Where can I order cheap high quality t-shirt printing services in Moscow?

Hi! I needed to print a photo on a t shirt and encountered a similar problem before my friends did not recommend me to order custom t shirt printing at http://prostotolstovka.ru. The guys are based in Moscow, they are highly professional and quick. Print and shirts are of superior quality. They also offer hoodie and polo

How to open a small Indian restaurant in Moscow

Short answer, you don't do it.You may think you know how to operate a restaurant, but here you have much to learn.The site - renting space is very expensive in the centre, and this is the only area where you will see sufficient footfall to make an

How many restaurants are there in Moscow?

Moscow is one of the most technologically advanced cities on the entire planet, considering the fact that is one of the only country capital cities or cities in general that classifies as a

Any good vegetarian restaurants in Moscow?

Finding a Vegetarian Restaurant in Moscow might be a difficult task but as the saying goes Where there is a will, there is a way.I myself a Vegetarian from Southern part of India. I struggled a lot during my initial days in

Any good vegetarian restaurants in Moscow?

Finding a Vegetarian Restaurant in Moscow might be a difficult task but as the saying goes Where there is a will, there is a way.I myself a Vegetarian from Southern part of India. I struggled a lot during my initial days in

What would have happened if Hitler had taken Moscow during WW2?

Moscow was considered by some of the German generals, Guderian and Walther von Brauchitsch especially, a vital communication, industrial, and command center. Its conquest would've denied the Russians a major military, economic, and symbolic asset. Although Russia showed

How safe is Moscow for foreign visitors?

I have felt pretty safe in central Moscow and have had no problems even walking around at night. I haven't had any problems with Taxis or in the Metro either. Many people also stop random cars for a ride both during the day and at night and that

Is it safe for an American to visit Moscow?

Sure.I'm from New Zealand, and I've lived in Moscow for almost two years. Unless I tell someone where I'm from most people assume I'm American if they interact with me enough to notice I'm not Russian.I've never had any problem from anyone for being foreign. Far from it - people are always extremely patient and helpful. Mostly,

Why is Moscow expensive?

It is not true. It is impossible to live one month to spend only 100$. If you have all services in your job even it's not enough. Eating out costs about 10$ one time, 1 kilo of meat is 5-10$, flat is 300-500$ (if yopu rent for a long time). Also transportation, dresses, internet, TV, different services- washing, cleaning

What should I keep in mind when visiting Moscow?

Remember that you are a guest and behave in ways that are becoming for a guest. Like how you'd want someone coming to your house to behave. You abide by the rules and don't touch stuff that's not yours.People in Russia see foreigners as guests to their home

What is wrong with Moscow?

Should something be?Ow, WAIT! There is: new people! Tourists! Try to walk from Manezh to the garden through underground when it rains - and you will be not able to do it in a case of tourists!Kidding. Nothing is wrong here. Good place to live, rest, work. Just try to look

Is Moscow the best city in Russia?

Personally, I hated Moscow when I was coming as a short-time visitor a decade ago. Too big for me, too busy, too smart. My love was much quieter and warmer cities. Krasnodar, or, better, Sochi, that's a place to live in!Now that I unwillingly ended up Moscow's resident and I know the city a bit closer from

What is your biggest cultural shock from visiting Moscow?

When I`ve visited Moscow for the first time, I was suprised by the low English skills of the Russian people. Even young people struggle with the English language. Also I had difficulties to find my way with the public transport system, because every sign is just in Cyrillic (although that changed last year due to the football world

What is Moscow MKAD?

Here's the actual picture of relatively intensive traffic (on my side of the road) taken in mid-August 2018.

What should I see and do in Moscow?

The answer to this depends on whether you have a visa to enter Russia, and, if not, what country you are a citizen of.If you don't have a visa, you're going to spend a lot of time sitting around in the airport.

Why is Moscow, Russia so cold?

It's cold in winter because it's far from the sea and at a northerly latitude (same as Glasgow in Scotland). But it's only really cold from December to February, and even then it's easy to cope with.Personally I found the main problem in winter was coping with

How would Russia respond if ISIS attacked Moscow?

Russia would respond in a number of ways. if we assume that this attack on Moscow was on a magnitude similar to or greater than 9/11 (3000+ casualties):Russia would deploy FSB and police units across all major cities as a matter of increasing security.Russia would increase surveillance in its predominately Muslim areas/republics and work with provincial and local

Why should I never visit Moscow?

Unless you are gay, black, anti-government and vocally a Muslim extremist - there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to prevent you from visiting. It's a fantastic city!Edit:Putin's government has far better things to do than going after idiot Americans who watch too much FOX and CNN. And let's face it

What is Moscow Idaho like?

Quiet college town. Nice people. I'm going to deliver construction materials there tomorrow. They are adding on to their local hospital.

How are the seasons felt in Moscow, Russia?

Summer is extremely hot. Basically you may not survive it (+30). No rain, no clouds, dust and so. But in August it's rainy and Moscow old canalisation system turn every rain into flood (this summer was a disaster for car

What are some tourist traps in Moscow?

Firstly, when you arrived to airport (or by train), never pick a taxi by people in arrival area with

What are the biggest culture shocks people face when coming to Moscow?

Probably lack of bears and matrioshkas on the streets :) Summer heat, real 24/7 life, violent crime rate much lower than in NYC and petty crime level significantly lower than in Paris, general level of safety (for the recent 15 years all city areas are more or

What do you like best about Moscow, Russia?

Energy and dynamism, crowds of beautiful young people in summer, summer weather, theatres, sports and events in which you can participate, electronic/internet services, metro, easy airline access to all European & Russian cities, parks, restaurants and historical outskirts.

What is it like to live in Moscow?

Hi,I'm native Muscovite, who lived there for 24 years of my life. There are good districts and bad districts, and the difference between them is actually greater, than difference between good district in Moscow and good district in Poland. For me, even bad districts

What is Moscow, Russia like?

Looks like the last place you would want to live, wouldn't recommend moving here. the prices are too high and the houses are too small ( usually 1by1 or 2by1)Luckily, my family has the privilege to be an ‘Expat' -which means you are not

What should I eat in Moscow, Russia?

Try bliny-traditional pancakes, borsh-Russian soup, I would say that you can go to the Varenichnaya1 restaurant in the city centre-It is a chain and it is very Russian.

What should I know before visiting Russia?

If you are planning to visit Russia,things you should consider-1- "Language" is somehow a mystery for the visitors while coming to Russia. So better be prepared with some common words like Exit,entrance,pharmacy,restaurant etc. if you don't have the expertise in Russian language.2- "Transport" services in Russia is a bit complicated as there is no