I have an idea for an app. What should I do next?

I know why you had this question, I would recommend you to go check out my most recently answered answer to this question. You will understand better after that.Pratik Ratnaparkhi's answer to Why is thinking big even with the process detail don't pay

I work 8 to 8 in global M&A team of a $20 billion co. I want to develop an app that can earn a million but cannot leave my job. How do I go about it?

Find a cofounder who can talk with you at night on strategy, product requirements and vision, doing the tech stuff during the day and show you regular progress when you surface. Ping me. I have good experience with working with industrial professionals to realize their visions in the digital world.

What are best mobile application platform to build a fitness related application?

Well it depends you can go for android or xamarian. I would not suggest iOS as it requires strategy as well as money. If you just want to see how your fitness app will work I know an app JoGo which was

What are some lesser-known tips for mobile game development?

Here's my #1 tip: If you run into a problem and you've banged your head against the desk for hours trying to solve but have gotten nowhere...Sleep on it.You'll wake up the next morning and have a clear head and fresh start. You'll be far more likely solve it this

Which is the best daily G.K. mobile app?

You can use the DG - Daily GK & Current Affairs app from the store. It provides you the latest current affairs and general knowledge based articles in short. It's a lot like InShorts app but unlike InShorts it is specifically targeted to users concerned with enhancing their General

Which is the best fitness mobile application?

------Join Us -> Skype : abhay.tecorb , Contact : +91 9654907810-----When thing comes about tracking our daily activity and evaluating the end User fitness, these applications must have basic information like age, height, gender, weight etc.TecOrb Technologies is into mobile and website development since last 7+ years. Some of our major domains are taxi-booking,

Which is the best mobile app for the latest fitness tips?

If you want to Live Fit but you Try a Lot of things giving advices frommany peoples but there are dosen't work so don't worry i will give you the best app that is 100% Free for Latest Fitness Ideas,WeightLoss Tips,Weight Gain Tips,Fitness Recipes,Free Nutritions,Diet Plans So Download now the Mirror App rright nowDownload Mirror Official App

How to handle all the user data and create user feeds in order to create a social networking app that is an Android, Instagram clone

Before you even begin to decide to make a social networking app, you first need to figure out what makes your social network unique or what is the use case? Why is someone going to use your social networking app and spend time away from the social networks

Is there any useful Whatsapp group?

Yes ! There are 1000+ Useful Whatsapp Group Which are really useful.Check what I found :- 1000+ Whatsapp Group Invite Links Collection 2018.What is special about these groups ?These Groups contains Educational Whatsapp Group LinksAlso, You will found funny Whatsapp Group LinksHot adult Whatsapp Group LinkTamil Whatsapp Group LinksEarn money online

What are the latest trending mobile applications?

Now that we are into 2019, we've got provide you with those apps all people should have on the smartphone in step with maximum used apps in the international!!Mobile apps are one of the reasons why smartphones are so much famous nowadays. These apps are what make your phones and tablets clever, in

What is the best mobile soccer game?

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.Of all I played Stickman soccer was the best I ever played in terms of gameplay on a phone.The best I ever played on a console in no order is:FIFA 2015FIFA 2016ISS Pro The very first game on PS1.ISS Pro On Nintendo 64.ISS Pro 1998

What kind of mobile apps we can use as an alternate to gym?

There is no alternative to the gym for body fitness. But yes you can have some good fitness apps that would assist you in a workout. There are many health & fitness apps.Categories of mobile apps for health & fitness:Fitness tracking appsRunning appsstrength training appsNutrition-Tracking AppsActivity-Tracking AppsSome of the good apps are listed below:MyFitnessPalFooducateFitbit CoachMyPlate

Which is the best fitness mobile application?

There is various fitness app which is most used in the world. We have a list of top 4 Mobile Fitness App.Sworkit: - Sworkit is one of the best Mobile App Development in this App you can learn

Can I create my own idea app?

That's really great that you have the app idea! So many people rack their brains to come up with app idea :)So, then you should validate an app idea. Validation is a vital stage and you shouldn't skip it to make sure the time and money you're going to invest in this project will

Can we build an app using someone else's website?

Well, you can, before this, you have to take the permission to the site owner and mention it into your application that where and what it is. It is just similar to the API integration not the same but the process is similar to it. Whenever we want an to add an application like payment integration

How to find a mobile app company to build my mobile app

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is an award winning mobile app Development Company and is serving the app industry. Our team is commuted to provide best app design and user friendly layouts. We at HireFullStackDeveloperIndia try to transform your ideas into successful mobile apps

How to hire a mobile app development company in USA

Today, mobile OS is becoming more robust and user-friendly. Being compatible for connecting applications on various portals and cloud servers, mobile OS can be used to develop project communication app, chatting application, customer apps and much more. Do you want to develop a dedicated

How to start developing apps

Sign up for a developer account (just $25) with a new email. Very Important!Get a good Laptop! Android Studio has a minimum hardware and software software. To avoid being frustrated

How to learn to develop iOS apps

This is a good question. I believe that when you start learning to develop for iOS, you should focus on the things that will bring you to your objective the in the fastest and most optimal way. There is a lot

How does mobile app development help to your business?

There are many solutions to this question but the most effective solution is to create your business mobile app through forBinary. It is a platform which helps businesses to create their own smart, engaging & multilingual mobile applications without any coding at 5% of the market cost. With this mobile app

I have a great mobile app idea. What do I do next?

Then you should see your idea from an entrepreneur's perspective,

I want to learn to code and develop apps. Is there a certain coding language I should learn first?

Hello,If you want to make an app via custom coding, you need to learn languages like Java, SQL etc. for Android app development and to develop iOS app, you need to concentrate on Swift or Objective-C.But as you are a beginner, Mobile app development platform is the best way to develop app. With

Is it possible to develop apps for iOS using a Windows or Linux PC?

It's certainly possible to develop on a Windows machine, in fact my first application was exclusively developed on the old Dell Precision I had at the time :)There are three routes;1. Install OSx86 (aka iATKOS / Kalyway) on

What are some tips for running an app development company?

When I first started a mobile app development company, I had no idea how to code.I still have no idea how to code.I took multiple courses on coding. I still don't get it. Some people just aren't born to code. I'm one of them.And yet, along the way, I've

What are the best mobile app development tools?

Here are best Mobile app development tools .1) PhoneGapThe versatility of this particular tool makes it fall under the coveted category of cross-platform app development. The tool has its share of benefits that make it appealing for the modern-day developer, but one of the most beneficial trait for

What are the things you need to know to make an app?

Take out some time to learn a programming language and code. Android uses Java, Windows uses C#, iOS uses objective C. In short an object oriented language to start with. I know it is a little difficult for a non-CS student

What companies develop apps?

Hey...... are you searching for an agency to provide Mobile App Development services ?I would recommend you to hire TecOrb Technologies , which is leading web and mobile app development firm based in India- USA . It's a top suggested company by many IT professionals.# TecOrb

Where do I start to develop a Windows phone app?

Microsoft officially announced that they will stop supporting Mobile Windows in 2016.But you can still develop apps that run on all devices which support Windows 10, either it may be Laptop, or tablet.I'll suggest you go for UWP (Universal Windows Platform), this is the emerging and best approach to develop apps for all devices. Get

Which is the best company for web and mobile application development services ?

Mobile and Web applications have become an integral part of our lives. Become an educational or shopping application or a fun or messaging application. They have a completely different role and have become an integral part of our lives. Let's

Which top mobile app development companies have built airline booking apps?

In each business sphere, mobile applications play a significant role whether it is e-commerce, online food ordering app, movie/cinema ticket booking app, taxi booking app or many others. Travel industry is also making most out of it by utilizing a variety of mobile

What are some ideas for a webapp / mobile app hackathon?

I picked up a few ideas for mobile applications:- Dishes from the listed ingredientsDisplay a list of dishes that can be prepared from the ingredients entered by the user. There should also be an opportunity to put on likes and offer your own answers.- Search for like-minded