For those divorced: what moment enabled you to finally go through with it?

My mother decided to file for a divorce from my father a few years back. Since I share a very close relation with my mom, I think I can answer your question even if I'm not divorced myself.My parent's marriage was never a happy one. From the very beginning my father's family used to harass my mom

How does one enjoy each moment in life?

Have gratitude for one.Work out in any form. Trust me, it makes you feel great about yourself.Feel the music. Just enjoy the feeling of being in some other world staying within this.Groom up yourself for the day. Have a shower, wear comfortable clean clothes. That is to say

What are some moments that make a person truly happy?

There is always something to be happy about!That sound when you empty recycle bin.Using your mobile at 100% battery.When you are late for class and teacher haven't came yet.When you get chocolate from your loved one.Watching food coming at restraunt.When a baby smiles at

What are the biggest facepalm moments you have ever experienced?

I joined car driving class which also helps me in getting the driving license done. I finished two weeks driving course and decided to attend the test to gain my License.On the day of test, i was very casual and relaxed as i was confident of my driving skills.My coach took

What defining moment made you realize you had to deal with your anger problem?

Two years ago I had a public meltdown in the streets of a city where I once lived, when there was no available parking for a festival of a particular foreign culture, and that I had no choice but to park a quarter mile

What has been the most terrifying moment that has happened to you when you woke up?

When I was a senior in high school, I woke up to the sound of my mom sobbing outside of my bedroom. It was strange at first, because it was the kind of crying that I had never heard from my mom - something completely new.

What is one moment in your life that made you realize who you were/are?

Thanks for the A2A Tony JayTo be honest with you, it wasn't just one moment. It was a collection of moments.I found out that helping people makes me happy while teaching my classmates and getting all those thank you's was overwhelming. It was supposed to be a part of me.I always assumed I did not have

What is the biggest moment in human history?

I think the biggest moment in the human history was that when we realized that we are not the privileged children of God but rather our existence has only been for 50 million years and whereas the earth and Universe is around 13.5 billion yearsTill the age of my grandfather it was believed that there were 9

What is your embarassing moment after marriage?

I am the youngest child of my parents, have been immensely pampered. It really took me a long, to leave all my childish acts. My innocence could be easily identified in a conversation.So when I got married, my mom was anxious about our life in Bangalore. The house, my hubby had booked, was available only after 15

What is your most embarrassing moment at night?

It's about my cousin sister. We hardly meet 2 or 3 times in a year as we stay in different cities. Once my uncle and my cousin visited our place. My uncle and my dad needed a talk privately so they asked both of us to go for shopping.World best dating site 2017 :

What moment in life made you realize that you could do anything?

I could talk about my proposal of marriage, or jumping out of an airplane but the one I want to talk about was when I took control of the management of my brand. Everything you see in any store for sale with a brand

What moment in your life made you realize your childhood was dead?

Oh, its not just grew up...At first I wasn't going to answer because my experience does not live up to the anticipated drama your question inspires: No, I was not ‘robed of my childhood'. I was just an ordinary kid in an ordinary environment. It was 1976 and I was well into

What was that 'one big moment,' a turning point, that changed your life?

There was a defining moment when I was 8 years old and it changed my life.I was playing cricket with my brother in our garden, just the two of us. We would take turns for batting and bowling. That time he was batting and he hit hard. It went

What was the defining moment in your marriage when you knew it was over?

The Night My Marriage Died (written in 2005)I write this as my 8th anniversary approaches, but in reality my marriage has been over for almost 5 years. You never really know when it is happening, you never really expect it, but when you look back, you can see

What was the happiest moment in your life?

Many times but one incident which I would like to share is of recent times, almost a month ago.3rd Dec'17:- Whole day passed & its around 8 p.m. & I was thinking like what can be done today to make

What was the most embarrassing moment with the opposite sex?

Well, the incident goes way back when I was in 1st std. I am 23 now. I had this friend of mine (girl) who was of the same age & lived right on the same floor as mine. We used to play together a lot & being 90's kids doctor-doctor,

What was the most rewarding moment of your life?

14th April 2015Yes, exactly the same day before an year just one complete year changed me and helped me defining the meaning of LIFE and how to survive.This day changed me from a well settled independent Student pursuing Maths(H) enjoying life at its best to a dependant

What was the one defining moment when you knew you chose the right partner in life?

I met my husband at 16 and he was 18. Of course at that time we were just dating and I had no idea he would end up as my husband. I knew he was the right person for me when I was 17 and

What was your 'I saw this coming' moment?

On the way to a casino once, an acquaintance of mine was talking about how well she played poker. She plays at home all the time and she was going to go to the poker room once we got there and

What was your most embarrassing gym accident? How did you get over it?

A few months back, I made one of the worst decisions of my life. Visiting the gym, early morning.My usual workout timings were around 8 - 9.30 PM, when I used to feel awake, strong and conscious, unlike that morning.5 AM and a half sleepy me decides to do some

When and how was the moment you realized you were getting old?

You would rather have one drink and feel tipsy over a conversation than have half a vodka with loud music in the background and puke flying in the air.When you call your sister and she sounds frustrated and the reason was that the

Which was your best moment in life?

It all started with a beautiful evening. I was having my favourite evening snack and as I was going to taste my delicious snack after a long wait in the queue, I saw him suddenly looking at me. That innocent eyes..awwww, believe me, it can

How has your life changed since your lowest moment?

At my lowest I wanted to die. I seriously contemplated suicide, going so far as to figuring out how to make it look like and accident. I was in denial of who I really was. I was trying to hold

How's your life going on at the moment?

To be honest, my life is f*cked up to the core.I have 3 choices to rely upon:Suicide!Leaving all commitments, running away to the different city and start a new life from scratch.Waiting for the miracle to happen.I believe everyone's life

What is that moment which changed your thinking about life?

The very moment I retired from my career and my company. My perspective literally changed the second I left my retirement party. After a 50-year worklife my anxiety leveled dropped to zero. I became giddy with life and no need to achieve. Don't get me wrong. I speak and study three languages, love writing and working with

What is that one life changing moment in your life that you knew there was no turning back?

When I was deciding on my sophomore year college program I decided to drop out of Physics and work on creating what I called a

What is the best moment that you enjoy in your daily life?

I am nocturnal.No, not the kind who spends the entire night on facebook or texting. It is just that I feel extremely awake during the night. My best moments of concentration are at night. I study during the night. I read about important topics which require a lot of focus at

What is your favorite Amma (Jayalalitha) moment?

Whenever I think about our Ex-CM Jayalalitha's accomplishments for the people of Tamilnadu , the first thing that comes to my mind is Rainwater Harvesting scheme.There used to be a huge scarcity for water in few regions of TN every year and in order to overcome that 15 years

What is your proudest moment playing sports?

There was this time where it was tournaments (football tournament) and we were one step ahead of the finals which is semi-finals and we had to play against one of the best teams in the tournament so it was really a tough match so

What is the most human moment you've experienced from an animal?

Not sure if this is what you are asking for...but here it is:When I was in middle school, our family adopted a dog. His name was Bogart (like Humphrey). In 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage IV nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a rare head and neck cancer. He was by

What was that 'one big moment,' a turning point, that changed your life?

There was a defining moment when I was 8 years old and it changed my life.I was playing cricket with my brother in our garden, just the two of us. We would take turns for batting and bowling. That time he

What was the single moment that changed your life the most?

When I was 14 and I was about to start high school I knew I needed to lose a lot of weight and to be healthy. I was tired of my blood pressure being high at every doctor's appointment I went and for them telling me

At what moments do you, personally, enjoy life the most?

There are moments that are a struggle. I had to intervene in an argument between my children (9 and 11) last night, so in that moment, as I tried my best to be fair and work to a satisfying ending, my son left angry and my daughter left in tears. This was tough.What?

Has there ever been a moment when you had to trust someone with your life?

Yeah, a lot! Seriously, thank goodness that they took such good care of me. I'm still here! But these are the ones I've chosen to mention.When I had cancer, I had to trust a lot of people at different times. My surgeon and radiologist,

Have you ever experienced a 'Lean On Me' moment?

back in '99 I called a social worker after arriving home one day to find three days worth of cleaning effort turned every which way BUT the way I left the place a few hours earlier that day -

Is it possible to enjoy each and every moments of life? How?

Yes it is possible to enjoy each and every moment of our life! How? Let me give you some points-Wake up early- Make a habit of waking up in the early morning. I've tried it myself. I was a very lazy person when it came to waking up in the morning. But my Mom told me that I

Life Advice: How do I live in the moment?

Dear SuJin, A beautiful question to see how the mind functions and how to actually live. But for going deeper into this, I would first like to ask you --        Do you need to live in the present?-        Is there anywhere else you can actually live? Present is there. You don't need

What are Sheldon's MOST embarrassing public moments?

Class XII. January, 2013We were giving birthday bumps to one of my classmates. The rest of the school was attending the assembly, But 12th students were exempted from attending, so we could study a little more.As we were giving birthday bumps, the poor guys shoe

What are some embarrassing wedgie stories?

It all started on a saturday afternoon me and my friends went to the local mall. As we had been there many times, we quickly looked around to see nothing new and decided to play truth or dare. So my

What are some of the most awkward moments doctors experience?

Every time you are referred as a ‘sister' or ‘nurse' by the patient or their attendants, it is damn awkward!You are unsure whether to laugh it out, hit them on the head or enlighten them the difference between a Nurse and

What are the biggest facepalm moments you have ever experienced?

I joined car driving class which also helps me in getting the driving license done. I finished two weeks driving course and decided to attend the test to gain my License.On the day of test, i was very casual and relaxed as i was confident of my driving skills.My coach took

What are the happiness moments?

Happy moments:I am in a nukkad team PANKH in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. We take part in various street play competitions conducted during various fests etc. inside and outside the college. So, in the season 2015–16, from the very beginning we were losing all the competitions. We were not

What are the worst moments in television history?

Oh, remembering that wakes so many past emotions when I witnessed that on a television in the fall of 1993. You may skip the intro part to the bold text is you want.Russian president Yeltsin pronounced that Supreme Council is dismissed. The majority of Supreme Council

What is Happiness or Enjoying every moment of life means?

Happiness is knowing who you are, where you are going and what you are meant to be doing. When you are sure of these three things no one and nothing will ever be able to derail you from a sense of

What is the hardest moment in life?

I am a final year student of English literature. I am persuing my graduation from Sol (schools of open learning). I didn't get admission in a regular college (although I got above 90% in my CBSE exams) because of some reasons. So here is the hardest time which I am talking about

What is the most awkward moment that happened to you due to your clothes?

I was the youngest of three girls. We grew up poor, so new clothes were a huge rarity in my life. I mostly wore hand me downs. Because I was considerably smaller than my older sisters until around the time I hit puberty,

What is the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you?

Let me tell my story, it goes like this.I'm a massage therapist.Mostly I get new clients through mail asking about my whereabouts and the pricing. Once a female client contacted me for a two-hour in-home session and I replied with the questions that what kind of services is

What is the most embarrassing moments you have had at school?

Besides the usual awkward moments, such as walking into class late and everyone stares at you like you just killed five people, there is a few incidents that stick out to me.I was a senior in high school and I was running late for my morning math class. In the side pocket of my backpack, I have

What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you in a changing room?

Technically this happened not in a typical enclosed changing room, but in an area where all of us models changed outfits.During my days as a student and fashion/nude model, it was common practice for male and female models to change in the same area and even

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you when staying over at a friends house?

The most embarrassing thing that has happened to me when staying over at a friend's house is what happened at the dinner time.I was living in Edmonton in 1994 and our friends lived in Calgary. Husband and wife were both computer programmers. I thought they must be very rich and would not care details

What is the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you?

Let me tell my story, it goes like this.I'm a massage therapist.Mostly I get new clients through mail asking about my whereabouts and the pricing. Once a female client contacted me for a two-hour in-home session and I replied with

What is the most embarrassing thing you have done while drunk?

I wish I couldn't be anonymous but considering who I am, I'm gonna  refrain my identity. 23, Female I moved to Bangalore, India this year.  I was quite lonely  until a new roomate  came along. She   didn't want to go to a house party alone, I went with her

What is the scariest moment you have had in a car?

It was many years ago. I had another argue with my girlfriend. When I was upset, I used to drive some 60km/38mi to the nearest beach.At the time there was a part of the road where it was uphill, very twisty and very narrow. There were place for one truck on each side of the

What is your biggest secret that you held onto and waited until this very moment to tell everyone right now?

Just a warning before you read this, It is EXTREMELY disturbing. If you are faint of heart you will need to stop reading this now. What I am about to tell you will shock you beyond your wildest imagination.Are you still here? Okay, well I warned you. Don't come crying back here on

What is your least embarrassing moment ever?

Had used shaving cream considering toothpaste.It was campus placement time, it was two days process. On first day we had to take aptitude exam and on next day was interview. First day was so tiring. I had reported venue at 9 AM in the morning and left at 8 PM. Next day, I had set 10 alarms

What is your most embarrassing food moment?

The medical shop guy caught me red-handed when I was trying to buy the children food 'CERELAC' for me by pretending like its for some other kid.My roomie has this weird habit of eating Cerelac. Somehow she made me a cerelac addict too. Buying cerelac in medical shops isn't an easy stuff :( They'll ask

What is your most embarrassing moment at school?

I went into Girl's changing roomYes! This was the most embarrassing movement in my school life that happened to me. It was some Independence day or something which I don't actually remember but what I remember is I was part of the Dance performance in which my costume was a lungi (South Indian Men's attire)

What is your most embarrassing moment with your crush?

A stupid teenage love story.About 4 years ago, I had a crush on a girl (Say ‘C')in my class. And my buddy too had a crush on her. She knew nothing of it(as much as I know !). My bud ‘S' was a popular guy at least in my batch. He

What is your most memorable moment, good or bad, from your time in the military?

Memorable and good memory: As a kid I was what would perhaps today be called a

What's the most "Are you kidding me?" moment you've ever experienced?

Half the plant was up in arms about the assistant plant manager. Most had just recently gotten written up by him, myself included. I even got a one day suspension because of the guy.Here are some of the dumb things he did:When he heard some guys had worked on equipment without locking out the machine, he not only suspended

What's the most embarrassing injury that's ever happened to you?

I was in my early 30's, single, and recently divorced. I had started a little bit of dating again so I was trying to psyche/primp myself up a bit, both physically and mentally.I have good skin but for whatever reason have always been rather obsessive about it, putting acne cream on at

What was the deciding moment for you to change careers?

After completing my intermediate course, I'm always in a confusion that what was the college I am going to join?? During the 12th standard every student goal is to join in a good reputated institution. But the destination is not in our hands.I completed my intermediate course in my native

What was the embarrassing moment in your college days?

I and my friends were late to first class ma'am didn't allow to class.we are usually smoke on college days and we went to near bakery and start ordering their own stuffs. one of my friend sitting on the chair start reading newspaper

What was the embarrassing moment with your lover.?

Okay here we go. This is a long one so bear with me.So when I was a senior in HS, I had this girlfriend that only wanted to eat food and have sex. That is it. She never wanted to go on

What was the most amazing moment you've ever experienced in your relationship?

Relationship is all about human life experience but people mostly refer with opposite sex which can be spouse for married or girl/boyfriend ironically.Human relationship can be of divine nature and so that has to be satisfying.I shall write accordingly about relationship between supervisor and worker and that happens to be my

What was the most embarrassing moment in front of your parents?

I studied in Boys School (St Francis D'Assisi High School, Borivali, Mumbai) and was good at Mathematics, scored 90+% in my 10th & 12th. So I had a few juniors/friends who wanted me to teach them Maths.One of them was a girl.My parents had no idea about me teaching Maths.So in my free time I used to

What was your most embarrassing experience in a public place?

This happened on my way to college while travelling in the city bus. As I got into the bus, I quickly sat down on one of the seats reserved for ladies. After a few stops, a person enters the

What was your most embarrassing moment during a night out?

I was working for a leading high tech company in the 90's when my manager asked me to attend a gala event with suppliers and partners. His wife requested to bring my wife to the event. The night before I hit my left elbow with the corner

What was your most embarrassing moment during puberty?

I had just turned 12, and had started getting erections while I slept. I was already 6′ tall, having grown 10 inches between 11 and 12 years old, even though I only weighed 120 lbs. My Mom had died a couple of years before,

What was your most embarrassing moment in front of a doctor?

So there were multiple embarrassing moments with me. I cleared SSB for Army and had my medical exam. In medical, I was diagnosed with varicocele in left testcle and needed to get it operated outside and then apply again for Appeal medical board. So I went to a urologist and He asked me to strip down

What was your most embarrassing moment in public?

I went in a mall with some friends as they wanted to buy some T-shirts. I'm not familiar to any fashion or anything like that. I know only Shirts, T-Shirts, Vests and Jackets as the Torso-Wears for men.I was roaming there like a bandar(monkey) as if I

What was your most embarrassing party experience?

I was asked by my female friend Wanda to go with her to a surprise party. Wanda was a very pretty girl and I felt lucky to be asked by her to go on a date. I didn't understand why she asked me, since

What was your most embarrassing summer moment?

The year was 1979. I was 14 years old, modeling some ~ and I moved to LA.I rented a room for about ten minutes in a gorgeous home up Laurel Canyon. The views, the parties, the pretty people ~ everything that the 1970s in California promised was at my

What's the most eye opening experience you've ever had?

There are certainly more significant life changing events than what I am about to describe but this one stands out in my mind to this day, almost 40 years later.I was in my second year of college.  I had breezed through elementary

Which moment can make you really happy?

If you achieve what you wanted it will make u happy.If u gave all ur hard work and it gave fruitful results , it will make u happy.if u saw some close people after a long duration it will make u happy.if u got a lottery

Why don't you enjoy every moment of your life?

Hmm, because life requires maintenance, and some of that maintenance is kind of boring, or stressful to my experience of things. I will give a couple of examples.Cleaning the cat box. There is no way this is a ‘joyful' experience. I don't hate it, and I get some

At what moment in your life did you know or realize that you were not the gender you were born with? How did you handle it and how did your family react to you coming out and how are you doing now?

Question: At what moment in your life did you know or realize that you were not the gender you were born with? How did you handle it and how did your family react to you coming out and how are you doing now? (Please no hate posts)It didn't work

Experiences in Life: When are you the happiest in your life and how do you maintain that level of happiness?

No, I'm never truly happy.That's why the unhappy ask why I'm happy?It's because I'm always searching when my searching is most likely boorish.It doesn't mean it meant nothing.I found a piece of me.Sometimes finding you is more important than materials.Doesn't make materials less.It makes you less of

Have you ever had a moment when you suddenly realized that you were the problem?

Absolutely! In my late twenties-early thirties, I had a lot of problems with co-workers and co-students. I was under a great deal of stress, working full-time while going to school full-time. One of my nursing professors said to me something along the lines of

If you can relive one moment of your life forever, what would it be?

When I was an infant, a few months old, my mom fucked up. When she was preparing my milk, she put in too much formula. This caused severe overheating in my young body that stumped even the doctors here. According to her, arrested about 36 hours of me howling in agony and feverish to the touch, she

What is the moment you realised you're gay?

[MATURE CONTENT: Read at your own discretion-Not advised for younger audiences... you've been warned]Now here's the thing.I'm bi-curious (Urban Dictionary: bi-curious, meaning I'm heavily attracted to males but also have a bit of sexual interest in females)-with males, for

What is your happiest moments in life within three sentences?

The moment when my daughter was born..though it had CS..I was concious enough to see that pink,bubbly 8 1/2 pound kid as I was administered spinal anaesthesia! The moment when my son was born two years later..again concious because of spinal anaesthesia. ..still remember those long fingers and head brim with pitch dark

What is your most rewarding moment as a therapist?

Seeing your client succeed.That after months and months of struggles and hardships.And after so many setbacks and up and downs.They were finally able to do it... on their own.With their own willpower, determination to see things through and grit (persistence + passion).And I was able to guide my client in that growth process.Seeing my clients gradually become a

What moment in your life made you change yourself and leave your old ways to pursue the life you knew you needed in order to be happy? What event happened to make you realize this? And what change had to be made?

Three events happened that helped me get on the right road:First- it was 1978, I was 24 and had spent 3.5 years of pre-med, studying to be a doctor. While in the lab, my eye caught a little window, on a fire escape door. Through it, I could see a tree

What single moment killed your relationship?

hThe first time i ever remember being attracted to a girl was in my fourth year of Primary school. Her name was Chiamaka (Chee-ah-mah-kah) and her mom was a teacher. Chi (as i called her) was very beautiful, at least to me. No one compared to her in

What was the moment in your life when you realized the old you was gone and a new more powerful you had emerged?

The moment was this year was when a classmate said me to do his work and I refused.I always used to obey others *like of my age which I should not.but now I don't and I am finding my real self and it feels increadible to change yourself a bit and to be born anew.Peace!AAA

What was the moment when you realised that you don't love that person anymore?

I realized that I don't love that person anymore-When he cheated on me. For me, loyalty is the foremost thing in a relationship and if you could not stand loyal, then I don't think I can love you anymore.When he abused and slapped me. There is a very thin line between ego and self-respect but apparently, this guy destroyed

What was the moment you realized that you can't work for someone else anymore?

My first job. I was fourteen years old and worked for Kresge and as a counter girl there. I was asked by the put the gravy on the potato instead of the meat as shown in photo. Since it would not cost more

What was the one defining moment when you knew you chose the wrong partner in life?

The day I came home from work.I had been working 50 hours a week. I was paying all the bills. I was supporting my husband while he was going to school. AGAIN.I had a rough day. I wanted to vent. Girls need that.I started to talk and he looked at me and said,

What were the top 3 happiest moments and saddest moments in your life thus far?

Currently, what stands out now as my 3 happiest moments with combined results are earning an Army Officer commission leading to a career, getting married/ having my children, and retiring. My 3 saddest moments are attending funerals for family members/close friends, losing a huge amount of investment money, and moving out from our dream home/area.