What is mobile phone?

A mobile phone can be easily defined as the life line of someone who ages from birth to death. Nowadays if you can live in a city without a mobile phone, then I am pretty sure if you try more you can live without food, oxygen and water too.

Which company will slowly die, Apple or Samsung?

Samsung Will be die slowly because they are not showing there valueability to there desired product.So, in future it may die .there are lot of chances comparing to Apple Company .Samsung they need to fix there bugs , Suppose if they are faiing to fix there bugs means then Samsung company is gona die.

How does a compass work in smart phones? What sensors are used and how do they show the correct directions?

Smartphone uses Magnetometer sensor feedback for compass application.What is a Magnetometer ?    Magnetometers are measurement instruments used for two general purposes: to measure the magnetization of a magnetic material like a ferromagnet, or to measure the strength and, in some cases, the direction of the magnetic field at a point

What is the best wallpaper for a broken phone screen?

Found it today on facebook.PS-for don't who don't watch One Piece, this guy is Whitebeard, referred to as the

How is the Android One phone different from other Android phones?

Android One phones were designed to give the Stock Nexus-like Android experience at a lower price range. This was meant to increase the Android User base across developed countries.All the hardware specifications were provided by Google and manufacturers had to follow these specifications. But unfortunately at the same time due

What kind of cell phone does Bill Gates own/use?

We all are familiar with the Android vs iOS battle, both the platforms have their own set of advantages as well as disadvantages and yet, we haven't had a winner yet.

What apps do you use to protect your privacy and keep the data on your Android phone secure?

There are a couple of things you should be considering. Public WiFi - when using public WiFi hot spots you have to remember your data is not secure and anyone with basic knowledge of hacking could intercept your data. Use a VPN (Virtual

When was the first mobile phone invented?

This question had been asked & answered waaaay 2 many times. But I'll answer this again for the last time!Answer

What's the best cell phone signal booster App?

I tried some couple of this kind of Apps, but none works as expected. Check thisDo signal booster apps work? How?

Do mobile phones (cell phones) emit harmful radiation or electromagnetic fields?

One BIG YES, if the radiation levels are not within limits. In countries like Switzerland where the radiation levels are least, it doesn't matter if the tower is over your terrace. But in India, it does matter. Legally permissible level of

Why are cell phones popular?

IT is one of the industries in which the shelf life of a product is reducing significantly as compared to others. The pace of introduction of new technology and rapid advancements are increasing out of leaps and bounds. It all started with computers and invention of a personal computer or PC has

Can I track other peoples by phone number?

If you need any kind of work about data entry on MS Word and MS Excel. So you can go to this link https://www.fiverr.com/entry_ope...A data entry operator is a member of staff employed to enter or update data into a computer

How do we know when our phone is hacked?

Depends what you describe as a

Can mobile phones trigger migraines?

Mobile phones do not trigger migraines. But inactivity due to long hours time spent on mobile causes migraines.The actual cause of migraine is low resting metabolic rate.Chronic mineral imbalance in blood leads to low metabolic rate.To correct mineral imbalance do hydration dehydration

Can one phone number go to two phones?

Yes, but actually one number can be sent to as many phones as you want.Check out VoiceRules - Global Phone SystemWe have a web app that enables users to do exactly this and a lot more.You can add new numbers or use

How do the gyroscopes in smart phones work?

Gyroscope Sensor This is the sensor which is used to maintain and control the position, level or orientation based on the principle of angular momentum. It works with an Accelerometer to detect the rotation of phone and features like tilting of phone to play racing

Why is calling faster than texting?

I agree, because you can give your precise meaning over a phone call when you can only get a the most basic thought in a text. You can convey so much more in a simple phone by things: emotion, understanding and urgency. Plus, you have instantaneous feedback from the other party. You call

What protocol do cell phones use to communicate with cell towers? Can this be emulated?

This is one of those questions with one really simople answer and one REALLY complicated one.Simple:You have heard of "GSM" or "LTE"?Those are the protocols.There are probably five in general use: GSM, cdma, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and LTE -- all with lots of variant, options and releases.These are how a cellphone talks to

What is the cheapest way to call land/mobile lines in India?

You should check out YaloThey have very cheap packages to call India from most countries, and you can call from mobile or landline to any device.They also give you 30 minutes free trial, well worth it.

What type of cell phone do we love the most?

According to sales, Samsung sold 93.26 million units in Q1 2014, whereas Apple sold 36.30 million units in Q1 2014. As these two companies are the most popular in mobile devices, you could presume that it is a phone sold by one of these two companies. In 2014, Apple sold 20 million

What is the best mobile case for BBZ10?

The blackberry Z10 has one of the very well liked flip covers for it. Not only is not over the top expensive, just for 1499. It has been reviewed as one of the best accessories for the Z10. Not only does it look smart it also provides a protective gear for the phone. Sounds to be

Does the Pope have a smart phone?

If he does, I have yet to see a picture of him with one. He has spoken against cell phone use at Mass (of course), but also even encouraging folks to put down the cell phones and engaging with live human beings.That said, it would not surprise me if an aide or secretary carried one, if he needed to

How to know if my phone is tapped

If it is being done lawfully then there is no way to know because every phone conversation cell or land line is tracked. This tracking is done by the phone company or companies as part of getting your voice or text data back and forth as well as billing you for that usage. How this information is used is

How to track mobile phone

As far back as cell phones have existed, people have needed to know how to follow a cell phone area. The reasons for the change. A few people need to keep a nearby watch on their kids or a companion. Others need to

How does a mobile phone know how much power is drained out from a battery?

A Li-ion battery have a predefined voltage range in whitch it is working perfectly and doesn't get damaged from under-/ Overvolting. The voltage dropps when energy is used.lets say this range goes from 2.2 to 3.6 volt. if you have a phone with a replaceable

Which cell phone service will allow me to pick my own phone number online?

Ed Povall makes an important point: many times it depends on the jurisdiction where the phone is sold, registered, or operated. UK law may be different than laws elsewhere. Local Number Portability is the rule in the US, which allows a (landline) subscriber to keep his old phone number when moving residence to a new location. 

If my phone is in flight mode, will it emit radiation?

No they don't.Why?Because when the phone is being switched off or put into airplane mode,it sends a  "switched off "signal to the nearest MSO (A co-ordinating office for transferring phone calls).Now,the MSO updates the status of your phone number as "switched off".So when anybody calls you, it first goes to the MSO

What is the best mobile?

You should buy Nokia 105NOKIA 105VERDICT...The Nokia 105 is a funny proposition for the European market as people won't be buying it as their main device and possibly not even as their second handset. It's capable of taking some knocks and the battery lasts a month, but

Will Xiaomi ever overtake Samsung or Apple in phone sales?

We cannot predict the future of anything .Agreed xiaomi is doing well in numbers but it's limited to Asian markets.Its cheap and also not so reliable.More affordable markets wouldn't prefer them.After all no body knows if they start

Smartphones: How do you get your cell phone un-tapped?

Anything that was shared in the internet is out in the open!Whatever personal information shared to the outside world are vulnerable..subject to external public poking eyes!Social media is one of the gateways for such actions..To avoid or at least minimize such exposures, one need to stay away, live in exclusion like a hermit, or be an introvert, or be

How do deaf and blind people use a cell phone?

I cannot comment on hearing disabled, but only visually impaired. TTY and speech to text services /software are common with cell phones. Note that this is not medical, legal and financial advice. Please see your treating physician or qualified professional for your particular concerns.

Can my cell phone have two phone numbers?

Sure there are several ways this can be achieved.The easiest and most common way is to get a multi-sim phone. You can get dual SIM up to quad SIM phones. Each SIM is active simultaneously and can be from different network operators. Your phone will

Which phone brand is the best?

Samsung is the best phone brand.The best Samsung smartphone of 2018:Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: the best smartphone.Samsung Galaxy Note 9.Samsung Galaxy S9.Are you looking for the best Samsung service center in Mohali from where you can get the best service of your Samsung product? Get in touch with Ace Care,

Why are mobile phones not allowed in petrol pumps?

We all know that mobile phones are banned in petrol pumps. Usage of mobile phones at petrol station can cause explosions or fires? Whenever we go at the petrol station we generally saw a warning board which tells us to switch our mobile phones off. So the main reason behind this is

Why did Microsoft buy Nokia?

Android had already overtaken the mobile market and Nokia's proprietary Symbian OS was left unupdated for over a long time and was struggling to keep its share. Microsoft on the other hand looking for a chance to get into hardware market felt it was the right time and bought Nokia.

How to completely secure my phone

For me, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running the CM11 ROM.The main thing that I worry about when it comes to my phone, are malware apps that sends my personal data off to some data mining server somewhere. Now adays, simple apps such as a flash light app, contains malware. That same

How can a mobile phone make a call?

A mobile phone is technically known as a ‘Cell Phone'. At a very basic level, any mobile phone will have below two sections -Receiver - Receive signals from the outside worldTransmitter - Transmit signals from your device to the outside worldWith the help

Which is the most suitable phone for me?

I am a huge Android enthusiast... And despise iOS extremely... So it is with great pain and for the first time in my life that I am suggesting someone an iOS device(Sorry for so much drama)... Because your main reason is checking emails and other

Do you know any app or site that could track the location of a mobile number?

Yes, way2sms . com allows you to see the loaction of the number provided.or i have seen an app relating to the same, you can visit a linkedin group : iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet & Mobile Application Development

What are some good cell phone review websites to go to?

Here is a special section for reviewsreviews Archives - staller shop

How and where can I find all my old cell phone numbers?

If you stored them on SIM card you can easily find them there. If you stored them on the mobile storage section and you suddenly formatted your phone, then you can't find the number you are looking for.

I want to sell mobile cases on Flipkart. Where can I find suppliers for mobile cases in India?

It is not feasible to manufacture phone covers in India at low costs. So they are imported from China. Now here you can do two thing,  either import directly from China or buy it from someone who imports them in bulk. If your import quantity

What is best digital cell phone technology?

How do you define "Best"?LTE is a very good standard. It works, interoperability is good, for the first time we have one standard for the whole world, it delivers very high data rates. (Let's pass over the stupid radio

Can I hack WiFi using mobile?

I think that WPA/WPA2 Enterprise security can be hacked very easily if you have a VPN set up inside of the phone's built-in VPN settings (for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). If the VPN server is an IP address, you also need to know