As a child of divorce, has anyone else had their mother pay their father child support?

I laughed every time I had to write a check for child support to my ex-husband. It's all numbers and overnights. The 162 was nothing in comparison to paying the mortgage while I was out of the house, because he refused. I needed

Can a 14year old shower with his mother?

When you get a sunburn if you apply vinegar all over your body and shower it off with hot water as quickly as possible, it won't hurt and peel. But it must be done quickly. We only have one shower and waiting for someone to use it first doesn't work.

Can a husband get a deceased wife's mother's property?

Yes because he is consider Heir to her estate through the deceased wife if she was listed in her mother's will if there was no will he still has a claim threw the wife.. as legal heir and he was still married at the time of her death.However if the wife's mother

Can a mother in law destroy a good marriage?

It's not about good marriage she is capable of killing every marriage. It can love or arranged no one can stop. Mother in law will always teaches her daughter how to take control of his husband , how to create fights between his

Children of single mothers have double the drop-out rate as children with both parents. They have lower GPAs, poorer attendance records, higher rates of divorce. Do single mothers know this?

I think the socially, emotionally, and intellectually intelligent single mothers are very aware of this. I was a divorced/single mom for eight years. My focus was on my children, their education, and adjustment. My kids are now 28 and 31. My

Do I have the right to feel mistreated when I am being abused by my mother?

While I agree with Karen Tiede, considering this question in the context of Pakistani culture ... makes it a much more difficult situation.From the little knowledge I have about Pakistani culture, I get a sense that women do not have the same rights as men, that women are looked upon as subordinates who should

Do you consider your mother-in-law as your mother?

No.I would give man's perspective (can't be generalized though). It's my true story. I am married for almost 16 years. At the time of marriage my economic status was quite low compared to my inlaws, but since I had graduated from one of top

How a mother in law can be a good mother for the daughter in law?

A mother in law can treat her dil(daughter in law) as alike her mom.It requires some time, maybe some days or months. Who knows? If she is getting along with her dil very well from the beginning of marriage of her son.A

How are Indian moms different from Western moms?

I have decided to live on my own:Western Mom: All the best son, you are a grown up boy- wish you all the success. I'll help you find a new home.Indian Moms: Humne tumhe paal-pos ke bara kiya yeh din dekhne ke liye! Tujse yeh umid nhi thi!!( We grew you up so that we could hear

How can a 13-year-old son please his mother?

If a thirteen year-old wants to please his mother, he must remember certain things about adults.1. Although calendar time is, for practical purposes, the same for everyone, time seems to go much more quickly for adults than it does for teens. So be patient when your parents treat you like a younger child.

How to convince my father to divorce my mother

You got stuck in a cumbersome situation. It is really difficult to solve the quarrel of parents. You should understand that they are older than you. So any kind of comment from you about their life will not be accepted by them. Perhaps the best solution is making one of

How to handle my husband, who is too attached to his mother

Its a very common phenomenon. After marriage,mother in law becomes very possessive and her son becomes over defensive, and they tend to forget the new person has her own sets of values and capacities. Wife's never wants their husbands to get into

How to impress my husband's mother

Why would you want to? People will either like you or dislike you by their perception of the content of your personality. If they have already formed a negative perception of you, any good deeds or words will almost always be received with suspicion.Just to add to this bit of negative info, there's more. If you think

How to tell my adoptive parents that I want to meet my birth mother without hurting their feelings

I would hope that your adoptive parents had believed this time might come. Your desire would seem both natural and healthy.Do it with love and with sincerity. They may well be uncertain or fearful. Take their fear away with respect and

How did your child's mother react to a custody order that was ruled in favor of the father?

A little background history:I am an American and living in Germany for more than 30 years. My wife is a German citizen, but originally from the Ukraine. She has lived here in Germany for almost 18 years.5 years ago my wife decided that she did not want to be married

How to cope living with my mother

It sounds like you two have bad communication,  which is not rare at all.  Thinking ahead to when you will be moving out in a few years instead of focusing on living with her you might focus on making it fun or enjoyable as it is only

How to cope with an unstable mother

You have at least one thing right - she will never change. I'll be 40 years old this year and after years of struggling in my relationship with my mother, I only recently came to terms with the fact that I will never have her the way I want

How to deal with a bossy mother in law

A2A.This is a challenge presented to you that if you make it through, will be significantly valuable to your self confidence and self authority.She is overstepping her boundaries big time...duh....: (This is unacceptable. First consider this to lay out the playing field. She is making the

How to deal with an overbearing widowed mother

If ever there were a reason to talk to a social worker or family therapist, this is it. Your mother needs to be in social situations with people who can become friends. You may need to make her cooperation a condition of giving her further help. No one is as effective

How to deal with my demanding elderly mother who insists on staying in her home but can no longer take care of things

My brother and I told our mom that we would help her to stay in her own home until it started causing problems in our lives.This may sound selfish on our part to some people. We both lived several hours from

How to get my mother to admit that she's stubborn without hurting her feelings

It will depend on what she is being stubborn about. Is it important that she admit it or merely that she reconsider some decision?If you want to help her realize that she frequently stubborn and unwilling to listen to others, I might start by teasing her when it crops up

How to tell Mom to move out without hurting her feelings

There are a few questions you will need to address first. You probably already have, but I'll mention them for the sake of others reading this.Is she financially dependent on you? (can't afford to live alone)Is she emotionally dependent on you? (wants your company all the time)Is she physically dependent on you? (needing physical assistance)Is she socially

How to tell my mother I don't want her in the room during labor.

So here is a story : I was 8+ months pregnant, feeling the fatigue from that last mile, on my own all day long, and most importantly no car to drive me to the clinic when the time would come. I called my mom to the rescue : invited her

How to tell my mother in law to stay away from my baby

I'm guessing your baby is very young. Being protective and possessive of your newborn is normal as you get to know him or her and develop confidence in yourself as a mother.While you may feel that your baby belongs to you, your child

How to tell my mother she is being too judgmental with my religious choices without hurting her feelings

Here's the rub. Unless you're completely grown, out on your own and self-supporting, although of course you are maturing, there's a whole lot about this world you know nothing about. And more importantly, when you start discussing almost every major religion on the planet, each one

How to tell my mother that calling me stupid hurts

Ok this is something which actually I don't know what to say ... because I am the girl who always called stupid by her mother and sometimes from her father too, now I think that my impatient nature make me do sometimes stupid talk or doings ...Actually,

How to to cope with an evil mother-in-law

I'm sorry to tell you this but you don't have many options at all. Actually unless your partner is on board with you on this and stands up to her you have no options.Me and my husband moved 3 states away but her influence didn't weaken. She meddled in our marriage. Bitched constantly and

How do mothers-in-law destroy marriages?

The role of mothers-in-law in marriages, constructive or otherwise, has significant cultural underpinnings.I will answer from the Indian cultural context and include both mothers-in-law (husband's mother and wife's mother), as is the right things to do, in my assessment.Husband's mother:Competing

How to cope with taunts of mother in law when she comes to stay for some time

There are only 2 ways to do so:Never talk back - Be the "Bade-Ghar-Ki-Beti" never voice out your opinion or the facts that you want to talk back.  Just brush off and give her the disdainful look you reserve for bad guys. It would be fine if you can find something funny to laugh later

How to get your husband to stop being a mommy's boy

Loving and caring for one's mom doesn't make one

How does it feel when your mother calls you 'useless'?

As you could imagine.It feels like a stab to the heart.To have the word useless yelled directly at your face feels like a kid excited to use the electric pencil sharpener, they jab it in the pencil gets torn to pieces and becomes even sharper.My mothers called me that and a bitch plenty of times. And

How much does your mother and father's divorce impact you many years later in life?

My parents divorced when I was around 3 years old, my sister was ten.Disclaimer: I am fortunate enough to have two respectful parents with regards to who has the right to parenting, my dad has always been forthcoming with financial aid, he paid more alimony than necessary when he experienced affluent periods and helped her

How should I deal with a conniving mother in law?

This is so common in Indian Marriages. It is common with all the mother-in-laws. Mostly even if you become mother-in-law for few years you will also behave in the similar way. So the Solution is to keep you away from all the mental

How should I handle my verbally abusive mother?

There are many ways people can be nasty, harsh, mean, and so forth to others. In the case here, it is wonderful (well, at least all well and good) that you appreciate the pressures, stresses, worries, and other demands on your mother that are apparently shifting how she interacts with you. I do not

I am pregnant. Should I tell my mom?

I had a friend in high school who did not tell her mother until she was 5 months pregnant. It was not a good idea because her mother figured it out anyway. I found out later that my friends somehow did not believe that THEY could get pregnant! I found this hard to believe. After all we

I don't like being a mother. Does anyone else feel this way?

I have a daughter who is 18 months old. I had planned my pregnancy, looked forward to holding my daughter in my hands and literally craved motherhood. I quit my job when I conceived, planned every single detail of my life meticulously

I hate my mother as she shouts at me every day for anything possible. Am I wrong for this?

Don't hate you mother. She loves you more than anyone even if she shouts at you , sit with her and spend more and more time with her and tell her how you feel . Yes she definitely loves you the most. I know it's hard

If you found out that your mom had aborted 2 of your possible siblings, how would you feel? How would you feel about your mom.

Well, seeing as how I feel that my mom should have aborted me, I probably wouldn't care. I see the world through a reincarnation paradigm rather than the

If your father came to the funeral of your mother and you haven't seen them in years since your parents divorced, how do you react if you see him after 30 years?

Let me share my story about just this situationFirst, a bit of background: My father has one brother (let's call him D). My father passed away when I was very young. D left after he died and abandoned us. He provided us with radio silence....for 12 years...until my mom died.*Morning of Mom's Wake*We have

I'm not cutting but my mom won't believe me. She told me if my wound (from a legitimate cooking mistake) isn't healed in the next three days then she's going to cancel my birthday plans and take me to a psychiatrist. How can I get her to believe me?

I actually went through an almost identical situation myself a couple months back. No amount of pleading. sobbing, or begging could get her to let me see my friends for a while (she was convinced that it was them that had encouraged me to

Is it a psychological problem that I don't want to be a mother and I don't like children?

This will sound horrible, but becoming a mother actually didn't change the way I felt about children. In fact, it reinforced most of of my earlier, youthful convictions about the stressors and heartaches of parenting. This horrible feeling, which I could not rid myself of (despite my best efforts to be the best mother I knew how to be

Is it bad to hate my mother?

Yes, hate is bad. It screws with your physical and emotional health, shortens your life expectancy, and spoils your pleasure in the life you have.If your mother or any other person has treated or is treating you in a way that you feel justifies hating that person, you need to get

Is it good for marriage if I live together with my mother in law?

It all depends on you, your husband and mom.Actually it was fairly common years back but a few things have changed;With better medical treatments people are not just living longer but healthier lives (if they stay active).Many people as they get older are

Is it normal for a mom to call her married son every day?

There are 5 kinds of mothers and thus mother-in-laws.The most common is the apathetic mother who, for whatever reason, be it her apathy, or that her kids are a pain the arse, she doesn't give a sh*t about her kids. Once they're gone, she could care less if she ever sees them again unless they're baring gifts.The second

Is it normal to hate my mother?

I've grown up in a dysfunctional family as well and although I pass off as a normal guy I have many demons I have to deal with on a daily basis mainly due to the abusive relationship I have with my mother. She is the tormentor of my life, a complete narcissist who seems very similar to the

Is it possible for a 40-year-old divorced mom of two to still find love?

Sure. Love happens at all ages, on anybody.One thing you should always be sure about when you haven't met your love is that you should think you are a woman that deserves a good love. Of course, you should really really feel and think so, not

Is my mother in law trying to tear apart my husband and I?

Probably.Mothers are extremely protective of their children - their sons included - and do not surrender this role easily. You are the woman who came to take him away from her, and if for some reason you didn't approach that in the proper manner, she is likely to be vindictive towards you.Wives are

Is my mother's abuse my fault?

Sounds like not only can she not take responsibility for her own actions, she's going to blame you for her treating you badly. She could have done what any normal mother does and tried talking to you more and voicing her concern. The fact is you're protecting yourself from her destructive behaviour, that's not only fine

Mother in law has unhealthy boundaries, how do I handle the situation?

First off, change the locks on the doors, so she can't just let herself in whenever she wants (if she has a key). You may possibly consider locking your baby in your bedroom, so your MIL can't get to her just any old time, until you get the situation under control.

My boyfriend's mother doesn't like me because my parents have been divorced (my dad twice). What should I do?

I cannot answer your question about what you should do, but I can explain why parents would not want their child to date (and possibly marry into) a family of divorce.In my family of origin, nobody divorced. They stuck through it, thick and thin, better and worse. People worked, supported one another financially and

My father used to abuse my mother a lot by beating her and verbally abusing by saying bad words like you slut, why don't you die? He did the same with my older brother and now with me,what should I do?

First of all support your mother and save her from your father. Make her feel special so that she can be comforbale with you give your love. Try to know whether she is ready to love you as it is all human

My husband and I live 12 hours from our family. We've havent had a date night in about a year. When we go to our hometown my mom complains about watching our son so we never leave him. What else can we do? Our marriage so badly needs alone time

How old is your child? From your question it sounds like he might be about a year old. If this is the case then I can understand why it's tricky to get out, as you may be the only person (or people) that can do

My husband nearly begged me to be a stay at home mom but now he only gives me money for groceries or household items anytime I ask for more he just says no. What should I do?

Start looking for a job and as soon as you find one tell him (tell, don't ask) you're taking it to earn the extra money you want. Then be prepared for a battle.Your husband

My husband speaks to his mother a few times a day. I hate it. Am I wrong?

Well my husband calls his mother maybe once a week if that. Or depending what his mother wants she call once a month or everyday. Like for instance just a few weeks ago, she was calling everyday because something was wrong with her laptop and she

My husband wants to move in his mother. Should I convince him to take her to a nursing home?

Depends.. Is she disabled with something that only a care facility can handle? If not, then what is your reasoning for not wanting her in your home? Would you want him to deny having your mother or father move in with

My mom said that if it came down to it she'd choose her husband (my father) over us, her kids. Is it unreasonable for me to be genuinely hurt by this?

Before you were born, your mother and father WERE.They had existed for decades before you came into existence. They met each other. They pledged their love to each other. They took holy vows to honor and cherish each other-in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse.If the love breaks down between husband and

My mother doesn't get along with my husband. How should I deal with this?

Firstly, you need to be congratulated for having correctly analyzing the situation; so, your decision making process will also be correct.  Anyway, you may like to go through the following options:It is quite common to observe Mother deriving pleasure in interfering with the marital life of their daughter.  She may not have evil

My mother in law and I don't get along so I don't want her in the delivery room when I give birth. My husband feels that it isn't just my decision to make. Is he right?

My mother in law and I don't get along so I don't want her in the delivery room when I give birth. My husband feels that it isn't just my decision to make. Is he right?TL;DR: I'd recommend reading

My mother-in-law is coming to stay and I am dreading it. Last time she constantly nitpicked from how I clean the house to how the kids are being raised. Husband said to deal with her. What can I do?

Your husband did not give you a choice in this. It is actually his responsibility to protect you from any discomfort or difficulty from anyone, even if it's his mother. So, if he asked you to deal with her, then he's asking for the hard way. Tell him if you're going to deal with his mother, then it's going

My mother-in-law pierced my daughter's ears without permission. Am I overreacting?

She should have asked, yes. But it's done. Is your daughter okay with it? I'm willing to bet she wanted it.So, what are you going to do? Throw a fit? Act like a psycho? No.This is done. No reversal. But, this is NOT world-shaking,

My mother-in-law said that after you came to this house, she become sick. She thinks I am not good for my current family. What should I do? Should I take divorce?

This situation is not uncommon in Indian society. One of the main reasons, I do not Joint Family system. There is no rationale for this claim and it may relate more to her not liking you for any one of many other reasons.The key is your

My mother in law takes my baby out of my arms without asking my permission. She also passes my baby around to other people without my permission. How do I put a stop to this behavior without hurting her feelings?

This calls for a textbook Positive-Needs To Focus On-Positive, three part behavior acknowledgement approach.1- Speaking with her privately, let her know how grateful you are with what a bang-up job she's doing as a Grandma and a Mother-In-Law.2- This is the part where you get to your true motive. Let her know you've

My mother is abusive (emotionally and has already physically abused me before) but I still love her and I know she loves me. What to do? (I'm under 18 and I don't have other family except my toddlers-brothers)

Tell an adult you trust, ask them to look after you and your brothers and call cps. The adult can be a teacher, a friend's parent, or a member of your church or the sponsor of a club. Anyone you feel comfortable with taking care

My mother is coming to stay with us for a week and in hoping to make it a pleasurable experience, my wife is going to have to act like she doesn't hate her. What could be some good suggestions for my wife?

If you seriously fear they could battle it out, have your wife go visit her folks while your mother comes for her visit. Your wife could return early for a day to visit with her, but let her MIL take over the household for most of that week. That way each of them gets to benefit from the

Should I leave my husband because of his mother?

Why would you leave your husband because of his mother who probably have made her presence known long before you and your husband got married?I know this sticky situation not because I am in this predicament but because it is very familiar. It's like me saying,

Should I report my mother for abuse?

I feel so sorry for you.You are not at the age to experience this. Not at 13.Having said that, people, and even the most loving parents can lose self-control. I'm sure she is already regretting what she had done, whether she says or not.It appears that you need a bit of break from the intensity. See if you can

Was I abused by my mother?

Are you sure we aren't sister's? My mom, I can't express just how much I hate having to call her that to people I call her The Evil One, anyway she said those things to me too those were the nicest things she

What are the best things about Indian mothers?

It was my final semester pursuing post graduation in 2010. That day I had my 2nd paper and my mother was not at all feeling well. Now it was time to go for exam and I had to feed my mother. I left it

What can I do to make my mother feel less lonely?

Hi, I have been facing this same problem but truly I later realize that it is not a problem but a state of mind. My mother is 48 and was a teacher. I am the only son and we are only two people in our family.

What did you do to get away from your abusive mother?

I'm a 20 years old girl. I belong to a very conservative family where everybody is strict about every thing, especially my mother. She doesn't even like my female friends. So everything started when I was a child. My father used to abuse my mother in front of me. I think that took a toll on her and

What fears a divorced husband most in giving his teenage daughters' custody to the mother?

I'd fear the mother's boyfriend/s. Then local men who will look at the girls as new meat.It's all too common for teenagers to be abused by the men in their mother's life.The prevalence and seriousness of incestuous abuse: stepfathers vs. biological fathers.Train your girls and boys in self defence before they go anywhere.

What is it like being raised by an Indian mother?

Mom to me :When will you learn to Cook?Mom to Relatives : She is expert in Cooking.That Aunty to me: What are the new dishes you cooked recently?Mom : Secretly Escaping from that place.Me: Looking at the phone and laughing.Mom: Who is that guy?Me : Guy?? I'm laughing because of these funny memes.Mom: I know. You

What is it like to be raised by an Indian/Pakistani mother?

I'm just going to share a small incident which happens every single day. This for me is an Indian mother.I stay very far from my office, almost 30 kms and my office cab picks and drops me everyday. Bangloreans will know the pain of travelling through electronic city, silkboard and BTM

What is it like to have an abusive mother?

Having an abusive mother is literally hell itself. It's the worse thing in life. When you're little, you always know something is off about your family. Basically, I thought being abused was normal...until I got older. Then I realized the things she does/did are

What is it like to have an Indian mother?

I don't understand her. She has solution to every damn problem that exist on earth. If I had possessed these skills I would graduate with a better grade.Incident 1: (in a phone conversation)Me : Exam didn't go well mom. I prepared seriously

What is the best way to deal with an irresponsible mother?

To bide your time until you must, and then move on with yourself and your life. Motherhood includes caring for the offspring through good times and bad. It isn't a lifestyle choice or a choice at all after the child's birth like,

What makes a good mother-in-law?

I'd like to think that I am a good mother in law.However I have only been one for 2 1/2 yrs. she is a lovely girl, and quite possibly the only one , that knows everything about my son...soup to nuts. Because he has allowed it.i know he loves and

What makes Indian moms angry?

Scene 1:*Mom is narrating some incident to her friends and she mentioned something wrong*Me : No mom, it didn't happen like that.*She stares at me with red glowing eyes*Mom ( telepathically) : Tum ghar chalo aaj!Translation : I'll see you at home!She'll get mad if you try to correct her in front

What makes Indian moms happy?

I stay 2000 kilometers away from my mother. The last time I met her was in March 2017.Back then, I gifted her my android phone and installed WhatsApp in it !It has been almost 7 months since then and she has been happily enjoying

What should a daughter in law do if her in laws deny her permission to stay with her ailing mother?

I have a hard time understanding how your in-laws have any say in whether or not you may visit your ailing mother - but I don't know where you live or if, in your culture, your in-laws have that much

What was the most helpful thing your mother-in-law did after the birth of your child to help you out that you really appreciated?

A2A.She went back to Canada.It was the most helpful thing and I really appreciated it.She had appeared without an invitation; insisted upon it. And her darling son only thought to let me know TWO days before she arrived, in the midst of my confinement. In

What's it like being raised by a Jewish mother?

Just one data point, YMMV, it's hard sometimes to isolate culture from stuff such as socioeconomic standing, etc. etc., but here it goes: The importance of education is constantly stressed. Doing well--or at least trying hard--in school is very, very important to most Jewish mothers. From an early age,

Who is an Indian Mother?

This happened during this holi vacations. I had to leave on 28th march, in the morning and had to leave by 6 am so as to catch my train. My mother fell ill on 27th march. She had fever, headache and whole

Who makes a better mother, a housewife or a working mother?

It depends on the parents. In today's society we face many different challenges. It may require the mother to work in order to provide the needs of her children. We can no longer rely on the man to pay all the bills. If a woman can work and earn

Why does my mother defend my abusive dad?

People who are abused for a long time often have no objective understanding of their situation. When in such a situation, one way of coping is to tell yourself lies like, "He's not really a bad person," "It's not that bad," "It will get better," etc. Often the

Why does my mother-in-law always call my husband during my absence only?

I call my son during my daughter inlaw's absence only, and that is because she is always absent. Her generation has a different idea about married life from my idea, but if that is OK for my son it is OK with me. My daughter inlaw thinks

Why does my mother-in-law constantly put me down?

My boyfriend is 23 and im 19. Im his first girlfriend, and when I was at his place the first time about a year ago, his mom was kind and sweet. When it got way more serious, she changed. She started to talk down to me and

Why does my mother-in-law not see her own faults but is quick to criticize others around her? How would you deal with someone like this?

Some people simply do not realize they have serious shortcomings and that they need to do work work on them. Or they might be well aware of their shortcomings and feel their age or status gives them permission to not do anything about it. And some people

Why does my mum blame me for everything?

As much as I agree with Savitha Kartha that people have bad days (and that we are all only people and all can have such days), the description you gave tells me that your mother doesn't fall into that category of ‘people who happened to have a bad day' (say

Why don't some mothers get epidurals during childbirth?

I preface this with noting that sometimes epidural is needed or can be helpful in certain situations. All mothers should have the right to make an informed choice about what is best for themselves and their child.Some mothers choose not to birth in a hospital, either at home or

Why don't you get along with your mother-in-law?

We actually got along pretty well when I lived

Why might a mom leave her husband and young child?

Why might they? Some good and some bad. In my mind, the good ones are more slated to why a mom would leave her husband and the bad ones are more towards why she would leave her young child.Off the top of

Do children inherit height from their mother or their father?

Every daughter has exactly 50% of their chromosomal DNA coming from each parent. Every boy has very close to 50%, altered only by inheriting an X from their mother and a Y from their father. The X chromosome, being much larger than the Y, has more DNA, so a son has very slightly more DNA from

How to be a better mother and wife when I am depressed

Society places a lot of burdens on women, especially wives and mothers. But at the end of the day women are humans too, they stumble and buckle under the weight of all these responsibilities. It is even harder when the woman in question has mental

How to convince my mom to like my girlfriend

This is really a Ninja technique to make your parents not just like, but love and even thank your Girlfriend!Go to your mom with a very sad face.You: Mom, I have something very serious to talk with you!Mom: Yeah Go on, I'm listening.You: Not this way mom. I want your and dad's support for this.

How to convince my stubborn mom who hates exercise to stop being tired and start working out

I'm 59 this year. About 2 1/2 yrs ago, I finally hit a wall in weight and lack of energy. I'd had to give up tennis and have shoulder surgery, which wasn't a successful operation, and actually finished ruining it, and my career as a

How to stay fit and toned as a mom

I've never worried about it. Fortunately, as a young woman, I had the kind of metabolism from hell that made everyone think I was anorexic or something - I wasn't; I just had to work hard to keep pounds on! I went from 115

If a pregnant woman's medical condition meant that only the fetus or the mother could survive, should the fetus be saved instead of the mother?

When my mother was 32 weeks pregnant with me she had eclampsia, a life threatening complication with high blood pressure which leads to seizures.My grandmother was told that they needed to do an emergency surgery to save her life and baby had less chances of survival

If it was somehow possible, and I think it is, would you consider implanting a tracker in your child so that you can track where they are?

Under no circumstances. Never. I think it is against humanity and undermines the child. Besides I have seldom felt the need for spying on my offspring - luckily. Because I have been part of their lives, always, and they have of mine. Therefore I know them and I know  how much  and in which