I have an idea for an app. What should I do next?

I know why you had this question, I would recommend you to go check out my most recently answered answer to this question. You will understand better after that.Pratik Ratnaparkhi's answer to Why is thinking big even with the process detail don't pay

I work 8 to 8 in global M&A team of a $20 billion co. I want to develop an app that can earn a million but cannot leave my job. How do I go about it?

Find a cofounder who can talk with you at night on strategy, product requirements and vision, doing the tech stuff during the day and show you regular progress when you surface. Ping me. I have good experience with working with industrial professionals to realize their visions in the digital world.

How to come up with a killer app idea

I always start with what I am and what I know. From there I look for things I would like to do better or change. Things that are having a negative impact on my life. If nothing flows from that approach, I next start on what do I like or have

How to develop my app idea

When working on a new app idea, it is important to hire experienced and skilled developers who will be able to help you throughout the process. In addition, clearly conveying your app idea to your team of developers is highly important as it

I have an awesome app idea, what is next?

First thing that you need to do is write a good app. You must understand your target audience and to be sure that your created a marvelous app. However, before starting to promote your app - be sure that your app has gorgeous-looking Icon, good screenshots and full description.To be in the top 10 of all

I have an idea for an app. How do I get started?

I am a product manager. I don't have a technical degree. I'm not a designer. I've built and managed several apps, all ranking 4.3 and above.---People build apps for many reasons. Some do so because they want the app for themselves. Some because they just want

I turned my app idea into an interactive prototype using prototyping software. Now it needs to be developed. How do I know how much money I will need?

Hate to start answers with the following line, but... there is no simple answer to this question. If you want to turn your idea into an app, there's much more to it than just the development stage. It is a complex task and

If you have a great idea for an app that might turn into the next Facebook or ebay but lack the programming prowess, how can you materialise the idea and build an app that can evetually become a profitable business?

Mobile applications have become one of the best tools one can use to earn money as more and more people are using mobility solutions for connecting with their friends & family, for day to day tasks and even at workplaces. However, several people who have

Who do I need to hire, and it what order, to take an idea for an app and bring it onto the market?

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Are there any growth hacks for Snapchat?

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