Assuming price is no object, what is the best bike trainer and why?

Although many people may argue that training indoors is not as beneficial for your triathlon training, we actually beg to differ.To read the entire article here's a link: Bike Trainers - Buying Guide and Best ModelsThroughout the lead up

Buying a Bicycle: What are the best women's mountain bikes of 2015?

The idea of 'women's' mountain bikes is a bit of a leftover from product marketing in sports from the past. While there still are several women's-specific designs out there, most people now agree that women and men don't really need

Buying a Bicycle: What is a good entry-level mountain bike for under $500?

You can get a decent bike between $4-500. The best time of year to buy is January, Feb, Beginning of March as the bike shops clearance out their previous model year that are in stock. You can get 20-60% off the new model year price sometimes

Can I use mountain bikes on a regular road?

Hi.. I have been cycling on my ATLAS MTB' Ultimate MAG wheel on Indian roads for the past 7 months. Ofcourse I too have got the same doubt when I first started using it. I convinced myself that our road structure and regular speed brakers appeared to

How to burn fat using mountain bike

#How can I burn fat using mountain bike. Tips and tricks for the question: #How can I burn fat using mountain bikeSoup recipes are one of the best ways to lose weight naturally. Many soup recipes that are low in calories, fats, cost and high in fiber content. It

How to modify my bicycle into a mountain bike

Theoretically, you could. You would want to consider a front fork (if it would fit). Tires would be a biggie too. (This may be all you need if you are just going on dirt roads and trails.) Depending on your rims, you may need tougher rims to handle the sharper blows rocks you

How to change a road bike into a commuter bike

Going on my definition of road bike it is actually quite difficult. A commuter needs a proper lighting system even if most people use strap/clip-on lights, mudguards (fenders for the US majority) and a proper way of carrying a moderately heavy load. Here goes.My number one road bike cannot really be converted as there are no braze-ons

Is it harder to ride a mountain bike on the road compared to road bikes?

Assumption 1: Both the bikes cost the same/similar amount.Assumption 2: By ‘harder' you mean ‘requires more effort/work to be done'.Answer: Yes, it most definitely is. 3 primary reasons:A road bike will be lighter than a mountain bike (added weight of the front

Is the Trek 4500 mountain bike a good bike?

Well, it all depends on the type of riding you plan on doing. Basic blue and green xc riding would be perfect. Major xc, slickrock, and technical downhill would be rough.  I would say it is a great starter bike. Looking over the components of the 2012

Is there any bicycle that has mountain bike tires on the back and road tires on the front? If there is, what do you call that bicycle?

Seeing as road tyres are smoother so as to give maximum surface area for transferring the forces (tyres with grooves touted as ‘city slickers' - eg swalbe lugano or marathon, or even conti gatorskins have grooves in order to slough off light water and dust, not dig into soft terrain like dirt and

Is Triax a good mountain bike?

Depends on what you want to use it for. If you  stick to riding on the pavement and paved paths for short runs or errands, then it will be somewhat adequate. That is, if you know how to wrench it yourself. The  cheap and flimsy components will very likely need adjustment sooner than later, and if you take

What are benefits of the fat bike as opposed to 'normal' mountain bikes?

As someone who has used and currently owns all mountain bike wheel sizes, except for 29+. I can tell you, from firsthand experience, what I perceive to be the benefits or advantages of a fatbike over the other types of

What brand of mountain bike should I consider purchasing for my twelve year old son who wants to start cycling competitively?

Get a bike that fits him within your budget. Size of the wheels and frame will determine this. Get the right fit for today. Get a different bike-need not be new-as he grows.Bike handling skills developed at this age will serve him much better as he

What was your best ever mountain bike ride?

I've had too many great mountain bike ride to say one is the best. That said, the first

What would be the best option to reduce weight, a mountain bike or a road bike? How does weight loss happen in cycling? Is that like the extra stress we give on MTB? Does it burn more calories, or is it the time we invest in cycling?

It is the way with how much effort cycling is executed. People often ride with easier gears combinations thereby not generating enough effort to sweat. Ride a MTB with strenuous gear combinations for atleast 30–40km every (or alternate) morning under 75–90 minutes, without any breaks /stops. U'll eventually start seeing results. Also speed is

Where is the longest downhill stretch of road I could ride my bike without ever having to pedal?

A short google search allowed me to find that the longest uninterrupted road descent in the world is is 117 km (72 miles) long and it is in Peru between Concocha and Paramonga. The starting point is at 4095 m (13440 ft) of altitude, the end

How heavy is a mountain bike?

As mentioned the 25 and 35 pounds in weight is a good guide. Weight of mid-level mountain bike have been increasing because weight is not the most important factor to a MTB than it is a road bike. For example with tyres are getting fatter and heavy. Frames sstiffer and so weigh more. On a MTB it

What is the best bike brand for mountain bikes?

What brand makes the best mountain bike is a very subjective question. One brand could make the best mountain bike for you, and another brand could suit your friend.So I am going to try and objectively answer it with value for money, as that tends to

What parts do I need to build a mountain bike?

I am guessing that you know putting a bike together from parts will cost 3 to 5 times more than if you buy a similar ready-made model... and that is if you have all the special tools and knowledge.Do you want a list of parts?

Why is mountain biking so awesome?

Mountain biking is life saving, life altering and brings people together OR allows you to escape from it all.  It trains independence and confidence. It's addicting and healthy. It teaches you to persevere and overcome obstacles (this can be applied to