched the internal muscles gets stronger and stronger.If the person does this regularly then he might get himself damaged or http://injured.It has a proper way to do like leaning forward and then do it

Why do we twist our fist when throwing a punch in boxing and martial arts? In the old bare-knuckle boxing, they didn't do so. They punched with their fingers looking inward. Which is the best method?

In boxing, the main purpose is to gain more inch and protection from a counter. Because if you twist your knuckle, your shoulder will roll and lifted, not only that will give you an extra inch reach, it also provide more cover to your face. So you can punch from saver distance, plus if your

Would you recommend joining a Muay Thai gym without ever setting foot in a gym before?

Dive right in but only after taking some time to watch a few classes and assess the attitude of the instructors and their senior students. The goal of a good martial arts instructor is to bring out the best in  students without injury. This includes students that are former

How to train to be able to do 100 push ups

Q: How can I train to be able to do 100 push ups?A: Guess I am eligible (almost) to answer your question.I, not so recently, did 94 pushups at an event. Could've done more but there was a time limit. So let me share what I usually did to reach this

I have MMA 6 times per week but due to soreness I'm only being able to train 3 times per week. What should I do?

You don't tell us any background.If you are a UFC pro, then that training sked is fine. Some minor tweaks are needed. Seems like your nutritionist and masseur are not up to the job. Your coach needs to tune your work sked better.If

What is the best manga about martial arts?

From all these I have seen only one which dragon ball,dragon ball super,naruto.Martial arts are techniques that heavily involve training and are steeped in tradition. These techniques can have varied applications such as self-defense, psychological health or advanced use of weaponry, amongst others. Characters in these manga often spend much of their time training to defend themselves or

What is the best martial art to practice for someone with chronic tendinitis in their shoulders and elbows?

Tendinitis is inflammation of a tendon. Inflammation is the body's response to all injuries, bringing healing blood flow to the injury. It usually causes swelling that presses on nerves, and felt as pain. Both end within 24 hours, if left

What is the best workout plan for a martial arts fighter?

Full body work out. If one aespect of your strength is lacking compared to others (for example, your core might be really strong but your arms may need some work), you can tailor your workout accordingly.Also, don't stick with one workout

What is the perfect workout for a MMA fighter?

There is no perfect workout for an MMA fighter.A workout depends on what the fighter's needs are. A workout also depends on whether the fighter is getting ready for competition. And it depends on how you worked out the day before; you often want to follow a tough workout with a lighter one. And if the workout

When martial arts students break bricks and boards is it real or fake?

Martial arts students break boards along the grain. Mills cut and create wood products that have certain properties. Studs are very strong vertically, but weak horizontally. Virtually anybody can break a stud. I would be surprised to see a martial artist break a plank, which is milled to be strong horizontally. Most breaking

Which martial art is best for training for MMA?

If you can only choose one and it has to be from the classic schools I would say BJJ. Until MMA became the conglomerate of various styles it is today, BJJ technique reigned supreme over all other purist forms. I