What's the average CPM for Instagram influencers?

I think the lack of answers on this question stems from the wording of the question itself. CPM usually refers to a cost per 1,000 impressions (typically on a banner ad.)On Instagram (business profiles specifically) there is a measure of

How do free applications earn money other than playing advertisements?

It's all about gathering and using data, majority of the Facebook users do not have a clue how the are being the product.Most of the services which are 'free'. Makes users their product and make money out of it. Making money by just gathering some personal information about you and selling it. If one

What will the advertising agencies of the future look like?

The world of PR and advertising is undergoing rapid transformation driven by technology. Innovative thoughts aren't simply originating from organisations' innovative divisions. Organisations and their customers need to stay well on top of things in terms of comprehending the most recent instruments and platforms to know which of them have resilience - and which ones are just fleeting

Why hasn't the advertising industry innovated?

I feel indie developers are still hesitant in making innovations in in-app advertising. Experimenting with different ad formats is one step towards better advertising techniques. Also, understanding eCPMs is very important. Different ad formats will have different behavior from users. You must identify your target audience and target them