As a teacher, what are your worst moments in the classroom?

There was a lockdown drill where a gun was seen on campus. I had a student who was 18 and who would be early-dismissed on a normal day. But it's a lock-down, so I can't unlock the door and let you leave. She spent the whole hour cursing and

Why don't I feel happy at happy moments?

This happens because of many reasons. You might not find it happy because you have been used to it or perhaps you don't have passion for it.You only feel happy about things that you value the most. For example people working hard for

What are some of your hottest photos/moments?

The first one that comes to mind is a stand-off between police and a group of kids in a car who where the driver had a gun. I took several pictures for the newspaper I was working for, went back to the office, processed the

What are some of your hottest photos/moments?

The first one that comes to mind is a stand-off between police and a group of kids in a car who where the driver had a gun. I took several pictures for the newspaper I was working for, went back to the office, processed the

What's your favorite 'I'm so amazing' moment(s)?

About 6 years ago, I took my son to San Francisco hobby toy train museum and he loved it. When we came back, he asked me if I can build something like that for him at home.I didn't know anything about O-Scale

What is the most awkward moment you have ever experienced?

I should not have pulled her BRA down :( :(  This happened with me when I was in 1st year of my graduation !!Me and my ex girlfriend lived In the same city I.e VARANASI and our colleges were also in the same city so we stayed at our

Which moment in your life made you understand the meaning of life better?

Humans think there's a meaning to life. Well I hate to disappoint you, but you were randomly born, in a random country, to random people, at a random time. You exist ! Your life is what you create while you're above ground. Every single one of the billions of humans will give

What has been the happiest year of your life?

2011–2012. I was 52–53 years old and unemployed for the first time in my adult life. I had very little to eat and absolutely no luxuries, including no tv. I had no health insurance. I had my beloved cat though, and that was enough for me. I spent my

In your opinion, what moment changed the course of American history?

That is a good question. There are many moments that I can think of, but one sticks out tremendously.The French Revolution.We got so ridiculously lucky with that. The French spent 1.3 billion livres on their end of the war, and THANK GOD we never had to pay

What are some of the best moments you can never forget?

One of the best moments of my life :When I was in school , our school used to have regular competitions organised every week . I used to be very shy and recluse during my schooldays and somehow used to escape the teacher's notice (hiding under the desk, avoiding eye contact ,I tried everything) whenever participation was needed in

How to make life full of fun? How do I make each moment of life blissful

Each moment of life cannot be blissful, period.We have to do things we do not like on a daily basis, that is part of being human. Clean our living areas, pay bills, work to pay said bills. Pay taxes. Park our cars or negotiate public transit (or walk in the heat/cold).You can however be optimistic about

What was the saddest moment you had with your dog?

This is a very recent memory and It was the most heartbroken I know I will ever feel.But first let me give you some background- many years ago I had a Ridgeback cross that I rescued from the pound I called him Ridgie - he was approx

What is your favourite 'men will be men' moment?

This happened quite recently and so I remember it very well. In my locality, there are some kids who keep playing around the apartments. They are the kids of labours who are working in a nearby building. The kids only

What is the most awkward school moment?

In my first week at an all-boys school, I was dakked in the quadrangle, one of the busies areas of the school.To be "dakked" is to have your pants or shorts pulled down. In some places in the world it's known as being "pantsed", but in Australia we call it being "dakked".I was totally unprepared for it

Do you see life, and YOUR life, changing from day to day, moment to moment?

I have given this question some serious thought. So much so, that I have designed an experiment around it. So here I am, sitting on a bar stool having just finished my breakfast. Three slices of toast with peach and ginger jam on it, no butter. Although I do like butter on hot toast,

Is there truly a God in heaven watching every moment of our lives?

He is not just in heaven. He is there, far away, if that is the way you see Him. More importantly, He is in the core of your consciousness, seeing everything from your eyes. And He knows all this before you have even experienced it and made the choices in your life,

How much time a moment is?

Hi Rajeshkumar ,Thanks for the A2AIn Technical Terms:-In physics, a moment is an expression involving the product of a distance and a physical quantity, and in this way it accounts for how the physical quantity is located or arranged. Moments are usually defined

What was the most embarrassing moment in your childhood?

Embarrassing would be a gross understatement. It was a tragedy. A terrible disaster.Fancy dress competition was coming up, It was an opportunity to prove that I was more than just academics and drawing competitions. I cashed in, discreetly I got my name enrolled. I wanted to surprise

What is the moment you felt most guilt of your life?

I did not pay a poor man for the service he provided.This was back when I was 16 years old and immature. Well, immature would be an understatement. I was roaming around with my friends in the festive season of Durga puja, formally known as

Every moment of life is precious, how many people agree and enjoy every moment?

For those who have followed the teachings of great philosophers are well aware that life isn't only about independent living in society. It is much more than that and it is upon the individuals souls to determine the importance of human life

Exactly what happens from the moment of your death?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and have never seen a dead body before.Your heart stops pumping so that means that your blood will pool up whether or is, making you go all blotchy and red in some places.In a few hours

How to overcome an embarrassing moment in class

Embarrassments are the part of the life buddy. Life can't always make you king. Whenever such things happen, there is the only Guru Mantra that can put you on ease, and that is, ‘ As the time passes, people are gonna forget this.' and that's true. Your classmates will laugh harder today, laugh hard tomorrow, and the intensity will

Which moments in your life made you feel that life is a very precious gift which one should always cherish?

Okay.I was studying in my eighth class. It was the year 2014. My cousin and his parents from Australia (My uncle and aunt) made a visit to my house. They stayed for a month. We had lots of fun that month. My cousin was a gamer. He had a high end PC and laptop.

What was the moment when you felt reborn?

Before i was born...I was dead and deaf!June 2016!The turmoil began in the month of June 2016 when sudden I woke up with deafness. In medical terms its called as sudden Sensoneural hearing loss and the treatment and recovery depends on time

What was that moment when you felt proud?

5th May, 14I reported at 12SSB, Bangalore for my NDA's ssb. I was excited, nervous and adrenaline was pumping in my body as next day was my screening day. I didn't sleep that night and my mind was thinking a lot of things but I was ready for

Do you think God creates moments in life for us to find love?

R u seriously  serious?Do u think God has no work but look after your birth, death, your everyday needs, your friends, your love?Tomorrow say that God has designed the clothes you wear. God has given you life, it is upto us

What could be the most embarrassing moment of someone's life?

I'm in 12 th now. I had depressions when I was in 10 std . I started to lock my room door since 10th board exams and cry always sitting in my room . I was a topper till 9th . I underwent depression ,

What moments define us?

Self-definition happens when a 'self' realizes he or she is a concept of the true Self. Put another way, when "self" becomes an actor for the I-ego: and not an Essential Being of the person.It is a gradual unfolding and a discovery of one's identity, character, abilities, and attitudes of and about oneself.The discovery of Self

What are the moments that made you feel humble?

I think one can have this feeling only if he/she has the maturity of doing self-assessment of the event that has happened sometime earlier otherwise humble for them is as familiar as Bombay blood group to 99.9% of us.Well there are countless above mentioned moments in everyone's life but the latest one's which had more impact on me are

Have you ever had a 'dumb moment' in your life? What is it?

My husband used to pick me up from the office every evening. He used to message me before he left his office, and call me once he was outside my building.One evening, while waiting for him I was talking to my mother on phone. I got a call from his

Why don't you enjoy every moment of your life?

Most (I'll come back to why I said

Have you ever had a 'small world' moment?

My younger self sat in a car, tears budding in the corners of my eyes, seeing my house for the last time. I was moving four states away, and acknowledged that I'd probably never see any friends from school again. I moved, started the new school year, made new friends, etc.., and I almost

What is the most frightening moment you have ever experienced in another country?

Yep. When we got pulled over for speeding on the highways.To be fair it was the speed limit was 60 mph. It was almost midnight and we had been driving for over 5 hours. we were exhausted and just wanted to

Have you ever had a really cool spiritual moment?

Yes. True spiritual moment STARTS with complete absence of thoughts may be for few seconds to minutes (for many it can happen in hours to days). Please note absence of thoughts is not blank mind.That means, when you hit by that(do not know what it is, mystics say you can never know what it is) your thoughts stop

Have you ever had a moment where you felt as if you cheated fate?

Many times.Almost 26 years ago we were in Malaysia at Tamar Negara hiking in the rain forest without a guide and we heard a loud

What are the biggest facepalm moments you have ever experienced?

This happened today morning -My friend is a doctor who lives in Delhi. He was supposed to gift his dad a new mobile phone. Since he doesn't have internet banking and Amazon website was not allowing cash-on-delivery option, he asked me

What is the most memorable moment in your entire life that you want to spend it again?

Well, I can't say I'd want to do it again, but I would love to recapture that feeling in a more positive manner. To give a little more context to this, I'd like to point out that I am a sociopath with very real challenges when it comes to emotional connections.On

What is the most blissful moment you've experienced while traveling?

Traveling is blissful . If you love traveling you will love and enjoy each and every momrnt of it . It has some healing power. You earn your money but if you don't use it productively then what is the use of earning it.This perfectly describes my thoughts regarding wanderlust. It gives us a chance

What moment of your life felt like a video game?

I've had a lot of my life feel like a video game.Microsoft Flight Simulator comes to mind for long parts of it.I remember when I first got that, I was psyched because I got to fly a plane. I was

What's the most messed up moment you've ever witnessed?

The following was written by me on August 22, 1996 while living in Kyoto Japan.I witnessed the pathetic end of a rather sad life today. A young woman killed herself beneath the wheels of a commuter train. Her life ended this afternoon at 12:33, and now some dozen hours later I cannot think of anything else.Leaping in

What is the most shocking movie moment?

The Crying Game (when Dil (a woman) reveal that she's actually a man)The Exorcist (the scene when Regan is possessed by a demon)Pink Flamingos (when Devine eats dog poo)The Sixth Sense (the twist ending)Alien (a tiny monster comes bursting out through someone's

What was the most beautiful moment you have ever experienced? The moment that would make a perfect movie scene.

After 3 years of online relationship that continued on orkut & yahoo messenger, we decided to meet on my 16 birthday for the first time!(Yes, I was 13 when I first started talking to him and he was 19 at