At what time is it best to ask for a favor, morning, evening or night?

Hehe right as someone wakes up, so anytime.Reason: Humans like sleep (mostly). Most of us dedicate a THIRD (23ish years according to average life expectancy) of it doing just that.So why would you ever ask me for a favor when Im about to sleep?! All it does

Can we study after a workout in the morning?

That is rather best thing to do.The effect of workout is there both on body and mind. The workout makes the body flexible and also blood and oxygen to flow evenly to different parts of the body. Thus conducive to your studies.The study requires concentration of mind and workout will only aid in that process. But it is

How to make a habit of waking up at 4 a.m. when currently I wake up around 12 p.m. after going to sleep at around 3 a.m.

So here's a hack I use to wake my boyfriend up early:Plan something in the morning, which you have to absolutely go out for. Something you would enjoy, preferably. Like going for a bike ride with your friends. Or on the weekends, can do early morning movies (that start at

How to wake up early in the morning at at least 5:30 am

It's quiet easier than you think.The process I follow is :Before going to sleep the previous night, think hard prepare your brain that you have to rise early the next morning.Set an alarm at 1 hour before the actual time you want to wake up.Set

How to wake up early in the morning considering that I am very lazy

First of all, If you have decided to do this, it's really very worth doing. And even I would say it is appreciable as you have thought of doing one great thing in your life. You will see a lot of changes

How to wake up suddenly in the morning

Many people have problems with going EARLIER to bed, because as you say, the result is simply that they lie there without sleeping and get annoyed.One way of resetting your internal clock is to go the other direction: Go to bed LATER rather than earlier, and keep doing that until you're going to bed at the desired

How to have more energy In the morning

Firstly don't bother with energy drink, they're so unbelievably bad for you i'm shocked but not surprised they're not already banned. Have a look at your diet, many people work long hours and aren't permanently tired I can do anywhere between 60 to 100 hours a

How to motivate yourself when you wake up in the morning

Early mornings offer a fresh supply of energy, willpower, and optimism. In order to take advantage of being rested and fresh, you have to start your day strong. If you lack morning motivation, here are some tips to revamp your routine and be productive all day long.1. Get Up

How to workout in the morning

The time of day you work out does have an effect on your performance.  For strength exercises like lifting heavy weights, an afternoon workout will bring about the best results.  Studies have shown that your body is the strongest around 3 in the afternoon. If I recall correctly, this

How many push-ups should I make every morning to make a good body?

Push-ups do bounty for your physical make-up - they're one of the best activities for your chest, they work your center and the numerous adjustments implies you can keep your exercise new. In any case, push-ups are not a panacea, and they won't be the sole development that get you tore. While you ought

How should I schedule my early morning workout?

The most important thing in a workout is to be motivated and have a possitive attitude because good things take time so you need to have patience so what i suggest is start your day with warm water, lemon and honey it will boost your metabolism and charge your body and with

I can't wake up early in the morning no matter how much sleep I get. What can I do to change this?

I have to disagree with Atri Tripathi's advice and encourage you to not do a few of his suggestions.First, strenuous activity or exercise will actually stimulate you in a way that is similar to caffeine, making it harder for people to fall asleep and\or stay asleep.Second, two to three glasses of water would make most people wake

Is a morning gym workout better than an evening gym workout?

For what outcome?To get bigger muscles?To get fat off?To train for endurance running?To improve sport performance?To become more flexible?I could go on. Here are some general tipsEating before / after is not as essential as people on here believe. That's because they are

Is exercise beneficial in morning/evening?

While lots of people believe that exercising in the morning is the best way to go about it, there are many others who can't bear the thought of having to get up an hour earlier just to go for a run. But with

Is it advisable to jog/exercise in the morning with an empty stomach?

Studies says its always better to eat a fruit or something that's easily digested 30 mins before a workout.For years i have been exercising empty stomach and have never struggled.Infact you burn more calories and fat when you workout empty stomach.Whatever you eat night before

Is it good to sleep after a morning walk?

There could be different reasons why there is a urge to sleep after the morning walk.You did not have a sound sleep last night.You had a very busy schedule in the last couple of days. That may be business meetings, assignments, work pressure,some sort of family pressure.You have just initiated the process of morning walk

Is it healthier to exercise early in the morning on an empty stomach before eating a meal?

Yes - back when we were hunter-gatherers, that's exactly how it would have worked and our ancestors are highly unlikely to have had a hearty breakfast before going out to look for food. They would have been motivated to look for food because their stomachs were empty! Nothing like a bit of starvation to get you going. Given

Is it safe to exercise 20 minutes after waking up in the morning, before breakfast?

Yes, fasted cardio is perfectly fine and you won't run out of your glycogen source if you only exercise for 20 min (even if it is 20 min HIIT). Your post workout meal (breakfast) will also quickly replenish your glycogen source if you are low.

Is morning heavy workout good or bad ?

I would say it depends but if you plan on doing heavy deadlifts or squat maxes in the morning as soon as you get up it's NOT a good idea at all!Your spine is naturally taller in the morning, and especially when it's

Is working out in the morning dangerous?

Yes and No. Pros: There are 8 reasons why you should work out in the morning, too. 1 IT'S EASIER TO FOLLOW HIGH-VOLUME TRAINING SYSTEMSTrying to do a triset or a giant set is all but impossible in a packed gym. This guy over here wants to work in. That girl over

Should I do push ups, sit ups, dips and pull ups every morning after bed (before breakfast)?

I like the 'Sure, why not' answer.  Truth be told, if you aren't doing anything drastic with your diet like removing all carbs, this type of training won't really matter too much in terms of meal timing.When you get in

What are some bad morning habits/routines?

10 Morning Habits that can ruin your day:Hitting the snooze button.Checking your phone.Drinking coffee first thing.Not making the bed.Eating empty carbs and sugar for breakfast.Leaving the curtains closed.Saving stretches and exercises for the evening.Brushing your teeth after breakfast .Making phone calls .Taking a hot shower.__________________________________________________Source-BRIGHT SIDEThanks.✏

What are some good morning and evening exercise routines?

It's difficult (in my opinion) to create a generic exercise  program that works for everyone. There are a lot of factors that go into creating an exercise routine. If you can manage three days a week for strength training and three days a week for cardio you'll be in good shape. There are a

What are some healthy morning habits?

Whether you wake up at 5 a.m. or 10 a.m. the way that you start your morning will set the tone for the rest of your day.If you are stressed, rushed, and frustrated, you will carry that energy with you into the rest of your day.If you are calm, collected, and energized, you will carry that energy with

What are some quick and healthy breakfasts for busy mornings?

Here's a good breakfast that takes about 5 minutes to prepare (including clean-up).On the weekend cook a batch of oat groats (whole-grain oats): add 1 cup of oat groats and a pinch of salt to 3 cups boiling water, reduce heat to

What are the best Ayurvedic morning routines?

The morning routines are part of

What are the best morning routines for waking up?

Before I go to sleep at night I take all the clothes I plan on wearing the next day and put them through out the house. Usually I have my pants and socks in the bathroom then I have to walk across the room to grab my shirt then

What can I do to make myself exercise every morning?

Every night before you go to bed, tell yourself strictly that tomorrow you are going to work out. If you dint do that in the morning, you keep your most liked thing away for the rest of the day and until you exercise next morning. *(Punishment)*And when you do work out do not forget to reward yourself.

What does jogging every morning do to your body?

Aerobic fitness is linked to a better quality of life. Thebenefit of jogging is that it can reduce your risk of developing a host of diseases. Among these is heart disease since your cardiovascular system since gets a great workout with this exercise. Jogging helps to keep high blood pressure

What food do you eat every morning?

17 recipes for a healthy breakfast to be prepared in the eveningIf you do not have time in the morning to cook a delicious and healthy breakfast, then you can do this evening. We will tell you what dishes you can prepare in advance in order to enjoy a nutritious breakfast in the

What gets you out of bed every day?

Main reasons:My mom would give me a blast if I sleep too much. (that is after 8am).My mom wouldn't mind literally pouring water on me(for sleeping till 9) I don't want my day to start with something like this.I have to check quora :pI would probably get a bad headache if I over do sleeping.I might

What is a way I can exercise my brain every morning?

A quick one.A few brain-friendly practices to share:1) Always start with goals and objectives for the day  [in tandem with  all your long-range goals and objectives overarching  all the pertinent  life dimensions in your life];Translate them  into specific  and executable task you need

What is better, late night (9pm) or early morning (7am) workout? What are the benefits for bodybuilding?

Personally I work out 4-6 times a week past 8pm at night. I do this for a number of reasons. Unlike in the morning, I am not in a rush or have other things on my mind, I can go at my own pace and not have to worry about anything else that day besides finishing my workout. Also,

What is the best early morning habit for success?

Jeff Bezos and I are like brothers.The similarities are flat out eery.We both have engineering degrees.We both worked for big companies early in our career.We both founded scrappy startups.Our combined net worth is roughly $138,100,000,000.We both think the

What is the best morning routine without having to exercise?

The best morning routine, I believe, is one that kicks your day off with energy, vitality, calm, and purpose. The specific activities will vary from person to person, and over time. Experiment with any combination from this menu of options:A good morning starts the night before with adequate and restful sleep which improves your efficiency, cognitive

What is the best time for a workout, in the morning or in the evening?

You can workout any time depending on your schedule. You need to find out which time is perfect for you to workout according to your fitness goal and daily routine.Morning workoutYou feel active all dayLess chances of miss the gymYou can workout empty stomach for fat lossEvening workoutIf you taken 3 or 4 meals

What is the best time to take a PTE exam, the morning or the evening?

I did it only once and my exam started at 11:45AM till 3:00PM (including 10mins optional break). It doesn't actually matter whether its AM or PM. Be prepared and confident. However, if you feel good in the morning, go for it. But make sure you arrive

What is the best time to train in the morning or in the evening?

Assume you will leave your house at 7 am in the morning .Let's keep it simple wake up at 4AM fresh up have a strong black coffee and hit the gym . 45 min to 1 hour workout is sufficient to body . Don't

What is the first thing I should eat or drink when I wake up in the morning, so that I can stay healthy & fit?

The BEST thing you can drink in the morning when you get up is WATER. But there is a little more you can do which will help cleanse and refresh your body. With water, drink enough to quench your early morning thirst. Unlike what others suggest, there is no need to down a litre or more because TOO MUCH

What is the greatest motivation to wake up early in the morning everyday?

Getting up earlier than your scheduled waking time can be a tedious job and you might need the right amount of motivation to direct your behavior in inducing you to get up before the dawn breaks. In one of Robin Sharma's book, 'Who will cry, When

What is the technique to wake up early in the morning (i.e at 4 am)?

I can give some hacks for getting up early in the morning (for you, 4:30 AM):Set an alarm on your mobile or your clock, and keep it at a place were your hand can't reach easily. This way, you will have to

What is your morning exercise routine?

I'll be honest I don't have a morning exercise routine right now due-to some health issues but one thing I do continue to do every morning is stretch.Stretching helps warm up the body and muscles. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and

What is your personal method for waking up early?

Alright, due to many questions about my routine and in order to help people I decided to edit my answer to be more clear. I wake up at 5am every morning, consistently, for 6 months now and I'm so used to

What makes an INTP get out of bed every morning?

A few things, but in the end they all revolve around some sort of obligation:I need to attend something that I am expected to go to/complete the list of things I had planned out.The knowledge that, if I don't get up, my mother is going

What motivates you to workout in the morning before work?

I'm gonna share my own secret of motivation that helps me to work out and I bet it will work with anyone .Before sharing my advice I would like to mention that I have been working out almost every single morning for 30 minutes ,

What part of your morning ritual is the most important to you?

Well mostly my morning ritual includes......Surprise, surprise: sleeping through the morning and skipping the breakfast. Waking up in the noon, and directly having BRUNCH.And no, not because I party the whole damn night, rather because I can't sleep till the first ray of the sunshine appears through my window, indicating it's high time, for

What should be eaten in the morning before going to the gym?

Eating properly before exercise is essential in fuelling your best workout! Carbs act as your bodies ultimate source of fuel, specifically during short, high intensity workouts. Alternatively, fat is the bodies largest energy source when performing lower intensity exercise for longer periods of time. Before any workout, protein intake

What should I eat before a morning workout?

Exercising first thing in the morning is one of the best habits you can get into! When you wake up and jump on your Total Gym it can help to speed up your metabolism, regulate your appetite and start your day off with a great accomplishment! However, what to eat to fuel your workout can seem a bit confusing.

What stimulates you to get out of bed in the morning, like really gets you ready for a day?

Going to your routine job pushes you out of bed every morning with no second thought because you are being controlled by someone who is fulfilling your subsistence needs for your survival. This is something where millions of people including me doing everyday around the world.But what pushes

What time is the best to work out, in the morning or in the evening?

Your body is most affected by how much you eat and what you eat than what time you are working out.Cardio is best done in the morning, on an empty stomach. But, it can be done any time of day of course seeing that you do it in a

What would happen if I do pushups every morning?

Am not an exercise maniac. I actually get the urge to exercise once in a while, then loose interest after a couple of weeks afterwards.As for your question, I'll answer from experience.I started with 10 a day, did it morning and night.The next day, I do 11. Morning and night. Some days when I feel is still

What's the best morning routine for getting fit?

We all know how much stress people lay in having a morning routine. But what is it actually that is to be done? No one goes in depth about that!The First thing is to stretch your arms in the bed and lay there with your eyes open (or else you will

What's the best time to do workout apart from morning?

I found this article: What is the right time to exerciseBut, its more or less focussed on working out in the morning.I guess if not morning, then any time of the day would be good.A lot of corporate houses have tie ups with Gyms and their employees work out just before lunch.

What's your morning routine? Do you get up early and do anything, or do you wake up and just start getting ready for work?

Aw, MAN. I swore I would never be the guy who wrote about mornings.But the more I see this magical thinking come up around the early hours - that you'll be able to suddenly pop up out of bed and make 7 figures - the more I am driven to put my stake in the ground.I do not

What's your morning workout like?

A completely miserable, dread-ridden, life-hating, pessimistic battle of a fifteen minute walk to the gym. At any point I can convince myself that this is all bullshit and turn back. It's a complete war of wills.My morning class tends to be either strength based circuit training, HIIT or Body Pump. Guess what? After about thirty seconds

Which is best, a morning or evening walk?

The Glory of waking upaccording to AyurvedaIn Sanskrit, the daily routine is called as Dinacharya. ‘Din' means 'day' and ‘acharya' means 'to follow' or 'close to'. So, Dinacharya is an ideal daily schedule taking into account the nature's cycle. In Ayurveda, the focus is levied on the early hours

Which are the best yoga exercises in the morning?

Yoga derived from the word Yuji meaning union is a well-known practice that connects the mind, body and soul using various poses, meditation and disciplined breathing. The word found its first mention in the oldest Indian scripture – the Rig Veda. This practice has been prevalent for centuries and for the

Why is it so hard to wake up in the morning?

I feel the cycle starts from what time you sleep......The cycle goes like this...... Is there a best time to sleep? There is a saying that sleeping early and waking up early is good for your health. How true is that? Is it alright to sleep late and

Why is waking up early morning so difficult and what can someone do to wake up easily?

Very few people jump right out of bed in the mornings with a clear head. Even amongst the so-called

Why is waking up in the morning is so hard and takes so much motivation? Are humans designed to be hard to wake up in the early morning?

No. Humans should start with a jump from the bed, almost every morning.For that purpose I use these 3 steps to make sure that I will recover well and enhance the quality of my sleep:I don't eat 3–4 hours before bedtime.

Why should I use good morning or good evening when mornings and evenings are just time periods?

In English, Good morning and Good evening are greetings that you give to other people. You aren't really saying that the morning is good, and you aren't even wishing them a good morning. These are literally nice words that you throw at people to show them that you are friendly while

Will my body change if I make 50 squats every morning and every night?

The short answer is yes. The problem being the the squat is one of the more difficult movements to do properly. As I have tested many people I have found that most people have Glutes(the large muscle on the butt) that do not activate at 100%. This will cause excessive forward lean during the movement, which will overwork the

Will running every morning and push ups every night get me in shape in 3 months?

This largely depends on what shape you are in now plus how many pushups and how far and fast running?As has also been mentioned,

Do you feel differently the morning after you work out?

Depends on which part of body I focused on during workout.( I usually workout at night)If I try something different than usual workout ( more weight or more reps or new exercise), I feel sore in that part even in the morning. Otherwise, everything stays fine.But, in case of legs' exercise, I never do it unless

Do you prefer to workout in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

Morning. I workout in the morning because I go to work at 9 AM and return back at around 4 PM and then from 5 to 7 PM, I take tuition classes. I get tired when I come back home so,

How to gain the willpower to wake up early every morning to go to the gym

I have a secret of motivation that really works.According to me the real reason we don't achieve success, we don't like to work hard is hidden within our thoughts and mindset. Let me explain it a bit more clearly.Suppose you want to be super fit and healthy and you promised yourself this before going to sleep.

How to Get Motivated and Be Happy Every Day When I Wake Up

If you go to bed every night feeling like you didn't do enough, you're not alone. Lots of people are just not able to meet the expectations they set for themselves.Luckily, efficiency is only a single habit away.It is not as easy as it may sound. The solution

How to make myself run every morning and exercise consistently

DETERMINATION. This is what you should have in your mind. It's known waking up in the early morning and immediately starting our regular exercises is not much easier task. But if you are determined enough about your fitness automatically you woke up

How to wake up more quickly in the morning

By understanding sleep cycles...!Here we go...Sleep  cycles are a universal concept. We all sleep in similar manner and it  isn't difficult to understand. By taking the time out to understand how  we actually sleep, we will find it much easier to wake up in the  morning, early as well as fresh.A sleep

How to avoid sleeping after a morning walk

You are doing one of the best thing that is morning walk. After morning walk you feel too lazy and your brain intensely try you for sleep. You can do following to stay active after walk.Try to be busy with schedule. I mean try to stay away from bed, couch.Have a cup of

How to exercise in the morning

Best Reasons to Exercise, Workout In the MorningThe health benefits of a morning workout routine make this statement truer than you might have guessed! Following are seven of the biggest benefits to implementing a daily morning workout.Better Workouts – If You are

How to workout in the morning

I love working out in the morning.  It's the best time in my opinion, because it becomes a monkey in your back as the day progressesThink about it, you arrive home after a tough day.  There is a great

I often wake up and hour or so before my alarm, but I'm still tired and don't want to get out of bed. If I remain in bed until the alarm is my body still getting the rest it needs?

In regards to the question. If you lay there for that hour can be just how you are. But if you fall back to sleep the sleep wave is at a stage of trying to shut down. So essentially you feel tired as your body had a first stage cycle of a sleep pattern. If you are

Is it actually physically possible to wake up early and go to the gym before work?

It actually is possible. I wouldn't have believed this until I signed up for a weight loss challenge that had me working out at 6 AM every morning. The first few mornings were pretty rough, but I got things streamlined. I pack everything up the night before. I lay out my clothes, even socks, so I don't

Is it advisable to jog/exercise in the morning with an empty stomach?

Studies says its always better to eat a fruit or something that's easily digested 30 mins before a workout.For years i have been exercising empty stomach and have never struggled.Infact you burn more calories and fat when you workout empty stomach.Whatever you eat night before gets stored

Is it better to work out in the early morning or in the evening after work?

The best time to workout is when you know you can consistently go at and that you feel the best.So play around with the times. Working out in the morning can give you good energy for the day thought people don't have the

Is it good to sleep after a morning walk?

There could be different reasons why there is a urge to sleep after the morning walk.You did not have a sound sleep last night.You had a very busy schedule in the last couple of days. That may be business meetings, assignments, work pressure,some sort of family pressure.You have

Is running in the morning enough exercise?

At some point yes, morning walking or running is good for keeping yourself healthy, but only this much is not enough. If you really want to keep yourself fit and healhty then you need to follow a proper exercise and

Top 10 early morning habits for success?

To be successful morning is the best time you can get your major work done. Apart from getting major work done early morning hours have something unique that rest of the hours in the day don't. Let's discuss what are the habits/activities we can do to

What are good songs to start one's day?

For me, It's a song by John Denver among a few others. Just Listen to the wordings. It enough contents in terms of its lyrics & melody to enlighten one up. You may not call it exactly a country song or a folk song but it's close to that genre. The wordings

What are some best ways to motivate yourself to workout after waking up?

It's more of a habit and the desire to do it. If you live a simple life, then going to the gym upon waking up is not a problem. You disregard the unnecessary things (cellphone, checking email, internet access on laptop, etc) and focus to make your body healthy. Going

What are some good early morning habits?

Hi. I'd list out a few things I do every morning and I'd suggest you to try too to live a satisfied and healthy life.1. Brush your teeth with your NON-DOMINANT HAND. Using your opposite hand will strengthen neural connections in your brain, and even

What are some interesting morning habits of well-balanced people?

Over the last 10 years, I've made observations of my friends (whom I respect and admire a ton), coworkers and executives on their morning habits.To give you some quick context, they've worked at companies like Box, Kaiser, VMware, Optimizely, Cisco, Deutsche

What are some quick and healthy breakfasts for busy mornings?

Here's a good breakfast that takes about 5 minutes to prepare (including clean-up).On the weekend cook a batch of oat groats (whole-grain oats): add 1 cup of oat groats and a pinch of salt to 3 cups boiling water, reduce heat to a simmer, cover, and simmer slowly for 60–75 minutes,

What are the benefits of doing exercises in the morning?

6 Benefits To Being A Morning ExerciserWith all the hustle and bustle of kids, work and life, it can be challenging to make the time to exercise. But exercising in the morning is a wonderful way to create a positive routine and provides

What are your go-to morning healthy breakfasts when you are in a rush?

I have instant and very cheap as well as healthy and easiest way and recipes for you.... Just check this out and I'm damn sure that you can and you will give it a try.Hey!‍♀R u always in hurry!!There's nothing to have something healthy while in hurry!R u searching something quick as well as healthy !There's

What are your morning daily habits?

I have kept my morning habit Very simple so that I can make it a habit.I wake up at 5:30 in the morning without snoozing. First I go and boil a litre of water . Till the time water is boiling I brush my teeth.

What can I do to make myself exercise every morning?

Every night before you go to bed, tell yourself strictly that tomorrow you are going to work out. If you dint do that in the morning, you keep your most liked thing away for the rest of the day and until you exercise next morning. *(Punishment)*And when you do

What do most successful people do every morning?

There are many ways to utilize the early morning hours effectively, but some of the best ideas come from ultra-successful people like Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz. Here are eight of my favorites.1. Drink lemon water. Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up spikes your energy levels physically and mentally. By

What do you take early in the morning before breakfast for a healthy body?

Preferably you should have water on an empty stomach which is lukewarm or normal temperature water as it helps in cleaning your system before you begin with your day. Its exactly the way you do it for your body and house/office.Thereafter you can have good fruits and nuts and have your breakfast after

What does a typical Chinese breakfast look like?

Typical is such a broad term.Different regions in China have different breakfasts. Everything from noodles, soups, buffet, hot pot, dumplings, steamed buns, deep fried stuff, and even beer because you can buy beer 24 hours a day. And I always had beer for breakfast, kills the germs as a visitor.My Favorite:GuiLin Rice Noodles - I

What exercises can be done early in the morning?

Great question! I love to work out in the morning because it can get me active and wake up my body. More importantly, your morning time is probably the only time in a day when you can have some quality

What has gone/can go wrong in your morning routine which ticks you off for the rest of the day?

A2A - Thank you.My morning routine relies heavily on my waking up at 5 or 5. 30 am.I journal, meditate, smash a short workout and read. All in about 45 minutes.As a result, it drives me mad when I fail

What is the best before and after exercise meal plan for early morning gym workout people?

If you're vegetarian (+eggs+milk), contact me and I'll make you a complete diet and workout plan (for free ofcourse).For now,Pre-Workout (Morning) - 1–2 bananas or 2 glass warm water + 1 cup of coffee (30 min after water) then off to gymStay hydrated in-between the workoutPost workout (Just after gym) - Protein/Mass Gainer/Energy Booster

What is the best time to wake up in the morning for workout?

The best time to wake up in the morning for workout depends on : YOU> Plan when to wake up and workout depending on your body clock. > Sleep / Rest accordingly> Don't Let Insomnia interfere you> Plan your

What is the best way for fitness, going to the gym or walking early in the morning?

Walking in the morning on a regular basis will result in multiple health benefits and it is sure to enhance not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being.If you are curious about whether an early stroll would help

What's the easiest way to wake up a teenager in the morning?

That is not the question you should be asking.You having to go online to ask how to wake your teenage son/daughter up in the morning implies they have a SERIOUS issue with it.It is not uncommon - many teens do. And there is usually a reason behind it other

What should I do to start running every morning?

It is great to start a day fresh with a morning run.However you have to plan ahead and see if you can adapt to your morning runs. Personally i used to run in the afternoon as that is my longest break to run, rest and freshen

What should one eat or drink as the first thing in the morning, in order to maximize mood, health, and inclination to remain productive?

There is no one size-fits-all answer, my best advice is the following:First of all, breakfast is preceded by sleep, so make sure that is all good and don't expect breakfast alone to do wonders when your quantity or quality

What should we have after a morning walk?

Morning walk is really good for health but cooling down is equally important. You should not consume immediately after coming back from your walk. Give yourself about 10-15 mins to cool down and in the meanwhile prepare the below antioxidant which will refresh you for the rest of the day: