What is mobile phone?

A mobile phone can be easily defined as the life line of someone who ages from birth to death. Nowadays if you can live in a city without a mobile phone, then I am pretty sure if you try more you can live without food, oxygen and water too.

Is JioFi a mobile phone?

The JioFi is a personal hotspot - the kind of thing you've seen some all mobile carriers. The Reliance JioFi is a small device that will fit into your pocket, and acts as a bridge between the 4G network and a local Wi-Fi network that it creates, which your phone, laptop, and other devices

Which smart phone is better to buy?

You haven't mentioned any price range. So I am mentioning the usual price ranges.If your budget is Rs. 10,000; then go for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 2GB RAM Price in India on 24 February 2017, Redmi Note 4 2GB RAM specifications, features, offers & reviews | 91mobiles.comIf your budget is Rs. 15,000;

Which is the best mobile wall charger?

Cut the search here.Tight on Budget ?Buy Portronics 2.4A Adapter with Single USB PortLink: Portronics POR-538 2.4A Adapter with Single USB PortBudget isn't a constraint ?Buy Anker Chargers. They are the best.Thank me later.

Is it possible for a cellular phone to be cloned?

Did you mean the content of your phone? For this, the answer is yes. For iPhone all I have to do is make a backup of my phone to a PC/ iCloud, and just restore it to another iPhone. I will have

Why do people always talk about mobile phones despite having good mobile phones in their pockets?

Thanks for A2A!!Men are very specific when they talk about something. They are not discussing about the new phone's externalities but rather the technology advancement the phone offers to its buyer. They may or may not have interest in owning such a phone anytime soon but exchanging information is never a bad idea. That's what my understanding is.

How to track mobile tower location using IMEI number

Practically this tracking is not possible with the limitation of technology at our end provided by the government..I suppose your question is regarding your lost phone, then you may lodge a complaint at police station and take the FIR copy to the network provider. Then the network provider will inform you about the location of the

How is mobile tracked using IMEI?

Mobile tracking using IMEI is done via location service and mobile data service. This technique uses GPS to locate your phone.If location service is turned OFF after losing your phone then tracking by IMEI will be hard. In such scenario, you will only get the last known location

Can mobile phones trigger migraines?

Mobile phones do not trigger migraines. But inactivity due to long hours time spent on mobile causes migraines.The actual cause of migraine is low resting metabolic rate.Chronic mineral imbalance in blood leads to low metabolic rate.To correct mineral imbalance do hydration dehydration

How to charge a mobile phone with coffee

After you have charged yourself with a nice cup of coffee, you have the overwhelming strength to plug the charger into the outlet and the other plug into the phone.Then you lean back and enjoy the show.Voila - in an hour or two it is ready to rock and roll.

What takes up the most storage space on mobile phones?

Whatever you decide to fill it up with. Most phones will show you what is taking up storage. The main space eaters are apps/videos/photos but then again, if you like to have your own music store in your device and you have a pretty nice collection,

How to know if my phone is tapped

If it is being done lawfully then there is no way to know because every phone conversation cell or land line is tracked. This tracking is done by the phone company or companies as part of getting your voice or text data back and forth as well as billing you for that usage. How this information is used is

How to track mobile phone

As far back as cell phones have existed, people have needed to know how to follow a cell phone area. The reasons for the change. A few people need to keep a nearby watch on their kids or a companion. Others need to

Do mobile phones explode?

Yes. It is possible for a mobile phone to explode.Reasons are very simple. We either use Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries in our phones. And these batteries are capable of lighting fire.Just open the Lithium Ion battery completely and as soon as the Lithium Ion within the battery comes

Is it possible to track someones location just by having their phone number? (mobile phone)

If they want you to, you don't even need the phone number. On Apple devices you just have them add you to Find My Friends. There are similar apps for Android.Otherwise, no, not really. In reality, a phone doesn't even really

How does a mobile phone know how much power is drained out from a battery?

A Li-ion battery have a predefined voltage range in whitch it is working perfectly and doesn't get damaged from under-/ Overvolting. The voltage dropps when energy is used.lets say this range goes from 2.2 to 3.6 volt. if you have a phone with a replaceable

What is a mobile phone battery?

Name :Oktafian Sultan HakimA mobile phone battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices such as flashlights, smartphones, and electric cars.When a battery is supplying electric power, its positive terminal is the cathode and its negative terminal is the anode.The terminal marked negative is the

How should I know if my mobile is being tapped or monitered or tracked?

If secure information that only a small number of trusted individuals should know suddenly gets out, there might be some chance that the leak came about as a result of a phone tap, particularly if you have discussed the information over the phone at some point.If your cell phone battery gets unusually hot when not in

What is the best mobile?

You should buy Nokia 105NOKIA 105VERDICT...The Nokia 105 is a funny proposition for the European market as people won't be buying it as their main device and possibly not even as their second handset. It's capable of taking some knocks and the battery lasts a month, but

Is cell phone technology taking a dive?

I wouldn't say it's diving, but cell phone technology has certainly been met with a certain point of diminishing returns.It seems as if cell phones are in a constant struggle to improve the same things, with relatively low innovation. They're constantly chasing bigger and better batteries, but improved processing power of phones has lead to an increase

Who is the best: Microsoft, Google or Apple?

Every word in answer is arguable.As per my view, real fight between Microsoft And Google. As Apple's has currently limited range as compare to both of them.Lets first See area in which Microsoft deals:1. Operating System  (It consist rage from Home or office use

Can a flip phone work with WiFi?

It should and it would only if it supports built in WIFI accessibility.Visit Kuz - Buy, Sell, No Bull | Used Phones and Tablets

What app can I use to track my husband with his phone by using my phone?

To track family member's or friend's real time location you can choose from variety of apps available.One of my best recommendations is Loctown for android.This is great app to track family members real time location if this app is also installed on their mobile phone.This app has unique features like:You will receive location during

How to know if my phone is locked

If you can take out your SIM Card and put in one from another cellphone provider and activate the phone and use it, then your answer is yes it is unlocked.If this is the reason for this question and you want to do exactly

Can you tell me who tapped my phone?

How do you know your phone is tapped?Let alone, expect us on Quora to figure out who is tapping it?Legal tapping is done in the network and not in your phone - there is no real way to determine whether it is being done to you or not.

Can investigating agencies track someone through a phone if they don't have an IMEI number?

The imei number is not used for tracking a device by anyone EXCEPT for the carrier. Since investigators have access to the carrier, they don't need the imei number. Just a subpoena.

How can a mobile phone make a call?

A mobile phone is technically known as a ‘Cell Phone'. At a very basic level, any mobile phone will have below two sections -Receiver - Receive signals from the outside worldTransmitter - Transmit signals from your device to the outside worldWith the help

How to pick the best cell phone carrier for my latest mobile

Best cell phone carrier can be depending upon area where you live plus your maximum usage like data usage, call or messaging usages... need more description 8n your questions...

How can i stop the spyware on my android phone?

If one wants to find or remove spyware or any other malicious malware on their phone, then it is advisable to go for a good mobile security software. Having a mobile security software installed on your device, gives protection from malicious acts.Are you interested in mobile security software? Click here:-

What can I do with my old mobile phones?

If the phone is in still-usable condition, find a battered women's shelter and donate all your usable phones (with their chargers - some of those women can't afford the $5 for a charger) to them. Even not on any plan,

How to track my lost phone using the IMEI number without involving the police

The IMEI number is not useful for this. The phone number is as that is how all of the information that the carrier has is keyed from.So you want to confront your phone thief? Bad idea. They may resent your interfering in their

What about OPPO mobile phones?

China–based smartphone make Oppo brings mid-range budget smartphones in the Philippines.For the last 10 years, Oppo has been focusing on manufacturing camera phones, while innovating mobile photography technology breakthroughs. Oppo started the era of selfie beautification and was the first brand to launch smartphones with 5MP and

How to use old mobile phones without sim

1. IP webcam Download on google play – IP webcam2. Gaming device.3. Media center4. Wifi calling5. LCD Projector 6. Remote control7. E book reader8. Old Mobile phones as VOIP using google voice9. Use it like a PC10. Use as a keyboard or a mouse11 . Use it Like a

Can we track a mobile phone without sim ?

Yes you can. Any device can be tracked by either gps, wifi, or data. Your phone usually uses all of them for a precise location. If there is no sin, it might not be as accurate . It measures the distance you are from the nearest tower with data.

Can I give the same mobile number for different bank accounts, and can it be used for the Tej app?

Yes, you can certainly give the same mobile number for different bank accounts. It can also be used for other apps like Tez/Google Pay, PayTM, Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc.

Can mobile phone be tracked through battery?

A mobile battery is made up of some amount of lithium ion and some resistors and capacitors and sometimes IC's are installed for power management purposes, indicating that there's no possible way to track through battery. Inorder to track electronic devices, there must a radio transmitter inside that device, although mobile phones have a radio transmitter on

Which mobile is best under9000?

I think Xiaomi Redmi 4 PrimeDual Sim, VoLTE, 4G, 3G, Wi-FiOcta Core, 2 GHz Processor3 GB RAM, 32 GB inbuilt4100 mAh Battery5 inches, 1080 x 1920 px display13 MP Rear + 5 MP Front CameraMemory Card (Hybrid)Android, v6.0.1Advantages:VoLTE Supported and Fingerprint sensorSnapdragon 625 ChipsetFast ChargingIR portDual-microphone

How can we find the exact location through a phone number or IMEI number?

Dear User,But having the IMEI no. is not enough for you cause for the device having a track system enabled it should have the GPS turned on with Data Connection turned on cause the location can be easily traced and with that the device should have a gmail id synced in.Further, you can try

How to maintain a healthy battery life of a mobile phone

Best way is not to close the background running apps. Itactually takes up more battery life to reopen the app than to pause it. And also turn off location and data when not required. Also manage the brightness level manually.Try

How do mobile phones vibrate?

An application of eccentric mass distribution.(Dynamic unbalancing)It uses a small motor, which has some eccentric mass attached to it. This mass makes the motor, dynamically unbalance as the centre of mass doesn't lie on the axis of rotation. This causes vibration. This vibration

Where can I find the best mobile cases?

The best way to protect your mobile phone from any scratches, bumps, and damages, you need to set a nice-looking mobile cover of best quality which enhances the look of your smartphone. The mobile cover is not only for the protection of the