How much money is needed for survival?

Look, it almost depends upon the way you are living your life. If you think you can live your life in less money or if you are extravagant it's your choice. Suppose if your are living single then, you need Rs 5000 - Rs 7000 for PG (including food), Rs. 500 - Rs.

Who invented money?

As far as I think I recall from past lives, the Ancient Chinese learned the tactic of training a police force to threaten their town residents (convenient in a small place such as a town) with sticks to make them pay taxes to the mandarin, which was ‘the guy who likes fancy clothes'. This inspired the development of

What are the best ways to make money as a teenager?

I've been fairly successful using some of the following methods, enough to be almost completely independent from my parents throughout high schoool.1) Take advantage of Alibaba. A lot of people fail to realize the power of Chinese manufacturers to produce products at a fraction of what you may pay for it in the US.

How Can I afford a $100k car?

It is possible. However, any good friend, family member, or financial advisor would tell you that it isn't wise to own one.Not only do most luxury cars cost a lot up front but you will pay a lot for maintenance and mileage.Experiences make people happy not possessions.Here's a calculator for car ownership: Car cost mileage

Is a chit fund a good saving instrument to invest money?

Savings instrumenmt - YES, investment part requires an active participation from the investor. If this helps - Intelligent Investing in ROSCA Funds (also called Gye, Hui, Arisan, Chit, Susu, Pandero, Tanda, Cundinas)-Aravindan

How can high schools students save money?

As a high school senior, I've spent my entire freshman and sophomore year spending money on nonsense things. When I became junior, that's when I knew how to actually save money.I always make sure the 20% of my allowance goes to my savings, and the rest is mine.I stopped spending money on coffee, clothes, books, and

How to deal with a teenage child stealing money

You sent her to her biological parents for a while ? I wonder if she was your own daughter what would you do ? Face the problem head-on, call a third party particularly someone she respects like a teacher or an older mature peer or even one of

What should Apple Inc do with so much extra cash?

Well.... the typical response from shareholders is to issue dividends and give it back to investors.The typical answer from employees is to increase salaries, give out bonuses and increase R&D to keep the future pipeline of innovative products full.The typical response from senior

How much do you spend annually on maintaining your Tesla vehicle?

Basically $0.My dad has owned a Tesla for almost two years and hasn't paid for anything except carwashes. Tesla recommnds a check-up every two years but it's not mandatory. When we get that check-up, it will be the first time we're paying for something that counts as maintenance. Tires are also an expense but we

How much do you pay for your phone bill every month?

590INR or $8.30 with AIRTEL.In return, I get:75GB 4G Data per month rollover upto 200GB.Unlimited Calls and Text.Free Amazon Prime.Netflix for 3 months.

How will Backpage make money now?

Now after what?I recall negative publicity about the website years ago.Do you mean that?It is years ago and people forget.Plus there are PR services to restore standing and perhaps do some rebranding. A professional can view company policies and do a make over to prevent a repeat of what happened back then.People

When will a company be worth a trillion dollars?

Sorry, but I'm afraid you missed it.  The answer to your question lies in the past, not in the future.PetroChina was the first company to reach a trillion dollar market capitalization when it went public in November 2007.  This one-time

How does the Microsoft company earn money?

They create substandard operating systems, which suck compared to Linux anyways and sell them for dough. They also create substandard hardware coupled with substandard mobile operating systems which fail. They then sell them for more dough. Then the operating system goes and BSODs*Blue screen of death

How can one make a billion dollars in 35 years?

Shuddering questions !See, what it takes to make money ?Obviously money, the more you have got the more you will make.Now ideas that can help you :1 : Sell 1000 things gaining $1Million per head.Best part is real estate.2 : Or go for stock market, that's amazing too.

What's the best money-making project now?

The best business to do these days are owning a franchise of good company, is is best becuse They are buying into a proven business model. Their role starts at the implementation stage, not the invention stage. The greatest number of failures with independent business startups happen within the first year or so as they work

What are the best ways to save money?

Save with style:Use credit card less and feel like as if your mother in law is asking for it while going to mall for her shopping.Use Ola and Uber or auto or public transport and start your journey early in the morning.Buy a small car. The

How can Amazon, Google, and Apple become the first 'trillion' dollar company when there are so many trillion dollars companies out there like SoftBank, Reliance, Tata Group, and Tencent?

When people talk about a ‘trillion dollar company' they're usually referring to the market capitalisation (basically value of all the outstanding shares) of the company.Let's have a look at the market caps of the first three companies you've mentioned (as on 6th April 2018). All numbers in USDAmazon

How will Backpage make money now?

Now after what?I recall negative publicity about the website years ago.Do you mean that?It is years ago and people forget.Plus there are PR services to restore standing and perhaps do some rebranding. A professional can view company policies and do a make over to prevent a repeat of what happened back then.People

What's the best way to Drive a Tesla for the least amount of money?

Buy one. And then enjoy that it costs by so little to own a Tesla.Seiously though, what's your budget? How much do you have. If you give a price ceiling, I can give you some ideas if there are any I have in your range.

What will be the best way to become rich in next 10-20 years?

The very best way to become rich, and there is no close second, is to choose the right parents. Failed on that one?Okay, the next best way to become rich is to marry a wealthy person. Now, you can actually work that one pretty much

How did the hackers (ransomware) get money from victims without been identified?

Those who use the Ransomware in generally rely on Bitcoins for anonymous payments.In Bitcoins there is no personal information attached to the accounts, both the seller and the buyer transfer the payments with no strings attached.Of course, that is not the only method that the cyber criminals use to conceal themselves. Only the payment part.

How much of the world is connected to bitcoin now?

In light of the limited data and the impossibility of accurately determining the number of bitcoin users around the world, we can safely estimate that there will be around 20 million users globally.This figure can be derived by assuming that out of the 22 million bitcoin wallet addresses, several are no longer

What are some money saving hacks no one talks about?

From: Financial life hacks. 4 ways to earn more and spend less.If you are on the internet, you probably have heard about referrals. They are so good! When signing up for a new service or an account, use a referral. That's like a sign up bonus and free money for just finding a referral link.

How do students save money in Sweden?

This formerly Swedish student saved money by:Living with parents for as long as practical. Okay, I see this is tagged as ‘Student Exchange', so that may not be very practical.Bagging lunch pretty much every day, and cooking everything from scratch. That included baking bread once a week.Buying food in large packs (usually

Will Bitcoin payments replace cash/debit payments?

Is Bitcoin the Currency of the Future?The future has long been touted to be upon us, but we really only ever accept this until the next big thing arrives. Cryptocurrency is surely a step into the future that eliminates from these institutions the mishandling of documents

Did you ever make money from a smartphone? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can make money from your cellphone there are alot of options available. Like if you're a photographer then you can sell your pics online and earn money in dollars.If you are a good editor then you can edit pics for people and can also earn from it simultaneously you can participate in competitions which helds on

How much money do you need in your life?

Some people love making money even if they have allot of it. Think of it this way why stop something you are good at? If a race driver wins the Indy 500 do they automatically retire? If a movie maker like Steven

Does Apple have more money than the US government?

The world's most valuable company is holding more cash than the world's largest sovereign government and whats more amusing is that it's well over 3 times as much as UK's government.The United States is currently spending around $200bn more than

How much money do Houston Uber drivers make?

I've listed Houston, TX rates and my personal experience below. They are offering a Huge Cash Signup Bonus to new drivers right now, up to $1,000 depending on your city. Here's a special link to get your full bonus amount:

What are the best ways to save money?

People tend to think that to save money means to spend less. Most time - yes, but in some circumstances, spending now can save money later. Here are the three ways I've summarized on how to save money effectively:a. Saving money by

Why do doctors make less money now?

When you talk about doctors and money, it means that its a business sector of healthcare. There are many reason why businesses doesnt make money, for healthcare i suppose because:1. These doctors doesnt or never learn about business.2. If its

How much upfront money do I need to reliably live purely off of day trading?

Before thinking about upfront money, think about the upfront skills required to succeed in trading. If new to trading, consider yourself to be the first standard student, while the skills levels you need to attain to be successful is of Ph.D. And the worst part is -these skills are not

What are the best ways for millennials to save enough money for retirement?

Everyone's methodology varies, so it's hard to say exactly what method(s) would be best in your scenario without knowing the nitty gritty details of your life. So, instead of a specific and tax-conscious answer, I pose the following three keys to do your best as you save for retirement.Immediately (start now!)Consistently (don't stop!)Generously (save more than you think

Why does it cost money to live?

Why do you need air to breath? Why do you need electricity ? If you want to question the basics and are really curious about money then read the book about history of money - The Creature from Jekyll Island. You will be surprised and will start seeing the world in a new light.Links for the

How is Bitcoin better than normal currency?

How is Bitcoin better than normal currency? Short answer: No it isn't. It isn't even a currency so the comparison is pointless.See, the thing about currency is that they need to be printed indefinitely as economy grows. That alone invalidates

What is the best hack for unlimited Uber rides?

Back in September-November 2014, I -Used a simple python code to mail usersPost on social media outside IndiaTarget users with adsResult - I had close to INR 1.2 lakh + (Rs. 1,20,000) worth Uber credits.Though not unlimited, I took Uber for close to 2 years absolutely free.Images (note the old uber logo) -

How to make a billion dollars in 4 years

If making billion dollar was so easy then you were not asking this question here on quora. But, it is not as difficult as it may appear at the first sight. You just need to identify & pick multibagger stocks in

What are some easy methods of making money?

15 Creative Ways to Make Money

How much money does someone need to live happily with a family in Canada?

Statistics Canada is your go to source for this type of information. Start with their Survey of Income, Canadian Income Survey, 2015, and Survey of Household Spending. Spend some time on their site, and you might find what you are looking for!

Why is Tesla losing so much money?

They're not losing money. They are making capital expenditures that exceed their gross operating margin.But if you go on a Tesla tour, they can show you right where the money is. It's in production lines, the Gigafactory and all the other stuff that is allowing ramp up of the 3.Corporate profit is more of a strategy

How much money do you save by not having kids?

Well, the way to SAVE money by not having kids is to figure out what you WOULD have paid for if you had kids. Then divert that amount into savings or investments.Some examples would be :Bigger apartment or house -$400-$600/monthBraces -$5,000 per kidDaycare -$8,000 to

Is it bad for the economy that Apple holds $150+ billion in cash?

Cash holdings can speak to operating expenses or the intention to invest. It's neither "good" nor "bad" that companies hold a lot of cash, it's simply an indication of an array of anticipated behaviors. Companies that hold large amounts of cash may be planning

How should I invest my money if I am saving 10k every month?

I'd give an answer which doesn't assume or depend on relevant factors...Open a PPF account, and invest at least Rs. 500 p.a. You may invest up to Rs. 1.50 lakh, if you wish and like it. You'd get tax deduction too.You must buy an