Why are most mixed race people more beautiful?

In my honest opinion I don't remember ever seeing a person of mixed race that I considered attractive though to be fair I haven't seen that many either.Here's why I would assume however that mixed race people could be considered better looking.Wether or not

Is bullying because a student is of a mixed race prevalent in Japanese schools?

It is going to depend on a number of factors.As others have mentioned, there are private ‘international schools' where you tend to get foreign kids, and some ‘hafu' kids. They have an entirely different environment.

Are mixed race children genetically better due to diversity of the gene pool?

They don't technically have stronger genetics-but they do have genes that come from two very different parts of the world, different enough that the people in those parts of the world are now socially defined as having come from different races.The benefit that mixed-race folks have is greater genetic variety. From their